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We’re thrilled to announce that the new Learn is now available on Android!

Learn is the perfect way to study when you’re just starting out with new material. It seamlessly moves you through flashcards to more challenging question types like true/false and multiple choice, and adapts as you progress in order to help you master every term in your study set. When you get to 100% mastery, you know you’re ready for an in-class quiz, big exam, or whatever else school throws your way.

At the same time, we’re re-debuting the old Learn mode as Write. Write works exactly like old Learn did (it just has a new name), so if you prefer to study using only written answer questions, make sure to use Write (also available on iOS).

As you get ready to finish the school year strong — or start prepping for summer school classes — Learn is the perfect sidekick. Learn is now available on Android and iOS, and is coming to our website soon.


  1. zhangshengbo


  2. zhangshengbo

    but the update is not yet available in Google play yet

  3. paige_trautman


  4. josephdong


  5. Zachary_Zehring
    If your looking for a map to study or a health topic, then highlight, press and hold and move the link to the tab bar.
    Hope it works!
    Let me know if it doesn't. :)
    Sweet by thr way for the new Learn!

  6. saturatedpHat


  7. Mr_Brook TEACHER

    Hi, I've just tried this out and, while I like the concept, it seems that it's not going to work for me or my students.
    The reason is this. I insist my students build their vocabulary by using rich definitions. So instead of the following
    Term = sufficient
    Definition = enough
    I will expect them to do something like this using not only a definition but an example sentence.
    Term = sufficient
    Definition = as much or as many as you need or want (I do not have __________ money to buy a new car.)
    Now, if Quizlet only asked for the term in the new Learn mode, all would be well. However I have discovered that it asks for the definition. It is pretty much impossible and certainly unnecessary to learn the exact form of the definition so the system will not work for them.... or am I missing something?

  8. breakdownenglish

    Mr_Brook, You are missing something. You can have this sentence as your question: "(I do not have __________ money to buy a new car.") and have this as your answer: (enough).
    You can also do the reverse: (enough) as question and: : "(I do not have __________ money to buy a new car.") as your answer.

  9. Mr_Brook TEACHER

    Yes, but the new learn mode seems to require the definition as an answer, which doesn't really work. I don't think students should have to type out a whole sentence when their task is to identify a word, given a definition (with example sentence.) I base this observation on the fact that in the new Learn mode it wasn't long before I was being asked for the definition. Maybe I missed an opportunity to only be asked for the term?

  10. KitKat4Me

    I really enjoy the new Learn category, it's proved quite useful to me in the short time I've used it and I have already seen improvement in my Korean vocabulary. But I honestly signed up for the Long Term Learning aspect. While it seems like that is a thing within an individual card set with Learn, does it apply to the same overall "grade" or percentages as Long Term Learning within a folder on the browser version? If that is not the case is there any ETA on when Long Term Learning will hit Android?

  11. Hailey_Hodgson8

    This is awesome!!!!!!! 🦊🐺🐾

  12. Hailey_Hodgson8

    Check out my study sets I has created! 🦉🦅🦇

  13. MystaryPi


  14. Dan_Dekel

    i like trains

  15. SteveOpp

    When will quizlet learn be available to computers?

  16. abiddlebug

    Mr Brook, you can switch the term or definition on what you see first.

  17. MLGunderfellsans

    hahahhahaaha i really like this thank you pepole for this

  18. AaronThomasMathew


  19. Zachary_Zehring

    Has anyone checked out both of my study sets? If you need something to study then there are 2 study set links I have posted few comments up. Read the description to know how to access them. :)

  20. Max2040

    I had been asking for this feature for over a year. It's been there on iPhone for a really long time. I needed it for my GRE prep and I have an Android. I finished my prep and my Plus membership expired a couple of days ago and you're introducing this feature now? Talk about bad timing.

  21. jeffchan TEACHER

    @Mr_Brook: You can customize whether you get asked term/definition or both in the Options menu in the top right. If you still have trouble, can you write into support at ?

  22. HungryAndNormal

    So Glad this is finally on Android! It is such a useful tool, helping me to spend less time learning vocab, and more time focusing on the actual language. Just keep the amount of terms in your study set to 20 or lower for optimal results.

  23. SteveOpp

    @jeffchan: When will quizlet be allowing Quizlet Learn to the computers???

  24. epictortoise2323


  25. bby_lxon

    Finally a new update. I'm waiting for more updates.

  26. bby_lxon

    last comment so far... :/

  27. mitchellparron

    very cool

  28. mitchellparron

    69th high five

  29. Proverbs_2_6

    Noice. Not a fan of Android, though... 😂 But yeah I'd like the new learn on laptop/computer ASAP! Also, I have some questions for you that I posted on the post called, "The New Quilt Learn" so if you could answer those that would be fantastic. Thanks! Go Quizlet! ◎_◉


  30. A10284

    It's amazing. I like it

  31. YojhanLR32

    I really like Quizlet, and this feature is amazing!!! We need it ASAP on their website! Good job guys!

  32. a_cmarsh2000

    this is the best news ive had all day

  33. starswap

    How do you get to it on the app. Is it in settings?

  34. starswap

    And do you need plus?

  35. Hannah_Janssen1

    Can you also use this on the computer? Or can you in the future?

  36. bat448

    i need it!

  37. SparkleShine99

    I was the 150th LOL

  38. SparkleShine99

    Check out my sets BTW

  39. domjay14

    It's like a personal assistant that can help you with your work when you don't have a friend around. It's awesome for people who need to study; and study with confidence.

    The Emoji are so motivating!

  40. sasssdisaster


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