At Quizlet, feedback from our users informs our product design process everyday. Millions of students and teachers write into our website, overflowing with ideas about how to make Quizlet better. We visit local schools on a regular basis to hear directly from our users (read about it here or here). And we want to do even more of this. With the development of our new Android app, we have the opportunity to take this feedback loop to the next level and create a Quizlet Android Beta. We hope you'll join us.

Calling all Quizlet users on Android!

If you use Quizlet and have an Android device, we want to hear from you! You'll get early access to the app and give the Android team direct feedback about what you think of it.

We have two main goals for this project:

  1. Find and troubleshoot bugs and crashes more effectively. We have test phones in our office but we don't have hundreds. Every bug or crash solved in the Beta means millions of users will never have that problem.
  2. Get feedback from our users throughout the development process. We'll release features to the Beta as we build them to get your opinion and then use your feedback to iterate on the app.

To start, you'll be able to use a feedback form within the app but we hope talk with you 1:1 about your thoughts on the app too.

Sign Up Now

Due to high demand, we've temporarily closed applications for Beta-Testing the Quizlet app. Please check back again soon since we hope to re-open it once we've successfully completed our first round of testing.

And if you have any questions, please let us know in our feedback center.

Thank you!

-The Quizlet Android Team


  1. chinmoy

    2nd one

  2. smexysunny


  3. relentlessjake

    Thank-you for this! omg. About time. I'm excited to help out as much as I can to get this guy out to market!

  4. NinjaKirby

    5th COmment THanks For Quizlet!!! It is helping me ALOT! Keep up the good work!

  5. Celeste_Everwhite


  6. gina509

    This cite is very helpful
    keep it up : )

  7. ravenmoon12


  8. annagoose2008

    hearing good news from you...

  9. LAWatchus

    Great news! Look forward to using it.

  10. bhcho99nz

    Thank you for listening to me (and probably many others)! Now I can use this to study for term 4 exams :)

  11. CyrilBiselx

    Can't wait to report bugs! :D

  12. cticne

    I love this! Way more convenient for me! Thank you :)

  13. squirrelmaster

    Oh have I been waiting for this! Getting my bug killer out :D

  14. marshmallowdragon

    Cool! 16th comment!!

  15. WouterP

    i hope this is all going to work

    Sent from my HTC

  16. dollarside

    Filled out the form, cannot wait to test this out!

  17. misha120383

    give me two

  18. MemVerseFanatic

    Hey I will ask my mom if I can do this!!! I am so excited. The mobile site for Quizlet was AWFUL; your Microscatter scores weren't saved and the chat boxes in the sets did not work; you could not add or remove sets/members from classes either. I am hoping the Android App will be better.

  19. tbabintseva

    rather complicated!

  20. swelfel

    Hey Sophia, any idea when the beta will be available? I'm using quizlet to study for the bar and would love to have access to the app ASAP!

  21. graveyard_grrl

    Can't wait! :)

  22. moezartgal

    Super excited! Thank you so much for finally doing this. This will make my studying a ton easier :D

  23. Nyxaeliaelia

    This app will be really convenient for me! I'm always using quizlet for my Japanese. Searched the google play store and found the test app, downloaded it. Looks pretty good, though I gotta say totally not working yet. 95% of the time there's just a connection failure when searching, not that you can actually see what you searching since the text seems to be the same colour as the box... Can't wait until it's up and working properly!!! \(^_^)/

  24. tofutown

    Hopefully it'll be up and running soon! There's a lot of android users (including myself) who are excited by the news. :)

  25. Huey-Feng_Kou

    Can't wait too ! :)

  26. acantikmaharani

    Best of luck to Sophia! :) *can't wait, someday, when I've a tablet, :P

  27. salim_malmali

    I've really waited for something like that and I'm very excited to have it. Best regards to sophia

  28. SnNllollNnS

    30th comment!!!

  29. Kuanghaonan2212

    I can't wait!

  30. michaelsibulo PLUS

    can't wait! :))

  31. Boranges

    Stoked to see how this works out on my phone. Keep up the great work.

  32. BigCaseyDog PLUS

    I am very psyched to get a native Android Quizlet app. Happy to help out in the beta as well.

  33. TonyTan98

    I can't wait. Good luck Quizlet!~

  34. kadra_hamad

    love it

  35. computers2011

    OMG> About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you so much Quizlet for taking the time to build an android app for Quizlet.

  36. computers2011

    Sooooo excited!!1

  37. screva_vegetron

    I'm really excited the Android app and looking forward to testing it!

  38. KKNash


  39. CyrilBiselx

    @Dreamer_beyond_life The app is not available. It's only a beta so you cannot find it on the Play Store.

  40. bhcho99nz

    Still no beta? They were supposed to release the first build middle of this week...

  41. Nataniah_

    Thank you so much Quizlet. Cant wait to test it out...I have testflight downloaded and everything :)

  42. chasemachin

    Can we get out of beta mode already?

  43. BASEBALLabe999999

    this is gonna be sick!

  44. deo469

    Can I Be on QUIXGTTR?

  45. aeropostaleguy

    Can you guys please add a add or remove terms on there.

  46. benskates12

    Seems Legit...haha its cool!

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