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Teacher to Teacher: Keeping Students Engaged End-of-Year

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This is a guest blog post by Rachelle Poth, a teacher who uses Quizlet Live with her classes.

​As a teacher winding down the school year, it seems we need something extra to keep students motivated and engaged. Fortunately, in today’s learning environment there are a lot of great resources available for use in classrooms that are tremendously beneficial for both teachers and students. The use of digital tools like Quizlet have introduced new methods for teachers to deliver instruction, personalize learning, and engage students in and outside of the classroom.

I frequently use Quizlet with my foreign language students to help them practice vocabulary and verb conjugations. Since Quizlet makes learning more personalized, I typically create study sets related to the chapter we are covering in class, or track their progress through Quizlet by creating sets dedicated to terms that my students are struggling with. What’s most helpful is the variety of activities Quizlet offers students to do at any time, ranging from flashcards, practice tests, audio activities, and playing a game of Scatter or Gravity. With countless ways to use Quizlet, I’m excited to share my experience with Quizlet Live, which I had the opportunity to beta test with my students.


My first game!

With the recent addition of Quizlet Live to my classroom, students have been more engaged and eager to learn new material with this interactive game. When I first tested the game, I let students figure out how to answer questions as a team, which improved their focus on selecting the correct answer. Although students typically sit with their respective teams when playing Quizlet Live, my students decided to remain in their seats and call out their team name, or in Spanish (i.e. "tengo" or "no tengo"), to signify whether or not they had the right answer. I noticed that when students chose not to sit with their team, they were more mindful of their own answers, working through each choice. As the game progressed, they learned the mechanics more quickly and wanted to play over and over again.

Letting students learn on their own

Not only did I enjoy seeing their excitement and desire to keep playing the game, it was rewarding to see them truly learn the material and work through the activity on their own as well as on a team. My foreign language students told the other class about Quizlet Live and it was great to hear them so eager to share their experience. Without much delay, the second class started the game and I shared a few pointers that I learned from the previous group. I knew how to guide students with the second beta test and wanted them to figure out how the game worked on their own. My involvement was briefly as a facilitator, then as an observer. This helped me assess what they could learn on their own and also encouraged students to help each other. I could work with them individually or within the groups, be involved in their thought processes and problem solving, and ultimately use this information to guide my next steps in the lesson.

Since testing Quizlet Live, my students have asked to play Quizlet Live every day and they tell me that it really helps their critical thinking skills since they can retain vocabulary better with the repeat practice.


Key tips for getting the most when using Quizlet Live

  1. Pick a study set with at least 12 terms for the students to practice. Give a brief explanation of how the game works, then let them figure it out on their own and use their experience to guide the next game.
  2. Have at least 6 players since the game will generate 3-4 players on a team. Each team is assigned an animal name and you can see the progress of each team as you go through the 12 questions. The first team to answer 12 questions correctly wins, but if an incorrect answer is selected, the team starts back at zero and has to earn points again to clear their board. As questions appear, each student starts with 4 possible answers on their screen. One member of the team has the right answer, the other members can only see blocks below each team member’s name. As answers are used, the blocks below each member’s name show a checkmark. Players can only see their their answers and the game continues until one team reaches 12.
  3. Shuffle the teams after a few games to provide new opportunities for students to collaborate with each other, and shuffle the card sets to get new terms and practice as much as possible.
  4. Make sure to complete the review with your students, which can be done with Quizlet Live’s feature. Once the game is over you can review the study set to assess and give feedback, and the students also see the correct answers on their screens during the game.
  5. Collaboration is key! Teamwork truly makes learning successful and I’ve seen my students become more engaged with their peers as they work together to master new material. In addition to providing new learning experiences, giving valuable feedback to the students helps them grow.

Quizlet Live is free to all teachers, and just requires signing up for a Quizlet account to start. Inject a new study activity in the classroom and see the positive effect it has on your students!

Rachelle Poth teaches French and Spanish at RIverview Junior-Senior High School in Pennsylvania. She can be reached at or through her website:


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    I have some additional insights. I've been using it quite a bit during and since beta testing. First, I found for foreign language that my students were using the language more when I used pictures instead of English translations. When they are in their groups and they have English cues, I mainly hear them reading off the English word. When I have pictures, I hear them shouting out the Spanish terms to each other.

    Second, at first they asked if they could play everyday and were super competitive. I didn't play every day, but did use it for new vocab every few days. It wasn't so exciting after a bit, but it IS effective for getting them into a new list. Several students want to keep their vocab list in hand at the beginning, but I encourage them to let it go after a couple rounds.

    I normally play with one set of teams for only about 2 rounds, and then re-randomize. I let them go an extra round if the teams are very comparable.

    QL is a great new tool for my toolbox.

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    (Josh)...unconscious memory which conventional carrot and stick learning does not call upon! There has to be a randomness in LL because languages hit us randomly. I mean when you learn sailing the instructor does not say: we will study how to meet an east wind - and then you go out and encounter a west wind! But that is how conventional schooling proceeds! So Scatter is an inspired tool, Nobel deserving in itself! I think we have to thank Mr Sutherland for that. The trouble is, current Scatter has a ceiling of 8 sets of two, after which you get 16 random terms and it works; but if 9 or more pairs (presumably due to screen legibility worries) one pair for each additional set is elided, so you cannot map out a necessary path between the items for the learning journey. My most recent sets show me struggling with just. Cracking it is the key to far greater things, imho.

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    We like the flashcards (hard) and we love Scatter. We play Scatter in class together and are very competitive for the best time. I am in third place and two other students kick my butt.

    The class is AHL120-004 if you want to use anything.

    Jacque Elder
    Triton College, River Grove, IL

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