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Learning anatomy and physiology of the heart? Memorizing the phases of the moon? Studying the stages of mitosis?

Meet Quizlet Diagrams. Say goodbye to staring at pictures in your textbook or covering labels with your thumbs — now you can create a diagram using any illustration, map, chart, or photo; label it with points and terms; and study your diagram in engaging and effective ways — right on Quizlet.

In school, my favorite textbooks were always ones with beautiful diagrams and I still remember many of the concepts I learnt from those diagrams. Diagrams are one of the most engaging, versatile and helpful ways to express and learn concepts. At Quizlet, our mission is to help everyone practice and master whatever they are trying to learn; and helping users learn through diagrams take us closer to this mission.

The Quizlet team has been working on diagrams since the beginning of 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited to get it into the hands of students and teachers this year. We’re incredibly proud of our reach today; Quizlet is used by 1 in 2 U.S. high school students and 1 in 3 U.S. college students on the strength of our study sets — but that learning is predominantly through text-based content. Adding diagrams to the mix allows us to help students learn even more subjects than ever before. What we’re launching today is really just the beginning.

Creating a diagram is easy

You can create your own perfect diagram on Quizlet in no time, in case you can't find one created by our other users. Simply upload an image to any study set. Label key locations on the image with terms and optional definitions.


If your image already has text on it, not a problem — you can use our blur tool to remove it. Undo, zoom and pan as much as you need for precision.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 9.44.56 AM.png

You can easily turn your existing sets into a diagram. Upload an image and link your existing terms to locations in the image.

Study diagrams in engaging ways

Once you’ve created a diagram, you can study it with the activities and games you know and love. Studying with the new Learn allows you to learn with an adaptive study plan that will get you test-day ready. Or, quiz yourself and compete for the best time in a round of Match.


If you’re studying a set that has terms, definitions and diagram locations, the study modes will cycle through all the combinations: locations and terms, terms and definitions, definitions and images, and more. You can also focus on certain combinations by adjusting settings in each study mode's options.

Upgrade to unlock advanced diagram creation

Diagrams are free for both students and teachers to create, but upgrading to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher unlocks advanced content creation tools including:

  • The ability to add more than eight locations to a diagram
  • The option to annotate a diagram with custom shapes
  • The option to copy and and customize any existing diagram

Explore diagrams

If you’re studying physiology or astronomy, geography or a foreign language, cell biology or really any subject with a visual learning component, diagrams give you new ways to practice and master what you’re learning! Explore our showcase of great diagram sets already created by other students and teachers on a variety of topics, or create a diagram of your own.

We’ll keep working on adding more helpful tools and functionality to Quizlet diagrams, so make sure to send us feedback as you continue to use this new feature.

Happy diagramming!


  1. jakun PLUS

    Perfect chance to learn about eclipse!!! will definitely use it for lots of other topics with visual!!!!

  2. Zachary_Zehring PLUS

    i wonder when the next Lunar Eclipse is gonna happen?

  3. SteveOpp


  4. starlight_ashes

    This looks really good- thanks for introducing it!

  5. haghvray0 PLUS

    Awesome idea!!!!

  6. yayhooray

    Sweet, I've used PurposeGames before for this very thing, and I am excited to start using it in Quizlet!

  7. yayhooray

    Also, thanks for adding Quizlet Learn to the website.

  8. Gaster_17 PLUS

    *goes to store and buys a pair of glasses*
    *comes back*
    *takes off glasses* GREAT SCOTT!!!!! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!

  9. Jamiebeachgirl

    Awesome. And, it is cool how God made the eclipse.

  10. Gaster_17 PLUS

    I'm trying to make a diagram, but when I try putting an image on there or dragging and dropping, nothing happens. Somebody help!!!!!!

  11. martysonke PLUS

    I did this the hard way when I put together a Quizlet class for both Anatomy and Physio. Luckily I was able to find pictures of structures where someone had pointed an arrow to each part we were required to know. In Anatomy we were graded on spelling and I used the learn function. Got an A in both Anatomy and Physio using Quizlet's based completely off the class I was taking.

  12. TommyLawless PLUS

    A leap forward for Quizlet - truly an excellent addition.

  13. Margarita345

    This is a really cool idea Quizlet. Great job! It seems super helpful for everyone involved

  14. ahmad_massad

    This is an amazing idea Quizlet, i just wish that you can add more than just one image in a set. Like if i have to study anatomy, there will be plenty of structures to study for one topic so i'd need more than just one image.

  15. Jacob_Roller PLUS

    Took you guys a while, but yeah. These are the kinds of things Quizlet needs if you want it to become more popular. Good work here.

  16. Mrt3345

    Ay! Thank you so much Quizlet team.

  17. maxjaffe192

    hi everyone i am new
    at this

  18. BlakeAlley PLUS

    Honestly, probably one of the best updates on the platform! I'm glad I have Quizlet Plus...

  19. qztan

    Yaaay! Finally, we can get use and appreciate Quizlet more. :)

  20. ConnorM71


  21. phimai

    wowwwww, yahh <3

  22. abiddlebug

    agreed, great update

  23. helkins2

    This new tool is awesome!

  24. JuanCarlosRedBird

    I will be studying biology soon, and I know that this will be very helpful. Thanks a lot, Quizlet!

  25. maracello

    Wonderful! Thanks!

  26. Heechan_Kim

    Thank Quizlet!

  27. PuzzleEmptyM

    Cool, but it's too bad that I have to upgrade to have more than 8 locations in my diagram . . .

  28. MystaryPi


  29. kishore17

    Coool! But 8 locations in a single diagram and therefore set is kinda bad.

  30. Proverbs_2_6

    I love the idea! However, I feel that we who don't have quzlet plus should be able to at LEAST do more than twelve points. 30 would be fine. Other than that, I LOVE the idea! The functionality and integration is spot on. Also, I would like integration into other functions of quizlet. Thank you SO MUCH for diagrams!


    P.S. Here are the links to my diagrams:

    Parts of a (cookie) plant cell:
    Science Fair Board:

  31. Benjamin_J_M

    Sounds Great! Ive tried making one but the pic won't load...

  32. Mia_Parker1221

    Is it only for plus users? Sounds great though I'm learning about life science this year and should be a big help

  33. DrunkCloud

    Awesome Feature!

  34. DrunkCloud

    It will be better with Long-term learning support.

  35. Benjamin_J_M

    Is This Only for Plus Users? cuz if it is 34.99/Year IS NOT CHEAP!!!

  36. Lee_Brian_

    you can tell in the video the guy is typing but the diagram says hes moving his mouse slowly over a button

  37. lidia_mills6 PLUS

    Its great! I need to get more familiar. Thanks.

  38. ke39

    great update

  39. Jones_Junior

    Creative idea!!

  40. MelodieAnn

    It's awesome! I'm actually learning! Thanks so much!

  41. niran24


  42. abiddlebug

    Thumbs Up

  43. drum2003 PLUS

    Quizlet is awesome!!!!!
    Quizlet diagrams are cool and new!!!!!!!
    Quizlet rocks!!!!

  44. Superdacy

    this is kinda confusing to me but Quizlet helps

  45. Nefretiri5

    thank you!!!!

  46. stevnuniverse

    i always get excited about new features,, this is such a good idea

  47. Mrs_AlyK

    I cant add text to the point. Cross Hair pointer stays on and if I click on the term section for the point it just picks another point on the picture. Help!

  48. Ooi-SK TEACHER

    superb awesome! it is so cool with diagrams and it makes learning fun and easy! BUT with only 8 points for FREE user, is kinda limited for us as $$$ for plus is not cheap for teacher who is living outside US ya. I wonder can quilt offer different price for different country teacher?

  49. SupremeLeaderCarden


  50. Seabird2001

    Thanks quizlet, this is great!

  51. niran24

    Can't able to add more than one image

  52. Janet_Ott TEACHER

    I can't find the blur tool, so I can't add diagrams with words already on them. Frustrating. Is this a mac thing?

  53. laura_oppenheimer STAFF

    Hi Janet - it's in the upper right corner. If you still can't find it, drop our team a not through the help center and we can take a look!

  54. Jennifer_McGoun

    Can you add more than one diagram to a set?

  55. Ryan_Ridout TEACHER

    Definitely would like to see more than one diagram to a set!

  56. kspace

    Love the concept and idea, but would like to see this feature opened up to students younger than 13 and available on the app. I teach 6th graders in a one to one with iPads school. My sixth graders could not create a diagram because they were not 13. I would certainly use diagraming in my Social Studies class if it were open to younger students too.

  57. z_huang66

    hello i want custom shapes for free when studying things like countries is is hard to click on little dots

  58. Matt_Brown41 TEACHER

    This is an excellent addition, and thanks to all who developed it!. I plan to use it immediately with my AP psychology students.

    I developed a set of maps for my history students in Google Draw, that allowed students to drag and drop labels to their correct locations.. This proved very effective indeed. Perhaps Diagram might be expanded to allow drag and drop capabilities, too. Additionally, if drag-and-drop labeling were combined with Google Live, my 8th graders would be squealing with delight while they competed!

    Best wishes,

  59. sbuddai3 PLUS

    It would be very helpful to be able to include multiple diagrams of a similar topic in the same set (for ex. 3 diagrams for spinal cord cross section, spinal segment, and vertebral column divisions in the same set), could you develop functionality to do so?

  60. selene_rubino

    Seconding sbuddai3's comment. Would love to see multiple diagram functionality

  61. Erica_Bowman

    I LOVE this feature! I recommend this site/app to everyone I know.

  62. Becca_Elliott4

    My friend and I have the same account type, but she can have twelve points and I can have the regular eight. Is there a way to get access to more without paying?

  63. Fernanda_Garcia6 PLUS

    I would like to add more that 1 diagram per set!! Pleasee

  64. canmeds PLUS

    More than one diagram per set, for the same reasons as sbuddai3 - hard to get all the anatomy covered by an image in one plane

  65. lil_puggeth

    Please add a feature for more than one diagram in a set. A lot of us are visual learners so we need to see a lot of images to learn.

  66. Meghan_DeWaele

    Hi, Im trying to use this feature and my images won't upload?????? I paid for quizlet and it still won't work

  67. Abbyfran123 PLUS

    How am I supposed to fill in my diagram once I have created it?
    I added it to my set but when I go to study it will not let me click on it. Please help

  68. Benjamin_Lei_Tang

    I just need to know how to delete a diagram...

  69. Sarah_Farmer11 PLUS

    I agree with the others, we need more than one diagram per set. If creating study modules for a chapter, more than one image is needed. Thanks so much!

  70. GRN3500GTT PLUS

    I agree with the rest, multiple diagrams will make quizlet the best study resource since... well... quizlet. You guys really nailed it with diagrams though sure beats labeling a picture A-? and uploading it a million times with the letter as the question and then having to lock out all option other than multiple choice........ those were dark times!

  71. Username486

    First off, thank you so much, this is an amazing feature. I have been using it for every set!

    I would really love the option to add multiple definitions to one point on a diagram, or the inverse, one definition to multiple points. I am using quizlet for biology, and multiple points per definition would be useful when labeling structures in different animals.

    I also second the multiple diagrams per set!

    Thanks again for this awesome feature!

  72. alexis_dorlon8

    I think you should be able to add more than one diagram per set too! Studying anatomy you can't see all the aspects of a diagram in one picture so it is best to be able to add multiple.

  73. Pebble_Johnson TEACHER

    I would like to have a study set with just diagrams. It would be nice to have more than one diagram per set

  74. charlotteelogan PLUS

    I would like to be able to add more than one diagram per set. Also would like to be able to test myself with the diagram through the ‘learn’ aspect of sets as currently it just tests me on the text involved in the diagram and not the diagram itself.
    Also while I am commenting, it would be amazing to be able to create subfolders within folders as it would really help me organise my study sets better!
    Thank you!

  75. sgjennin

    Yes! More than one diagram please! Otherwise, this feature is useless for my purposes.

  76. Meaghan48

    What does ''add at least one more location to the diagram to save it "mean

  77. WolfGirl1204

    You need to have at least two terms to save a set, so you probably only had one term.


    I can only view Chinese Version of Quizlet Diagram. How can I view other language like English Version of Quizlet Diagram??

  79. dylankidd12


  80. makattack4 PLUS

    Can you add more than one diagram to a set of flashcards?

  81. Badcc PLUS

    how to get ur diagram popular

  82. katelyynobrien

    how to get more than one diagram in a study set thing

  83. Mary_L220

    i would say i love this feature but for large-scale study sets like i'm using for my sci tech class i'm disappointed that you can only add one diagram per study set. like WHY can't there be multiple diagrams?????? there's no reason to not...and don't tell me i have to upgrade to plus just to add a freaking square...

  84. PapePotato

    Interesting, still have not worked out what a location is...

  85. Pretty_N_Ink

    I am having a hard time with the diagrams. I upload the photo but then when I click on the bullet and then click on the part of the image I want to identify, it won't allow my cursor to click term or definition :(

  86. marisa_griffiths5 PLUS

    Really need to be able to add more than 1 diagram per set. Please update this, many people on this thread have been asking for it!

  87. julie-n000

    I agree with almost everyone on this thread. The diagram feature is so innovative and will really set this flashcard system apart from others, but it is pretty useless if we can only add one per study set. I really hope this feature gets updated soon!

  88. zoepas PLUS

    Is there any way to put two or more annotated diagrams in a set? I upgraded to premium for this purpose yet cannot find a way to make it happen 😭😭

  89. marina_azevedo2

    Please allow us to put more than one diagram per set!

  90. melina_kreutz

    One than one diagram would make me use Quizlet more!

  91. WyattMutchler-Lee

    Agree with the (many) people requesting more than 1 diagram per set. Would be really helpful for geography.

  92. papa_elizabeth PLUS

    I suggest that you can put 2 or more diagrams in one set. Some of the things I am studying are for lab and it entails several specimen per topic. I need to memorize the parts but it's hard for me since I go to another set and go back to another because it just offers one diagram. If there is already an option please link the tutorial for it. Thank you very much!!!

  93. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    Wait what?

  94. Sylia_Project PLUS

    We need to be able to add more than one diagram per set

  95. LosiBear

    Please allow us to add more that one diagram per set!

  96. kristypoo

    Can you please add more than one diagram per set?? This is a common request that has been asked multiple times over the last year.

  97. scottch97

    Reiterating what everyone else has said: PLEASE more than one diagram per set! This would be phenomenal for learning anatomy, if it weren't for the fact you're so limited because of the one diagram limit.

  98. Nina_Goulet

    Can you add more than one diagram to each set?

  99. diabt

    Quizlet looks fun but I cannot find out why I have to add two locations to the diagram? Makes no sense.

  100. maisha_syed PLUS

    I really like this feature for learning pathways but I need more than one annotated diagram per set - can this be done yet?

  101. Jazzy4782

    what if it says "Add at least 2 locations to the diagram to create this set"?

  102. gabbyGabbi

    Why can't we include more than one diagram in each set??????

  103. darcy_cousins PLUS

    please more than one diagram per set, it's been ages!

  104. CreeperLex_

    How do you get rid of a diagram you just made if you dont want it??

  105. amazingClaire17 PLUS

    Is there a way to add more than one diagram to a set?

  106. ClearlyPixelated PLUS

    I also would like to see the feature of adding more than one image to a diagram set. The option to have multiple images in a set would take the clunky-ness out of switching from one image to another when they all relate.

  107. kesdle

    How do you add more than one diagram to a set? I have like 50 different diagrams and I do not want to make them individual sets!

  108. BarbaraDar

    What happened to the diagrams :O

  109. maddashslp

    Can we add multiple diagrams to a set?

  110. niko_soria

    more than one diagram, no one here only wants to make one diagram

  111. Mckenzie_Britton

    Please let there be multiple diagrams to a set. I am a Plus user. I cannot even combine the sets to study multiple diagrams. Very inconvenient to have multiple sets for diagrams for one unit as I am an anatomy student. Multiple diagrams would be a great feature to add!

  112. elana_gerson TEACHER

    QUIZLET: you're missing the boat! For teaching foreign languages, you need to enable AUDIO labeling of diagrams! Imagine the possibilities- a student can click on a picture of a bed for example and HEAR the word "cama". With the addition of this capability, this would be a PHENOMENAL tool! Please consider?

  113. thunder4033

    I don't want to criticize the Quizlet team, but currently, the diagrams don't work.
    I try to add a point and it tells me there was an error.
    Fix this please!

  114. ACGSLachlanRumery PLUS

    Multiple diagrams please...

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