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Introducing Share on Remind — directly from Quizlet

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We’re huge fans of Remind, so when they told us they were launching an easy way to share directly to Remind classes, we knew we wanted to be one of their first partners.

Remind and Quizlet share the goal of making simple technology that helps teachers. We're thrilled that starting today, teachers can share study sets directly from Quizlet to their classes on Remind.

How it works

Once you create a set, you’ll see a pop up modal that prompts you to share your set via URL, Google Classroom and now, Remind. If you aren’t signed into Remind, you’ll be prompted to sign in. Then, you can choose a class and draft the message you want to include with your announcement. Clicking Send will instantly send your study set out to your class.

If you aren’t ready to share right away, you can always find the Remind share option by clicking on the share button on any study set, or post the set with Remind's regular interface.

Here’s a quick video of how it works:

Our goal with this feature is to streamline the workflow teachers use to share content with their students. Being able to share this way has been a popular request we've heard from teachers. We’re excited to be able to introduce it to our teacher community just in time for the end-of-the-year push.