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Earlier this year, we launched the new Quizlet Learn on iOS and Android. Today, we're excited to introduce the new Learn on our website!

New Learn is the best way to get ready for a test, quiz or other assessment. It helps you focus on the content that you find most difficult, and automatically adapts based on what you know and don't know. Learn provides helpful, encouraging feedback and a variety of question types to make studying fun and engaging. As you progress, the questions get harder to reinforce your learning.

We brought everything you love about Learn from our apps to our website, and made it even better in response to your feedback. Now you can see your progress as soon as you dive in, review what you studied after each round and study more types of content, more quickly.

See real-time progress updates

New Learn shows your progress toward mastery in the sidebar. Hover over it to see how many terms are New, Seen, Familiar or Mastered. Need a break from studying? Don't worry, you can always pick up where you left off.


Review the terms you need to remember

After each round, review the terms that you just studied, or take a sneak peak at the ones coming up.

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Learn more, faster

Quizlet Learn is powered by the Learning Assistant Platform, which uses machine learning and cognitive science to create a custom study plan for you. This summer, we've trained the Learning Assistant Platform to be even smarter based on our data and your feedback. It now has better support for foreign languages, and you can use it to study diagrams. Our improved algorithm helps you get to mastery faster on more types of content — so you can work smarter, not harder.

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The Learning Assistant Platform improvements are now available on all of Quizlet's platforms: web, iOS and Android. Whether you study at home, in the classroom or on the go, your progress will sync seamlessly across all devices — just make sure that you're logged into your Quizlet account.

As you head back to school this fall, make the new Learn your best friend! Try it out, and let us know what you think. If for whatever reason you're missing the old Learn, you can still access it under a new name: Write.

Good luck this school year, and happy studying!


  1. Zachary_Zehring

    I have seen it and used it! Its very good!

  2. Zachary_Zehring

    Wish there were more things like this on Quizlet.

  3. Miss555

    I'm really happy to be part of your community "Learning tool" is wonderful!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  4. rhubarb1313

    The Winter Olympics is in 1 day

  5. MystaryPi

    Very useful! Really helps me learn Vocab really easily!

  6. swimfast7


  7. Proverbs_2_6

    I LOVE the new learn. It is very effective, encouraging, and attention-grabbing. Often times, we will simply go through the flashcards, and then we have all the info nailed down... for about 24 hours. The new learn goes deeper with even more (not consecutive) repetitions of a term, and in different question types. Now the info gets nailed down for weeks, or even months! Also, the new learn gives breaks, encouraging statements, and funny emojis. This is helpful as school can be stressful, so having the encouragement the new learn provides is imperative. Lastly, the new learn is "distraction-resistant" if you know what I mean. One of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS I have with studying is distraction. The slightest noise, and my brain is off in it's own world. Not with the new learn! The overall appearance of it is attention-grabbing. That is why I really enjoy the new learn. If you have not used it yet, I strongly encourage you to. --Takethechallenge

  8. E9D

    I'm going to try that

  9. IsabellaH-A68

    Thanks my students will enjoy that

  10. scm0022


  11. Nurk1n

    Nice! I like that instead of putting a right question under Mastered, its put under seen, allowing more time to look over each one. One thing the might still need fixing is that when you get back on after completing, i think it should go through all of them equally instead of a continuous loop or just one round consisting of the ones you missed last time and some random ones. But overall very nice. Gucci. On fleek. kewl.

    may the force be with you

  12. chispita2345

    Cool this will help a lot! :D

  13. Nurk1n

    Also a needed improvement for the Learn for web is keyboard shortcuts for easy and fast learning. That would totally make something excellent excellenter, if ya know what i mean.

    Peace(cuz i can only comment twice ;-;)

  14. hannahg617

    I love how there is a variety of ways to learn; not just terms, definitions, or spelling, but a mix of both.

  15. Susiann_Takauo

    Well I'm very much appreciated

  16. pekka_playz_


  17. pekka_playz_

    nice idea

  18. kishore17

    Its pretty good - keep the good work up Quizlet!

  19. abiddlebug

    Very useful

  20. jacksonwlester

    Oh so that's why I saw a new.

  21. Thandwichis

    Very Very good for learning things fast and even kind of fun and it's very rewarding

  22. Petiot

    This is such a great new Quizlet tool! I love it!

  23. pat5919

    Is there a way to connect ipad devices simultaneously for students to participate on individual ipads?

  24. jpeake318 TEACHER

    Is there a way to set the set to ignore information in parentheses like it was under the old design? It was great being able to include extra info for my students but not require them to actually type it in.

  25. labrador36

    i like this! Great idea!

  26. tp103

    Um... it ignores parantheses like in the old version @jpeake318
    Maybe they updated since you comment...?

  27. maracello

    I absolutely LOVE "learn". it's SO AWESOME!

  28. tia_holyoake PLUS

    My progress percentage has disappeared on the new learn tool! Anyone know how to get it back?

  29. moralezbeaudintav


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