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Quizlet launches ads platform to help brands reach Gen Z consumers

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Gen Z represents an estimated $143B in spending power (and growing), but despite this generation’s outsized impact on the cultural and commercial landscape, marketers struggle to effectively reach this audience. Gen Z is not a monolith - it’s the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in US history and, as digital natives, Gen Z is particularly adept at controlling their online experience. In an infinite sea of options, Gen Zers are experts when it comes to consuming the content they want, when they want it, how they want it. It’s up to marketers to identify the platforms where Gen Z is present and engaged, and deliver ads that represent a value-add to the digital experience.

To help solve for this challenge, Quizlet is formally launching Quizlet Ads to help connect brands with Gen Z, as well as millennial consumers. Putting the student experience first, Quizlet Ads delivers advertising opportunities including Study Break, Flashcard, and Native ads that do not interrupt the student experience. These ads are all unique to this platform and most support video.

As a global learning platform where futures start and brands grow, we see over 60 million active users each month. This audience is composed of an ambitious, goal-centric group we call achievers. Our achiever audience is loyal, attentive and uses Quizlet for every phase of personal, academic and professional development. The ads we serve our users integrate seamlessly into their learning experience.

During our soft launch period, we’ve already been able to help storied organizations including McDonald’s, Verizon, US Marines, Grammarly and the FDA reach their target audiences through our unique value proposition:

  • Quizlet has grown dramatically over the past two years with over 60M1 active monthly users
  • Our audience is loyal: Those ages 18-24 years old are 2.22 times more likely to visit than the average internet site, above Snapchat, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (Comscore, February 2022)
  • We have a deep understanding of Gen Z and they return the love: Quizlet is regarded as the #2 top brand by Gen Z2
  • Quizlet Ads reaches a diverse audience at scale: Last year, over 330 million achievers used the platform for free3
  • We are home to a highly engaged audience: 80% of students say that Quizlet motivates them to keep studying4

With Quizlet Ads, advertisers not only fuel the achievement economy by keeping Quizlet equitable and accessible globally, but they also can rest assured that their investment is reaching a loyal repeat audience surrounded by brand-safe content.

With Quizlet Ads officially launched, we’re excited to continue innovating our platform, offering a valuable outlet through which our partners can effectively reach their target audiences and grow their brands. Please see for more information on Quizlet Ads.

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