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Introducing Quizlet Plus (with Image Uploading and Unlimited Groups)

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We're excited to announce today's launch of Quizlet Plus, which includes the ability to upload and add your own images to your flash cards to study! It also enables you to create and join unlimited groups, which is useful for school and teachers. And you get to use Quizlet without seeing ads.

Think of Quizlet Plus as a way you can support Quizlet and help us fund the development of new features. If you can spare the $15, sign up here. We really appreciate it!

Now, more about image uploading: check out this video demo of how easy it is to add your own images to a flashcard set.

To make this happen, we completely overhauled the interface for adding both images and text. The previous design was okay:

But it had some undesirable elements and a less-than-desirable interface. We've made some improvements:1. The fonts are larger and more readable (especially for foreign languages like Arabic and Chinese where you need all the clarity you can get).

  1. The auto-definer is now much, much faster.
  2. The textboxes will intelligently expand and shrink, so if you have long text, the boxes will show everything.
  3. It's easier to add rows. Instead of clicking the little + button, you can now click the entire bottom row as a button OR you can just press enter/return on the last input box. Additionally, pressing Return or Tab on any input box will skip you to the next box automatically. If there isn't a next box, it will create one. That makes editing and creating sets a lot easier!
  4. It's now more obvious that you can have definitions with just images, just text, or a combination of both.
  5. It's easier to see how you can add symbols or accents to your text.

Let us know what you think of the new process, we'd really appreciate your feedback.

Andrew and Phil

Quizlet Plus and Images Q&A:

I previously donated to Quizlet. Do I get upgraded?
Yes! We very much appreciate your donation, and want to thank you with an automatic upgrade to these new features. Your dashboard will now show a special

Quizlet Plus badge.

How much does it cost?
It's $15 for one year of Quizlet Plus. That works out to $1.25 per month, or about 4 cents a day. We think that's a great price! But you said Quizlet would always be free. At a the end of our last blog post, someone posted this comment (excerpted):

"First a CEO, now a full time developer. Quizlet is going places... How much will we have to pay for this? It’s the logical progression of everything good and free. Some greedy jerk steps in and wants to charge for [it]."

This was a great reminder that our mission is to provide the best online study tools to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Which means the core Quizlet service needs to continue to be free (it is and always will be). So in addition to launching some new paid features today (Quizlet Plus), we're also adding some major improvements to free Quizlet, such as easier/improved flash card creation and editing. If you don't need Quizlet Plus and the new image upload feature, Quizlet will work just how it always did. However, we do have real costs (support, developers, servers, and office space, to name a few) and upgrading will allow us to continue to make Quizlet even better. What about Flickr images?

Creating sets with images from Flickr will continue to be free for everybody. You can also study images that other people uploaded. How many images can I upload if I upgrade? We are offering unlimited storage for upgraded users. You can put as many images in your sets as you want.

So what are you waiting for? Go upgrade now and put some images on those sets! :)


  1. Matthew

    great job, Andrew! I am a Quizlet Plus user and love it. One suggestion when you have time: folders so users can organize sets into subjects or teachers and be able to access them more efficiently. and an iPhone app.
    but really, Quizlet is an amazing website, and I appreciate all the work you've put into it.

  2. Pam

    Wow! LOVE it.. Thank you for the HARD WORK! I have been waiting patiently for this features.

    Thank you very much again.


  3. Dogmaster33

    Ok, first off i love the sight and i think its a great way to study for fun. This helped me ace my Science, Social Studies and L.A class!...But i dont like how it cost to use a study sight to upgrade to Plus so it would be nice if there were no cost

  4. ajj3


  5. nikki

    good work, i love the idea! don't have quizlet plus yet, but will try to support you guys soon!

  6. Justin

    Andrew and Phil,

    Congratulations on the fantastic new update(s)! This is yet another major milestone for Quizlet. :)



  7. Krunchyman

    Boo! You've just made it so we have to pay to upload images which was SUPPOSED to be free, and now there is a limit on how many groups we can join. This was supposed to be a free site, not a two-way site where you have to pay good money for better study tools.Down with Quizlet plus! Boo!

  8. Krunchyman

    What cheapskates.

  9. Phil Freo

    Don't worry - the core Quizlet experience will always be free. For the record, there has already been a limit on the number of groups you could join. This is just a way to get around that limit.

  10. Image hosting always costs a larger amount of server space, so a cost seems pretty reasonable, and anyways, there's already the Flickr feature.
    I really like these new tweaks! Quizlet gets a little more exciting every time it's updated.

    Hmm...there is one minor issue though. Previously, you could edit definitions/terms directly on the Set Page by double-clicking. It doesn't appear to work anymore. However, perhaps it was sacrificed for faster loading?
    Also, it was a little-known feature. I simply felt like pointing out it out.

    All-in-all, Quizlet is awesome. I mean, for auto-define, it's some sweet stuff.

  11. Josy50

    I recently joined Quizlet, and I really like how it is free. This is a great website, and I learn things much quicker than with regular study, but even though Quizlet is free, and you don't have to pay if you don't want to, I am not that happy about Quizlet Plus, because, say, what if you're not allowed or can't afford Quizlet Plus? That will make some people feel left out. (I know many other websites that do this too).

    I really like Quizlet, and you guys did a great job. Keep it up!

  12. Krunchyman

    Josey50, you are very right. Quizlet has lost its "free feel" and now every update wil be part of Quizlet plus. This will be a great mistake, all you Quizlet staff! Boo!

  13. Krunchyman

    Phil Freo, it doesn't matter. Quizlets "core" is degenerating because of this. I've seen sites with free memberships that are absolutelly crappy, and bonus memberships with all the normal features. Quizlet is really losing it.

  14. Anonymous

    I've always like what Quizlet has done in the past, but I think you guys are going too far this time. I'd rather stay with the idea of free studying, and not tempting people to buy a membership or make others feel left out. I have seen other sites do this. There are a few games that used to have amazing free features, but as time went by, they changed it into their "membership" features. Now on those sites it is pointless to play those games because everything has been changed to a membership.

    So don't get me wrong, I still love Quizlet and always will, that is as long as it stays free. But I just have a feeling that Quizlet will get too carried away and eventually make features that are currently free payed, increase the price, etc. But as long as you guys don't go there, I will continue to use this site.

    But I just have one more thing to say- Don't say the mission of Quizlet is to stay free, if the obviously better features are payed. That's being kind of hypocritical. I'm sorry if I sound mean when I say this, but it is the truth.

  15. Matthew

    these comments don't seem to understand: they had to make it paid because they have a lot of costs and money doesn't grow on trees. Yes, ideally, that would be awesome to have all features and not pay a penny, but that's not how it works. The people at Quizlet deserve and need the money, so thank them or the amazing site with a $10. If you can't or don't want to, it's still an amazing site, and the very best you can get on the web without paying. Yes, other sites have done it and gone too far, but have faith that Quizlet will stay reasonable.

    All for Quizlet!
    Good work Andrew!

  16. Timothy

    Krunchyman, did you notice the part about how Jose50 said "I really like Quizlet, and you guys did a great job. Keep it up!" Besides, these guys are trying to help you. I mean its like saying if someone gives you a dollar bill you get mad because they didn't get you a five dollar bill!

    Take a chill pill. Besides, probably not many people are going to upgrade, even though it would be a great thing.

  17. Timothy

    Great work Andrew! Congrats!

  18. Dale

    I am not a teacher or etc. I am just attempting to learn Spanish. I do not have a problem with paying a little for this service.

    I have multiple accounts so that I can keep somethings private and share others. I also have the separate accounts because I cannot put things in folders.......

    My accounts were automaticly made plus accounts because I had already contributed to Quizlet for each of them.

    Good work Andrew!!

  19. garriesl

    my kids love quizlet....quick and easy computer games to practice flashcards? Better than index cards any day! Keep up the good work!

  20. Krunchyman

    Helping? Things like additional membership bonuses like Quizlet plus don't help. I know whoever doesn't want to pay for Quizlet plus won't pay for it, but you can't just add new stuff like this on a whim and simply call it just a "new feature". If new features are created, they most likely will be part of Quizlet plus. That means Quizlet plus members will get bigger, funner tools, but we who don't pay will have to stick with the simple basic features. I'm not trying to get angry, I just think otherwise about Quizlet plus.

  21. Anonymous

    Since Phil is in the team things are changing. He's thinking professional. I guess this is just a start and Quizlet will change its strategy towards a business.

  22. Krunchyman

    Possibly. That won't be good for those who have free accounts.

  23. y.m.r

    I agree quizlet should make money with ads instead its much better.
    Ads make the site free.

    Also At least give us image uploading for free I waited so long for this feature and now I have to pay

    quizlet said it will never charge users for features and it will always be free.

    Quizlet was a great tool that used to give me great grades

  24. Anonymous

    I admit. The requirement to pay for the image uploading bit doesn't seem so fair (especially since so many people waited for that particular feature).

    But other than that, I love the updates made. Hopefully it just won't get to the point where only paid members will have access to Quizlet.

  25. STOP Whining

    @ Y.M.R. (POST #23)

    "Quizlet was a great tool that used to give me great grades"

    What the heck is the matter with you? You can still study as you have always have- all of the OLD features are FREE. I doubt all of your teachers are going to randomly switch over to image-based tests. If you made good grades with Quizlet before, there is no reason that should change.


    "I waited so long for this feature and now I have to pay."

    Andrew told you from the beginning it would be available as an UPGRADEABLE feature...this is an excerpt from a previous blog-

    August 2009:
    "We plan to allow uploading images very soon as a paid upgrade. As always, Quizlet will remain free to all users and we won

  26. mickfarris

    what do you mean Unfair? You can't walk into subway and expect them to make you a sandwich for free just because you're hungry. And I bet you wouldn't do work for free either. These guys put a lot of work into their site, for the benefit of others and it makes no sense that you all demand free labor from them. To say it is unfair for those who pay to get upgrades is like saying you deserve a Ferrari even though you've only saved enough money for a used Toyota. I think if you work and earn money, then you are entitled to the benefits of that money (ie. extra features). You are not thinking things through, imagine that you were the developer of this site, having to pay for sever space out of your allowance so that I can make flashcards for free. Does that make sense krunchman?

  27. Kev

    I like your examples mick. "Krunchman" "y.m.r" and all the rest of these people need to stop complaining over nothing.

    Don't listen to them, Andrew!! We love this update!!! =]

  28. y.m.r

    I am using flash card machine. com . Besides its not the money that worries me. quizlet promised
    " Quizlet is free and will remain free for all users."

    After many years of being free quizlet charges. I don't trust them. What if we have to pay more. Or they stop us from using quizlet at alll without paying.

    @Stop Whining.

    Fine I"ll stop. I didn't notice that part. Sorry if I'am being anonying complaining like that.
    Besided I deleted my account .

    I deleted my account

  29. y.m.r

    sorry i entered that twice

  30. I didn't like the idea of Quizlet Plus at first, but $10 a year seems pretty reasonable, but also a bit of a waste of money. I think you should add something a bit more special to Quizlet Plus to make it seem more interesting, other than no advertising or unlimited groups. I barely notice the advertising.

  31. nlebovic

    I have not updated to quizlet plus yet, although I plan on doing so. "krunchyman", are you serious? They are giving you a great site for no fee, and for one minor upgrade you start complaining like it is the end of the world? Besides, 10 bucks is not that much.

    Thank you Andrew for the phenomenal site!

  32. nlebovic

    And Phil!

  33. y.m.r

    I guess its all right to charge users but quizlet might want more.

  34. Matthew

    "y.m.r" comment post 28:
    Quizlet still is free! You should be thanking them for additional option they are offering instead of calling them hyprocrites.

    Keep going, Quizlet, just don't take Quizlet Plus too far.

    P.S. Think about adding P.M.s in again just with a limit of the amount per day--a few PMs a day are used to correct flashcards or ask questions; unlimited PMS a day would make it a facebook w/ flashcards.

  35. m

    I am very disappointed. I am a teacher and was anticipating using the image uploading feature with my students since I first saw it advertised as "coming soon." I thought the image uploading would be a great tool for learning vocabulary and spent many hours gathering images to connect to my existing word lists. You never mentioned that this was going to cost money. Yes, it is only $10 but now the site has crossed an important line from free to a pay service. Also, I have a feeling it won't stay $10 forever. The way to pay for an increase in cost on this type of site is through advertising, not by charging students. What a shame. I feel like you tried to dupe your members.

  36. MaxRabbit

    Haha Matthew - unlimited PMS would make a very moody world :P

    Andrew and Phil,
    I hope you aren't discouraged by the, what, THREE complainers? There are obviously a ton of happy users that just don't have a reason to comment. Their support of this site is through their constant use of it.

    You can STILL use those pictures. Just UPLOAD THEM TO FLICKR!

    MANY of you are acting like Quizlet is charging for the imaging feature. You've got it quite wrong. Quizlet is charging for the photo UPLOADING. You're more than FREE to put your images up on FLICKR, so you have a perfectly free alternative.

    Personally, I think that when I pay $150 for a damn college textbook, I can afford $10 to help out Quizlet. Really, the added features are not the important part to me. This is a great site and I want to help it improve.

    But that's just my own opinion. Quizlet is still fully functional without donating. You just have to have a MINOR inconvenience of uploading to FLICKR instead of Quizlet directly.

    I'm always reading the comments - if anyone has a bone to pick with my argument then just let me know.

  37. Krunchyman

    Guys, listen. You all think that the core experiece of Quizlet is going to remain free. But you can look at the facts. This is what happens to some sites:
    1. It's totally free, whatever features it has is free. It starts out small, with small, good features.
    2. A bonus membership is added. Extra features that were planned for the original website become part of the bonus membership.
    3. The bonus membership takes over the site. This has happened with Roblox, Runescape and tons of other sites. You need to realize that this could bring in bad opportunities. And my username is Krunchyman, not "Krunchman."

  38. Krunchyman

    By the way, your sandwich and Ferrari analogy made me laugh Mickfarris.

  39. Krunchyman


  40. Mandalore!!!!

    Why are all of you complaining? Who cares if they made an update. You can just ignore and keep using Quizlet the same way you used to. Quit complaining!

  41. Mandalore!!!!

    Also they had to make donating to the site a bit more likely

  42. Ash

    Okay this really bothers me. I know that you guys need to make more of a profit, but sometimes people need this site, but can't afford the whole $10 a year thing. So it would make it so much easier if yall added the uploading pictures thing to the free version. And instead put something else that the people would love e.g. personalizing your page, more study games etc. into the Quizlet Plus thing. Trust me i know tons of people who like quizlet
    but don't use it very often because they need the uploading pictures part because they don't want to pay for it.

    Just wanna make the site better! :)


  43. lol


  44. lol

    I agree with Ash!!

  45. Anunymush

    I'd like to see a way to link a Facebook photo album to Quizlet ^_^ Now that would be cool

    At the others, storing images costs storage space and bandwidth. Stop complaining.

    I've been using Quizlet for years and its one of the reasons why my Spanish grade went from a C to an A =) It continues to help me to this date.

  46. Anunymush

    Realize that Andrew has been smart all along. He realizes what totally pisses off the user [*cough, popup windows all over *cough, 10 second banner before page shows *cough, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU JUST WON A FREE SONY PLAYSTATION PORTABLE (you can hear microphone noise)]

    The Quizlet layout remains clean, and the goal of the website remains the same: It provides a means of making flashcards online. Its a great study tool, and I totally support the moves that the Quizlet team is making.

  47. Pirate_Yoho

    It seems to me the people most complaining are the ones who want the convenience of image uploading without the cost. Lots of people take advantage of Quizlet, using its free services without giving anything back. Quizlet HAS grown a lot and added a LOT of new features since I started using it two years ago. They have really spoiled their free users.

    Now they want to grow some more. But guess what? It's not cheap to keep up a site like this. If you are that desperate for the new features, cough up the $10. I'm not going to pay, because I like the Quizlet I have. Andrew and Phil have made the site, so they can decide what to do with it. They are still keeping their promise of Quizlet remaining free -- most of it IS free! It is still as usable as it was two years fact, even more so. We are the users who have contributed nothing; I don't think we should act like we're entitled to anything.

  48. egsa

    i would love unlimited groups for free, andrew (not complaining, or anything).

  49. Krunchyman

    Heres my main conclusion to this debate: Sure, other than Quizlet plus, Quizlet may be free, but will it stay free?

  50. y.m.r

    @ Max rabbit

    only three users

    read carefully way more than that

  51. y.m.r

    Krunchyman right. they said there plan was to stay then they charge.
    look quizlet won't last any longer it will charge users until its loses all of its people

    @ mattew
    quizlet is not free to all users what about people with quizlet plus

  52. y.m.r

    Boo quizlet

  53. Krunchyman

    All websites come to an end. I sense Quizlet has made one step to that end. "Sniff"

  54. Mandalore!!!!

    Krunchyman they can't legally make Quizlet not free if they have been saying it will remain free forever so quit saying it probably won't remain free.

  55. Gabby

    Let me just start off with saying how much I ADORE quizlet. It has saved my life many times (figuratively, of course). That being said, I think it might be kind of hard to ask us to pay for these features, seeing as though most of us are pre-college students who don't have credit cards. I know that is the only thing that is keeping me from upgrading!

  56. Gabby

    I totally support the whole quizlet plus thing though :)

  57. y.m.r

    kruncyman why do you still use quizlet

  58. y.m.r

    Quizlet is free right now but for how long.

  59. y.m.r

    people think. you used quizlet for a long time. When did we have to pay for features. Quizlet will no longer free.

  60. ex quizlet user

    about time quizlet came to its end

  61. 0

    using pics of flickr is not good. you probaly won't the pics you wanted

  62. Sumit

    When is Quizlet coming up with examples along with words and meaning?

  63. Give Andrew A Break!

    Really, I agree w/ Stop Whining and all you other guys who think this is ridiculous!
    Your not losing anything! You can still have all the features you have now! I'm pretty new to Quizlet, but there are sites out there where you have to pay twice as much as Quizlet Plus a month to get what you get here for free! Quizlet can't charge for its current features without getting sued because it's in the terms of service! So calm down and just keep using Quizlet like you have been.It's helped you before, why shouldn't it help you now?

  64. Give Andrew A Break!

    And if you hate Quizlet Plus so much, don't get it! No one's forcing you! The Quizlet before Quizlet Plus was free and they haven't taken anything away! Andrew's only like twenty years old! He's not a millionaire and he needs the money! As he said himself:

    "If you don

  65. Pirate_Yoho

    @Give Andrew A Break!:



    You can upload your own images to Flickr and then use them here.

  66. Krunchyman

    Yes guys, but Quizlet won't necessarily stay free. Staff will be tempted to add new features to Quizlet plus, thus reducing the amount of features that free Quizlet users get. Sure, you can say Quizlet is free, but it won't always be that way. And Y.M.R, I do Quizlet because I have to, and it hasn't gotten too bad yet. But just wait....

    I started a group called Boycott Quizlet Plus. Join today, and we will protest our cause.

  67. Krunchyman

    Y.M.R, this group might appeal to you. Same with Mandalore, M, and Ash. It's free to join, just say why you don't like Quizlet plus. And we don't want imposters like Phil Freo, Anunymush, or Maxrabbit.

  68. Nikki37

    I agree with all of those above. if you dont wanna pay just stick with the regular quizlet. its the same thing as before. nothing has changed

  69. Pirate_Yoho


    Exactly. These new features are NEW! In other words, they're not taking anything away and making us pay. It's still the same Quizlet we've fact, they have even added some new features for free. So really people are just complaining that they won't get the "shiny new toy" whereas some people -- who pay -- will.

  70. Krunchyman

    But listen, guys. How do we know that Quizlet is going to stay free? Sites who have additional memberships like this almost never stay free. Quizlet Plus may take over this site. Quizlet was created with a promise that it would stay free; but will it?

  71. Krunchyman

    Change Quizlet before it's too late, Andrew. Trust me, It will be so much better.

  72. egsa

    Listen, after about a year or so, these features actually MIGHT become free.
    Great job, Andrew, by the way.
    Although I do somewhat agree with Krunchyman's reasoning.

  73. egsa

    Umm... this is kind of random, but, are the times messed up for you guys? The last message I just sent was at 3:48 PM, and it says 12:48 PM. (The dates are correct, though.) Anyone else here having this problem?

  74. egsa

    On another note, Andrew, I would like some sort of feature that allows you to have exceptional answers, like instead of General John Johnson, an exception would be John Johnson. Please respond somehow ;)

  75. bahlasa

    I really like what you've got now, but this post did remind me of one issue I'm having:

    "The fonts are larger and more readable (especially for foreign languages like Arabic and Chinese where you need all the clarity you can get)."

    I'm currently studying Arabic and because I'm not brilliantly fluent or anything like that, I often include short vowels in my flashcards to remind me of pronunciation. Unfortunately the program is cutting off some of my short vowels and making it hard for me to study. So far I've noticed this problem only in the LEARN mode when I am being prompted with the term; the short vowels show up perfectly when I have gotten the term wrong and am being shown the answer. So, not the worst case scenario but I would love it if this could be addressed in your next update.

    Other than that, I'm loving the site thus far - thank you for your work!

  76. Give Andrew A Break!

    @ egsa:
    It's in California time. If your in EST, like me, then it will be 3 hours earlier than when you actually sent it. And thanks for agreeing with me, Pirate_Yoho!

  77. y.m.r

    nice krunchyman I was waiting till you created a group.

  78. TheNeverEndingCynic

    Well, I didn't think I'd get quoted.

    Again, it's basic internet logic. As some of the users have pointed out before me, now quizlet expansions are going to be added to the Plus version (and probably only the plus version) so that more people will buy it. I acknowledge that it takes more money and server resources to add these extra features, and I agree that the high bandwidth additions should be charged for, but the smaller things such as 8 groups and things like that are simply unneeded. It just disappoints me that I was right. Krunchyman has pretty much said everything I was going to say, so, hats off to you, friend.

    Don't get me wrong, Quizlet is awesome and I am going to continue to use it, but, as I have said before, I'm disappointed.



  79. y.m.r

    @kruncyman i deleted my old account. My new account is ymr

  80. y.m.r

    lets get more users to join soon we'll have lots of members.

  81. y.m.r

    @egsa thats the goal to get those features free.

  82. someone :)

    i am just gunna say that if the guy who made quizlet cant keep it free with the upgrade, then DONT UPGRADE IT!!!

  83. y.m.r

    join our group if you don't like it . Its called boycott quizlet plus.

    If we get enough members we could make those upgrades free eventually.

  84. lol :-()

  85. alwaysswimmin


  86. Kardiss

    Seriously guys.. $10 a year is less than a dollar a month. Which means it's like 2-3 cents a day. I am kind of appalled to see how cheap some of you guys are. I'd rather save one meal of lunch money and give it too well deserving Quizlet team. I am a developer myself and you guys really don't know how much work and cost are involved in rolling out a feature like this. Paying for a server infrastructure and paying for a bandwidth to support this kind of feature costs money. Money doesn't grow on trees. Someone who argues how hard it is to pay $10 for teenagers without a credit card - trust me, your parents will be more than willing to pay $10/year for you for a study aid like this.

    Andrew and co. Please keep up the good work!

  87. Pirate_Yoho


    A lot of websites have a free version and an upgraded version, like Pandora, Google Sites,, and many antivirus software programs. The free stuff is there as a "sample," but contains many usable features. Quizlet is just growing to be the same way. Those websites have had the free and paid options for a while, so there's no impending doom that Quizlet one day won't be free. It's a common business technique.

  88. Krunchyman

    Alright YMR you're in.

  89. Krunchyman


    Sure, a lot of websites have features like these, but they get out of hand a lot. Quizlet had the promise of staying free, and they partly broke that promise. If they incorporate more features into Quizlet Plus, it will lose its balance, and those who don't pay miss out. Quizlet is getting to an end. :neutral:

  90. Krunchyman

    YMR, I have a goal to get thiry members to join Boycott Quizlet Plus. If we can get that much members, I will contact Quizlet support and tell them about it.

  91. Ben

    Andrew why won't you make categories for the group pages?

  92. y.m.r

    any ideas for more members

  93. y.m.r

    @pirate yahoo how do you do that.

  94. y.m.r

    krunchyman listen you have lots friends and group tell them to join boycott quizlet plus.

  95. egsa

    thx for the info about the times...

  96. y.m.r

    boycott quizlet plus is awesome

    I left quizlet with the name yrabiutheen. Since we didn't create a group i deleted mine. thats why my account i have right now y.m.r is very new

  97. y.m.r

    @ash join our group with thirty members we'll get rid of quizlet plus

  98. y.m.r

    awesome I'AM MANAGER SWEET

  99. y.m.r

    In your face we have 4 members so far.

  100. Anonymous

    I don't think that people should pay for quizlet plus!

  101. arcaneamoeba

    Though it's good that quizlet adds new features, I don't think that making quizlet plus was a good choice for two reasons:
    1)Most of quizlet's users are under eighteen years old, and would not pay for this service.
    2)Quizlet will undoubtedly stop adding new features to the free edition (which most people will use); only developing the paid version, and possibly even take away features. Image uploading is one feature that seems like it should be free, or at least the ability to use images from sites besides flickr.

    I know that you probably won't listen to me, but I urge you to look into other ways of making money with the site. I wouldn't mind having a few more ads on the page or donating if I knew that the free version of quizlet was being actively developed. I don't want quizlet to become corrupted and die like other sites have. If you must use a paid system, please make sure that you don't ignore the users who use your site for free.

  102. y.m.r


    listen we started Boycott Quizlet Plus check it out

  103. someone :)

    i totally agree that all quizlet should be free but lets get real. they wont make it free no matter what you say to them. what about the people who already paid for quizlet plus? they would b rele mad if they paid ten dollars and less than a month later its free. they would FREAK!! quizlet did fine for a long time with it being free, and the reason they made it paid was to earn a little extra pocket money. the site would pay for itself, just by selling adds. thats why it has .com at the end of the site name! .com stands for commercial, there are supposed to be adds on the site!! its how you make money to support the site!!
    i have no intention of upgrading the site for just no adds and photo uploading but i'm guessing the way they will keep making money is by making more paid upgrades, but only offering them to people who have quizlet plus. that way, anyone who wanted the new upgrades would have to pay for quizlet plus first and then buy the next upgrade, which would really add up.

  104. arcaneamoeba

    I don't think that starting a group is the best way to make the owners of quizlet listen. If you really want to change the way they run the site, send them respectful feedback or write them a message on twitter.

  105. someone :)

    quoting Kardiss

    "Someone who argues how hard it is to pay $10 for teenagers without a credit card

  106. someone :)

    alright, i'll admit its not that hard to pay ten dollars, but thats not why im mad, im mad because they ended the free site. sure u get the old site to be on, but why even through the option to upgrade out there when you know someone will be left out because there parents said no. thats just cruel.

  107. arcaneamoeba

    @someone :)
    While I understand that Quizlet plus may have to stay because people have already paid for it, there are ways to make the core features free (image uploading included) and put less important features (such as website theme customization, extra social features, or extra games) into Quizlet Plus. I think this would make everyone happy.

  108. someone :)

    i think that for krunchymanns group you guys should work on getting people not to get quizlet plus, if no one buys it then theres no point to making the paid upgrade andrew!!

  109. y.m.r

    listen guys here is an alternative check out the set i made with images.

    This site lets you upload images and audios for free.

    @arcanemoeba we will send them a complaint but they have to realize how many people want quizlet to be free.

  110. y.m.r

    good point what is your real user name you could help us maybe I can make you manager

  111. arcaneamoeba

    If enough people send messages, they will realize how many people want a completely free Quizlet. I think this is a better alternative than the group, which may never be looked at by the site admins. If you send feedback, they have to read it.
    Also, looks interesting, but it lacks any kind of "Learn" mode like quizlet has.

  112. y.m.r

    how do we upload our own images on flickr

  113. y.m.r

    @post 111

    flash card machine is not that bad it gave me a 90 on the test

  114. Krunchyman


    I will have to try that. In our group, I'll encourage our group members to send feedback to Quizlet Staff.

  115. Krunchyman


    Yeah, what is your username? You could help us.

  116. Krunchyman

    Hey, anybody remember Friend of Quizlet recognition? I think that paved the way for Quizlet Plus.

  117. y.m.r

    hey we only have 4 users we had five last time.

  118. someone :)

    so u guys rele think that making a group of people that think quizlet should be free will actually change thier minds??

  119. someone :)

    how do u join a group?? i just have the group that i joined on to talk to.... and stuff

  120. Andre

    @Krunchyman and @y.m.r.

    Instead of a protest group, make a group that asks users 'yay' or 'nay' about Quizlet Plus.

    I'm guessing you'll be swamped by people who support Quizlet Plus - as a means of keeping the core features free for anyone that wants only those features.

    BTW - Thanks to everyone who has donated or joined Quizlet Plus - your generosity has allowed me to use these core features for free.

  121. y.m.r

    click on the link. if you want to join

  122. y.m.r

  123. y.m.r

    @pirate yahoo

    lots of websites have sample but they don"t get out of hand or promise to be free. Like quizlet did.

    they said they would free and broke it for what?

  124. y.m.r

    @andre don't be so confident our group might get thirty members.

    listen not to late to stop quizlet plus

  125. Give Andrew A Break!

    Look its not like they used to have features in the free version that they only have on Quizlet Plus now. You all say Quizlet is falling apart: in fact, it is growing. Maybe some Quizlet Plus features will become free. Or maybe they won't. Either way, you haven't lost a thing. Good luck finding another free flashcard site as good as Quizlet.

  126. Give Andrew A Break!

    And @ ymr and krunchyman,
    They're not going to cancel Quizlet Plus because you have a group with like five members. Not to be mean or anything. Because I agree with some of the things you guys said. I don't like Quizlet Plus; I don't have it. I just think that its for a good purpose: to get money to keep the free site running. I don't like a lot of the things in the world that you have to pay for. I think everything should be free. But it isn't and money is important. So they need it, and the only way to get it is advertisments and Quizlet Plus. I guess not enough companies want to pay for advertisments, so that's why they have Quizlet Plus. Get it?

  127. y.m.r

    look our groups just was created
    we will get more people

  128. y.m.r

    kruncyman is cat nip a spy

  129. y.m.r

    kruncyman, is cat nip a spy

  130. iPhone rigntone maker review

    Can you PM me later?, you are really good at this topic

  131. Timothy

    You seriously care if someone is a spy?
    you know you're exactly acting like Quizlet
    First it was just a group and now its supposed to be all high-tech?

  132. y.m.r

    cat nip left us he probaly was a spy.
    catnip47 said: because you have to pay for it.
    thats what he put on his application. listen You should only approve applications and I won"t.

  133. arcaneamoeba

    I agree with you for the most part, but there are other ways to make money off Quizlet Plus without keeping core features like image uploading out of free Quizlet.
    I believe that image uploading is a core feature because as it is now, it's difficult to get the correct images.
    If it's too expensive to maintain the servers needed for image uploading, then at least give the free users access to to their own uploaded images on another site.
    Please stop posting group status updates like this is your own personal twitter page.

  134. y.m.r

    sorry about that.

  135. Krunchyman

    Catnip, Traitor? Hmmm, must have missed that.

  136. Krunchyman

    Oh, and catnip47 is a girl, because she put up a picture of a guy she though was cute - would a guy do something like that?

  137. Pirate_Yoho


    "at least give the free users access to to their own uploaded images on another site."

    You can upload your own pictures to Flikr. That's about the same as the idea you suggested. Flikr is free to use, and easy from what I've heard.

  138. Pirate_Yoho


    "Sure, a lot of websites have features like these, but they get out of hand a lot."

    How? Can I have an example? I use a lot of sites that have free/paid versions and I am very happy with the free versions they offer. Never had a problem with them getting out of hand. They care about both their free users and paid users.

    I know you're upset because you feel like Quizlet violated its promise to stay free, but the Quizlet we have always had *is* still free...and nobody has said that will change. You're just pessimistically assuming it will. But if you're erring on the side of caution, then great. Back up your Quizlet flashcards to your computer and you'll be safe. It is prudent to not depend entirely on one site.

  139. y.m.r

    no I never saw that

  140. Krunchyman

    Nuts, isn't it? It was called "What I think when I'm bored" or something like that.

  141. y.m.r

    post 138 stop making inapropiate comments man.

  142. y.m.r

    krunchyman our group is deleted its over quizlet plus is here to stay

  143. arcaneamoeba

    Yeah, you can upload your images to flickr, but it's unlikely that you could find them through quizlet's search tool. It's not like you connect your flickr account to quizlet.

  144. Pirate_Yoho


    Ah, ok. I see what you mean. Sorry, I don't use Flikr so I'm just guessing. ;)

  145. v

    y.m.r. and krunchyman:

    you are being very annoying. i do want image uploading to be free, but i don't think "boycott quizlet plus" is going to help.

  146. Boucheza

    sounds fun

  147. Boucheza

    when will the world it will end in 2012 so get redy but i doutit

  148. Krunchyman

    Egsa is deleting my comments. Everybody report him.

  149. dougpeters97

    what is up w/2012 get back to quizlet

  150. jack

    I hate this its suck..

  151. javier

    i love chowder:)

  152. chowder:)

    I love everyone n this world:)))))(not)
    Pirates are better than ninja :D

  153. lexii:)

    jessica is gayyyy;)))

  154. chowder:)

    Have u taste redbull before its the bomb!!!

  155. amanda....

    i lovvvvvveeeeeee marky MARK;) (MARK HATCH) he is so cute and awsome:)

  156. chowder:)

    this website s is boring u should add games nd more fun thins so maybe ppl weell log onnnn:(((( a student 4rm some school

  157. Krunchyman

    It is boring, but that is the cost of being free. For now....

  158. chicken warrior

    i like captin crunch

  159. Krunchyman

    i like pickls

  160. ymr

    I like cheese

  161. Patrich Monnaghan

    its SOOOOOO worth it :)

  162. Jeff

    Wow ... I just signed up because I downloaded your product "Flashcards Plus", tried it for a week or so, and now I want to make my own cards.

    When I saw that you are charging $10 for image upload, I suddenly thought: "AHA! So it's a scam, eh!? It was too good to be true!"

    But now I read your explanation of it, and it sounds perfectly reasonable. As long as you are still making decent incremental improvements on the "free" version (which you say you will do), then you are keeping true to your word ... and for that I am very grateful!

    In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be dropping $10 on you in the very near future, as soon as I have a month or two of experience with "free/basic" under my belt. I'm stingy, so I gotta have a good little test drive first to make sure, is all.

    You are doing something really great, and I appreciate your efforts. You are helping so many people to learn, and learning is one of the most important things a human being can do.

    I hope you continue to be awesome, so that I can keep learning along with Quizlet!

  163. Johnson

    I wish you could be able to choose whether or not you would like the PLUS badge to be next to your name

  164. Krunchyman

    Yes, that would be nice. I also wish you could automatically turn all email notification stuff off to. Like when you ask to join a group.

  165. mariobros

    aunque mis padres no me dejan actualizar, todav

  166. mariobros


  167. mariobros

    if i could download it i would it would be so cool :mad:

  168. QWMichael

    No. But now i will. Thanks for that.

  169. Unlimited Groups



  170. Unlimited Groups

    Also, if you want your own images, upload them to flickr. Then, you can use them in quizlet. a flickr account is FREE.So don't join QUIZLET PLUS.

  171. Unlimited Groups

    Why did you delete that account quizlet? Did you do it to make sure no one saw that quizlet plus is a FAIL?

  172. Unlimited Groups

    Plz answer me quizlet. I want you to acknowledge that you read my past posts.

  173. John Veteran

    I'd like to have a two week trial of using images so I can see if I want to pay the 10 bucks for the rest of the year.

    Unfortunately certain markets are not as financially flexible is others. Quizlet's primary user group is undoubtedly poor students on a fixed income budget.

  174. Mccollam10351

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">compresor profesional</a>

  175. artemism

    Guys, it's $15 a year for Quizlet Plus. Just saying.

  176. Chris2ksk

    I'm kind of confused, because I didn't pay and it just showed up.

  177. Esterleth

    Thank you for letting free users create unlimited flash cards.
    If possible, I will upgrade my Quizlet account. You guys deserve it. :)

  178. Rae1

    I just have one question. I can't afford to upgrade my account and Flikr does not have ANY of the pictures I need. So does this mean I am out of luck?

  179. Jm324

    You have a grammatical error on line 3. It should be schools and teachers.

  180. bockpeter

    I like the fact it's only 15$ (12€ is cheap... I mean, you have to be REALLY pushing it not to lay off 12 cans of Cola or whatever sugary stuff you normally drink).

    Also, it's purely for support:

    * Flickr has an image UPLOAD function people... just create an account, upload and share the images you need !
    * Add-free can easily be achieved with Adblock nowadays, but the ads were basically their way of charging you money without you knowing it before ! Ads are the internet's solution to hosting sites (which costs more with more traffic...) that allows free access to people. -Also, Adblock has apparently entered the dictionary now, since my computer just corrected me :) !-

    Just my 4 cents...


    No, seriously, those were my first 4 cents, I'm going to pay for Quizlet Plus now XD


  181. nubagirl

    Hi, please help. i'm a plus member and am using the upload image functionality for the first time, but it won't let me save. It thinks there is still an image uploading and wants it to finish before I can save or upload another image. i've deleted all the images and still unable to find where it's stuck thinking there is an image uploading. it's a very large quiz let so i would be so sad to lose it. let me know if there's a way to override/cancel image uploading.


  182. miaoling_lin

    Hello! I was wondering if you guys are working on the option of adding (selecting certain words) colored text? I'm a color coordinated person so that option would really be helpful and I'd be willing to upgrade for that helpful tool :)

  183. Sisyphean_Study PLUS

    "All of the old features are free", huh? How about the fact that for the last YEAR I've been studying my sets offline on the train, and today, I got the message that offline sets are available with quizlet plus - click here to upgrade! Well no thanks quizlet. If anyone is feeling the same - I hear works really well, or anki for a ACTUALLY FREE experience. So mad right now.

  184. shapirod PLUS

    can you add more games

  185. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    Can u make it $15 a year not $20? Also can u make it so u give it for free if u make 200+ sets?

  186. matthewhwang217

    Could you make it free?

  187. chretenien

    Can someone help me why the auto filler doesn't show the words in French with accents?

  188. LeaderboardPlayer PLUS

    SO worth it! Recommend purchasing quizlet plus! ALthough I wish it would let you change your username more than once :/

  189. httpsdotmarita PLUS

    Huh. I remember it being $15 a year. Now it's $3.99 a month. Just not worth it anymore :(

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