Hey everyone,

After 450 days of intense development, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Quizlet is finally open to the public. Anyone may join and use the site now.

I don't have much else to say I guess. It's been a great ride so far, and it's just getting started.

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Later! Andrew


  1. Michael Blackman

    Great site. I can't wait to get my students hooked on it!
    Thank you.

  2. Aaron

    Congrats. I've been following the blog, and waiting for it to launch. I think now you're on your way to success, I just saw it on Digg!

    Way to go. Keep up the good work!

  3. Darius Roberts

    Good to meet you last night. Sublime work. I wouldn't be surprised if a certain user 'transitmonger' logs several thousands of hours playing with this site.

    Have you thought of offering API's and partnering with freshchalk.com ?

  4. Ioannus de Verani

    Quizlet is AWESOME!

  5. Jero

    Congrats, Andrew!

  6. Nik

    You've done an amazing job, Andrew. Great work.

  7. LittleButtercup

    you have improved millions of peoples grades already,andrew thanks alot

  8. Horselover100

    You've done an amazing job! Thank you so much for this wonderful tool! :) :D

  9. Lu_Rob

    quizlet has been launched

  10. moviesismygame


  11. Fahim_Mohammed


  12. KWengrzyn19

    10 years ago. Happy Birthday!

  13. SparkleShine99

    This was SO long ago. Wow! I feel like i just took a trip to the past; LOL;)

  14. JacksonVance30


  15. JacksonVance30

    I just discovered it 3 years ago bro 😮

  16. RealCollin01

    i am from the future

  17. RobloxGoodFortniteEw


  18. taylojet2022

    10 years :O

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