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Every day, millions of students turn to Quizlet to make studying more effective and engaging. Today we’re introducing a new subscription product for students that makes it a little easier to study without distractions, and a little easier to have fun while you study. Meet Quizlet Go, launching today on our iOS and Android apps.

Ad-Free Studying

The revenue we generate from ads on Quizlet help us cover our costs so we can keep Quizlet free for millions of students and teachers. That said, some students find that ads are distracting or get in the way of studying.

Quizlet Go gives you a inexpensive way to remove ads from Quizlet. For just $1.99 per year, Quizlet Go will remove all the ads you see on Quizlet across all of our platforms (so if you study on-the-go with our app and then at home with our website, ads will be removed on both). Upgrading to Quizlet Go allows you to both support Quizlet's free educational tools, and boost your focus without ads — at the same time.

Premium Themes

With Quizlet Go, we’re also giving our iOS users something we’ve never had before on Quizlet: custom and premium themes for flashcards. While we’re obsessed with studying and learning at Quizlet HQ, we know it’s not always the most exciting thing to do. So whenever we can add a little bit of fun to Quizlet, whether that be through emojis in Learn, competition in Match or themes in Flashcards, that’s a good thing! Starting first on iOS (but hopefully coming to our other platforms soon), themes allow you to customize how you want your flashcards to look. Pick from three free themes, or unlock seven premium themes with Quizlet Go (for Quizlet Plus subscribers, themes are now included with that subscription as well).

To recap: Quizlet Go allows you to remove ads across Quizlet for $1.99/year. And, if you’re using Quizlet on our iOS app, you can also access premium themes with a Quizlet Go subscription.

A number of comments have asked what this means for students who already subscribe to Quizlet Plus. All Quizlet Go features are included in Quizlet Plus. Quizlet Plus subscribers already have ads removed. Now, for those who subscribe to Quizlet Plus and also use our iOS app, they'll also be able to access premium themes on the app.

We love incorporating feedback from students into making Quizlet better, so let us know what you think!


  1. Sir_Nugz

    What's the point of Quizlet Plus now?

  2. wowcowmeow

    Cool! But we should be able to buy this on our computers, too.

  3. danieltan431

    Made for more money. Just customizing? MEH.

  4. SteveOpp

    Cool, great idea

  5. pekka_playz_

    MEH??? this is awesome

  6. aidenprous

    Why is this only for IOS?

  7. Alexandros_S_ PLUS

    So if someone has Quizlet Plus will he have Quizlet Go aswell or what? Does he have to pay for both Quizlet Go and Plus? How does it work in that case?

  8. davisonio

    You should address Quizlet Plus in this post.

  9. Sir_Nugz

    Quizlet Go should be free for Quizlet Plus users. This makes no sense otherwise.

  10. rhubarb1313


  11. AmonGreen

    hell yeah, i got the app when it was free

  12. Jamiebeachgirl

    Cool. Sounds fun:)

  13. abiddlebug


  14. Jamiebeachgirl

    Could we get this for free on computers? That would be nice.

  15. a30038

    I sure hope Quizlet Plus has all those benefits. Because Quizlet Go is cheaper than Quizlet Plus so the Quizlet Plus people should get what those Quizlet Go people get. Makes sense right? logic...

  16. Jordyn_Vu

    I just want fractions.

  17. NayanPatel2003

    I want to be able t study without ads for free, and not have to pa for it.

  18. Xpandicorn_princessX

    ugh who even needs Quizlet Plus it's just a huge waste of money the ad's dont bother people who the theme thing is honestly very stupid

  19. hkkreller TEACHER

    This is fantastic! Is this available in the Teacher version?

  20. DrunkCloud

    I just want to use long-term learning mode on Android devices without using a browser.
    Seriously, the Android version of Quizlet is really weak, compared to ios and web version. And premium themes don't help at all.

  21. Frank_Ernst PLUS

    Dear Laura, I think you made a typing mistake.....

  22. Arceo_Infinity

    When will this be available on android? Also, what about the desktop version? I use both in both cases, and feel unluckily triggered about not being able to experience the new feature..


  23. ebergstr TEACHER

    I'd love to see this kind of pricing structure available on the website, aka PLUS. I would gladly recommend it the parents of my elementary students and support Quizlet. At $1.99 a year, they can afford it from their own allowances. $14.99, not so much. We don't use mobile versions in our school, so desktop is what they have access to. I guess we'll just stick with free...

  24. Miranda_Reichenbach

    i like it fun and nice and plus and go still have more then free ones

  25. maddiestigman

    hmhmhmhm sounds legit

  26. laura_oppenheimer STAFF

    Hey everyone! Quizlet Plus has the same benefits that Quizlet Go has -- plus many more! Quizlet Go just removes ads and unlocks themes on iOS. Quizlet Plus has those features, plus adding images, recording audio, faster support, unlimited classes and Long-Term Learning. Hope that helps clarify! I also added an update to the blog post above.

  27. glassmarble

    Sounds great! Thanks, Quizlet Team! ☺♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

  28. Risitas08 TEACHER

    If I have the Quizlet Teacher paid upgrade then the adds are also removed for me and my students?

  29. sama_kubba PLUS

    How do I access the themes?

  30. Busenbark_KING

    I wish every thing was just free for me

  31. Gaster_17 PLUS

    I like eggs.

  32. Reyna_Chew


  33. Laiba_litchious

    Yohhh 😄😄

  34. natusekk

    How to access the themes? I upgraded but dont see anything

  35. airjoshua PLUS

    Theme request: Dark Mode. It would enable me to look at Quizlet in dark rooms. The white, bright screen does not work for me.

  36. profewillard TEACHER

    I liked it fine back when it was a little app invented by a 15 year old.

  37. emokid94

    94 comment

  38. emokid94


  39. Hannah_Struck PLUS

    How do I apply the themes feature to my note cards? Is an app update coming to make these themes an accessible option?
    -thank you!

  40. CVPP2B

    I don't seem to be able to upgrade to Quizlet Go, nor do I see any of the 3 free themes available. The only upgrade I can do is to Quizlet Plus.

  41. kishore17

    Meh. Does this really make a difference? I doubt you'd really look at the background when studying. And I don't really mind the ads. Not when I'm learning vocabulary and other stuff for free.

  42. kishore17

    @airjoshua I agree that's a good idea.

  43. chavadabee

    i like

  44. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    Why can't we have this on the computer. Then you won't need Quizlet live

  45. valfrombuzzfeed PLUS

    quizlet go themes aren't loading on ios ????????????

  46. jacko74


  47. laura_oppenheimer STAFF

    Hi! For those who aren't seeing themes on their iOS apps - make sure to go into Flashcards mode. That's where you'll see them!

    I should have also mentioned that all iOS users can use our free themes, but for the premium ones, you'll need to subscribe to Go (or Plus!).

  48. canvas1994 PLUS

    Scanner is a game changer! 👍

  49. emmaw2020

    i think these themes are kind of distracting when i am trying to study so i would not recommend paying for the themes when it just makes studying harder. (just my opinion. sorry)


    No it's terrible

  51. kid_hooper59

    I really like that we are getting a update for and making it more interesting for us to learn.

  52. Badcc PLUS

    quizlet plus is better

  53. ONEof4WAYS

    sounds cool :-)

  54. Wyatt_Nelson17

    Why do you have to buy things on your App Store when its for kids who want a fun way to study and learn?! It just doesn't make any sense to me.

  55. Kevin_Wang405 GO

    I remember the days when ads on Quizlet were only tiny non flashing rectangles at the bottom left corners of the screen. The days when we didn't have large flashing rectangles beside the controls in flashcards which made it virtually impossible for us to study without being distracted by an ad we like. The days when Quizlet really shined. *sign*

  56. RED_BIRD100

    *Slow claps* WOW
    kids remember if you spend money you can change the background of your cards very helpful

  57. its_ya_boy_2

    this is cool

  58. its_ya_boy_2

    you are so right

  59. a_bergkamp

    >o< wow >o<

  60. a_bergkamp

    im too poor.

  61. Khoibraten2022

    I think it should be for all users not fair.....

  62. Keily8623726

    I had never done that that looks so cool.😃

  63. spanish_is_fun_375

    yeah boys

  64. Moses_Nonu

    Hey Alex Quintana, my very best friend ever most bestest guy friend dude homie bros in the world @willis135790 and @uncledrew123456 no longer have the power or right to comment on quizlet blogs. This broke their hearts. I am very disappointed in quizlet for letting me down like that. These boys are so intrigued by quizlets feature of communicating their excitement for night mode. They even offered to talk about it with someone on their instagram account @gaberahamlincoln02 and you still demolished their priviledge. I am crushed. I hope you're happy

  65. Moses_Nonu


  66. A_L_I_V_E

    Lit. Will there be themes for PC?

  67. JacksonVance30

    Is Quizlet the next EA or something

  68. quizlette620576

    I don't know

  69. fantasticjulia123455

    Ok sorry when i said quilt i meant quizlet spell check and.... JUST MAKE IT FREE L

  70. Chaud_Blaze_18

    i cant get it. could you make it free

  71. eleanor340


  72. eleanor340

    looks very cute and amazing.

  73. quizlette620576

    I know right It's really awesome

  74. Watersmokey


  75. Watersmokey

    Hello people have a great day!

  76. abcrapassj

    와 겁나이쁘다...ㅜFree plz!

  77. abshir111

    Look I don’t speak English I don’t know how to read English so could you please translate this to France.

  78. pretenciozs

    No more paywalls! End corporate greed!

  79. learningyay123

    sorry, but i don't think i'll be spending money to see a background of cucumbers when i use flashcards

  80. cykaaaa_blyaaaat

    Yeah I agree, I don't need to see hills while I revise transmission modes, but ah. The background is of kiwi buddy

  81. drewski56

    That is a cool and awesome night theme. I will like one of these

  82. kittykittymeowmeow44

    can we have night them for free

  83. kittykittymeowmeow44

    i love quizlet

  84. jennaberney PLUS

    why isn't the themes and things included with plus, and only on ios? will the themes ever come to plus or quizlet on laptops?

  85. number6withextradip1

    sadly quizlet plus is just a waste of money the themes distract you from the flashcards the extra fixity profile pics are trash they are just some dang animals and you can just upload your own pics and recording voice makes you sound stupid and the ads are not even distracting. its a big waste of money and i would not buy ether 😠

  86. hjaram PLUS

    We need the background themes to work when you are using Quizlet in your computer... I don't see the point of paing extra and having the plus version without this feature. Thanks

  87. nkljoma

    Why quizlet go is not free

  88. ToeCollector3977 GO

    Can you download stuff for offline with quizlet go?

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