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Introducing Study Feed: The New Way to Organize Your Quizlet Experience

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Study Feed is a new feature that displays all of your Quizlet info—study sets, classes, friends, high scores—in one convenient place.

Study Feed updates you on what's happening in your Quizlet classes and the sets you're studying.In the example below, study set "100 Most Common SAT words" is at the top of the feed because a member of your class, "PS 101," is currently studying. Study Feed will automatically update based on your activity and those of your classmates so actively studied sets are always near the top.

You can also see feeds for Recently Studied sets and those Created by You, both of which appear on the lefthand side of the page.

Your Classes

Classes are a major component of how to organize your Quizlet experience and an upgraded version of Quizlet Groups.

Within each class you can see all the study sets, members, as well as notifications of new sets and the top contributors.

You'll also see real time studying activity on every study set.

Your Schools

Quizlet can now auto-suggest classes and study sets based on which school you attend. If you login with Facebook, we sync with your school data automatically. If you login with Quizlet, the first time you create a class we will ask you to link a school.

Get Started with Classes and Link Your School

Find out how to find or create a class now or learn more about managing your classes on Quizlet. There's also a teacher-specific FAQ on how to set up a class on Quizlet for your students.

Go to your settings to link your Facebook account if you haven't already.

Tell us what you think

Let us know what you think about our Classes redesign and what features you might want us to add going forward. Drop us a line at Quizlet feedback.

PS. Special thanks to Bill, Jenn, Lauren, Kristin, Phil, and Joan for taking time during summer break to come to our offices, test out classes, and give us honest feedback.

Finding your old Dashboard

This new view of your recent activity and classes is called your dashboard but everything that you used to find on "My Dashboard" is still there. We've renamed it your "Profile". You can get to it from the header anywhere on the website. You can learn more about the reorganization here.


  1. joanna1999

    Like it a lot!

  2. angelbell1

    dude thies changes are nomarly good but i hate this sry like new stuff like pics but too much

  3. angelbell1

    just too much

  4. aggielam26

    well everything is so confusing now! i cant find where stuff is when i want to! and why do we have to have a link to a real school for each gr -er, i mean, "class"?! what if people just want to study with other people online not with their schoolmates? people shouldn't have to be part of a school class to study online. anyway everything was so much SIMPLER with the old look

  5. accranford

    hey i have ? why is my profile a picture of a fish? i changed it bc i don't want to be a fish! Anyway, I kinda like it bc i have soo many sets that it lets me pick which set i want faster instead searching for it!

  6. alyssa525

    I strongly dislike these changes!!! I loved quizlet's layout before. I still love and will use quizlet though. These changes are going to take awhile to get used to though.

  7. pattypie

    were did my "other "sets go ?

  8. cballerina

    This new set up I am highly disliking!!! the old way was sooooooo much easier to navigate and find exactly what I needed really quickly. When I sit down on the computer to get on Quizlet to study I do that because ya'll make it so much faster and easier and more collaborative than writing out physical flashcards and then having to physically make copies of them so all my friends and I can study. That's why I use Quizlet, to make it easier. Now with this new setup to have to take time to learn that it just takes away time that I should be studying with. I'm definitely still going to use Quizlet, however I would be much much happier with it if it were to go back to being the way it was, simple, fast, and easy. Thank you so much. Please consider what I have just stated. THE OLD LAYOUT WAS MUCH MORE USER FRIENDLY AND EASY TO USE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ballerinagal16

    ^----- I agree with her. I like the new things such as pictures (however I think that the animal thing is confusing because so many people have the same picture and its not so user friendly to be able to tell the difference!!) and how on the sets it shows who the champions are. I like that. But the layout is just too much to handle. I don't have time to learn a new layout; when I get on here I want to be able to find what I want as quickly as possible, nut searching through search tools that find me everything but what i'm looking for. These are good ideas, yes, but only if they could be incorporated into the old Quizlet layout I loved. Please take this into consideration, your users would be very very happy!

  10. Celeste_Everwhite

    cballerina, and ballerinagal16, you are so right! Please, please, can we have the old layout back?

  11. tommy812

    I created Spanish sets and catagorized them into subjects like verbs, adjectives etc. How do I access by subject under your new changes?

  12. Ellembee PLUS

    I like it. I think it makes it easier to navigate the sets.

  13. rubycatsong2012

    I prefer the old version...

  14. ZorroChihuahua

    I don't see any advantages with this new and confusing layout. The old layout was perfectly fine.

  15. swspn

    Don't necessarily like having to link to a specific school for classes. Would rather have the option of being anonymous without teachers or school input. Fine to have the option. But would rather not have it forced on us.

  16. wsvincent

    You can still access all your content the old way by going to your Profile page in the upper left header. - Will (Quizlet Staff)

  17. sophia

    @swspn We see your point which is why you don't need to add a real school or a real class in order to use this. You can add any sort of school name that you and your friends want to. - Sophia (Quizlet Staff)

  18. sophia

    @tommy812 subjects are still listed under your profile (formerly "My Dashboard") but we're working on integrating that more easily into the new set list view in your study feed.

  19. springs_acad

    I like the old way better. This is too confusing. Way too confusing

  20. springs_acad

    It looks bad too!

  21. telaine1516

    Want a way to easily clean out the old favorites, flash cards etc...

  22. jay_birdX

    WHOA!!! Very confusing! I like the old way better. :(

  23. annzhao001

    confusing for people that just came back to quizlet from summer, but otherwise okay. maybe the change has a brighter side, though

  24. Mercedes_Benz_SL-AMG


  25. accranford

    Hey quizlet! I actually kinda like this change. There is more stuff on it, but thats fine. I don't have any classes so that part doesn't affect me. I actually can use this new home page. I used to not use the other one and go straight to my dashboard to find the set I want. Now, I can find the set I want faster. Yea, maybe it will take a while to get used to, but that happened when you changed the old dashboard too. You don't need to change anything!

  26. elijoy

    I like the old dashboard... it took me about thirty seconds to find the create a set on this one D:

    The old dashboard showed your messages, recently studied, created sets, and group sets all in one. Now I can't find the groups I used to be in. WHAT IS THIS QUIZLETTTTT. and the pictures are weird. wait, I found my old groups. But the old way showed me my recently studied sets, and after I take a test I rarely go back to my old sets to study them. Just no, Quizlet, just no. D: Too many buttons to press.

  27. sophia

    The old dashboard still exists, exactly as it was before. It's just called your profile now.

  28. songela

    I would like to be able to alphabetize sets, especially within classes. Thanks!

  29. jdoan168

    It's fantastic! I love the new layout!

  30. sjovanoski


    WHOA!!! Very confusing! I like the old way better. :(

    I agree, I hate this. I have to scroll for 10 minutes trying to find the first set of a 'class'. I took me another 10 minutes on figuring out how to make someone an admin. The slick design is nice though.

    Overall, slickness yes, features no.


  31. alyssa525


  32. RachelIrene4Him

    One thing I would like to see, is that you can search for a certain set within a certain group.
    I like quizlet, great job!

  33. dpfonten1976 TEACHER

    I create and edit and study sets titled "Lesson 01, Lesson 02, ..., Lesson 99". With the new system, these are listed all outta whack and takes more time to find them. Please make an alphabetical listing possible (maybe even an option to make it a default). Thanks.

  34. benjaminerickson

    ok, this layout is way better than the old one, keep it up Quizlet!!

  35. black-widow

    i don't especially like the new format. the chat box is smaller and you can't tell who is online anymore. please don't change the profile section.

  36. joanna1999

    I would say that the chat box is confusing!

  37. robquiz

    wow i like it, the chat box is good and i like that all your classes are right on your dashboard.
    i can get from set to set with out to much trouble.
    i is good looking, simple and easy to use.

  38. aosaimy

    I like it this new feature.
    Two thing, I hope I can eliminate the groups that I already studied. Also, I wish I can test myself on multiple groups.

  39. russselll

    please, i need a way to split a set into two or several separate sets.

  40. billygoose

    The new format sucks!

  41. kathyia

    Great new format. Thanks for streamlining the front page a user sees when they enter Quizlet. Much quicker access to everything I want.
    Keep up the good work!

  42. nicole_c_jamieson

    NOT a fan of the new setup. I would also REALLY appreciate the ability to organize my sets in folders.

  43. kit25899

    i like the old format A-L-O-T better than this one- this one is jus confusing

  44. TonyDagher-mazing

    I like this new format! It takes a lot of getting used to, but when everyone gets used to it they wont be complaining as much.

  45. HeJoanne

    I HATE IT CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!!! the conversation box is too small! there is too much to scroll, everythings awful!! and profile doesnt even make snese, neither does dashboard, change it back stupid quizlet!

  46. HeJoanne

    the page is too BUSY its hard to concentrate on what im supposed to look at!

  47. HeJoanne

    You cant even find groups anymore! Quizlet is totally changing! And multiplayer never came back, and the stupid "admin" thing, I mean those were all little things but this is just unbearable.

  48. cballerina

    greenpencil bag says it all. however groups are still groups but their layout is awful.
    And ya, will multi-player ever return? it was awesome!

  49. Duck520

    ...This will take some time getting used to.

    With all the new features (others studying, champion placing, etc.) and easier access to everything (you can practically get to almost everything with a few clicks), it does seem like an upgrade. However, it does seem a bit confusing at first. It's a pretty big change from the previous design, and some things are harder to access.

  50. Flower1470

    I don't understand why everyone is begging to change it back; THEY'RE NOT GOING TO CHANGE IT BACK, OKAY? I've been apart of sites that have done major changes, and none of the users agree with them, but yet everyone gets used to it anyway. If you don't like it, leave. Simple as that. Oh, but you think this site makes it easier to study? Well, then, deal with it. Stop complaining, and find out what you can do to make it easier on yourself.

    I'm sorry if I sound rude, but it needs to be said.

  51. SamPonsford

    These changes are pretty good :)

  52. Kama64

    I'm sorry, but this is the worst change to the site yet. I liked where Quizlet was going, and was excited to come back after summer to see the new features. And I came back to this.

    I don't even know where to start. The feed, changing "groups" to "classes," the animal profile pictures, the ruined chat log... and even more than that. I joined Quizlet in late 2008, and everything that was great and vintage about it is gone now. First it was PMs and forums that were taken away (most users probably don't even know what those are because they haven't been here long enough). Ok, we can live without them (although they actually were very useful for studying). The rest of the changes up to this point were minor.

    But I don't even know what to say about this. I don't get completely revamping what's already been working for years. It's pointless. And, looking through the rest of these comments, others seem to agree. Everything on this site has become complicated (and become "confusing," as other users have stated) for no reason. I started using this site when I was in 6th grade and thought I'd be a user until I graduated from college, but now, in my HS sophomore year, I'm contemplating finding other ways to study.

    There's a comment here a few back that's whining for everyone to stop telling Quizlet to change the format back. Can you blame them? When 50% of the comments are criticizing the new format negatively, there's clearly a problem.

    I've loved Quizlet ever since I started using it. But this is too far.

  53. cballerina

    ^--- There used to be private messaging?!?!?!? GET OUT!! Thats a feature that needs to come back. Class discussion isn't always so great becase what if I'm working on a certain project for school and I'm paired up with a certain person but its a private project that the rest've the class isn't supposed to be in on, like a science fair project or dual presentation, something that you don't want all your prepping leaked? PM'ing would be very helpful in those situations.

  54. springs_acad

    :mad: It isn't that good anymore. Could you change it back? I totally liked the old way. Plus, it had multiplayer.

  55. BRooney98

    this site is completely screwed up now.

  56. LCO

    I'm sorry, but I don't like this new layout. It is too confusing and you have to scroll for AGESSSS...... just to get the set I want.

  57. Serious123

    Love it!!!! Very helpful!

  58. Danny626

    *sigh* You guys... It's not confusing. If you'd taken the time to read through some of the comments you would've seen that both Will and Sophia explained that what was originally the Dashboard is now titled "Profile". Everything's still organized by subject. I don't think the staff of Quizlet would be stupid enough to make you scroll through ALL of your sets to find a specific one. That would be ridiculous. I like the Study Feed because now I have quicker access to sets I've recently created. I don't have to go through all the trouble of clicking on the dashboard, the subject, and then the set. Now it's just one click away. Woot! :D Okay, perhaps it was a little unnecessary (then again, I'm not a part of any classes), but I really don't think it's anything to freak out over...

  59. Celeste_Everwhite

    Okay, I'm sorry about my previous comment. I am beginning to actually (suprise!) like this, but just one thing to say. Could you please make an option to organize sets? I am a part of a BIG group, and we have to be very careful about uploading sets on, b/c everything gets mixed up very quickly. Is there any way you could prehaps put folders for different groups of sets?
    All in all, Quizlet is a GREAT site, and I still like it very much. Thank you for all your hard work on it.

  60. cutedog


  61. cutedog

    this website is so good, thank god that is saw this

  62. lucywdk

    I like the old way too.

  63. MonyPezz

    I don't like this new format either. I don't like the chat boxes. I find them hard to see and also I like the multiplayer quizlet. When are you bringing it back?

  64. thetang

    I for one love the new changes! I think it looks much cleaner now. The only thing I would suggest is folders to organize farther.
    P.S. I cant wait for multiplayer to come back and for the mobile to be relesed on android!

  65. buzzgomez

    Dislike - to confusing and not enough white space

  66. bystrovan

    i have a question. i add in new flashcards almost every day and it gets harder and harder of find them in my growing list. is it possible to organize them so that they are by class, and not by activity.

  67. QuietTreble

    where is the chat box? i cant find it

  68. aocarnell

    We really need FOLDERS on quizlet! My grade at school has a class and we have too many sets it would be really helpful to organize it by class!

  69. discendi

    I agree, need FOLDERS or the ability to let us organize our sets by classes and have the option to control how the set is viewed. Why should I be forced to share my work with people who do not want to participate, but still be able to reap the benefits? A password should be allowed, as well as, having the ability to keep our sets organized.

  70. briesibley

    Freaking need organization!

  71. Cam_e_r_o_n

    You need to add folders in classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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