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Late-night study sessions just got better

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Better studying, sunset to sunrise. Stay up late — and stay more productive — with Quizlet Night Mode. Now available for free on our website and mobile apps.

We know what it’s like to study late into the evening when there’s a big test in the a.m. With darker colors and softer contrast, Quizlet Night Mode can help you stay focused no matter the time of day. Study without straining their eyes too much and transition from screen to sleep seamlessly (no judgement if you head to bed and do one last round of Learn before turning out the lights).

You can control Night Mode on both the web and our apps. Log in to your account and go to your settings. Then, follow the instructions here in our Help center to toggle Night Mode on and off as the sun sets (and then rises again!).

Staying up late? Share with us your best late night study sessions on Instagram or Twitter and tag us @Quizlet with the hashtag #QuizletNightMode for a chance to be featured.