If you've been using Quizlet's full page Cards mode, today you'll notice a change – the option to choose between Flip and Flow.

Flip and Flow

Several months ago we launched a brand new Cards mode that introduced many improvements. You could study the entire set using one keystroke (pressing your down arrow key) to see the other side and the next card, turn on autoplay for a hands-free study experience, star the terms you want to focus on, and jump to a specific term using the list to the right. This has been a big hit with the millions of students using it.

Since then, we've launched a preview of our new set page design (read about it here) and one of the things we did was remove the traditional flashcards from the top of that page. We received a lot of feedback from users telling us that they wanted to continue using those "click to flip" flashcards. So we've now combined the two Cards modes into one full page Flashcards mode where you can choose between the two "Motions," which we're calling Flip and Flow.

Flip Flow

You can switch between Flip and Flow in the sidebar.

Flip and Flow

With Flip you can arrow through just terms or definitions, and then click to see the other side of the card – just like studying with paper flashcards.


With Flow you can go through your cards using the down arrow key to reveal the next side and then the next card – all in one motion.


We've also added Keyboard Shortcuts to make studying in Flashcards mode even easier.


You can hide the sidebar for a full screen study experience (click the blue tab on the right to open it again).


Give the new Flip mode a try and let us know what you think in feedback!


  1. kogiraffe

    First Comment! This is my 2nd First Comment! This is so cool! :)

  2. kogiraffe

    Ok, 2nd Comment. Close enough. :) I hope that they keep the old flashcards too.

    (and 3rd Comment)

  3. smexysunny

    Nice Idea (:

  4. Kyl3Seva

    5th comment, just tried this yesterday!!!

  5. lulu08

    this is great. thanks!

  6. rdenise TEACHER

    With the old version embedded in another site students were easily able to chose their method (learn, scatter, flashcards etc) by a drop down box on the right hand side. Now when they are on flash cards they cant get to any of the other modes - drop down box is gone.

  7. SireMontague

    Sometimes the text in Flip Mode is upside down, so I have to use Flow Mode. Can you fix that?

  8. yoyo26

    @rdenise Sorry about this, will be fixing it!

  9. aprilzero

    @SireMontague: What browser/system are you using that gets it upside down?

  10. horse24

    I really like the part where you can have cards,learn,speller,and test in order.Can you do something so I can keep track of my progress?

  11. christina1020

    The flow kind of goes too fast... maybe there should be options for speed, like slow, medium, and fast.

  12. and4131

    wow this just posted like 5 minuites ago! ppl post fast :0

  13. and4131

    nvm it was 18 hrs. DERP!

  14. BrandonGallego


  15. TheLorax123

    I like the improvements, especially the activity tab and being able to change the order between original and alphabetical. "Most missed" will come in handy so that my students can focus on trouble spots. The only thing that could make things easier is having the ability to alphabetize the cards in edit mode. An excellent way to detect duplicates. Also, as I check definitions alphabetical is better than original order.

  16. aprilzero

    @rdenise: Should be fixed now

  17. libbythompson2

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. drrichards2

    I have a question: what is so difficult about adding an adjustable time interval to the play mode? We have been asking for this for months now, and it seems like such a simple and essential feature. The play mode is worthless if it doesn't give you as much time as you need to LEARN the information. Obviously there is a built-in interval coded into the page. How hard is it to add a basic text box and assign the interval equal to the user input? I love Quizlet, but the absence of such a basic feature that could make the study experience SO much better is extremely frustrating.

  19. ositan

    40th high five!

    Quizlet, is there ever going to be a time that you will consider bringing back the multiplayer modes? Maybe even against the computer? Maybe a "Jeopardy" type game?

    But anyway, thanks for your service. You guys have been helping me get the grade since the 4th grade!

  20. egunter19

    Would you please add different colors to the website?

  21. M1039213

    30th comment

  22. ecotreck360

    31th comment

  23. rivella TEACHER

    I guess the implementation of the flip mode into the new card set is a clever improvement which brings the advantages of the old and the new version of the flashcards together in one feature! I'll stay tuned and think my students will like it (after a while when they get used to it).

  24. rivella TEACHER

    I think you can't hide the sidebar in the flip mode, can you? I think this would be a great addition to the functionality.

  25. aprilzero

    @rivella: yes you can, try clicking "fullscreen" or press F

  26. Gina021

    theres a glitch on the flip mode... when i try flipping from my defenition to my term, it doesnt let me. But great job guys ^-^

  27. Karis256

    Great! Thanks, Quizlet! :)

  28. MmeThomas TEACHER

    Thank you for returning the "2 of 20" feature. I like the guy's request for a timed play mode. Now it's about 2 seconds. Flickr has 2,4,6 seconds (slow, medium, fast). What's still missing is the login logo when on any of the study modes. If a student is not signed in, he loses the info from all study modes. He doesn't necessarily know he's not signed in, though, if the logo is not there. He'd have to open a new tab, go to Quizlet.com and confirm whether he's signed in that way, but that's only if he's really on top of things! Please return the logo to all study modes. You guys are awesome. I love all your new updates!

  29. MmeThomas TEACHER

    I meant "fast, medium, slow" for the 2,4,6 second intervals...

  30. EJsea

    3910 and this new setup is really cool. allot easier to use

  31. MrsLohmann

    I wish the title still showed at the top of the set when you embed the cards on another website. I embed several card sets on my website at the same time - now it is harder to know which set goes with which subject.

  32. s1m2k3456

    so easy!!!! LOVE IT <3 <3

  33. roge763

    thank u

  34. FionaClements PLUS

    I really like the new modes, but I've found that the audio has stopped working in the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire HD. It was ok yesterday, but disappeared today when the new mode appeared. I have audio in the dolphin browser on the Kindle Fire and on my PC, so the problem seems to be limited to Silk.

  35. ilovemelquin

    love it

  36. shawndye101


  37. webplug


  38. AnnaM_2627

    Cool! I always love new things ^_^

  39. steelers43

    65th that is awesome btw

  40. starr-light

    Awesome this is cool. :)

  41. totallynotfredchoi

    really good :)

  42. Loper1


  43. Loper1


  44. Ellie_MfYaajj185

    That's nice !!! Lol

  45. Gabi_Rod

    This is SO cool! Keep up the great work :D

  46. harpindersandhu


  47. aleesiag

    good ideas:)

  48. noahvox2 TEACHER

    Does the "Speller" need a special plug-in or need to be in a certain language? I haven't been able to get it to work with Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer on my Dell Optiplex 210L.

    Dr. T

  49. vblakev

    Yahoooo! (The exclamation not the website).

  50. SpaceCast11

    @homsmc4 A little pointless for me to say this, but you can lock sets so only people in your class/people with a password can access it. If you don't like people spamming the set you're chatting on, you can make your own class/set and share it with your friends. Quizlet isn't that place where you're friends meet everyday to talk about that cool new game you got, it's about learning, and if you are annoyed by other people who are using the set, you could call/text/talk to them in person. Also, the scatter game is "multiplayer" in a sense that you can try to beat another individual's high score, but it isn't meant to distract people too much from studying the set, its just a good way to review the set. Hope this helps!

  51. SpaceCast11

    This new viewing mode is really cool, but how many "new modes" (small fixes) are you going to go through before the Flashcard mode is finished? There is still a ton of stuff that can be added to Quizlet, you don't need to spend all that time just trying to make few amounts of people happy.

  52. soph1a

    Really cool! thanks quizlet i <3 u!!!

  53. BrinaBeth PLUS

    Hey, I've been on the site for a while and I always loved the most missed question feature. That allowed me to focus the next Quizlet on the weaknesses of the people who studied with me. However, a while back you took away that feature which really hindered my Quizlet making. Sure, I've been able to make over a hundred semi-okay quizzes these past few months/years, but I wish this feature will return. Is it going to be redone or is it a retired feature?

  54. ralph1999


  55. dwellman59


  56. Catygmail

    Thanks for this

  57. kbozer_jr

    I love this so far and this website has helped me get through Spanish since 7th grade. it is such a great tool and I recommend it to every classmate that needs a way to study or test themselves!!!

  58. khannah_202

    <3 This website. :3

  59. mopac

    with the new changes my flash card audio is not working on my cell phone??? can anybody tell me why?

  60. Sundeep_Singh


  61. KirkAnderson TEACHER

    Using a translation to build vocabulary should only be a last resort, when other options (sounds, images, synonyms, definitions) are not available. Just my opinion, but I'm not the only one.

  62. andrewli321

    64th comment! Great change!

  63. excelclass

    Cool!!! I'll try it thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Kitkatidu

    coll :)

  65. SCHEFF85


  66. SCHEFF85


  67. Girlteam

    I like the new idea but I have one more thing that could make it better. That would be adding words to a set already existing. But Quizlet is already the best~

  68. antonio_stark

    verrry nice! I like how Quizlet retains both advantages! :)

  69. Alyus

    Very nice.

  70. kkkelsey

    Ok. Click on my name. Go to my class Friends. Read my dreams.

  71. Katyperry13

    The flash cards help a lot I have vocabulary tests on wensdays we have science vocabulary quizzes and Fridays we have language arts vocabulary tests

  72. PhilipdLenzen

    To the staff:
    Would it be possible for you to add the option of color-coding flashcards, or do you even have that already? I and other students I know tend to learn more quickly if we can put the masculine words of a language on flashcards of one color, the feminine on another, and the neuter on another. It's really effective!

  73. yoyo26

    @BrianaBeth Your most missed words is a feature we've reintroduced on the new set page that is currently in preview mode, have you checked that out yet? Here's a link to our blog post about it: http://quizlet.com/inside-quizlet/preview-quizlets-new-set-page.

  74. ANMIronman

    I saw the comment about a multiplayer games you guys used to have. My whole grade wants to know if you guys can bring it back.

  75. sarahgamzon

    I like the idea about the color coded terms - it makes it easier for me if the terms are more visual. Is there a way to choose the color of the card or the writing on it so things are colorful?
    Thanks so much!
    Quizlet has helped me a lot with almost every subject in school!

  76. RomaSorrento

    I'm new at this , but I love it. I log on every day. It's a great way to learn

  77. misscastner TEACHER

    I like the new mode probably as much as the old mode, but for different reasons. The new mode is cleaner, making it easier to view the images. Also, I like the larger area for the questions and answers to appear, so that there is not so much of reducing a font size on a longer question or answer. I also like that after I create a set, I only have to make 2 clicks instead of 3 to add a set to a class. I also like that those buttons are on the right side of the screen, making it much faster. I transfer a lot of data between Access and Quizlet, so the quicker the transfer the better.

  78. s_callahan63

    I joined Quizlet after multiplayer mode was "taken away." I have heard it was a great study tool. Quizlet team, have you ever thought about implementing the mode back in for a beta?

  79. s_callahan63

    BTW, thank you for listening to the community!

  80. rosiethecat101

    @yoyo26 whenever i click on the flashcards, the page disappears. i dont know why its doing that, and ive tried multiple times

  81. devanjc PLUS

    I love this new flashcard mode!

  82. ldy_sela

    is there a way to past from my excel spread sheet to make a new set of flashcard????

  83. hi100


  84. karatebo

    I like the new features :D I find it funny how people count what comment they are (I'm 89th :P).

  85. TechnoHistorian TEACHER

    Is there a way to turn off the speech portion for every quizlet question in every set? Also, I see an edit button in the published set. Can anyone and everyone edit my quizlet once I embed it into a website?


    I need this characteristics in my IPAD, in this moment it is more easy to study using mi IPAD APP.

  87. lilahrawlings

    Love iT!

  88. yoyo26

    @TechnoHistorian You can turn audio off by selecting "off" in the "Speak Text" section of the sidebar. Only people who have the ability to edit your set will see the edit button, so if it is set to "just me" on the edit set page, only you are seeing those buttons!

  89. Irene228

    It's awesome! thank you

  90. MorganO341

    So much better than the old one this has helped me so much more thank you so much keep up the good work.

  91. SparkleGirl18

    I love it Thanks

  92. Kush_mose

    i love it too :)

  93. Hammerstam


  94. hkwon17

    Cool! The flashcards have really improved a lot! Now it just has to make the new set more horizontal instead of vertical

  95. Walker23

    It is so cool it helps me stude

  96. khannah_202

    Ⓖⓞⓞⓓ Ⓙⓞⓑ Ⓠⓤⓘⓩⓛⓔⓣ

  97. alanacupecake-simone


  98. alanacupecake-simone

    i love these people

  99. julie13450

    eeeeeeeeeeeee I love the new flash cards :O lol

  100. sne1999

    cool:) it should help out a lot.

  101. cathyt26

    Are you french ?

  102. deblynn

    When I clicked audio "off," it still read the word as I tried to flip through the cards. I hadn't read this post yet and didn't know to use the direction arrows to move and the space bar to flip. So it kept reading the cards when I pressed enter.

  103. MsW_loves_math

    I love the flashcards. I can get two students to compete to calculate an answer and who ever gets it first says it, clicks on it and they both check it. It completely engaged my class.

  104. MsW_loves_math

    We had to turn the auto play off because it went too fast for my students.

  105. nancywillis

    I'm still trying to learn to use all of the great features I keep running across. I need to learn how to upload my images because a lot of the images readily available are not the right ones for my health science education students. If anyone wants to help me out I would appreciate it. I will work on it until I get it right.

  106. Sharmasharma1

    It is really difficult to print flash cards off now as it has you used too many pieces of paper. We don't like it.

  107. Mason_Fisher

    Thank u all for quizlet it is good to learn words on

  108. tiffanymdurst

    thanks quizlet this lets me take all kinds of classes like wwe and marvel

  109. deo469


  110. sweetvt

    I cannot get the volume to speak the flashcard.

  111. bluedomke

    Quizlet rocks!!!!!!
    I can't believe that quizlet make learning Spanish so fun.

  112. bluedomke

    114 comment and 115.
    flash cards are a really good way to memorize Spanish.
    IT ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is truly the best learning site ever.

  113. jointdoc

    is there a way to slow down the play function?

  114. BrandoCav666


  115. BrandoCav666

    Thank Quizlet!! I like Flow better, I also like the scores!

  116. Margolis18

    119 french is awesome

  117. petersonl28

    Why does the sound not work with the flashcards when I view them on my phone????

  118. yusiku_simenda

    Hai guys thanks for this programme I do enjoy it.. pleases could you send me the latest quizlet.. this week I became a best quizer of church heritage. my God richly bless you.

  119. speedstar101

    there was a multiplayer mode!!!! Plz bring it back! my friend and I can only have friendly rivalry on two games, and there is only so low of a possible score on scatter.

  120. deo469

    please, I want a new game!

  121. quizlette4950


  122. marines531


  123. marines531


  124. sunny1717

    i dont know where the FLOW button went!! please help!! i only use flow mode ;-;

  125. HKearby


  126. ldavidwillis TEACHER

    I need the flow button back, please! I use this with my Spanish classes and having to mess with different arrow keys is a huge inconvenience rather than just being able to go one direction or click the space bar!

  127. piratess4

    The flow button was such a great addition to Quizlet! Please bring it back!!!

  128. cgeveere PLUS

    What happened to the Flow Feature? It was far more suited to the computer interface than the traditional card flipping method.

  129. Nathanimalable

    Is there any way to slow down the play button when using flashcard mode?

  130. Chills52

    Please slow down play mode or at least have an option for time limits like 5,10,15 or even set your own.

  131. Crhode2

    Slow it down! You cannot study that fast!

  132. Austin_Koster7

    Slow it down!!!! Or give options for speed

  133. alberthung

    agreed please give options for play speed

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