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Introducing: Quizlet Live with music!

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Since launching Quizlet Live two years ago, we’ve heard from many of you that the game is engaging, collaborative and great for learning new material in addition to reviewing before a quiz — but, it could be even more fun with music.

Well, get ready to collaborate, compete and tap your feet... Starting today, you can play Quizlet Live with musical tracks and sound effects to infuse every part of the game with new energy and anticipation!

How to hear the music

It’s simple, just start the game as you normally would! For teachers, that means:

  1. Log in to your Quizlet account
  2. Find or create a Quizlet study set with six or more terms (like this one)
  3. Next time you’re in class with at least four students, click the Live buttonScreen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.02.19 PM.png
  4. In the game Options, choose to turn music on or off Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.26.24 PM.png

New to Quizlet Live?

Quizlet Live is an in-class game that allows any teacher with a free Quizlet account to turn a study set into a team-based competition.

Before starting a game during class, watch a 2-minute video to see Quizlet Live in action (and sample some of our new musical stylings):

For step-by-step instructions, learn more here.

Let us know what you think

As this school year comes to a close, we’re looking forward to how we can continue improving Quizlet Live for teachers and students everywhere.

Love the addition of music? Hate it? Want to see something else added to the game? We want to hear from you. Give us your feedback!


  1. Mercedes_Gift


  2. itsbencooper

    i dig it dog

  3. Kevin_Wang405 PLUS


  4. BlackPanther_711


  5. Jacob_McDorman8

    Love it so good to just listen to it

  6. OscarAntonio211


  7. Elliot_Brady

    1st called it

  8. raso4989

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  9. pmarek

    Now you're on to something..

  10. Killjoy_For_Hire

    booooooooo what are you gonna play country?

  11. IrisWolfGirl

    cool now it won't be boring when we do quizlet live

  12. sethgarza12

    that is so cool I love music

  13. Siameseswim8445

    Huh. That’s kinda intresting. Now it won’t be boring doing quizlet live!

  14. IrisWolfGirl

    can u add something else like a writing blogs pls

  15. hugocuevas1


  16. sethgarza12

    once i saw it i said what!!!!!!

  17. DerickBH

    Hey guys it's Crawlz

  18. RobloxAngelo2000

    I hope the music is good

  19. Oh-No-Lorenos

    So, is this like Kahoot, or is it different?

  20. Mitchell_Creighton

    I LOVE QUIZLET :) ;)

  21. ZacharyPli

    I'm shocked that it's not for premium users only

    Seriously, you're charging for a night theme why not charge for music too?

  22. GriffB337

    *cough* wannbe Kahoot *cough*

  23. mmaxwellgibson

    I love it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. rzentmayer


  25. Javensn22

    that's cool, but are we able to play any type of music?

  26. Jonathon_Morris3


  27. noorullah44

    play lil pump

  28. Chloegenest


  29. cheesescresont123


  30. monthanddate


  31. ExoudusMissile


  32. nuggets36 PLUS

    This is great!! :)

  33. Davis_Sensei TEACHER

    Thanks for the new feature! I think this is a great addition. While they are still getting excited, I think the background music helps their voices at a good level. ^_^

  34. johnsonjs2024


  35. eleanor340

    yeah music in quizlet cool

  36. eleanor340


  37. Chaud_Blaze_18


  38. Cweepypastalover

    How do I use it I’m a teacher it will not let me

  39. Olivia-6789

    I am LOVING this new quizlet live thing it is one of ur best ideas yet... i am diggin it

  40. BCR2005

    It’s kinda like Kahoot!

  41. TheDarkCenturion

    its better than kahoot

  42. greathuerta1234


  43. masonatore


  44. OrigamiYoda729


  45. mellon98



    50th comment


    1st to say This will make quizlet much better yeahhhh!!!!!!

  48. thompsonboss

    Wow great #sarcasm #kahoot

  49. Amritpal_Bains

    Is there a way to delete comments, I regret that one :(

  50. Conrado10

    That's a great idea, Quizlet. May I propose to have font "colors" for the written texts, please?


  51. Jackisme787

    lol its just kahoot

  52. Gavin_Lyle1538


  53. Gavin_Lyle1538

    @Jackisme787 lol

  54. A_L_I_V_E

    Is this a Quizlet Plus thing too? Or is it free?

  55. A_L_I_V_E

    Kahoot vs Quizlet? Which is better? Both are pretty great...

  56. Karen_Madonna


  57. Karen_Madonna


  58. dulce22ram


  59. darthyoda11

    Musics good👍👍👍👍👍

  60. darthyoda11

    Makes it funner

  61. CampanaD039

    cool idea! makes it more fun + enjoyable... (geez, I feel bad for the person who reads all of these hate comments. Must be a real pain...). PLZ be more positive...(if any users read this, I feel like they will ignore this anyway...).

  62. longiansam


  63. Angus490


  64. shirley456


  65. CPNINER_YT_CalebPaul

    it won't let me create a LIVE game

  66. quizlette620576

    I don't know if you guys know him, Michael Jackson is the one you should listen to$$$$$$$$$$$


    Interesting... my class would love this idea! Good job!

  68. devenlamb PLUS

    Maybe custom music?

  69. WolfGirl1204

    Awesome! Too bad I don't know anyone who could set up a Quizlet Live game. :(

  70. marcustharris


  71. Colin_Chester4

    Like LamboRamboAmbo said (4 comments above), custom music would be great.

  72. BlueSpyFrog

    I can't figure out how to do it

  73. iiOMqloveRavenclaw

    hopefully my teacher leaves her volume on

  74. Aarian_Dhanani TEACHER

    Really Really love it. I think that the next version of it could be set based (i.e. a Spanish set could have cultural music)

  75. Andy_is_me

    kahoot is still better

  76. Vincent868


  77. dapperblobfish2

    what a great idea!!!!!! But.... DO U KNOW DA WAYYYYY?? sherloid

  78. tomjohno2002

    me gusta

  79. pghmadre1

    Um can u play custom music? Stuff like Barteir Cardi?

  80. sh-yo

    WHY WE needit for students too B O N L E S S

  81. ka-lop

    i wanna make some good music and pghmadre1 thats a awesome idea i want some custom music! but its just a belief maybe it wont come through but well your idea not mine. hello darkness my old friend

  82. ka-lop

    so hello darkness my old friend

  83. EmojiCon35 PLUS

    I want to do that

  84. EmojiCon35 PLUS

    Do you know ze random ting

  85. Mogens_Skot-Hansen TEACHER

    My next wish is a choice of music, say 50 famous tunes, with some potential value education-wise.

  86. Rachel_Scherer4 TEACHER

    I love it. :)

  87. l5maguire

    This is great! I wish it allows you to play your own music.

  88. Hailey_CO

    Like a kahoot...?

  89. Skyfall4


  90. MystaryPi TEACHER


  91. RHWANG27

    Ya boi

  92. lucario251133


  93. namsrof TEACHER

    Ooh, cool. Now all we need is Francophone music. And no, Quizlet is far superior to Kahoot! Who the heck wants to enter individual questions and answers? Waste of my time.

  94. leonelreyes


  95. KimiNator

    Pretty cool

  96. amazingpotatolord21


  97. Mazzy_Star2003

    That's cool. I guess.

  98. superElizabethE

    OMG! Thank you guys so much! My quizlet class appreciates it!! Love, Elizabeth (owner of BCHS Quizlets Class of 2021)

  99. ava_200602


  100. HungryAndNormal

    Can you upload custom music? I know you could play it through another speaker, but it would still be cool.

  101. Wade_Aidan

    cool digs

  102. EverettAckley

    101 comment. JK I did not really count. Kahoot V.S. Quiziz V.S. Quizlet.
    Quiziz is the best.

  103. Roman_Ray27

    Nice job ol' son

  104. magrans TEACHER

    My students really liked the musical addition. It's great.
    Do you think that maybe in the future you can have music from around the world. In my case Latin music!

  105. cartetim

    this is helpfull

  106. Odelisa_Orellana TEACHER

    It crashed 3x before it would work yesterday. Once it did it was great.

  107. slbohles

    Thank you, Ms./Mrs. Amalia Nelson

  108. Bohleslm

    I agree with slbohles

  109. slbohles

    Thanks, Bohleslm.

  110. Bohleslm

    You're Welcome

  111. erickfornite

    I like this about fortine is the best

  112. erickfornite


  113. THE_BEST_EVER_2

    this is so dope

  114. john_cooper404

    cool addition, quizlet life is getting better and better.

  115. john_cooper404


  116. TheGoldenPiplup101


  117. Lavawolf27

    Hello world

  118. AaronGalaxy


  119. Mynameisben40


  120. xXhashtagzXx

    i'm one neatest feline at this cheeseboard

  121. Riley92903


  122. TSM_Anthonyx2

    just did it today its impossible in math but its so dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and u heard it from yo boi TSM Anthony

  123. Cole_Powell3


  124. Gabriel_Cook82

    how many peaple can go on!!!!!

  125. FrogsAreLove


  126. quizlette620576

    You guys should really listen to Michael Jackson's Music

  127. corn_dog_man

    yo its hard to beat kahoot and idk if quizlet can ever really do it but hey

  128. Josh7702

    cool i gest

  129. Josiah5705

    i like it... i like it

  130. Marlan73

    It's GREAT!!! love the music too!!!

  131. haleyf08

    It is so 😎

  132. CampanaD039

    since I only have two comments, might as well make good use of them.

    So, in conclusion, this does not prohibit expression of ideas.
    so many people complain about not being able to comment enough 😒

    You CAN type a lot 😉

  133. RealSamStevens

    this is pretty ok

  134. RealSamStevens

    Add onion and garlic to pan; sauté 3 minutes or until onion starts to brown. Add tomatoes, stock, oregano, and pasta, in that order. Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook 7 minutes or until pasta is almost done.

  135. Ryan_Q1000 TEACHER

    Thanks for the new feature! This is AWESOME!

  136. AmazingLearner19

    Nice! It's fun with music and learning at the SAME time!

  137. Sam_Festoso

    hahaha yes

  138. Jeffrey_Parker2

    Roblox is better than this, i like jailbreak

  139. Spitfire102

    Wait, is the soundtrack for this already chosen for us or we can customize what soundtracks we can play?

  140. nerdynerd45

    Its not Fortnite, but I'll take it.

  141. Cinque-tetes1798

    +Spitfire102; What do you mean spit?

  142. CursedOgrabme1807

    The music better be not trash though.

  143. smartestpanda1234

    I love this! This is sooo amazing!

  144. Cinque-tetes1798

    Some of the comments in here look like they have been generated by bots--on the basis of how their messages have been structured into... this some type of marketing scheme made by Quizlet?

  145. stephcurryfan3030

    wanna be like Kahoot

  146. celina_feng_

    eyy my bois

  147. JoJo4223 PLUS

    Yay letsss goooooo

  148. JoJo4223 PLUS

    Fortnite anyone ?

  149. Rollermachine

    Sounds cool, but make a way for teachers to use it more often!

  150. walker_11866

    kewl. but none of my teachers use live -_-

  151. cditzel2122

    yo so lit

  152. barnyard-gal

    much amazement
    so lit

  153. coolcat4320


  154. coolcat4320

    so cool

  155. jackshea78

    J'aime jouer au Quizlet Live

  156. DillonRingeisen PLUS

    its pretty n i c e

  157. kyrie3028

    can we play nba youngboy aka youngboy never broke again

  158. JacobTakesQuizzes

    That's lit, fam.

  159. vandkay


  160. YepYepYepYepYep

    All the students are going crazy. Literally.

  161. xlc5

    love quizlet live

  162. i-am-triggered

    Oh, okay then.

  163. IEatCreepyPasta

    You don't really need to make a big deal about it. But, its alright. 😐🤷

  164. quizlette2238632

    do u no da wae

  165. GetClappedBro

    does anyone else feel like quizlet live is a kahoot wannabe???????????????????????????????????????????? (kahoots still better) also I have 2 wins on fortnite

  166. DionSebbargo21

    I love this! I'm a singer and a songwriter myself and the thought of music just suits me. Totally worth it!

  167. DionSebbargo21

    By the way I'm a female. My name on here is the name of my favorite youtubers.

  168. dchdakota PLUS

    It's just like Kahoot!! o I go didi just say that out loud... oops I meant yea sure it's awesome lol.

  169. kellyj24cv


  170. kellyj24cv


  171. stunu


  172. Ray_Blalock


  173. Zazy__Imani

    that'll be fun...

  174. JRNayak

    Who wants to play with me?

  175. Adriannaloy


  176. pretenciozs

    wow much musics

  177. Waldon_Hendricks

    love it

  178. alyquizkitty

    Sounds cool!

  179. CassieRoseYoutube


  180. matelame000 TEACHER


  181. jasminewong431


  182. HoudeA21

    Thank you so much Quizlet!!! I have been long awaiting the introduction of music into Quizlet Live and can't wait to use it! :)

  183. Huy_Nguyen46

    nice i like it

  184. Ro180

    Great idea!

  185. TheRedPython14

    What does it sound like?

  186. ynsaydin

    Very very good

  187. LFAmenta-Shin

    i wish you could put custom music

  188. Malachi_Bredy

    I actually know these songs. I can't believe you guys did this. thanks sooooo much thanks.

  189. pretenciozs

    It's pretty cool, but it's basically just like Kahoot. Well, it's the thought that counts.

  190. Kim-_-

    It isn't letting me do it.

  191. srdoylewchs TEACHER

    My students are asking how they can listen to this without playing... like outside of class. They must like it!

  192. srtymos

    Great addition to the fun! Such an asset to learning! Thanks!

  193. bloosley

    While I like the addition of music, I can't now use the Options to toggle in-game between term and definition. Music on or off is the only option listed. Is this correct? The ability to switch from term to definition between games with the same player set is far more important to me than the addition of music.

  194. mrsthosa TEACHER

    Thank you so much!!! High school students (9th graders) loved it with the music!!!!

  195. ccalhoun TEACHER

    My students love the music selections. We would love your playlist to listen to at other times in class!!


    How do you choose the number of teams. Though I try to have students sit in teams of 3 or 4, I am never really sure how Quizlet will group them. Working a lot with students with learning deficits means moving around is not quick and easy (I am working in a lab, not with mobile devices) and really slows the process.

  197. emmagloriajong

    We tried Live in school yesterday and it was amazing. Thank you Quizlet team.

  198. bby_lxon

    last comment :)

  199. bby_lxon

    hi ppl

  200. Wyatt_Nelson17

    Why do people say that their copying Kahoot? Quizlet did not try to copy them in any way. Secondly, who wants to write and pick the correct answer while its done in a neat set?

  201. TheRealChris0930

    Quizlet Live vs Kahoot!!

  202. reinainoue

    Now we just need someone to make a 10-hour version of quizlet live music and post it on youtube

  203. Derek_33


  204. undercoat

    Nice, it’s kind of like kahoot now.

  205. KittyCatLover356

    What are the names of the songs?

  206. FortniteSkins

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  207. RobloxGoodFortniteEw

    can you use any song you want in quizlet live because then i could do quizlet live with an oof remix and it would be soooo dope

  208. RobloxGoodFortniteEw

    can you use any song you want in quizlet live because then i could do quizlet live with an oof remix and it would be soooo dope

  209. YOLOswagman10

    Fortnite Is Better Then Roblox You... You... Oofer

  210. YOLOswagman10

    Fortnite Is Better Then Roblox You... You... Oofer

  211. Just_A_Regular_Ninja

    best idea would be: choose songs, or tunes, that would set you above say kahoot or quizizz. Much better though

  212. AndreL_0

    The music is ok

  213. Vincenzo_L

    Needs more EDM

  214. Iris_Cajku

    LOVE IT SO MUCH! Its really fun and i am learning at the same time!

  215. NateStJean_14


  216. sir_sloths_alot

    bro this is such an advancement

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