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Introducing Quizlet Diagrams

Quizlet in Education · Posted by Aswath  August 23, 2017

Learning anatomy and physiology of the heart? Memorizing the phases of the moon? Studying the stages of mitosis?

Meet Quizlet Diagrams. Say goodbye to staring at pictures in your textbook or covering labels with your thumbs — now you can create a diagram using any illustration, map, chart, or photo; label it with points and terms; and study your diagram in engaging and effective ways — right on Quizlet.

In school, my favorite textbooks were always ones with beautiful diagrams and I still remember many of the concepts I learnt from those diagrams. Diagrams are one of the most engaging, versatile and helpful ways to express and learn concepts. At Quizlet, our mission is to help everyone practice and master whatever they are trying to learn; and helping users learn through diagrams take us closer to this mission.

The Quizlet team has been working on diagrams since the beginning of 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited to get it into the hands of students and teachers this year. We’re incredibly proud of our reach today; Quizlet is used by 1 in 2 U.S. high school students and 1 in 3 U.S. college students on the strength of our study sets — but that learning is predominantly through text-based content. Adding diagrams to the mix allows us to help students learn even more subjects than ever before. What we’re launching today is really just the beginning.

Creating a diagram is easy

You can create your own perfect diagram on Quizlet in no time, in case you can't find one created by our other users. Simply upload an image to any study set. Label key locations on the image with terms and optional definitions.


If your image already has text on it, not a problem — you can use our blur tool to remove it. Undo, zoom and pan as much as you need for precision.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 9.44.56 AM.png

You can easily turn your existing sets into a diagram. Upload an image and link your existing terms to locations in the image.

Study diagrams in engaging ways

Once you’ve created a diagram, you can study it with the activities and games you know and love. Studying with the new Learn allows you to learn with an adaptive study plan that will get you test-day ready. Or, quiz yourself and compete for the best time in a round of Match.


If you’re studying a set that has terms, definitions and diagram locations, the study modes will cycle through all the combinations: locations and terms, terms and definitions, definitions and images, and more. You can also focus on certain combinations by adjusting settings in each study mode's options.

Upgrade to unlock advanced diagram creation

Diagrams are free for both students and teachers to create, but upgrading to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher unlocks advanced content creation tools including:

  • The ability to add more than eight locations to a diagram
  • The option to annotate a diagram with custom shapes
  • The option to copy and and customize any existing diagram

Explore diagrams

If you’re studying physiology or astronomy, geography or a foreign language, cell biology or really any subject with a visual learning component, diagrams give you new ways to practice and master what you’re learning! Explore our showcase of great diagram sets already created by other students and teachers on a variety of topics, or create a diagram of your own.

We’ll keep working on adding more helpful tools and functionality to Quizlet diagrams, so make sure to send us feedback as you continue to use this new feature.

Happy diagramming!