Yesterday marked Jake's first day on the Software Engineering team at Quizlet.

Jake will be working on the Quizlet mobile experience. He previously built Quiz Me!, one of the top Quizlet-powered iPhone apps. He is a rising freshman at Hinsdale Central.


  1. MonyPezz

    Good luck! Congrats!

  2. EpikVision

    Wow, already working your way up! Keep up the hard work.

  3. Damo14

    Welcome to quizlet!

  4. SophiePec

    Kid will go far.

  5. nkuszlyk


  6. Krezzy4

    Hopefully this site goes really far

  7. dfielitz0511

    Welcome! I hope you use the website a lot. Is the best place to study and make vocabulay words. I also will like to tell you good luck. Also Congrats!

  8. leileik

    good job, kid your're so young, yet so talented

  9. HerrHerzog

    Good Luck


    Man, u guys r smart!

  11. Mewtwo223


  12. steph-hauf

    Yay good job!!!! I think people like you are amazing because I could never design an app or something like that.

  13. DaChickenInc

    Nice. Good luck! You won't need it, but still...

  14. jordanknighten

    Be COOOOLLL, MAN!!!!!

  15. apple61

    great job dude! you go! thank u 4 helping 2

  16. cynthiacapota25

    Good luck and thank you so much for helping Quizlet get better!

  17. hschenkel

    Welcome :)

  18. teresap22

    nice job! i hope that you go far.

  19. Ace721

    congrats. you will go far in life. keep it up

  20. MCNoakes

    Awesome!!!! :D You'll go far!

  21. cokiecola95

    this guy was in my trig class as an 8th grader! hes gonna go far

  22. onedirectionistheway

    so how do you like quizlet?write back

  23. kaylan97

    Welcome to quizlet! :)

  24. kaylan97

    welcome to quizlet!

  25. kaylan97

    I am bff's with HANNA STYLES as you can see above we are both FIFTEEN.:) HOW old are you?

  26. onedirectionistheway

    just so you know kaylan97 is crazy i dont even know her

  27. onedirectionistheway

    dont listen to her

  28. onedirectionistheway

    hi jake again

  29. yenyaz

    hi i just want to say good luck and welcome!
    yenifer :) so how old are u jake???

  30. onedirectionistheway

    hi yenyaz how are you by the way my mane is hanna styles and i want to know is you want to talk some times

  31. karinahannakennedy

    hi im back but I changed my name I used to be onedirectionistheway now its my name karinahannakennedy

  32. jesusrocksmyworld

    hi jake sup

  33. megan_g1234

    wow wish I was as smart as you

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