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Introducing Quizlet Premium Content: A new way to study and learn

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Studying for exams or learning a new language is hard enough; figuring out exactly what or how to study doesn't have to be. Enter Quizlet Premium Content: expert created study guides that help get you test-day ready. Save time with study guides created just for Quizlet by the experts who wrote your textbook, mastered the certification you’re studying for, or planned your course.

Quizlet Premium Content is available today — when you search for a subject you’re learning or explore a concept you’re curious about, you’ll start seeing study guides that are part of this new program. You’ll know they’re premium because they’ll have a price tag on them and a description of the expert or publisher who created them. You can choose to purchase an entire study guide if you have a lot of material to cover, or a single set if it’s a smaller area of content you need to learn.

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Not interested in purchasing study guides on Quizlet? Not a problem. You can continue to create study sets and study user generated content to practice and master what you’re learning for free — just like you always have. Quizlet Premium Content doesn’t replace the parts of Quizlet you know and love; it’s adding to it, giving you new ways to use the games and activities on Quizlet to study content you don’t have to create yourself (or rely on other users to create!).

As you start searching and exploring, you’ll discover a broad range of Quizlet Premium Content available across science, languages, test prep and certifications. Quizlet Verified Creators include publishers like Kaplan and Pearson, digital learning platforms like Babbel and Kenhub, and individual experts like Rob Swatski and Miriam Gutierrez. For a list of all content creators, please click here We’re adding new types of content all the time. If you’re interested in becoming a Verified Creator and making your content available for purchase on Quizlet, please get in touch.

So remember, you can continue learning for free on Quizlet like you always do. But if you want to save time and know that the materials you’re studying have been created by an expert, check out a study guide the next time you see it on Quizlet. Your grades will thank you!


  1. Pentecostal-Girl

    Cool... although, it would be better if it was free. lol

  2. dubwarriors35

    yea it would be cool if it was free

  3. ayeshaimdad

    it would be cool if it was free

  4. XxFletch_TardoxX

    it is a very good idea, could you lower the cost a little

  5. aerovikora


    Sign of the times, I guess.

    A nice articulate article is written explaining that it is now possible to create study sets AND get paid for them.

    The article nicely explains that NOTHING ELSE will change; just that some people/organizations will be allowed charge for their work.

    And three of the first four comments are words to the effect of, "Why isn't it free?" or ""Better if it's free..."

    As I was just looking for a way to charge for some of the Quizlet sets I've created, this article was timely and informative.

    Nice work, Kate!

  6. samduman17 PLUS

    so could we create a study set and put a price on it or is it just verified creators...

  7. themathewsbriana

    It would be cool if all of this was free to do.

  8. Picmonic PLUS

    We're so happy to be included in this! Thank you for making this happen Kate!

  9. Charczuk22

    Great concept but, I wish it was free for educators

  10. iiOMqloveRavenclaw

    yah can't it be free if we forgot our book then if that's the only study set then why bother I give this a thumbs down for premium👎🏼

  11. MystaryPi

    :( wish it was free

  12. Gaster_17 PLUS

    Thank you, Quizlet, very cool!

  13. Gaster_17 PLUS

    A little request: Quizlet could definitely use a system that makes it easier for Quizletians in the same class to communicate. Just a thought!

  14. ji042806

    I hope it is cool

  15. ji042806

    never tried

  16. Bianca_Raison

    I assume that it would be way better if it was free because a lot more people will still use it!

  17. Brianna7715

    It is getting a bit hard to use Quizlet because you must pay for many of the new things. Maybe make it free. Wouldn't you WANT to help your community by doing that instead of making people pay for it. More people would use it then.

  18. senorabeiner TEACHER

    If you have a paid account, these study guides should definitely be free.

  19. eniiola

    isn't it odd that if you're paying monthly for quizlet premium, you don't get these study sets for free?

  20. maudecloutierviolin

    It's awesome! Really.

    But it would be even better if it was free

  21. I-Tandon PLUS

    I agree with "senorabeiner" it should be free if you have a free account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  22. Abi_da_MOOSE

    Awesome job Kate! I love this idea!

  23. Abi_da_MOOSE

    I also have a request: Can you make chats to chat with people in your class?

  24. MinhKhangNguyen15

    It is called "Premium" for a reason for those who wish it was free

  25. gymnastics_allstar

    I agree with Abi_da_MOOSE and Nurk1n. It would be nice to have a chat feature.

    Also this new thing should not just be for premium.

  26. vlezvdialog TEACHER

    Nice Idea!

    I also think, like Nurk1n above, there should be a panel where quizletians can communicate between each other

  27. Purr19

    Wish that this was free

  28. Trent_DeClaire

    This kind of stuff should be free.

  29. SteveOpp

    *thumbs up*

  30. kb08052005

    this is cool

  31. somotoso

    Very good.

  32. christine_ploog

    So, is thus free for those who pay for premium? Since I am a premium subscriber and this is a premium service, does that mean it is free to use? Or is it above and beyond the premium subscriber benefits? Could you please verify, Kate?

  33. Lord_Of_The_Rings_

    That's so cool!

  34. DarkNinja15

    wow cool

  35. conradm22

    fortnite season 7

  36. Patrick_DeClaire

    Please lower the cost or make it free

  37. Milton_sch

    tbh Plus members should get these sets for free or at a discount.

  38. ImNotLeafeon

    Hmm... I think that 7 dollars for a few hundred terms that you could usually find for free shouldn't cost very much money. If you are already paying $1.67 a month then you shouldn't have to pay even more money for this. I get that people need to make a living off of this, but 7 dollars for something that would usually not cost nearly that much seems kind of weird to me.

  39. Topher_Detmering

    It would be cool if you could get it for free with premium

  40. ItsBananana

    Learning should be free. Why can't free members sell their stuff too?

  41. thespiciestb0i


  42. bby_lxon

    This is a good idea but... the prices should be lowered down. :/

  43. Mark_Willis8 TEACHER

    It is sad that this is not free at least to those of us that pay for a teacher account! I am proud of my content that I have put there for free.

  44. dezsphone80 PLUS

    I love quizlet, but I wish every single time you get an answer wrong, I wish it would make you type in the correct one so you are forced to learn it faster!!!

  45. Datboy39968


  46. yeah_bro_cool_dude

    It would be cool if it was included with Quizlet Plus cause theres not alot offered with quizlet plus and the scan a document go make a study set doesn't work well

  47. JanylahLol

    cool i should try it sometime if only it didn't cost but as long as it's less then %50 then im good

  48. MystaryPi

    Love the concept, but I feel that if it were free, it could help everyone learn, regardless of whether you have the money to do so or not.
    Lots of people are saying that they wish it was free too, so I hope Quizlet can take that into consideration.
    The chat room / conversation idea seems like a great idea too!
    Either way, great job Quizlet!

  49. TheAnonymousBeing

    Cool Concept; it would be Amazing if it was free for all

  50. Kevin_Wang405 PLUS

    Won't the price tag be pointless if people could just duplicate the set for free?

  51. maryjohn PLUS


  52. amazingACEcoled

    I want to try it it sounds fun

  53. amazingACEcoled

    but does it cost a lot because if it does I ain't buying it

  54. jeremiahknighten

    make it cheaper ok


    I high fives this but I don’t think I should have. It should be free

  56. hctang

    This feature should be free, as there is already very good Quizlet set out there.

  57. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    How come Quizlet Plus costs $20, but some folders cost $29?

  58. john_cooper404

    this doesnt need to be free. it should just either be less expensive or be free with premium, but if a person with premium studies a premium set for the first time the cost of the folder/set should be paid to the creator.

  59. aetencon

    Great comments about cost

  60. trumpsters TEACHER

    The cost is all over the board for different sets. There should be an overall cost for the month or the year and not each individual set. Also, I think if you have a premium account there should be no charge. You could also make it a premium plus account where you get so many per week free with a paid subscription. I think the charges by card sets, really takes away from Quizlet and the sharing aspect of it. I have created many sets and I think the open-source functionality of Quizlet is what makes it so great. Maybe add advertizing to the pages and if you have a paid subscription you don't see the advertisements.

  61. adgthepage

    You should make this free. It sound really fun and a good way to study!

  62. maxpodowitz

    If, however, it was free, than Quizlet's income would drop greatly, by my calculations, 47%. This could cause quizlet to shut down parts or even all of itself.

  63. JassyBrown

    Sure, free study guides would work in a perfect world. Nevertheless, bring in some of the study guides into the Quizlet Plus or part of a new upgrade option. That's more reasonable. The creators can still be paid, and Quizlet can make their money as well. It's crazy to think you want us to pay that amount when we're only paying for flashcards that technically we can make ourselves. It's convenient to use their study guides, but are they worth the price? I would rather spend my money on a textbook that comes with flashcards, an answer key, and practice questions.

  64. RXHuffman

    y'all please just go back to the original quizlet you're becoming like every big brand ever.

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