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It’s here! Meet your new Quizlet set page

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Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Quizlet set page. It’s cleaner. Faster. Prettier. And ready to help you crush your next test. Here’s what changed:

  1. Cleaner 🛁: Finding and studying the right study set has never been easier. We’ve simplified the set page to help you quickly find the right content, study mode and settings to get you set up for success. Studying can be hard. Figuring out how to use a study app should be easy.
  2. Faster ⚡: Whether you’re learning a new language in Kalamazoo, Michigan or preparing for your physics exam in Ubud, we want to connect you to the right content sooner so you can start studying, faster. You’ll notice the new set page loads faster, which means less waiting, more learning. When your homework is due ASAP, every second counts.
  3. Prettier 💅: We get it — learning is hard work. We wanted to make the site you know and love great to look at, too.

The set page will remain your one stop shop for learning. Whether you’re studying on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you’ll see these changes (if you haven’t already) the next time you visit Quizlet on the web. Love the updates? Think they’re okay, but want more? Tell us your thoughts here or in the comments below.


  1. CaseyJ22536

    Is there an option to chose "old graphics" and if so, how?

  2. Spitfire_Blaziken

    Not a fan

  3. amazingpopxgrande

    Hi it's me amazingpopxgrande, your like biggest fan !!!!!
    I loveeeeeeeee the new set page it is soooooo awesome !!!!!
    Thks so much for inventing Quizlet it is awesome to learn.
    Like you said this new set page is cleaner, prettier and faster !!!!
    amazingpopxgrande, your biggest fan

  4. lily2992

    wow, so cool.........................................


  5. Everything394


  6. mmetzger01

    Yo dis is cool

  7. lily2992

    uWu, wut...............................................................


  8. Taylor_Stinnett20

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your work.

    Also, I noticed that the long term learning was not reviewing the old cards as much as it was before while you are going through them? (Usually it was 10 old cards with 10 new card). I loved this old system. Is there a way to bring it back?

  9. LimboCosmosOrangutan

    Ooo yes this will be good.

  10. caralisa3


  11. mmetzger01

    Wow this is cleaner and neater tan the old quiz let. :)

  12. JOOT49

    I think it’s good, but I’ll have to get used to it

  13. MystaryPi


  14. sadness_is_with_me

    yea its good

  15. HappyLucky_Sunshine PLUS

    I've been seeing the new update before this announcement. On my brother's account there is a new update on the homescreen/dashboard, I don't have that new update for some reason.

  16. Doctor_Bay68

    im a fan

  17. ciddykid123


  18. BDevanney

    SOO COOL I LOVE IT AND WHEN WILL QUIZLETS MAIN PAGE GET UPDATED! i have been waiting quizlet and i am a big fan of the new page!

    can you switch back to the old one though [not that i want to] and how!

  19. HouseOfClouse

    That is amazing. But, a still have trouble finding things now that Quizlet has changed the set background. HELP PLEASE ANYONE!!!!

  20. timc58

    So much better!

  21. melissa_dryland PLUS

    No i preferred the old layout of - why have the margins suddenly narrowed? :( I revise by looking at the list of finished cards underneath and was in the middle of revising the sets I'd made when it suddenly changed and now Its really hard to read any text when there is also a photo. Is there a way to change it back to how it was before?

  22. averyhallen

    i like this alot

  23. greatjazzy3138

    me no likey

  24. superstudy46


  25. imobsessedwithfruit

    Iz be ok :)

  26. Dillon_Hires

    I really like this idea Quizlet and u cant wait to see how this turns out

  27. superElizabethE


  28. Matthew_Ellio

    i LOVE it.

  29. edushikh PLUS

    thank you quizlet for making me good student i cant even imagine studying without it

  30. agstogner

    this new setup is....interesting

    but okay 🤷‍♀️

  31. Gaster_17 PLUS

    This is a little weird, but I can get used to it!

  32. agstogner

    i would like being able to access the classes from anywhere on quizlet. (signed in, or course). it would make life so much easier and i wouldn't have to go back to the home page to see my classes. if im missing a way to get back to the classes, let me know! (im not the smartest person😅)

  33. Katelyn91904

    I am not a fan of the new screen. It is more confusing to me than the old way.

  34. TahliaFlipflops


  35. Anatoliyv


  36. Anatoliyv


  37. Study_Advice

    I like it! Better studying layout

  38. BugBug1218

    I liked the other better. The new one feels more cramped. The old one was more open.

  39. travishensarling

    Meh, this one is okay, but I like the old one better. Make an option to switch to old, please.

  40. nandan09

    yes the old one is better

  41. amazingpanda_6-4_GM

    This is great because now it is more simple for students that have had trouble in the past therefore this new update is great!

  42. ihame6453

    This is great but some sets have not changed.

  43. deborahnola

    I like it, good job.

  44. Proverbs_2_6

    Looks super sweet!


  45. NotLoach

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!! PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!! or at least give us the option to!!!!!! It's way too small of a font, I can't see it! jeez looks like Quizlet doesn't know how to make some basic UI.

  46. Joshua-Laird


  47. James_Spann6 GO

    Pretty nice.

  48. James_Spann6 GO

    I liked the old one better

  49. Poodleinaflowerpot

    me likey new layout

  50. Hambric_James

    yeee dont know both have pros and con /:

  51. AudreyKath123

    OLD ONE IS SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER. The new one is so confusing. TOO MUCH white.

  52. zechatron

    change it back or atleast make an option to change it back plz




    I still think that this is pretty good though.

  55. Agnescobbum


  56. BBentley234

    Please make an option to turn it back!!! Do it for the puppy in my account picture (;

  57. Agnescobbum


  58. Andrew12345678900872

    This is so amazing not gonna lie but the old Quizlet was dull and boring.(No offense 2 the creators😐😐😐😊☺😬😋😝😜😛😛😘😝😎😝😝😝😝😝😝😎😎😎😭😝😱 :-P ;-) :-) :-$ B-) 🆒🆕✅✅✅✅✅✅💌💌🌸🌹🍔🍟🍦🍧🍟🍨🍰🍪🍕


  59. Rhys_Beutler PLUS

    How do I merge sets now?

  60. tpkyteroo_luebeck PLUS

    Putting the learning stuff on the left is fine, but what we really need is...
    1. LEARN needs to do: 1 word to 1 word for 3 or 4 words, then review them in Random order with 2 options for the answers, next time we see the word it should have 3 options for the answer. We get this twice. Lastly, we get word with 4 options for answers. It should also randomly choose which word we get next, and then apply the appropriate number of options for that word BUT it needs to count how many NEW words we have with 1 to 1 so that we only get 5 new words max that aren't at 3 answer options.

    2. Searching for the right set is a horror story waiting to happen. Using "Deutsch"+"Japanisch" should not give me every single tpkyteroo set known to man! It should only give me sets with BOTH Deutsch and Japinisch.

    3. Maybe work out a deal with Google so that searching works better for your website.

  61. masonatore

    it looks a lot cleaner. now i can finally study!:)

  62. EmojiCon35 PLUS

    Whoa, it's great!

  63. OPMaster494

    Cool and all, but I don't think it support high resolution screens

  64. lstring1622

    it is very helpful I love it!

  65. adair_scott

    it is ok but not a huge fan

  66. jasminobambino

    where has Quizlet live gone?

  67. oliv_n2

    It kind of looks the same. I mean nothing much changed, but it's a little confusing since to get to this page you have to click these random buttons. IDK. Just saying.

  68. ellamae14


  69. Isaac_Philo

    I'm just surprised that a wildly popular site like this has so few comments on its announcements.

  70. Isaac_Philo

    It would be nice if we had the option to do "Learn" for folders in their entirety. It would be a great and ultra-useful improvements.
    I almost only use Learn, apart from Test, and, reviewing groups of hundreds of terms throughout different sets is troublesome without this.

  71. undercoat

    I saw this before, and I wasn’t a beta tester. I think that was a glitch. Does it work for diagrams?

  72. CAR0052_8F

    No, I like the old way better because it was easier to navigate around the website. 😡👎🤬

  73. Mrs_ADickte TEACHER

    I am still evaluating and am open to change. However, I'm disappointed that this change is happening now at the end of the school year when teachers are exhausted and trying to wrap up their school years. I am literally using the site for 3 more days with my students and now I have to do more work to figure out where to get my students' information. Personally, the timing stinks. Why not make this change mid-June when we have time to learn the new layout.

  74. tpkyteroo_luebeck PLUS

    To clarify, we should not get more than 5 new words that are at 1 to 1 option or 1 to 2 options.
    Thanks for keeping Matching game! That I use often to begin to learn the words and get my brain used to seeing them. Without matching, i'd be somewhat stuck.

  75. katie13n5

    i dont get it. Can you please let night mode be free? it would really help those who study at night. it would really be helpful.....

  76. ihatemyprentssss


  77. AnonymousWraith

    now this is epic

  78. rosie2189

    I agree with katie13n5

    Dear Quizlet,
    Hello, my name is ------- ------------ -----.
    Some people study real late at night, and they would really like it if you let Night Mode be free. Quizlet is an awesome way to learn, but what about those who can only study at night, and with the screen so bright, (i mean literally, its a bright screen!) their eyes will get really hurt and may lead to blindness, probably, or am I over-exaggerating.
    What I am trying to say is that I, (and most of the Quizlet users will really appreciate you making Night Mode available for free. All the other stuff in Premium Pack can still remain with a price, but just make night mode free.

    one of your users


    Who votes Night Mode to be free?

  79. hannahle215

    This will take a while for me to get used to. I don't like how everything shrank... :/

  80. blahblahblahdeedoo

    it is ok

  81. Bella122006


  82. Mr_Koriyama


  83. phyllispark TEACHER

    why did you remove the "copy" function???

  84. JacobMa928

    So good it's too good!

  85. craig_jones_16 PLUS

    I still want the old OLD version back from 2015 or whatever.

  86. rlang57

    its ok

  87. Carlyna_Stackhouse

    I dont like the new page but the last page was awsome

  88. NotLoach

    WHY DID U DO THIS RIGHT BEFORE EXAM!!! this new UI is so boring and it honestly looks like it took zero effort...

  89. Emma_9_19_2005

    I love it so much

  90. Emma_9_19_2005

    (: <3

  91. KatRodrigue

    Oh Yeah!

  92. KatRodrigue

    This is so awesome! I like not like-like but like neat and clean!

  93. K00LA1DMAN

    Okay how is this an update just wondering? cuz I literally had this since April 23-ish


    so much better

    STILL getting used to it though
    😆@_@ #_# *-* (^O^;) >_< >< >﹏<

  95. Nateyrst

    Hi. I dont really like this. Its just very bland. There is a lot of white and the description is in a really bad place. The majority of my sets have something in the description that you should know before using them, and it can go unnoticed. Please add an option to revert it.

  96. render_fords


  97. JuanCarlosRedBird

    It's not great. It would be amazing if you added an option to go back to the original.

  98. LDestroyer47

    Put it back to the go one

  99. Cayleb_Baleb

    Please make an option whether you can change to the old quizlet page or new. No offense. I actually kinda like it but have to get used to it. :)

  100. N04H_MRKU5

    Bring back the old one!

  101. Roboticdoom8017

    I thought the other one was better but I lik this ome

  102. Jack_Kahlow

    This is trash

  103. Sarkis_A

    Is there an option to change it back for our personal use?

  104. btwitsfina


  105. RyleeMatthews

    lol its not trash Jack_Kahlow , its........ beauty

  106. Wf-is-back

    I'm sorry but i kinda like it but also doesn't. I don't likehow i can't see all my classes on side of sreen but oh well thanks (mostly) quizlet.


    wow great


    It was a little strange at first but thank you for the new update! It will help me with my studying quite a bit :)

  109. will_da_kat

    Didn't even notice the Change but it looks pretty smooth

  110. E_Saraiah_Philip PLUS

    can someone please delete the random comments people are leaving?

    But I always love a quizlet update. It takes me a bit to get used to them, but I know I'll like it eventually. Thank you Quizlet team!

  111. LiamToliaFruitSalad

    This is not my favorite, I believe that the new layout is harder to use, but I will probably get used to it eventually. I must say it looks nicer, though.

  112. AndersonHadTacosRun

    Kinda ugly, but ok.

  113. veronica123450

    It's okay I guess

  114. David_Goicuria

    Looks much neater!

  115. Teaghan66

    it looks pretty stupid to be honest

  116. thehappyturdle

    Fancy Shmansiy!

  117. amcgu56

    I like it : )

  118. REDSKULL823

    I just went with it, but still i don't understand why you changed it.

  119. Alice-zheng23232

    love the new look, but just I can no longer create a test just over the things I stared. Hope it can be change soon.

  120. aiden5611

    i liked the old one it's alot better but this works.💎😤

  121. samduman17 PLUS

    Nice job, Quizlet! Way to change things up and keep things interesting. I have noticed that the format for diagram sets has not changed. Will it change soon?
    Anyway, here are the pros and cons for the new format:

    1: You get to studying faster with the new flashcard format at the top of the page, it gets studiers interested.
    2: The description of the set is easier to read. This probably my favorite upgrade, the best in my opinion!
    3: It is a lot cleaner, and doesn’t ‘overwhelm’ the person at first sight

    1: It might not be as friendly to new users, with smaller icons which might be a little confusing at first. This also might follow for ‘veteran’ Quizlet users
    2: No option of switching back and forth between the formats. I personally prefer the new model, but the option would be nice

    Thanks Quizlet, for helping me get better grades and making studying fun!

  122. malakais817

    i dont see it

  123. Ms_Unicorn2018

    Cool It helped me a lot for studying.

  124. nygiants8196


  125. Vincent868

    o-o ok... I don't really like the chances. But fine.

  126. david_master15 TEACHER

    Thank you Quizlet, just an idea, isn't good if you add comments and likes in the decks? It could be amazing

  127. JackJ132

    It cool

  128. kadenmerrick

    sooooooooo cool

  129. kadenmerrick

    what do you guys mean it's not cool, it's good

  130. JoshReEeeEeEEeEeEeE

    lame i cant handle change

  131. AbbyGlobo

    Love this! But somebody must not be using their Quizlets very well cause Kalamazoo is in Michigan 😂

  132. malakais817

    it is bad. i like the old one. it is bad. please change it back to the old one because it is bad. DId i mention that it is bad? also it is very bad and i like the old one better. it is also bad as well

  133. fishiesarecool9


  134. binnsreagan7


  135. lil_thanos3

    i dont like it please change it back. If you do not change it back i will continue to not like it and then i will still not like it so please chanvge it bak

  136. lil_thanos3

    is there a way to access the old look because this one is trash

  137. AbByWiLfOrD

    I liked the old one better

  138. superstudy46

    It is alright, but i am not a fan of it.

  139. vivbier19

    i like it but i wish i could create a quizlet live for my friends

  140. Rohan_Patel32

    This is awful. Must be changed back to the previous way.

  141. brody5690

    this is trash

  142. HamilShrekPotter


  143. HamilShrekPotter

    Harsh. I think that quizlet was better the old way! KNOW WHAT I MEAN?


    bruh improve the app itself please. We need to be able to organise sets into any order within a folder, it would be ideal. the new visuals are nice though.

  145. YodaDaSoda

    One more time - IT IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. dave437329_dave

    WOW :/

  147. dave437329_dave

    Cori Shearer this is "sooooooooooooo great"

  148. Vipertroop69


  149. rhymergw

    Not great. I prefer the old version.

  150. prisoner_1224

    its noice

  151. awesomemaddie2020

    Its helpful Its nice i like the new one better than the old one

  152. kin827

    i don't like this at ALL

  153. OIsabellaGraceO

    cool story bro

  154. thea301 PLUS

    sorry about all this rudeness that i am trowing at you, but I like the old one better 😭

  155. NatalieNoelle

    How do you get it back to the old one, I miss it? Thanks so much!

  156. faeriekin

    not a fan
    how can i get back to the old one?

  157. Colton_Dynia PLUS

    Can you add a way to have many diagrams built into one set?

  158. Bannon8011369

    i really don't like it and how do yo make it to where on match you can click on two and it tells you if its right

  159. dragonanna1

    i looooooooooooooove it

  160. E_Saraiah_Philip PLUS

    AbbyGlobo... they did say Kalamazoo is in Michigan...

  161. Brianvwhite

    Really! Just got used to the first one!!!!!

  162. Micah_Seiler_ PLUS

    I mean, there isn't much different from the old one. I still like it though. ☻

  163. HelenMaria08

    This is SO cool! I like it. it looks faster, easier, and... EVERYTHING!

  164. imntsposed2bhr

    like it the same as the old 1 better organized tho

  165. imntsposed2bhr

    WaIT NeVEr MinD

    LOvE It

  166. im_dustin

    I live the old one better.

  167. im_dustin


  168. LilliPliska

    Thank you, Quizlet! The new design is clean and not too complicated. In fact, the new layout has helped my studying simply because it is a new layout: I need to shake things up in my study sessions to stay focused.
    As a visual learner, I enjoy using colors to coordinate terms and definitions. Perhaps Quizlet will eventually have this as an option.

  169. ronxanderson PLUS

    Largely a cosmetic upgrade. Search functionality remains marginal. Users with lots of sets need be able to search their content from their home page. Needs a night display theme, especially for the app. The app also needs the same advanced audio options as the webpage.

  170. VrajThakkar

    yeah, whatever

  171. RonaldReagen_gov123 PLUS

    Yeah... I like the old one better

  172. Pearlcupcake

    Cool? Cupcake 🧁

  173. chloeash51 PLUS


  174. Milagros_Rodriguez TEACHER

    I love Quizlet but to be honest I do not like this new page.

  175. I-da-Queen

    I love these kids on QUIZLET that think this lame stuff is cool.

  176. I-da-Queen


  177. akirarorschach

    I liked the old interface better, with the large buttons and icons.

  178. MGLindskog

    what the heck mine doesnt look like that... like it does its just really tiny and theres a bunch of space on the sides (im on a computer) can anyone fix this its annoying that page isnt zoomed out or anything help

  179. Icewhisker001 PLUS

    Um... heyo. I think I got my dahboard before it was time and i was really confused... but the update is pawsome!

  180. Icewhisker001 PLUS

    but you have sets soo obviously not that lame

  181. harmon-sclasslogin

    Um, when I first logged in to one of my sets, I thought I had accidentally reverted back to a previous version because I haven't had this very long. I think that the new one looks worse and I liked the previous version.

  182. psych8888 PLUS

    great work

  183. Study_Sets_by_Julia PLUS

    Hey! I'm kind of upset because now I can't put my starred terms in alphabetical order so that I can edit them easier and faster. I really don't like this new version. Old version again, please.

  184. erotomaniaa

    I'm here for it tbh.

  185. ahoeffner

    meh it aight

  186. mangomila

    I liked the old one. It was easier to find the terms. Now we have to flip through the flashcards. :(

  187. audrey23kim

    I loved the older one SO much better. This one is more confusing, and actually takes MORE time. Please make it the old one plssss.

  188. regell

    Um....yeah it’s kinda cool....I guess. It’s more confusing though but anyway you quizlet team are amazing!!

  189. skull0 PLUS

    i prefer the old one. the zoomed out screen makes the home page look sort of - well - off. what i mean is i dislike the fact that there is so much extra space on the margins (i am using a laptop). also, the buttons might be better if they were smaller. i honestly feel this layout takes more time to use. thanks

  190. skull0 PLUS

    ↑ i meant bigger* sorry. the buttons would look better if they were bigger ↑

  191. ivan_888 PLUS

    Personally, I like the old one better. Will there be an option in which we can pick between the two?

  192. kyoeiuni TEACHER

    Did the redesign process involve any consultation with actual users? I use it on an iPad, my students use the app on their phones. We all agree, after having used it for a few weeks, that everything has become much more laborious to navigate to sets, classes and folders.

    On the website, the left hand menu bar only shows two folders or classes, and they are not the most recent ones or somehow intelligently anticipating what I might be looking for.

    The screen for each set is a sea of white. All the links are too small and indistinctive to see from the back of a crowded classroom, even on a large OHP screen.

    Really pleased the students can play Live from the app now, but why haven’t you added the join code or QR code to the pop-up window telling a student they need to join the game again?

    Would be nice if users can customize the main screen: a list of their classes, their own most recently used or created sets, folders, any new sets added to their classes, etc.

  193. tpunn

    This is much better, but you could make the buttons larger and more accessible.

    The details on the bottom made it harder to find/access the icons (like edit, share, options, etc.), so I recommend moving to the top.

  194. colekissell8

    I see no difference at all

  195. Eliza123457

    I love it so much !!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  196. MilltensMENbaby


  197. Elsapelsa24


  198. mosagosa123

    I don´t like the new page at all because it´s more difficult to find everything. I liked the old page more it was much easier to find things and the screen was a lot more bigger and it was easier to see. I think you should go back to the old version.

  199. Simonhansson2

    Hey turn back the old version

  200. korvlover32

    i hate your new uppdates its more ads and i hate it becuase everithing is smaller in the layout.

  201. elinhalldin


  202. stasty

    i don´t really like the new design becuase everthing got smaller and i just want to go in and press space in flashcards but now it scroll down and it´s super enoying so plz fix or at least make an old skin button or something like that still i learnt allot but on the old quizlet.
    not a fan

  203. stasty

    and by the way it says You may only comment one more time. which is enoying becuase im not liking this pay to get thing i want to learn not pay to do something i can do somewhere else so plz i really would like it if you would make it more free
    still not a fan

  204. mistynini

    Hi this is what i think of this new update and my class and my teatcher.
    WHY DID YOU DO THIS UPDATE!!!! I hate it!!! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!! CHANGE BACK, CHANGE BACK, CHANGE BACK!!!!!!!! please change back I find nothing on this new performance, I don't understand how to do this now!, Why did you do that, do you think we will learn more? We will not learn more about this update! Me and my class do not like this one and it does not my teacher either, we would love to have the lead that we think it was better! I do not know which language I can write so that you understand but I write in English. We want the old one back!!!!!!! I'm upset because now I can't put my starred terms in alphabetical order so that I can edit them easier and faster. I really don't like this new version. It´s all is so tiny, I don´t see whatI I want. IT is so small that I do not see what I want to do and who has done it, I do not understand how you could do this to us !!! Please reply as soon as possible. -Misty!

  205. tatiana_baisheva TEACHER

    Why is the speaker icon missing in the Card mode? (((((


    I think previous version is better

  207. emmawhitesell23

    Omg that is amazing it does work so much faster and it looks really nice and organized. LOVE IT!!!!!


    C H A N G E N 0 W 334455677866^^&*%$$#@

  209. Cl3VERRo0K

    It doesn't really improve anything. The text is small and it doesn't look as good as it used to. I didn't really have any problems with the previous one. The old one is so much better.

  210. robska2005


  211. hcps-yuanal

    The font could be bigger, but other than that, thanks! It looks wonderful.

  212. DisneyQueen2006

    cool yes the font could be bigger but good.

  213. TanP2

    this will take time to get used to
    sure its cleaner but sometimes the original is better than the newer version

  214. Logan_Lee64

    that is cool

  215. E_f43


  216. Molly160511

    It seems a lot less accessible than before. Harder to find stuff and smaller font makes things harder to see. Not to mention all that empty, unused space. Is there are way to change it back to the way it was before?

  217. Vanessa_The_Vampire

    I just thought it was a glitch. What if u actually changed the background.

  218. Sriram10barca

    Thank you for the upgrade

  219. Dank_Sans

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Honestly, I like the old one better. Will there be an option to set it back to the old one?

  220. antonioambrad555

    Cool. Very cool. I love the new design. Way easier to click the activities. Great job!

  221. NickPalmer19

    I don't like it increase the size of the UI and make it more landscape oriented. A couple of changes need to be made. I like that the cards are big and right there for you but please increase UI size so it fills up more of the tab.

  222. DylanGamesByTheWay


  223. TylerKrentz


  224. thesmilingtangerine

    I love how it is organized more! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

  225. BraydenTaylor12

    I don't like it much because I look up when I log in . Because of this i think my computer glitches out every time

  226. samuel5235


  227. NothingElseHere

    The last page looked nicer than this one...

  228. Antigoni_Melidonioti TEACHER

    Don't think it's efficient. Neither for educators nor for learners. ALso it would be a nice idea to change the pronounciation from American to a more European. Or provide both options. Another thing that would really help learners is to provide bigger images in the "match". This way, people with learning difficulties will benefit greatly from it, since their score as well as their spirits would increase.

  229. NothingElseHere

    You can not look at the leaderboard... why?

  230. uncorn2023

    change it back

  231. Trent_DeClaire

    I dont like this update there is so much white and everything is small as heck please change it back

  232. Zombieknight2

    I like this way better

  233. fffink

    I don't think I've ever seen such a mixed bag of results for something as simple as a website update..
    There isn't a single grey area to these comments. The amount of controversy is hilarious.. love it.

  234. SwaggerSou1

    i hate i make a why to change it to the old one

  235. Roro_4014

    Really cool and easier to study

  236. Mazilight

    interesting but I kina like the other one better but I like them and is fine with either one :3 btw I like the high five button

  237. Legolas_01

    congratulations to your corporation party all day

  238. Annabella75

    noice yo.


  239. Josiah_McElrath

    I don"t prefer the new update i don"t like it at all it is just a very bad update it is hard to find ur study sets i just dont like it

  240. QuizBowlChamp3


  241. Peter_McGinn9

    I don't like it, but it does look good. Here's why:

    Before, the options were large squares that were visible instead of now, which all the options are grouped together, taking away the ability to read with a quick glance. I have also studied 2 study sets with it, and both times I clicked on an option that I didn't want to do. They are too close together and too small, but it still looks good. If they were a little more spaced out and in a larger font, then it would be perfect.

  242. Peter_McGinn9

    It is also hilarious how people either love it or hate it, no in between. The controversy is almost as bad as deflate gate!

  243. jwilli6648


  244. bruh_its_blaze

    i dont like it sorry

  245. Marty_Suarez

    I can't see it !

  246. CCBCMissAlly TEACHER

    haaaate the new interface. Please please please make an option to toggle to the classic view

  247. superJchow34

    What!? No way!

  248. WelkeElkeDoc TEACHER

    Hrmf. This is what I hate about these apps. Once you know how they work, somebody in a creative mood thinks it is high time to give them a make-over. Have we complained about not being able to find our study sets? Have we complained about the site not being pretty enough? So far it is only taking me more time to find what I need than ever before and frankly, I can't see anything that I would call particularly pretty. I have a paid teacher account and have a ton of wishes for Quizlet. This make-over was not one of them.

  249. wizlol

    I hate it. It's so much easier to study on the old version. If this is here to stay, at least put an option to go back to the old version.

  250. Sharif_Nawal


  251. bcostain TEACHER

    I like the new page. Are any upgrades for the Import feature planned? My classes typically have over 100 sets and manually cut and pasting in to the import GUI is a time consuming process. Bulk upload is possible with the API but new keys for the API are longer being issued. Is it possible to use the API for upload only?

  252. wizlol

    I absolutely hate and detest the new Learn. It does not make you retype missed words so I don't learn at all. It should be an option to fix corrected mistakes. Please, I'm begging you, Quizlet. I really don't want to use Anki, which looks like it was meant for Windows XP, but I might have to if I can't learn.

  253. eesanf

    PLEASE ,,, i want to use old one ,,

  254. Panthering

    Please give us an option to switch to the old layout! I really dislike this one!!!

  255. Mayson_LunaMinty


  256. scoreperfect PLUS

    I can't even Copy my own set to use new audio - and "export" won't work because I've gone in and Tabbed things differently - I WANT TO DUPLICATE MY SETS SO I CAN USE DIFFERENT LANGUAGE AUDIO!!!
    Nothing like breaking something that worked so well before.
    Very disappointed

  257. tpunn

    Please add folders to classes. It makes it easier to organize between multiple subjects, otherwise it gets cluttered and no one can find what they need.

  258. VuxVux04 TEACHER

    Looks, great to me. But kinda annoying. I don't really like changes.

  259. villalobosjesus


  260. teenagprincess

    Love it

  261. teenagprincess

    That's cool 😎😎😎😎😎

  262. Tracey_Rains TEACHER

    I've given myself quite some time to decide, and I hate the new interface. I can think of several things I'd like, but making it "prettier" was never one of them. My advice to Quizlet, unless your users are complaining, leave it alone. Right now, I'm complaining. If I'm not alone, maybe change it back. It looks like you're pandering to the illiterate with icons instead of words. I can read. I want words. I'm an adult. I don't care if it's cool. My students loved it before. They use it because I use it. If teachers don't put sets up here, the students won't care if it's pretty and cool.

  263. Molly160511

    It seems a lot less accessible than before. Harder to find stuff and smaller font makes things harder to see. Not to mention all that empty, unused space. Y'all have to change it back to the way that it was before.

  264. summerintensive

    truly dislike the new interface and am researching other alternatives to quizlet now. please add an option to go back to the old version.

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