You asked for it - and it's here! Welcome to the new Quizlet logged-in home page, which now has folders so you can organize your study sets, and everything you need in one place (including your sets, folders, classes, profile, and settings).


We want to make it easier to get around Quizlet and to organize your stuff. Features have moved around a bit, but don't worry! Everything (favorites, subject, combos, etc) is still here, safe and sound. We were extremely meticulous to make sure nothing got left behind.

Folders: By popular demand!

The need for folders has been clear from the feedback we read everyday. This graph shows folder-related feedback from just the last few months:


Here's an example that came from a student, who found Quizlet's organizational tools lacking:


Having diagnosed the problem, we then wanted to fix it and went to work designing and building a new folders experience. As of today, you can create folders to organize your sets.

New Folder

You can now create a folder for the sets for your French exam next week, for example. Keep them separate from all the other sets in your account (and study them all at once with a click of a button).

Study folder

Learn more about folders here.

New logged-in home page: Everything on Quizlet in one place


Now when you log in to Quizlet, everything you need should be there in once place - your sets, classes, folders, profile and even settings.

New profile and settings pages

We've moved your profile and settings into your logged-in home page so that you can get to them more easily. Your profile lists your sets, folders, and classes so that other Quizlet users can find and study what you've created.


If you click on the link below your profile, you can get to your settings to change anything about your account (email, password, profile picture, etc).


Bookmark other peoples' folders


You can bookmark other Quizlet users' folders to study them later. Bookmarked folders will appear in your side bar when you log in below your own folders.


Okay, so where did my stuff go?

Sets tagged with a subject are now in an editable folder with that subject's name

We've automatically generated folders for all your subjects and they're now available right when you log in (instead of only on your profile page). If you had a group of sets with the subject "French," all those sets will now be in a folder called "French."


You can now add any set to these folders (instead of just sets you created) and you can do that from the set page or the folder page.

Favorites are in a folder called "Favorites"

We've also automatically generated a "Favorites" folder for you, so any sets you had favorited before will now in that "Favorites" folder.


Going forward, you can continue to add sets to the subject or favorites folders. You can also rename them if you want.

Epilogue: Thanks Anand, Karoun, David, Robert, and Andrew!

It's been a busy last few weeks bringing all of these pages together. It was not only a lot of work but involved really complex think through for everything that needed to change. Thanks to Quizlet's awesome engineering team!

photo 5

Great job to everyone who worked around the clock to make it happen!

Give us feedback

We still have a few enhancements we want to make but we want to hear from all of you about how we can make all these new features even better. Please give us feedback!

Finally, good luck on finals!

We hope these improvements make your studying on Quizlet a little easier this finals season. Happy Studies!


  1. perlnerd666

    I can't export combined sets from folders anymore??

  2. funstudy_1


  3. Euzero

    This is nice. I like that you guys stay updated all the time!

  4. Dancin4Evah

    I honestly do NOT like the updates. All of my sets on my profile are spread far apart and it's hard to get to the one I want. Also, could you at least make it possible to create a private folder???

  5. stellablue99

    I don't like this

  6. obrienkids

    Love the new update. So convenient to have the recent sets posted right on the front page. 12th comment!

  7. NaNa20

    Hello, I would really like for the changes to change back to it's a regional state. It's quite confusing to figure out where my sets are. And also if I ask a question to any sets, I can't see my responses later. Do you think you could change it back?

  8. BNystrom

    Don't like the updates. I want "My Profile" back!

  9. fmmmlee

    I agree with user 'Dancin4Evah.' There should be an option for privatizing sets. (No, I don't mean you should pull your publicly traded shares of your vocab sets off the web... as if anyone would buy shares of a quizlet set ;))
    Also, it seems that on IE (Internet Explorer) 9, if you click on a folder button, it usually won't go. As I have finished sorting my sets out, it doesn't matter so much, but it was a real pain clicking on the "your sets" and the "folders" tab under that all the time.

    However, despite the occasional bugs, I give this five stars, a double thumbs up, and an alta quinque. (pssst.. it's latin!) :)

  10. eesh101

    sweet! thanks a lot! :)

  11. mmcloud18


  12. Baker_Rosie

    I agree with NaNa20 and BNystrom. I do NOT like all of the new updates. The last time you guys updated this website was... well... NOT THAT LONG AGO!!! Every time I just start getting used to the new Quizlet ways you guys always change it. So annoying... -_-

  13. Tardo PLUS

    You guys are probably aware, but thought I'd mention that you can't delete any of the premade folders. Or maybe its just me.

  14. Tardo PLUS

    Do folders do anything more than what a class can? I tried clicking the link to "find out more about folders", but it was a broken link.

  15. HJgarcia

    So far I'm liking it, folders, good idea.

  16. julialarson15

    I don't like this. You can't see the time other people study sets, and everything is too far apart. The previous update was the best!

  17. BookQuizzer

    love the folders, but my account doesn't have the "My Profile" button option, so I've just lost all record of my conversations....

  18. Gavin_Nee

    I don't like it...

  19. eesh101

    why do people never like anything really new?

  20. sophiabk

    @tardo what's happening when you try to delete your pre-made folders?

    @fmmmlee we're looking at the IE9 issue right now.

    @BookQuizzer and @BNystrom you can still get all the info from your profile on the "Your Sets" Tab.

  21. ProfLindsey TEACHER

    Looks like folders are just the same as classes, as I can't go into one of my classes and make all those sets into organized folders. You need to do a little more work on this feature. What's the point in just doubling my class sets??? I should be able to file my set into a folder under edit, or when I make a new set and have several folders under each class. Otherwise, the folders are pointless.

  22. petercampanelli

    LOVE IT! Quizlet is even more awesome than before! (#31)

  23. lovesteachingspanish TEACHER

    I'm confused and now I can't tell how to check on my student's progress. I've always liked Quizlet, but I don't get some help, I'm afraid 153 students will cancel with me =(
    PLEASE HELP! I sent a feedback message! Gracias!

  24. James0628

    I don't like it.

  25. ycwong1

    I don't like the new view. It feels really bulky. For example, if I have 30 quizzes, it can be cumbersome to scroll through 50 quizzes under the new block-like view. Can we have an option to view our quizzes in the old "list-like view"?

    Thank you for the update and your hard work. :)

  26. sriram1

    Change it back!!!!!!!

  27. DrHAX_

    waaaaaaaa change it back

  28. stuartf

    don't like that I cant search classes. makes it hard for when you have a ton of sets in one class. please make a way to search classes

  29. Ok-Ok

    The folders are not working for me. When i tried to add a set to a folder he said you guys didnt put anything on that page. here, you can even see if you want to:

  30. Kaleigh-Lin

    This is amazing! Thank you! I looks amazing!

  31. brandi_holbrook

    Thank You Quizlet this will make studying for exams so much easier!!

  32. anycall12383

    Where's "My Profile" ?? New version is not useful...

  33. joyashford PLUS

    I love the new update! The UI changes are nice (the sidebar looks great), and I'm really glad that folders and classes are now separate. :) Thanks for all the great work Quizlet!

  34. erhardtha

    Use quizlet all the time!! But I hate the new upgrade. ):

  35. KSLR

    Personally, I like the new setup, but there should be some sort of way to change it back. For example, with differenct screens different versions are better. I also have a email with a pending response... a month now... so it would be slightly nice to get a response... overall good job, whatever, BYE.

  36. ArshiaIsTheBest

    I like it but iws there a way to add folders to classes?

  37. sarahannbentley TEACHER

    It is hard to see my student's progress and I had to go through a bunch of menus to find where it was! It wasn't detailed enough in the first place and now I can't even see what time the logged on. I'd love to see how long they were logged in for and if they were doing "learn" for example, how many terms did they master? I like the look but I agree that the block style is a little overwhelming and I prefer a list view, it is easier to scan through my decks and not have to keep scrolling forever. The "folders" are weird for me as a teacher because it just doubles everything, but for a student making their own unique decks that aren't part of a class, its a great idea!

  38. sarahannbentley TEACHER

    Also, I'm wondering if folders will be added to the iPad app?? The idea would be to study from multiple decks at once! For finals I think my students would find that really helpful. All of my students have iPads and never log on to the desktop version of Quizlet. Thank you!


    How do you combine sets now?

  40. pikachu168

    But there will be bugs since today is BAD LUCK DAY!!!

  41. Thankful_for_God

    Why did you have to change it again? I mean I'll probably get used to it but I really liked the last setup.

  42. HKearby

    Seems like by the time I get used to quizlet, they change it up again. Seems like Google is working its puppet strings on you guys

  43. Crystal_Zhao

    Can I go back to the old version of Quizlet? Not really old, but the last one? I liked the buttons on top that showed your sets, create, and explore. I honestly am irked at this new setup, and I wish Quizlet would stop changing it, or at least give users a way to revert to the old versions.

  44. Roqui7

    Hi... I like it ! . Congratulations!

  45. graceh868


  46. TougeMonarchNikita

    Nice, but very messy, keep the new updates but return the old UI.

  47. graceh868

    How do I combine sets into ONE NEW INDEPENDENT SET? (Not, combine with cards, or scatter, or learn, or test,etc.) Like, how do I create a new set with multiple sets?

  48. Meowstic

    Awesome! Hard work paid off. Don't worry Quizlet staff, I'm pretty sure people just don't like the update because they aren't used to the new formatting. When all of the bugs are fixed and we've adjusted, I'm pretty sure Quizlet will be fine. :)

  49. AlexeiSchaefer675

    This helps us students to know which set we are looking for! great job quizlet love the changes
    - Minecraft_dude_13

  50. Sourpower

    minecraft_dude_13 is right!

  51. spring18ticket PLUS

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was waiting for this so long!

  52. AlexeiSchaefer675

    The only thing I do no like is all the errors poping up and try to change it to the old screen. I know this is new because i was on 4:00pm

  53. LIZAblue

    why does error keep poping up when i try to get to my set?

  54. yzbrainpop2

    Please reset to the old form.

  55. madamehea TEACHER

    I really like Quizlet for my foreign language students, especially the pronunciation aspect, but despite the fact there are "teacher" upgrade options, I get the feeling that you're not 100% sure if you want to be a student-centered website or a teacher-centered one. Certain changes that have been made in the last few months are helpful to one group but not the other. I guess I'm hoping that one of the next "upgrades" may be to make a "teacher" version and a "student" version...

    As far as the new update, I don't see the need for "sample" cards next to the sets on the main page.... for me it makes it very busy. Also, as a teacher, the "folder" aspect is redundant since I already assign my sets to different classes.

    The thing that concerns me most is that fact that I have purposely assigned students certain activities in certain sets and now and can't figure out a way to not only see IF they did them but also WHEN they did them, like I used to be able to.

  56. Kellisa

    Super stoked about the addition of folders. I was actually considering switching to Study Blue for the sake of more organization, but will definitely be sticking with Quizlet now. Thanks!

  57. freedom_unbroken

    I think that this is a great concept, but it is just another variant of the classes system. This is finals week. I really can't be bothered trying to reorganize my entire library of 131 created sets (I am not exaggerating). Most of us already have all English sets, say, put in a class labeled accordingly, and it is a hassle when I have to go from folder to folder just to study for one subject. Plus, combining sets is now a huge inconvenience. Please add an option into the menu that allows us to go back to the old style if we so desire, at least until you have a more efficient system. Or even just bring back combining sets. I think we're all stressed enough as it is about finals without needing to figure out an entirely new system for the place in which we keep our study materials.

    Anyway, sorry if I'm ranting a little. I still love you guys, I just have some suggestions.

  58. isabelle2017

    how do you combine sets?!!!

  59. HannahKooza

    Ummm what happened???? It's all confusing now!

  60. NASAPilot PLUS

    Thanks for your improvement!

  61. Rachad_Washington

    how do you combine the sets into one larger set???

  62. frogboy2016

    go on this group WE Will teach YOU that's right im talking to u tons of study GO TOO learning @ stuff join the group today

  63. easy321 TEACHER

    Don't keep changing.
    Students and myself just got used to your layout, then it changes again.
    Now it's even harder for me to add sets to existing class! There's no easy way to search on my more than 200 sets, there's NO alphabet order.....
    Please help!!!!!!!

  64. egoetz17

    can you make a folder inside of a folder? that would make things a ton easier or still allow sets to be combined.

  65. asuth STAFF

    Hey everyone, thanks a lot for all the feedback. We're reading over it all and we'll be making improvements over the next few days.

    For those wondering where combine went, you can now study folders:

  66. asuth STAFF

    Also, we're submitting the update to the iPad/iPhone app today to support folders, and Android will also be going up in the next few days.

  67. KimboN

    can you please give us back our "profile" ? While I think the flashcard previews aren't nescessary, I can live with the rest of the changes but I use "my profile" to easily navigate my 100s of sets. Also, where did the statistics about our account go? I liked knowing how many sets I had and terms I have entered... Overall, please just let us use the profile again. It was easy and simple.

  68. Darth_Zeider


  69. asuth STAFF

    @KimboN the "Your sets" page is the equivalent page in the new design. Is that not working for you?

  70. A080208_Alex

    Nice! The new change is both simple and clean! I love it!

  71. MirkwoodMeag

    I love the update!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. BilTor

    The idea of folders is great; I'm liking it. But PLEASE bring back the combine sets option. It was such an essential tool for me.

  73. shaugen15 TEACHER

    Combine sets, and search MY SETS. Both things are missing and they were vital.

  74. mimi_LLS

    thanks this is awesome!!!

  75. mimi_LLS

    for people complaining about not being able to combine sets u can still do that. Just start a new set. in a different tab go to a set u want to combine with others and click more tools and then export. copy the data and then go back to ur fresh new set. Click import data and paste the data into the white box and click import. Then just do the same thing for other sets you want to combine into one. if you want to have them separate but in the same space FOLDERS! Hope this helps. I just made a set with 300 terms that had a ton of different sets combined.

  76. DylanPhamP0


  77. E_studio

    Thank you for taking notes.

  78. sg57

    Except for the folders function....terrible changes. You guys are apparently addicted to change for the sake of change. Good for you....your users however get sick and tired of having to relearn how to work the whole site simply because it delights you to change things. I'm glad somebody got a feather in their cap for the "wonderful new changes". Unfortunately it's....once again.....a major pain for your end users.

  79. sg57

    The more I try to work with your latest changes...the more disgusted I get. I'm now looking for alternatives to quiz let. Just one example--the "combine" function is completely lost. Yep....I know I can create a folder and put 3 sets in it and click "study this folder". But I can't actually create a new set from 3 different sets and then edit that new set anymore. I predict you guys will start losing customers soon if you don't stop this nonsense of continuously changing things.......for the worse.

  80. ositan

    Thank you, Andrew, Sophia, and staff, for the addition of the folders to classes! I can't tell you how much this will help me and my students in studying for tests and exams. Perfect timing, too - the midterms are just next week!

  81. amarkham09

    sg57, what is your problem? Anyway, think everything is great!

  82. CsokaiLevente

    I think the quizlet more and more better
    Thanks :-)

  83. Firetiger66


  84. piensa1

    I don't like it, sorry. I would like to adjust it myself, make options for how it should look and be organized? Either type 1, 2, 3 etc.

  85. lapetitefille PLUS

    I dont like it either :( Sorry. Is it possible to change it back??

  86. azismith

    I...guess I like it. :) However, it'd be great if we could organize folders within a class. For instance, I'm in this "Science Olympiad" class that covers 23 different "events" or areas of science. Anyway, it gets really confusing when you're trying to find the "Meteorology" sets, and you have to either search the class or...start scrolling.

    I like the general idea, but I definitely think it should be expanded to be able to a) organize your class's cards and b) have the option to stick folders inside folders.

    I do think that ciss's comment is neat. That ability (that of having options to configure your homepage, etc) would be awesome!

  87. Karkat_jawa

    this surprised me lol

  88. rosiethecat101

    I ♥ the format...but can we please keep the same widgets? Also I have 37592876924785628926896623785 "folders" and it's really long list.....

  89. Qough_Medicine

    nice updates!

  90. gfaout

    It is good, but I would like the Your Profile button back for ease of access. I like the convenience that it provides and the statistics about what we have studied.

  91. MemVerseFanatic

    Pages load way slower and the preview of sets on classes is annoying! Especially when a set has huge terms/definitions

  92. stebbinsaj

    Thank you!! We had really been needing this folders option. And thank you for pre-setting up all the folders for us. I got mine re-arranged the way I like them last night, but you had already done most of the work.

  93. jaybird73

    This just keeps getting better!

  94. wweeden4817

    I didn't even know that I needed this but it has helped me so much I love you quizlet

  95. Ringer_456

    Thank you so much I love quizlet it's a really fun and easy way for me to study

  96. Jmanoftheworld

    PLEASE change it back, i liked it how it was ;)
    I don't want to learn how to navigate your website again. XD

  97. profzara TEACHER

    Hi everybody,
    I have created nearly 200 sets. I know I will continue making many more sets in the future. I love, actually, I am addicted to Quizlet and my students love it too. I wonder... how come you guys could create such a wonderful tool and yet you are not able to find a good way to organize the sets...
    Some have suggested folders in their feedbacks... (or even folders inside folders). Good idea. A clean, simple page, with folders and only folders...
    But the way it is now... well... everything is so confusing and it's sooooo hard and annoying to find the set you need... I liked it much, much better one year ago... it was simpler but more effective and user-friendly. I hope you can do something... and, I also agree with the fact (that someone pointed out): try not to make changes too quickly... people can't get used to one version and a new version is already there...
    Thanks for the opportuity you give us to express our feedback.
    nadia :)

  98. Burhanhoca

    As Foreign Language teachers, words fail to express our gratitude. Thanks, quizlet.

  99. lniemiec

    This is amazing, thank youu so much. I really appreciate all that you guys have done:))

  100. lniemiec

    But maybe listen to some of the suggestions above, it does get a bit confusing.

  101. ELMtree

    I really like the update! The someone that loves organization, I don't think I could have survived finals without them without switching to StudyBlue or something, which I didn't want to do.
    I also like the rest of the updates- every time you guys update it, the site looks a little bit cooler. It is a little spaced out, but I think it's fine. Also-maybe this is just me-I don't have a problem getting used to it or learning how to use it. It really isn't that hard, and it makes it easier to navigate for maybe someone new to Quizlet (who didn't know about the old design) than the old design was.
    But taking away the combine sets tool? Not really a good idea. And I know you can study everything in a folder now, which is a good idea that you should keep anyway, but it's a little different than combining sets. You can't make one set for everything and then combine that to other combine sets. It's just one function y'all already had- can't you put it back?
    Thank you!!!

  102. flashcub

    I print out lots of my sets. And a lot of the times I combine them into one set before I print them, I can't do that anymore. Please bring "Combine" back.

  103. sarah_schneider_2017

    I love the ability to make folders! Thank you for making it even easier to study.

  104. CrisDilworth

    Short version - some cosmetic changes which are of neglible value, with one significant positive functional change, and one negative change.

    - I am really not a fan of the new preview. It takes up a lot of space, especially for card sets with images. I would very much appreciate the ability to turn it off.

    - I really like the folders, mostly because you can chose a number of sets and then study only the starred items. This will be VERY helpful for focusing on vocab that needs work. Still better would be a full blown SRS or Leitner system, but this is a positive step.

    - Where did the stats go (for me and for other students)?



  105. jerethebear28

    I like the majority of it, but I wish you could still combine sets.

  106. Emilyhenegar

    I can't add a subject anymore on my new sets!! Ugh. :(

  107. ericsoo

    I was once able to find everything easily by going to my profile, but now everything is spread out into confusing tabs that I don't need. Where are my statistics? Great websites are not great because of their "trendiness" or amount of distracting images they entail, but of the usefulness they can provide for their subscribers. I am really disappointed by this new format and will not renew my plus status if things are not fixed.

  108. aalu1418

    Great job everyone!
    It is so much easier to keep organized!

  109. emeralddancer13

    I really hate change. I wish you guys would just let it be. I barely got used to the last one and now there is a new one! pLease stop changing the home page and Quizlet stuff!

  110. hrayrt

    It is too bad!!! If you want to add a possibility to create a folder, then just add it. But please, do not replace the feature of combining the sets!!!! I want to have a possibility to combine different sets, and print them in one .pdf file!!!! How can I do it with the sets in one folder, when they are not combined in one set???
    This is the shortest way to grow the competitor!!!!

  111. bu3ta3lime

    Can you please change it back? I loved the header and now its gone. I like the folders but now the formats all weird. I know people have been saying that we just need time to adjust but this time. I don't think so.

  112. Frau_Kappes

    I am not really happy about this solution. Before, it was possible to check when my pupils went on Quizlet to study. Now, i could'nt see this anymore. So, i won't be able to check if they did there homework on Quizlet. :(((

  113. bu3ta3lime

    Also, the things on the homepage makes me dizzy. I can't find one set. It is sooo annoying. I hate the new update! Please change it back!!!!

  114. MoxiRox

    I think there's too much going on on the homepage to be honest. I don't like seeing previews of my individual cards like they are shown: I see too many words at once-- overwhelming! I just want the names of my sets to show up in a nice, tidy list! Other than that, I like the changes!

  115. brettinternet

    Woohoo! Just in time for finals. When can we expect the iPhone app to get an update?

  116. hockeystar

    plz change it back... Why are you guys trying to make something that is already perfect better? Well guess what! You are making it worse! How are all these new updates helping us study? It is just making us take time to learn what the update is and how to use it. Just because the update makes quizlet look better, that doesn't mean it makes it automatically work better!!! Also, why did you take down the class discussion? If You were worried it was being used for something else other than studying, you might as well take away the ability to make sets, because not all the sets are for studying. Do you really think taking away the discussion boosted everyone's grades? Quizlet was perfect the way it was!!!!!!!! Do @hockeystar if you agree.

  117. Madi_Baud

    Pro: it is easier to find things

    Cons: I cannot print my set in all anymore along with the folders

  118. hockeystar

    in my opinion it is not much easier to find things, just more confusing. Is it just me, or are we only allowed to put set that we created in our folders?

  119. Meowstic

    Sometimes when I look at someone's sets, it doesn't have anything. But it will say they have like 2 sets or something.

    1. Is it a problem with my browser?
    2. Maybe my friend made them private, but it should say something like "this set is private"
    3. Maybe they don't have any sets, it just says they have 2 sets for some reason.

    I have no idea what happened. But hey, updates come with bugs, so it isn't your fault, Quizlet.

  120. lovesteachingspanish TEACHER

    Please, can anyone help me? My e-mail is, I don't know how to tell what my students "studied" or when they "studied". Before I could click on a student's name and it would indicate this information. I would be very appreciate if someone could help me. I e-mail the help center, got one response, but I'm still waiting. I really believe my students have enjoyed Quizlet, they use it for Homework, studying, practicing for a test/quiz, they do it even when I don't ask. They are studying constantly!

    I'm afraid though, I am going to have to tell the students no more as I am unable to decipher the information I had access to before. Thank you for anyone who can help!

  121. Evilcamel

    Thank you for the folders!!! gonna be much easier. Can u plz put back class searches?

  122. Laurenpav

    Hi, I LOVE quizlet, but I think that you guys should either change Quizlet at least 2 weeks before exams so that we are not freaked out about the new set up and stuff to add to our stress. Also, I REALLY NEED the SEARCH BAR for classes and sets instead of just searching all of Quizlet. I makes studying so much easier because I can just search what I learned earlier in the semester instead of scrolling through about 300 sets. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE return the search bar as soon as you possibly can! It is very helpful and lets me find and keep things organized. I like the new design and the folders though! Thanks for your help!

  123. CJSurtz

    Agreed, really need class search bar. That was especially helpful in some really big classes.

  124. plpsopa

    Combining the sets was a more powerful learning tool than just dumping two different sets into the same folder. It allowed maintaining an original set while still incorporating a portion of the terms from that original set into a new set. This new approach reminds me of an overstuffed file cabinet. Maybe I'll get used to it over time, but right now, not seeing that it's a good replacement for the "combine" function.

  125. plpsopa

    Combining the sets was a more powerful learning tool than just dumping two different sets into the same folder. It allowed maintaining an original set while still incorporating a portion of the terms from that original set into a new set. This new approach reminds me of an overstuffed file cabinet. Maybe I'll get used to it over time, but right now, not seeing that it's a good replacement for the "combine" function.

  126. tashalee513 PLUS

    YAY! I was really hoping for the folder update. Thanks, Quizlet! \\(>u<)//

  127. aspappas17

    Honestly I do NOT like the update. It's all spread out on confusing tabs that I don't actually need. The folders are cool but I don't recall making any in the first place and it says I have some

  128. Theboss16town

    very good

  129. LatinBRENNUS

    I've seen lots of comments that say either "I like this" or "change it back", and quizlet admins really ought to let users choose which version we want. Also the admins ought to give users a "Heads up!" type notice explaining that there will be changes BEFORE they happen, so there isn't so much shock. This situation reminds me of facebook, and facebook really is the perfect example for comparison. Facebook allowed some users to choose timeline (other users had timeline chosen by facebook), and IF YOU DON'T WANT TIMELINE THEN YOU DON'T HAVE IT!
    Thanks, but no thanks QUIZLET!
    I'm going back to paper!!!!!!!

  130. jewang101

    I really have been disliking the changes more and more. I liked the look of it the best about 2 years ago when there was such thing as your dashboard (profile), where there was a group discussion chat box, and where the sets in your group were only labeled by their titles on your groups' home page. Quizlet trying to enhance the user's experience with all of these changes is doing just the opposite for me.

  131. AlleyCatBird

    This will take awhille to get used to, AGAIN. I rather you change your screen once a YEAR! Not every week! ISn't the purpose to study? So when you keep changing it, we get disctracted MORE AND MORE. I know you are trying to ENCHANCE THE USER'S EXPERIENCE, but I rather you do it LESS often. That is all.

  132. pikachu168

    Quizlet if you're reading this can you add similar updates on the IOS plz?

  133. CJSurtz

    I think the new update is turning out great - my only request is that it not show up 3 days before final exams.

  134. kkkelsey

    Ok. This is nice, but I like the last layout better. But I really do like the folders. :) Do ya think you could make a button that goes back to the last layout?

  135. madeliefvanpelt

    I agree with Kkkelsey. I find this a bit confusing, but it looks good. I liked the previous one better,=.

  136. Prerna_Jagadeesh

    Nice changes -- could you make it possible to make "subfolders" as well?

  137. Mkinscherf

    I can't track when my students are using Quizlet anymore! I need that ability in order to be able to assign it as homework! Please add that ability ASAP!

  138. jennyrosea

    How do I print a folder with different sets in it? Is that possible?

  139. marshmallowdragon

    Woah, this is really neat. But maybe you could add something back in like you had before. I like to look at the pages that you guys post about Quizlet and if those pages popped up on the left hand side of my page like they did before, it would be easier to navigate to them...

  140. csabad PLUS

    I use quizlet allmost every day. The previous version was much better!

  141. Lionhead

    bring back the statistics please, that was a great feature, I want to know how many terms i entered and how many times I studied!!!

  142. ValentineGFS

    While what you have done has improved the look, would you please add back the ability to see the date members of your class last practiced a chapter? Now if I want to assign my students to come on quizlet and study their vocabulary that week, they will have to print out their results on a dated sheet because this function is missing. It used to be an easy, paperless assignment.

  143. barbie234


  144. Koolkev_246

    The changes are cool, but other people cannot share any sets.

  145. LiveInTheMoment_LWWY

    Please change it back. I can't find where "new messages are". Now I have to look at all the sets I've added a comment on. I think this new design is very confusing. The "Discussions" box was just on your profile page. I don't think I even have a profile page anymore. All I see are just a lot of folders. I don't like this new design at all. Please change it back to the way it was earlier. Thanks for reading.

  146. Mia_Midori_Miyagi

    i also think that y'all should switch back the quizlet format because so many people are in the middle of exam review and studying. It is very difficult to find my sets i created a while back i used to be able to search my sets but i cant. so Please change it back for the sake of exams and good grades!!!! I love quizlet but i hate this version thanks!!!!

  147. greek12

    I think it is great that you can now have folders but is wish that there was a quick access to your folders like there is for your sets.

  148. simonechagnon

    I liked before how you could automatically see your progress, and not have to click the 'Your Progress' button. Also, when I did a test and went to 'Your Progress,' the score didn't show up.

  149. greek12

    It is good but you should still have the combine button as it means you can see all you flashcards in one place at one time and take out duplicates. It not the same as having them in folders, the folders keep things organised but it is not like having them all show at once without having to do it as a whole folder as you might not want to use all the sets in the folder.

  150. timo_holmstrom TEACHER

    Please bring back the ability to check stats.

  151. timo_holmstrom TEACHER

    Also since combining sets is not possible but studying folders is, there should be a way to make your folders available for class members to study. Right now everyone has to make their own folders, and my students cannot study folders that I've made.

  152. DeathRiderX

    Could you please bring a *LISTVIEW* (hides the card previews) to condense my study feed and my cards if I choose, It's TAKING WAY TOOO MUCH SPACE When I quickly want to find something!!! I make tons of sets and it's a bit annoying.

  153. kdhawk1

    I don't like the way the sets are now set up from the stand point of when you are in them you can't get back out of the easily.

  154. Like_A_Wolanske

    Yah learning!!!

  155. polarwishes

    Thank you for folders. I've been wishing they existed since I just joined a couple months ago. So much easier to use than classes. Love the new look - very modern!

  156. spurohit


  157. ammarkey

    I liked the other way a lot better
    It's too cluttered now...

  158. wweeden4817

    its more confusing on how to enter people or request to be in a class

  159. taylor_kohlmann

    i don't like how you can't combine sets

  160. R2D2starwars

    I really Hate the new changes! :(
    It was really cool before but now it's just...
    Blech!!! DO YOU AGREE?

  161. doni124

    I don't like it at all bring back my profile

  162. gfaout

    Give us a choice about whether we want the interface to be updated. Please change it back.

  163. tiffanymdurst

    i dont like it

  164. arielvines14

    quit complaining guys. Everyone hated the new Facebook Timeline for like 5 days and then BAM everyone learned how to use it and no more confusion or hard to find things. Quit complaining, get over it, learn how to use it, you'll be fine.

  165. ThemSmartGirls2017

    Change it back please. Or give us an option to change it back!

  166. MichaelJBouv67

    Anyone think it would be a good idea to be able to personalize classes a little more? So, if you are a member of more than one class, you would be able to know what class you're in without having to look at the name. Maybe just having the ability to change the background colors for classes or something.

  167. ThemSmartGirls2017

    Change it back please. Or give us an option to change it back!

  168. LRG

    Please, please, please bring the statistics back. I am soooooo proud of those; I'm a long time user of Quizlet. Other than that its okay, but still not as easy to use as it was before. I feel like the idea of folders could've been executed in a much simpler way.

  169. mikeas707

    Why cant i search for sets within a class anymore?

  170. horse24

    I'm okay with the changes but they are a little too confusing. Can you guys create a video to guide us through it?

  171. MattBPens080987

    I don't understand why you need folders when you can just combine sets but I do like the new design. Nice job guys. Also I might make a blog post about quizlet, plz check it out:

  172. cculicchia

    next time dont completely change the site RIGHT BEFORE EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is so spaced apart and I cant find anyting!!!!

  173. cculicchia

    next time dont completely change the site RIGHT BEFORE EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is so spaced apart and I cant find anyting!!!!

  174. zachary_james1 PLUS

    how the hell do I find the stats for my account on how much time i've spent on here and how many terms i've entered and other statistics of the sort. I could easily find it before but now its like its not there!

  175. S_Click2015

    I can't get into my folders that have my exam material in them :( My 103, 102 and 104 folders are locked out or something. I know they have sets! When I open just those ones I get an error message.

  176. KatarinaChan

    Great idea with the folders! I love it but will you please stop changing the format of the site every time you update it? It gets really confusing every time I get on here now. Thanks!

  177. Drysdale1

    There's a bug for me where sometimes the page crashes when I'm on my profile to look at all my sets. This needs to be fixed.

  178. Adagiox

    I need the "Search my sets" function back.

  179. Adagiox

    I want to change the title of a set more easily. Can't you make it easy by let us change the titles, not inside the "edit" but outside the "edit" menu.

  180. lilahrawlings

    This is a cool new setting!

  181. MichaelJBouv67

    SEARCH MY SETS COME BACK TO ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you.

  182. tupybro

    The moment that you realize that the sole purpose of this comment is to take up precious moments of your already very very short life. So why do you keep reading, it's probably because you think that there is a purpose for such along post but there isn't. You have been educated.

  183. srafantasma TEACHER

    I read through to 150 something but I'm out of time...
    - I agree with others that say Combine was VITAL to setting up our lists. I understand the idea was to study within a folder, but that doesn't work with my curriculum... It's much easier to combine lists and pare them back down to create thematic lists.
    - I (and several other teachers in my building and district) were using student stats as homework/recovery/extra credit and that is either gone, or no longer working. I did see that the rankings in games seemed to be working this morning, but my students have reported that not everyone's stats are recording and we haven't ferreted out the difference yet.
    - Can we make folders within a class? Haven't tried yet, but that would be useful.
    - I just created a new set and was unable to add subjects or keywords to it, so how will that create a new folder? Will I have to add it manually to a folder after creating? No biggee, but would streamline things the old way & simplify searc

  184. srafantasma TEACHER

    PS: Any word on a Windows app? Our teachers just got issues windows tablets, and that would be super convenient :)

  185. Quadesters

    Bring back combo sets!!!

  186. amills15

    its exam week and i do not approve of these changes. you can't do this you poopheads. i need to study for exams…

  187. bluedomke

    FOUND THE NEW CHANGES! THEY SO COOL. :-) Thats while I smile :-) Quizlet rocks!

  188. wilsonmom2001

    ditto! BRING BACK ABILITY TO COMBINE SETS! I do not like having to put them in folders to then study or test on combined quizlets.

  189. ktpassaro

    something that i think would improve quizlet A LOT is more games, such as a crossword puzzle or something! games are some of the most effective ways to make things stick in your head!!

  190. ktpassaro

    if you agree, send feedback to quizlet about adding another game.

  191. Nickoplier

    I need export!! I really need export!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Nickoplier

    I'm used to combining all the sets into a big set, and then exporting it! Wheres the button!

  193. ShamelessVegan

    Yup this is awesome B)

  194. feezeljames

    we need to be able to make something like word pages or just documents or videos

  195. Vizon


  196. lymp

    When studying all the sets in a folder, starred items can't be made into a new set...

  197. katie-renee-simmons

    i knidia like it expect that one thing jk lol :) :D

  198. katie-renee-simmons

    kinda not knidia

  199. SSwaimFCHort

    NO I don't like it. I can't find anything. I had some sets that don't belong to any one FOLDER. So where did the rest of my misc-type stuff go??

  200. Surfkid

    The update is great. Thx Quizlet. @everyone else It will take a little time to get used to like all updates. You'll won't know anything different in a couple months :)

  201. Surfkid

    Where can you check your discussions?

  202. opps

    Mid-terms are this week, and I go to quizlet to study, but I can't, because now I have to figure out the new layout of this thing! Can you please hurry and change things back to the way things were? The prevoius changes were annoying, but this one is affecting my studying habits. Why couldn't you have waited untill after mid-terms?

    long-time user (despite what my profile says)

  203. More_Nutella GO

    I don't mind the folders but I want the combine back. It leaves us with more than one option.

  204. Areygirl202

    I love the folders, but you should be able to add the set when you edit or create it. Also, if you want to move the the set to a different folder, there should be a search if you have too many folders.

  205. hannah4horses

    I hate the knew change! :(

  206. hannah4horses

    i only like the folders.

  207. homeschool2cool

    I agree with the idea of adding games.

  208. homeschool2cool

    I want there to be a crossword really bad.

  209. kimpre503

    So cool

  210. julikram TEACHER

    The new format looks nice--
    BUT WE WANT THE STATISTICS! As a teacher, it was so helpful for me and for the parents to see what and how much the students were studying.
    I was also one that was tracking stats.
    THANKS for listening...

  211. ycwong1

    Thank you for changing things back to the list view. :)

  212. Gaellecarment

    were do u go. if u want to find the subject ur looking for.

  213. pking4

    nope. just.... nope.

  214. Leah_Y_S GO

    I really enjoy making new folders!

  215. Atah

    Folders are a nice touch, miss the old organization though...

  216. lopsided98

    I also think subfolders would be a good idea. While I was trying out the folders feature, I thought it would be nice if I could have a folder for a certain subject, then a subfolder for a certain class, and subfolders for each chapter. That way I could pick a certain folder if I wanted to review a chapter, but if I picked the parent folder, I could review the entire year. Thanks.

  217. flamin_machete

    fulfilling_gods_law3, you have great taste
    i agree. the new one's not great. its a great attempt, but still old one was wwwaaayyy better

  218. OJFish

    I like the new update! I was caught by surprise when I logged on and it the format was different. But I really like the new update, it is so much more organized.

  219. NickOnFire

    This is just like iOS7; meant to look pretty and neat. But for some is ugly and confusing (No offense to either Apple or Quizlet).

  220. joon_song4

    @NickOnFire What are you talking about? It's exactly like iOS7, but isn't in the slightest confusing. Its just really good, well better then the previous.

  221. gretald

    The changes are cool!

  222. BarrelCactus GO

    I am really liking this new look.

  223. PWOOhooyeah

    i havent tried it yet but can tell i will love it

  224. timotar

    i like the changes i find them looking kinda like google+ in my personal opinion when i saw the new set up that was the first think i thought of, and then i checked my page to see if there was anything new JK! i made the last part up :P. but no seriously it totally reminds me of that!!! if i hadnt said this yet i think that the changes are AWASOME!!! keep up the good work i wouldnt belive the possiblility of Quizlet getting better, but ive been wrong before!

  225. Ariel_McCall

    I hate it.

  226. cazanan18

    please make it easier to get back to a group/class

  227. jonathan386

    The changes are better way more organized and way more helpful however when I first saw the new update I expected a little more pls continue to improve quilzete it helps me all my classes

  228. jrspinale

    The can i say about this? This is awesome! This website is blasting because its causes me learn a lot from creating sets. Its help me to past the test, and i courage my teacher and students studying quizlet. They enjoyed this. I won second place in spelling bee because of this!

  229. jrspinale

    But, i like the way it from before because I get to know how many terms i used...etc. Sorry :/

  230. Reagan_Milligan

    I really don't like the printing options. I wish you could just export them into a Word Document.

  231. snowandfrost

    I like! I appreciate the effort you put into updating the website! One thing I'm not quite getting are the high fives...they're really cute and all, but what are they supposed to do? Are they representing something like "likes" on Facebook? If so I would advise to put the high five symbol thingymabob in the front of the set, like where the title is. Honestly, I wouldn't naturally go over to the "info" tab then high five a set. Even so, I'm pretty sure many people will miss the tabs-there are just so many buttons all over! I still love the website, and love the font on the right side bar where it says "welcome!" It would be so great if the font was consistent throughout the whole website, with the exception of your Quizlet logo, it will stand out by itself and appear as more of a logo!! I love it though with all the effort!!

  232. snowandfrost

    One more thought/ add on...with the High Fives, same deal with the discussion. Nobody will see it! Love this new format and everything, but I really liked it better when the discussion was on the side bar so I can communicate with others and they will actually be able to see my comment. :) thanks!

  233. elizatan

    Thank you for putting combine back, Quizlet! I really appreciate your quick response to feedback! Thanks a lot!! =D

  234. EpicDavi

    Wow it is amazing how much drama an update can have lol

  235. kolton2000

    hay could you make it were you could have it on your kindle fire

  236. kolton2000

    and another thing great job and its a little bite confusing but easy

  237. Nanneke

    I'm going crazy. It seems like quizlet is changing every day! Can't find my stuff. Don't like the blue lines.. :(

  238. Frau_Kappes

    Thank you soooo much that i am able again to see the time when my pupils studied on Quizlet! And thanks for Quizlet - it is the website i use the most !

  239. MyNameIsTheDoctor

    I really like the update - I don't know what all the hullabaloo about it not being very good is about. Thumbs up!

  240. MyNameIsTheDoctor

    Round of applause!

  241. Rach99s

    go back to the old set up! i cant combine my sets and by putting it in folders i cant study just one set but alll. not to mention, i cant edit the one set. i don't like it!

  242. opps

    How do so many people like the new set up. take away your high fives if you don't like it so that they can see our displeasure!!!

  243. Joshua_3

    A little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's great! THANKS

  244. marcieharper

    Yeah I agree with "Joshua_3." For all those people who are whining about "how fast Quizlet changes" and how confusing it is: I think if you spend more than ten minutes trying to understand it, the whole update will make much more sense. The awesome people who work at Quizlet wouldn't be changing the site unless they felt it would update the whole experience and overall improve your learning ability. So buckle up a little and try a little harder. I think it'll make sense later if you give it some time.

  245. YoSoySegundo

    Still confused with the setup. I loved the statistics. Can you bring the profile back???

  246. Grizzy

    Please bring back the stat page on profiles! I really miss it. Its motivating to see how many study and learn you've completed and such. Great update though!

  247. gildersleeve123

    This new update is so terrible, get rid of it.

  248. Our_Gods_not_dead

    I don't know how to do anything with this new update, please restore it to regular.

  249. douglas5

    love update but can you bring back chatting inside of a class

  250. l17poiro

    I love the new update thank you!

  251. arcaneEnthusiast

    Now i can't add sets that my friend made to our class! He doesn't add them himself and the rest of us use them. I suppose folders help? Not really though.

  252. mr_samosa

    Hi guys,
    I don't care which comment number I am, and frankly, I think that everyone else shouldn't either.
    But anyway, love the cosmetic changes! But I have an idea for user mistakes while using the study modes:

    Use a spell checker. Instead of using it to point out errors, use it to find similar words. This way, if the entry is close to the correct answer, the program will know. For example, let's say you typed in "eletron" in "Learn" instead of "electron". In a normal spell-checker, it would say, "Hey, that word looks like 'electron'. Let me point it out to the user." In this, it would say, "Hey, that word looks pretty close to 'electron' and 'elated'(Let's just assume, for some reason, that the word 'elated' is close to the word 'electron'). Oh look, the set says 'electron', not 'elated'. The user must have meant 'electron'." This could be used for the definition as well, and save a lot of trouble.


  253. CJann_8701

    This update is great, NOTHING wrong with :)

  254. superbrubru

    awesome quizlet, CONTINUE!!!!!!!!

  255. EvanVolkin


  256. EvanVolkin

    please change it back

  257. and4131

    I wish it was how it was 2 years ago! BRING BACK OG QUIZLET!!!!

  258. Hey_its_Ashley

    Change it back!!! It's to complicated!

  259. lorena42

    Could you make the app available on the Windows store?

  260. mackenzieodom

    i still think there should be a class chat box again it was very helpful

  261. blake112233

    I just want to thank quiz let for this because now i cam actually use the web site with a mac!

  262. Sophie_Yangyi

    I want the BROWSE back!!!!! This is a website that I use to learn stuff outside of school! And I really don't know what to learn, but I've already went through lots of the sets through browsing! It's really helpful!!!!

  263. Sophie_Yangyi

    I like the old version better!

  264. DeLaKel

    You keep changing it!! I've been getting so confused! I just got used to the new one and it was changed...AGAIN. I miss the profile page and the way to look the sets I've studied and created is more annoying, and difficult. Please give the old quizlet back!

  265. skylarscharer

    I am a member who bought plus and now am dissatisfied with the new program. May I please revert back to the previous way. And no I don't want a refund or anything, just pleaseeeeee

  266. iloveplanets

    I have used this website before, but never had an account. I have an Honors English Final Tomorrow and needed a better Studying method for my Literary Terms, and Reading Analysis Terms. This is perfect, and I am going to use it ALL THE TIME!!!! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

  267. ammarkey

    How do you know how many terms you have over all?

  268. kenzie_hyder

    I don't like this new set up.

  269. kenzie_hyder


  270. Allonsyy

    I like it. ^-^ But I'm a neat freak when it comes to a screen. I always organize all my apps on my phone into folders, and all my documents on the computer are divided into folders and labeled neatly. Thank you!

  271. Lionhead

    keep working on that statistics part. good luck.

  272. lydialewis

    really like the folders feature kind of miss the combine sets feature. dear ammarkey the terms are still listed after the set names the although you are right the total number of terms in a folder isn't listed. also Quizlet it might be nice if you could make a folder in a folder. such as a "first semester exam" folder in "chemistry" folder. all in all i like the new change! =D

  273. firewolf8

    Awesome job Quizlet! I love the fact that we now have folders and its easy for me to organize all my sets especially for finals.

  274. amalianc STAFF

    @tocute1999 & @lydialewis - Our combine tool is back! Sorry about that!

  275. amalianc STAFF

    @Reagan_Milligan - We have an export tool, so you can actually do this - go to the set page, click on "Export" under "More Tools" on the upper right. Hope that helps!

  276. gummy_96

    I absolutely love the new changes!!!! i just wish we could import one sets of flashcards along with another. For example, i want to combine all my suffixes flash cards but it does not allow me to import them.... could that possibly be a new feature on quizlet?

  277. Carley_and_Audrey

    This is awesome! I didn't even have to download anything either. It was already set up for me!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  278. flashcub

    Combine is back! Amazing fast response to feedback, thank you guys, you are awesome!

  279. Dragonetta

    Cool! I think it would be even better if we had a way to search for users too. :)

  280. akea2632

    We should be able to follow users so I can see what sets my classmates are creating but I honestly love quizlet and use it every day!!! Seriously saves me every test ESPECIALLY FINALS! I love that I can go back and study my old sets ;) Keep up the great work guys!

  281. BonbonPatpat

    We should be able to follow users so I can see what sets my classmates are creating but I honestly love quizlet and use it every day!!! Seriously saves me every test ESPECIALLY FINALS! I love that I can go back and study my old sets ;) Keep up the great work guys!

  282. cheez_ball

    yay it looks 20% cooler :)

  283. rosiethecat101

    I am having trouble delete my last 5 folders or so. @sophiabk

  284. thelanguageschool

    I don't know how to see my stats as thelanguageschool. I don't know how many terms that I have enter and all that. This new update is terrible.

  285. wellshamby

    Please add the same games to the app. I hate having to use data to go online

  286. stacylouise

    I can see where folders can be beneficial, however I do not like them. Maybe it can be a feature that can be toggled? Thanks!

  287. JONPAN

    How can you add sets that you did not create to your classes?

  288. warriors1

    I like the new setup! I don't know why everyone's complaining about having to get used to a new version of Quizlet, because I think it's kind of cool! In case this makes your day any better, your "Speller" study mode is WAY better than that of SpellingCity!!! I just thought I'd throw that in there... :)

  289. shubbuckj19

    pretty cool update not gonna lie

  290. sweettay96

    The only thing I do not like about the update is the fact that I can no longer see what my friends are studying... with out this feature I don't understand the purpose of linking your account to Facebook or Google+. If their is a way to get this feature back, I would like to know how. Thank you.

  291. sjknight

    Hey, thanks for changing the problems i told you about! i am starting to like the new setup. there is just one thing: i can't delete folders! when i delete them, it still shows that they are there (below all my classes and stuff on the left.) i dunno if this is just me, but it won't show them in 'my profile' thingie in the folder section. thanks!

  292. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    Very confusing, can't find anything right now, even have problems with the Ctrl+F option I always used for searching:/ Folders would make more sense than old Subjects if you enable making subfolders, and make it easy to drag and drop sets into folder/subfolders. Also the appearance was so pretty before, now it looks dull. Too many changes at once! Make folders but keep the other things as they were before!, pls!

  293. simmer

    I think this update is pretty good, I just think it would be better is the behind the scenes were where they used to be

  294. apeterman12

    make it so you can search a set in a class.
    and search a term in a class

  295. Anabell26

    I like folders a lot. I also kind of like the blocks, because it's almost not as overwhelming. Thanks, Quizlet!

  296. misunderkicked

    I cannot search my old sets. It takes an HOUR to scroll down to find old cards from classes last year. I want to share old sets with students in previous years but I cannot -- The my profile page used to allow you to scroll through the sets extremely quickly - now they load slow. Please Fix this....I cannot access my old stuff :( this improvement only helps people with folders or studying recent stuff.

  297. Faiqelite4 PLUS

    I am a freshman that has biology and Spanish on quizlet. I'd probably have an F without quizlet. I use it alot! I love the new version! I wanted to ask that you guys add ALL of the features to the apps! That would be great!

  298. alexhascodex

    Loving the update, thanks!!

  299. kbozer_jr

    I like the new update. It is nice and it is not too complicated. Thanks Quizlet team!

  300. jinnybean13


  301. cnicholson8

    Is it possible to put folders into a class to organize your sets more??

  302. charithboppana

    Thanx a lot.

  303. Cristina_Elissabetta

    Thanks so much for putting in the folders into your iOS app, it's so much easier to find my stuff now-a big advantage when I'm pressed for study time!

  304. quizzybird123


  305. tayjas_surey


  306. MrPandaa

    I don't know if anyone will be able to help me, but I manage a class that has one user requesting membership, and I can't find anywhere to confirm them into the class! Can anyone help?

  307. amalianc STAFF

    @misunderkicked - we added back search to your Latest Activity - hopefully that helps! @peterman121 - we have also added back search to classes!

  308. amalianc STAFF

    @sweettay96 - You can see which of your Facebook friends have Quizlet accounts by going to your Settings page. Then click on their icons to go to their profile pages - click on the studied tab to see what they have been studying!

  309. S_Click2015

    I still can't get to my folders!

  310. amnalovesu

    this new Quizlet is really amazing
    im loveing it

  311. amnalovesu

    but i dont really use it a lot because i dont do my homework all the time

  312. chinausagirl

    I can't see my chat log anymore, which makes me sad.... :( Is there any way to see it?

  313. Monkey_Girl89

    First off, I just want to say how much I love quizlet. I'm not sure if I would have gotten into the college I now attend without it. I know this sounds cheesy, but it has not only saved me a lot of time, but also empowered me to learn and do well in school.

    That said, I found it a bit easier to sort through my sets (I have a lot) with this new layout. I miss being able to add tags and a subject AS i'm making a set. I think this layout could be improved if users could make SUBFOLDERS.

  314. Monkey_Girl89

    I meant to say I found it a bit easier to sort through sets with THE OLD layout (sorry, I'm a bit tired).

  315. cvphelps

    Absolutely a godsend. Thank you.
    Folders are miracle-workers. I have enough trouble with organization as it is, but folders empower me to bookmark sets across the community, then go back and check on my progress in each card deck.

  316. seckard

    From a teacher's standpoint, LOVE it and it is much more organized! Change is good!

  317. worq

    hello,am glad of,to be user of this account,am a question to be answered:what r the significance of theories and models in social science research?, which one is the most important book to learn GIS and remote sensing? please i want to access this book,give access to me

  318. hallj20

    I like the new system a lot. I have a lot to study for exams so thanks.

  319. Crystal_Zhao

    Why can't I move things from folder to folder?

  320. chrisp2012

    Love the changes

  321. yd2016

    Amazing as always. Thanks Quizlet.

  322. Yoloswag9090

    I can always trust you guys at quizlet:) have a happy new year!

  323. eti101

    Best i have seen all year thanks! :)

  324. eti101

    i love it

  325. sjknight

    Hey, Quizlet! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow. what an amazing year with amazing updates. I just have a few suggestions and questions:
    1) is there a way that you can chat within a class with your class members?
    2) if so, is there a way to invite someone to chat?
    i think i've told you guys this before, but check me if i'm wrong:
    3) i study latin, so i have some HUGE (talking 200 terms) sets, and sometimes i can't find a certain term. is there a way that you can install a "search" within a set? if so, that would be great! i will send you feedback if i think of anything else, because i'm now out of comments. THANK YOU!!

  326. mjouve

    Quizlet is wonderful. I don't know how I would study for my exams without it. Since I went on a long trip for Christmas, I had to use the app. I couldn't take a test. I could only use the learn function. Other than that it was great.

  327. jimmy802

    First this is a great program! I was just wondering if it is possible too rearrange the contents in folders?

  328. at27776

    This is great

  329. Rushil_Mehra

    As I've scrolled down this un-ending list of comments, I find that the old quizlet satisfied users much more. I like the format/layout of the new update, but I highly recommend restoring some of the old "tools" within the website. And a heads up, the iOS version of quizlet is not so flexible "adding folders" wise. Please look into that. Great job responding and taking feedback from comments.

  330. zepolm

    Thank you so much for adding the folders. I haven't had a whole lot time to experience the change, but it sounds awesome now I will be able to separate my thousands of sets I created last semester.

  331. Plaidshirtguy

    Honestly, I feel that this new change is exposing out nations youth to an exuberant amount of Nicholas Cage. I would ask the developers and staff to do us all a favor and put a Nick Cage filter on the site in order to stop the poisoning of this generation.

  332. soph1a

    good job quizlet it is a lot easier to get around quizlet now

  333. le_o_nar_do1509

    Hello. My name is Leonardo, and I am writing from Venezuela.

    This new design is very useful. I do not have any complaints so far. However, it would be even better if the platform supported more fonts and unicode characters, particularly those from SIL International, since there are some of us who are interested in learning not only the vocabulary of a language, but also its pronunciation on a visual basis, that is, by using phonetic symbols. Unfortunately, they do not look very good when you type on the flashcards, since these symbols are quite specific.

    It would be a great improvement if you include this upgrade, and I am sure you will get more followers from other subject areas such as phonetics and phonology.

    Here you have some useful links for you to get familiar with the fonts:

    Thank you very much for your time. It would be very nice to see some results in the near future.

  334. le_o_nar_do1509

    I think that another important suggestion would be to be able to use a "search" button to navigate through your own material, because I don't know if it happens to someone else, but sometimes I just forget in what folder I put a specific word and its definition, and a kind of "search your sets/folders" button would be VERY useful.

  335. DeathRiderX

    It will be AWESOME IF you could ADD FOLDERS to Classes! xD

  336. gun1100


  337. tuppenyone TEACHER

    I don't get it!

  338. tuppenyone TEACHER

    The folders are confusing... I don't understand how it is any different to classes. If I get rid of the folders will it delete the sets out of my classes???

  339. mrsheller5

    i really do not like it…..please stop changing things. I need consistency and the ability to look at my home page and do things quickly……very quickly……do not have time to learn a whole new way of operating on your site.

    Please STOP changing things ……or at least wait until the end of the school year…….ARGGGGGG

  340. camogrl1217

    alll of this is so cool

  341. HowHaveYouBen

    this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

  342. amalianc STAFF

    @tuppenyone - deleting a folder will not delete sets from your classes.

  343. MandyLouu

    Omg I just got an A+ from studing of Quizlet, it really kept me focused on this instead of talking to friends and not studying.
    Love Quizlet
    (P.S. you could add a little more design, just saying.)

  344. MandyLouu

    Meant to say Studying in the first sentence and also off of Quizlet in the same sentence. Just saying!

  345. n_fuertes99

    Where do we see our stats?

  346. emruthba

    This website is AWESOME.

  347. photojenic

    Wish people would try out the new changes before leaving negative comments.
    Thanks for working so hard to make Quizlet better. Couldn't survive nursing school without you guys!

  348. kimpre503

    there are two problems i have found so far. with the new card system if you hold down the up or down arrow for more than 3 seconds my adobe flash player crashes and my desktop shut down, also if you hold it down the card flip out and do some weird techno rave looking stuffs. also this has always been a problem if you try to move all the way to the end of your set by holding down the arrow or holding down left or right arrow there is a glitch in which the card that was the one you were looking at stays and only the numbers move and when you let go it corrects itself to the end.

  349. Roena

    I like to folders idea but not the new layout as much as the old one.

  350. Leslie_McNamara

    I wish there was a way to create a folder and drag sets into that folder~

  351. badcad


  352. zcagleisawesome

    thanks for the new update!! i like it!!

  353. Setherz

    I love this new update, it is very for efficient than the last version, it has a way better way of finding your documents and shall help education as we speak, thank you QuizLet!

  354. sonic1592


  355. Digitalstream

    I applause you Andrew Sutherland for your success while you were a teenager for creating quizlet

  356. daiashraf_hasan

    I think it is pretty cool!!

  357. maryamjismail

    how can i combine my sets?!

  358. User013

    I love the new changes, Quizlet! Great job!

  359. anaganic

    Good Job

  360. sljordan00

    Good job Quizlet
    Can you make a 3 sided card (triangle)

  361. sofia_dimaggio

    can you please make the settings more fun. let us add a bio and "location" and all of that fun stuff

  362. sofia_dimaggio

    and new games

  363. lavilyn

    is a set in a folder?
    Is a folder in a class?
    I deleted all my classes and put everything in a folder.
    There is no need for Class anymore.
    Is there?

  364. Goldmandylan

    Good job quizlet!

  365. ashaapple

    this is great you guys

  366. EpicFox9000_

    even thought this is the last comment (thus the least seen), the upgrades are ok not great but ok. this website is at a point were its so good its hard to get better. I would like to see another game though in addition to space race and scatter

  367. D1234857

    I agree with EpicFox9000_. Another game would be awesome!

  368. alexrock88

    I am expericencing a glitch where sometimes a new button appears below the word in the learn section. You sometimes need to click it to get the problem correct.

  369. amalianc STAFF

    @alexrock88 - please write into our Feedback Center about this:

  370. amalianc STAFF

    @maryamjismail - this link should be helpful:

  371. xColeg18x


  372. camillewatts

    I love the website. It really helps me study alot easier. Thank you for making this website.

  373. camillewatts

    Its Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love quizlet!!!!!!!!!

  374. DJHonore

    Haven't logged in in awhile. Big shock 4 me!

  375. utlars

    Keeping up the reputation of an evolving App, much to the better!

  376. ibcambbrown

    Awesomely Awesome! The Learning Part Had To Have Been Created By A Genius!

  377. minecraftdood


  378. ksprungl18

    Quizlet is so useful for learning my large vocab set for my language arts class. I would fail the tests without it.=)

  379. ahgou_gan

    I look the class limit should be lift to a higher limit. I hope you reply Quizlet.

  380. annamccorkle

    @ahgou_gan there's a class limit? what is it?

  381. EsaMunekitaKoketa


  382. im_in_yo_head

    thanks alot for the help!

  383. Mattbot237

    Thanks for the new features, whoever you people are who made Quizlet!!

  384. welshlearner

    This is an excellent language tool that I have just started using. Unfortunately, more than 30 sets that were entered by a member of 'Welsh Learners Pembs' have disappeared. A lot of good work lost here!
    Any idea how it disappeared?
    Is there any way we can get it back?

  385. HunterpabloLewis

    we should be able to post pictures from the internet without upgrading

  386. Joshy_lit

    im just here to study.... the updates cool, but this site i only use for studying, updating the website to a brand new look and way to do things isnt gonna help me get better grades, instead of trying to make the site look prettier make some new study modes, scatter and space race is getting old.

  387. whimsicalwolves

    Finally there are folders to organize my different decks!!!

  388. zd4553

    It would be really helpful if we could make sets on our android devices.

  389. Leah_Y_S GO

    I'd like the statistic on the old profile page back. It told how many times I had studied a certain set. I miss it.

  390. ReneWayman

    I hate the up dates is there a way to change back to the old way?

  391. lyndsayluvs2write

    okay, so i'm not the only one having slight trouble with Quizet? Reeally wish I had the old profile page back too. And , i've e-mailed their support several times, and no one has responded. I'm completely lost. Where did my discussions go? And how come I didn't get to chose my folders, and can't move them around now. Look up: if you are annoyed with the quizlet update..... on Quizlet and read it.

  392. amalianc STAFF

    @welshlearner - sorry about this - please tell us more about this issue by writing into our feedback center,

  393. JulianaWren

    I can't seem to find anything on here now. I mean, I heart Quizlet, it's the only reason I'm getting and A on every single vocab test, but I liked the old page better.


  394. smartie-01

    It is great!

  395. noby


  396. Botakoz_ktl

    Thanks!!!! Its really coll programm(website) for me .u can give answers for my guestions. for ex .I ;LOVE GDRAGON

  397. Mamdouh_777

    Awesome web

  398. UBACH123

    I wish there was a way to combine the stuff we need to study for.

  399. bdris09

    you should be able to print out all of the words in a folder, not just play games and take tests. I takes time and wastes ink and paper to print out all of the sets individually.


    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  401. aalu1418

    Great job everyone!!!!

  402. DorothyRobitaille

    We love this program !

  403. EvMar

    I miss the profile page where I can see my account's stats like how many days I've been a member and how many sets I've made...but other than that good job!

  404. moezartgal

    Love the changes guys!! Thanks for all your hard work that you put into this website :)

  405. eiskate TEACHER

    I am not thrilled with the changes. The worst, in my opinion, is that when I try to search for quizlets made by other teachers, my own sets come up, and there's no way to find material made by others using the same vocab lists/texts as I do. That used to be an easy way to start off or get a link to a set previously made. I can't do that at all now. HUGE bummer.

  406. rob1954 TEACHER

    Asked this question before: Are you going to make it possible to print out an answer key from a quizlet generated quiz? Now we can only generate a pdf of the quiz and print it out but it would be useful to also be able to print out the answer key!

  407. joseph_balado

    thanks for making it possible to organise your sets.

  408. Gabrielspenshaw200


  409. savnnahtuck

    this website is the best i could not get good grades with out it xD

  410. daniel_simmy

    This is the best website for educational learning I have ever encountered. I owe it to my teacher for Spanish.

  411. MrConnorB

    I really liked the last update because it was much simpler and easier to use, I guess the folder idea is ok but PLEASE GO BACK

  412. ComputerLab_22

    The new Quizlet looks like iOS 7. TOO MUCH LIKE IOS7.

  413. deana_speer

    Can we add our textbooks to our classes/folders so when we are need of study material we can search by that from other users?

  414. evert15

    could be more simple

  415. evert15

    i think things should be easier than it is it was easier before the upgrade

  416. acatterpillar PLUS

    Yeah I really like the triangle idea! For Greek you need the ancient, modern, and meaning sometimes, and that is really hard to do without completely giving away the meaning! Also, I think it would be nice if you could access "Classic" Quizlet. I know some websites have this option after a major change so that users can still use the old formatting. That way, everyone could be happy! But I do like the folders - private ones would be even better! Thanks for all your help with studying, Quzlet!

  417. historyeagle

    Nice Job. This new system is fantastic, though I wish we could see all of our folders and unorganized things on one page. This way I know what is where, or if I've forgotten to organize something! Otherwise, this new Quizlet format is great.

    Thanks a lot Quizlet team! You guys are amazing!

  418. iOS_8

    quizlet changes are advantageous. if you can, make more changes!! plz :/ =3)

  419. agent_bob

    Meh, bring back chat monitor. And I agree with Sg57, leave the poor site alone...PLEASE!!!

  420. Ananda_Amatya

    I have found Coffee Break French Quizlet sets very useful. Unfortunately there seem to be no sets for Lessons 61-80, nor for 301-340 and for 401- Are any of these likely to be available in the future?

  421. LlamaWithTheStaches

    lol thats a lot of comments... anyway, Quizlet is really helpful, and whenever I get the chance, I work on my sets. thank you!

  422. mastergolf

    Thank you quizlet, Ya'll Rock!

  423. bwhonea2014

    Typography is the greatest. I'm in first on almost everything! Except for space race. In which I will soon take over first. >.>

  424. wdick

    I like the new Quizlet!!!

  425. Netticus

    I like the folder idea

    Keep up the good work!

  426. Appelgator

    Wow... so much has changed since I was last here. Looking good!

  427. sknorton TEACHER

    Quizlet is such a gift. I joined (and got my students to join) back when Andrew was still in high school. What a journey! Keep it up!

  428. Mariela_Hemmings

    Why is everyone hating the update? I liked it

  429. Mariela_Hemmings

    I think the update is convenient. I also liked the new appearance but then again, its my opinion

  430. moriahlovesvollyball

    i love it how you guys always upgrade it gets better all the time and it helps me as a student to study better thanks!

  431. roethlinkyle

    I like all the work Quizlet has put into the creation of these folders but i honestly don't need them
    QUIZLET RULES!!!!!!! :)

  432. roethlinkyle

    Actually could you make sub-folders that would be EXTREMELY useful. Thank



  433. kathyr80

    Just started with Quizlet. So far so good

  434. trishasobti

    I was wondering if it was possible to create a class without being a member of Quizlet Plus.

  435. amalianc STAFF

    @trishasobti - Users 13 and up can create classes. Just click the "Join or create class" button the left sidebar.

  436. Botch_battlebears

    Yay! It works better now!

  437. tjstol2000

    @Statler232 thats a good idea.

  438. Charlie_Dial

    some of my class members can not add sets into our class even when i have the box that allows them to do so checked. can you please check on the flaw? thanks. -charles dial

  439. JIsenberg15

    Let me first say that I love Quizlet. I've been using it for 4 years and am currently madly studying for my finals with it right now. With this in mind, I wish there was some way to combine different sets so that, for example, all the flashcards I have for a class could be combined into a single set without retyping each and every card. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  440. amalianc STAFF

    @JIsenberg15 - You can combine sets by going to any set page and clicking on "Combine" under "More Tools" on the upper right. Hope that helps!

  441. amalianc STAFF

    @Charlie_Dial - Please write in to us at about this issue - thanks!

  442. Prezi

    please help me. i banned myself when i am the admin. when i removed my self without warning

  443. Roscoe_Gillum

    Hey Quizlet, is there any way you guys would consider updating your site and adding one more game to the page? I have many students who complain about the games and how they start off as fun but become bored with them. If you added one more, such as a jeopardy style game that is interactive, that would be fantastic :)

  444. amalianc STAFF

    @Roscoe_Gillum -- Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely be adding new activities in the future.

  445. aeropostaleguy

    can u add a place on this website where u can text the people in your class?

  446. Zilla99

    How do you delete old folders from last year?

  447. amalianc STAFF

    @Zilla99 - Click into the folder and then click on "Delete" under the folder title - hope that helps!

  448. kara_benkovich

    Can you please make Subfolders as well? Helps to organize test materials

  449. DuckyMomoTheSecond

    Are you able to put folders in classes so the Class sets can be organized?

  450. burhanpeynirci TEACHER

    Folders and subfolders in classes and teacher's side are urgently needed. Please! I cannot organize my sets properly.

  451. missamoo222

    Will al of my sets be gone from quizlet when my account expires? I know I won't be able to get to them unless I search them, but I was wondering if even that was possible-this is assuming that I'll make a new account when my old one expires.

  452. amalianc STAFF

    @missamoo222 - When your upgrade expires, all of your sets, classes, folders, and study activity will stay on your account, which will revert to a free account. The only thing that will change is that you won't be able to use upgraded features, like Voice Recording or Image Uploading, anymore. If you have more questions about this, please send us a feedback message!

  453. crystalqwang

    Can you please make it so that folders can be made within classes? Our class has over 100 sets and is still growing, so it would be very convenient and much more organized if we could place sets in folders within our class. Thank you!

  454. LinhNQ

    How can i create folders into class? Please help me. Thanks all.

  455. angelinainnit PLUS

    could you add a feature allowing you to put folders within other folders?

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