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Introducing Quizlet Go: Ad-Free Studying & Premium Themes

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Note: Premium themes are no longer available on Quizlet.

Every day, millions of students turn to Quizlet to make studying more effective and engaging. Today we’re introducing a new subscription product for students that makes it a little easier to study without distractions, and a little easier to have fun while you study. Meet Quizlet Go, launching today on our iOS and Android apps.

Ad-Free Studying

The revenue we generate from ads on Quizlet help us cover our costs so we can keep Quizlet free for millions of students and teachers. That said, some students find that ads are distracting or get in the way of studying.

Quizlet Go gives you a inexpensive way to remove ads from Quizlet. For just $1.99 per year, Quizlet Go will remove all the ads you see on Quizlet across all of our platforms (so if you study on-the-go with our app and then at home with our website, ads will be removed on both). Upgrading to Quizlet Go allows you to both support Quizlet's free educational tools, and boost your focus without ads — at the same time.

Premium Themes

With Quizlet Go, we’re also giving our iOS users something we’ve never had before on Quizlet: custom and premium themes for flashcards. While we’re obsessed with studying and learning at Quizlet HQ, we know it’s not always the most exciting thing to do. So whenever we can add a little bit of fun to Quizlet, whether that be through emojis in Learn, competition in Match or themes in Flashcards, that’s a good thing! Starting first on iOS (but hopefully coming to our other platforms soon), themes allow you to customize how you want your flashcards to look. Pick from three free themes, or unlock seven premium themes with Quizlet Go (for Quizlet Plus subscribers, themes are now included with that subscription as well).

To recap: Quizlet Go allows you to remove ads across Quizlet for $1.99/year. And, if you’re using Quizlet on our iOS app, you can also access premium themes with a Quizlet Go subscription.

A number of comments have asked what this means for students who already subscribe to Quizlet Plus. All Quizlet Go features are included in Quizlet Plus. Quizlet Plus subscribers already have ads removed. Now, for those who subscribe to Quizlet Plus and also use our iOS app, they'll also be able to access premium themes on the app.

We love incorporating feedback from students into making Quizlet better, so let us know what you think!