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Leaving MIT to make Quizlet even better

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Today I'm announcing that I'm leaving MIT to go full time on Quizlet.

I started Quizlet in 2005 to help myself with my high school french class. Since then, Quizlet has become one of the largest education sites in the world. We recently passed 5 million sets and 150 million terms and definitions. Over 3 million people use Quizlet every month. It's very gratifying to see the positive response people have had to Quizlet, and to see how many people depend on it to help them with all manner of school subjects.

All of this has happened while I've had other major priorities in my life - first high school, then studying computer science at MIT. I've been working on Quizlet throughout, coming home to the Bay Area during summer and winter breaks to work with the full-time team in San Francisco. This arrangement has allowed me to pursue my education and run a fast-moving startup at the same time. But over the last few months, it's become increasingly clear that Quizlet could be much bigger and better than it is now, and the only way that's going to happen is if I come out to work full time on it. I can do two things ok, but doing one thing and spending 100% of my time on it will allow Quizlet to become the major force in education that I think it could be.

So now I'm super excited to be joining the rest of the team. It's been an amazing experience to see other people get excited as I am about this little tool I built in my bedroom in high school. We're assembling a world-class team and hiring as fast as we can (if you know any great developers or Quizlet enthusiasts, let us know).

With all this said, MIT is the greatest place on earth. The people are extremely intelligent, down-to-earth, and fun to be around. It's a very challenging environment, and there's something to learn from every single person. There's a chance I'll come back to MIT to finish it off, but right now my first priority is Quizlet and making it great. I wouldn't be leaving unless I thought Quizlet could be a big business and have a huge impact. I'll be out on the East Coast for one more month while I finish up at MIT, then I'll get my own apartment in SF and get to work!

Developer Phil Freo and two interns (Chase and Arkajit) map out a new game at our San Francisco HQ.

Quizlet is a great tool for learning vocabulary and lots of other stuff. It produces fantastic results for students. But it only solves a few problems really well, and there are lots of problems in education. I don't think Quizlet, or any technology, is the solution to the problems in K-12 education, but it can play a part. My goal is to make Quizlet a very important and meaningful tool for students and teachers everywhere. It should do a lot more to help you learn languages: it should know about verb conjugations, about grammar, about spelling, and other aspects of language. It should help you understand concepts deeply and in many different ways. It should continue being the things that have made it great already: practical, efficient, social, and fast.

Please let me know your thoughts by adding a comment or send me a personal email:


  1. Topspin and JGDenver

    First comment ( I think)

  2. Topspin and JGDenver

    And second comment too! Wahoo!

  3. Brady

    Hey man! Congrats on your decision. I stumbled upon Quizlet early on in your beginning and had long ago forgotten about it until Hacker News tonight. Great to see how things are going and I'm looking forward to playing with quizlet tomorrow :)

  4. Tiberius

    This kid has great hustle and smarts. Thanks so much for Quizlet, it's helped so much for me and tons of friends in high school so far.

    Keep kicking ass,


  5. borski

    Congrats Andrew. I wish you all the best. Hopefully I'll see you out in the bay area soon. We should sorely catch up. Shoot me an email at

  6. Anon

    Best luck. Don't f up like me. Finish your undergrad within ten years. Put it in your calendar.

  7. Saketh

    Congratulations on making the decision to focus on Quizlet -- I wish you best of luck.

  8. justin

    hit me up when you get to SF. We should talk. @jdavid

  9. Eric Zhang

    Congrats man!

  10. Anonymous

    All the best, man. Good luck.

  11. Hassan Seth

    Andrew, interesting to see such a note. All the best for

  12. Swajit

    Congrats dude...great to see people following there passion

  13. Your Mother

    The best way to learn is through experience - good decision on focusing 100% on Quizlet! The only thing waiting for you after finishing school is working on a startup anyways.

  14. Paul Stamatiou

    Grats! I've been following along for a while with frequent Phil Freo updates :)

  15. Rob

    In my opinion, the best way to "understand concepts deeply and in many different ways" is to stay at M.I.T.

  16. David

    wow... i'm really surprised to hear about u leaving MIT... but i really love ur site and wish u much more success with it... i will help anyway i can... i'll shoot u an email with some recommendations shortly... i'm definitely an enthusiast but i'm teaching in korea so i'm not sure how much help i can be over here... cheers mate ;~)

  17. Sinaj

    I just stumbled across Quizlet about a mont ago. I am an older adult who is going back to school as a result of my becoming unemployed. This site has been a Godsend. Thank you so much and best wishes. I know your mother must be proud. Congratulations!

  18. Alex MacGregor

    Congratulations on following your dream Andrew, I'm sure you'll be super successful with Quizlet.

  19. Panther

    Thats ggreat! But remember to finish college! MIT is a great school and you should never pass up the oppurtunity of getting a degree from there..

  20. Helen

    I've been following Quizlet from very early days - and always loved it.

    You've taken a big decision - but I'm sure it will work out.

    One area I'd love you to expand is support for Foreign languages - I'd love the audio recognition in different languages.
    Good luck

  21. Iceydude168

    I wish you luck, and again, thanks for all the work you guys are putting into making Quizlet great.

  22. bailey820

    awesome story shared with my quizlet friends. this site has helped me get "A's" on all of my subjects.THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Rachel

    i love quizlet, and i really appreciate the sacrifice you're making by leaving MIT, such an amazing and prestigious school to help us. i hope that you'll have a chance to go back if that's what you want to do, and i hope you know that you've got more than 1 million appreciative teens (except commenter 17 up there). we love you andrew!

  24. DERP


  25. Summer

    I just found this site today! I was studying for a Science test and it had all information I needed to study. THANKS!!

  26. Some guy with a computer

    Thank you for making Quizlet the wonderful learning tool that it is. Good luck to you on your future endeavors.

  27. evan

    great decision. i cant wait to see what qiuzlet will be now that it is being completely focoused on

  28. Arkajit

    Congrats on making this official! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store. Rooting for you and the entire Quizlet team :)

  29. yankee fan!! what what

    aww....thats so nice...this site is awesome for studying..and funn too! Thanks for making it rock and for choosing to better guys are amazing:)

  30. Clpro1974

    Congratulations on Quizlet's success over the years. I understand your decision to leave MIT, for now to work on it full time. However, please go back to school and finish it off. It is always better to have that degree under your belt. The very best of luck to you:)

    On another note, have you ever thought of creating a Quizlet app for iPhone/smartphone. It would be great if there was an option in the app to not only download cards from the puter, which all my apps have already, but to also create cards on my iPhone then upload to Quizletr to share with fellow students in my group.

    Also, as a new RN student it would be great to include lung/heart sounds on my Quizlet. Thank you for integrating pics without having to use drop box or similar. I don't know how you do it but thank you so much for such a user friendly, reasonably priced, and valuable tool for my and my son's studies.

  31. Jaime

    Dear Andrew,

    I had know idea who the man was behind Quizlet and was surprised to know the story behind this great site! I am learning a language for my job and was introduced to Quizlet through one of the instructors. The site is awesome and I love the new voice feature. I wish you all the best of luck with this site and the company and can't wait to see what great innovations Quizlet implements next. And one note, if somehow, you do come up with a Quizlet app, please remember us Blackberry users! No one does!


  32. Kyle

    Good luck with making Quizlet even better than it already is. I don't know if leaving MIT is the right choice to focus on Quizlet, but I wish you the best!

  33. John

    Sir you are one brave person.

  34. Andrew

    All the words in the world wouldn't be enough to thank you for your contribution to the world of education. It has helped me endless nights over the past few years. The med school journey would not be complete without Quizlet!

  35. Parag Shah

    I have also been splitting my time between programming for others and working on my own education startup. Recently I decided that it's difficult to manage both, so stopped consulting and am working on my startup full time.

  36. Ann

    Thanks so much! Quizlet has brought me straight A's in English.

  37. Merry_Brandybuck

    Hey Andrew,

    I discovered Quizlet just over a month ago and have a suggestion.

    I have been monitoring the top "AP English Language and Composition" search results and have acheived the highest Scatter score in the top 20 or 30 results. The problem is that I would like to go on doing so, but it's time consuming to visit 20- or 30-plus pages every time I check to see if someone's bested one of my high scores.

    As a computer programmer myself, I don't think it would be difficult to put on every user's page a table with all the sets that that user is "watching" along with who has the high score in each activity. (You could have an option on every set to "watch this set".) You could then have a setting on every user's page that asks the user if he wants to have automatically added to his "watch" list all the sets in which he has high scores. I would check this on my user page. Then whenever I got a high score on something, it would be automatically added to my user page on a table that at a glance would let me know if someone has surpassed my high score. I could also "watch" sets in which I had not yet acheived the high score, but wanted to.

    Competition is a very effective motivator!


  38. Eminem is ahhmazing(:

    Congrats! This is great! Can't wait for more! :D

  39. I think that leaving college was actually really stupid on your part! what if quizlet doesnt work out and you dont have a college degree? I think that quizlet is great, but giving up a good education for it is nuts

  40. sugar and spice

    I agree! I think it is a kinda stupid choice.

  41. Melik

    Finish school when you are done making Quizlet better ok? Oh, and can there be an iPhone app made please?

  42. Elaine

    good luck with your new adventure! i found quizlet earlier this semester..apparently all the bio kids in my class use this website! it's great! you can always go back to MIT, but an opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime. can't wait to see the improvements!

  43. Theo

    Can you make so that whenever someone edits a set it goes to the top of whatever group it is in?

  44. Theo

    Yes please an iphone app, so you can log in to your Quizlet and edit, create sets from their. Or make a mobile version for your site.

  45. maria

    Thanks lots for creating this site Andrew!
    This site helped me through my high school years studying for the SATs and made my life much easier. It's regrettable that you're leaving MIT. I could have thanked you in person if you were around till fall. But since you're heading out for the better, good luck on your business!
    I wish you the very best, especially because I plan to be the direct beneficiary of the improved Quizlet:D

  46. Mrs. Smith

    I use Quizlet with every class I teach and my students love it. Good luck with you career, and I hope you return someday to finish your degree. :-)

  47. meee

    this is not good

  48. Jake

    Congrats man. I love this website, I've gotten so many A's because of it. Best of luck to you.

  49. so many comments already wow... I guess that's a life-changing decision you have taken.

    Congrats and good luck, I haven't explored quizlet yet, but I've been loving it so far. Thanks a lot for this.

  50. Leah V

    I have been using Quizlet since the beginning and i will use it forever :)
    i totally support your choice and i wish you the best of luck!!
    You have helped so many people learn and do well in school and that is an achievement which means something!

  51. Marcos G

    Why does it look like you guys are playing magic in the middle of an office?

  52. SOOO xcited

    @marcos G: they r and they kool like that i think they do enough to help us and they deserve a break once in a while (even if they are working in the pic just go w wat i say k?)

  53. Kate

    My daughter is a freshman in high school. She was struggling in a western civ class until she started using Quizlet. Now she is consistently earning A's and B's in the class. I really can't thank you enough. MIT was lucky to have you. I am sure they will welcome you back with an Honorary Degree someday. Please let me know if I can ever write a testimonial about Quizlet.

    Best wishes!

  54. SOOO xcited

    PS i would love to be able to see who has studied and or worked on my sets

  55. :D

    This website helped me pass spanish :D

  56. !

    you are throwing your life away. STAY IN SCHOOL!

  57. danjh93

    No he's not. It's great that he's decided to stick with something amazing that he started a couple of years ago. I would love to do that someday with my programs and I know that this site has a lot of potential.
    Great job and I wish you the best of luck!

  58. Jordan

    Great choice and i agree education needs to be fixed. Yet America is doing pretty well considering its population.

    Anyway Best of luck !

  59. catchmeifyoucan

    Wow, what an inspiring tale, Andrew. The modern day and age is a beautiful one to be living in. Go out and give the Facebook mob a run for their money! I wouldn't have left uni (too much fun ^^) but ambition is a powerful force. Brilliant stuff!

  60. nameless individual

    The decision to leave MIT must have been tough, but Quizlet is probably such an emotional and time-filled investment for you that I can't say I dissaprove of the decision. Quizlet has helped me start learning foreign languages both in and outside of the classroom; it has definately grown into a valuable tool. We all wish you the best of luck!

  61. I'm sorry you're leaving school.... one day you will wish you stayed! Education is very powerful, although sometimes other things feel more important. Good luck as you begin to work on Quizlet full time! All of us students appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  62. Nikki

    MIT will be there when you get done doing what you want to do. I can't wait to see all the new features!

  63. Natalie

    Congratulations! I'm so happy Quizlet can support you as much as it helps us! :D
    I know plenty of successful business people who have not finished their education, and it's good you are open to returning to MIT!

    I've been using quizlet for two years now and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making it! I would not have the grades I do if it had not been for quizlet! But please keep prices reasonable, my other favorite flashcard site "IKnow,jp" (very elaborate and amazing for long term memory formation) finally started charging.. $70 a year! :( Please keep Quizlet accessible!

  64. Adam

    Congratulations dude! I'm still not in my teens yet but I really appreciate all you have created for people to benefit from it including me. I hope this decision works out for you! With the best of luck, Adam

  65. romello

    this helps me more with espanol

  66. misha1035

    As a teacher who has been using Quizlet for a couple of years now, I want to thank you for creating Quizlet. It has been an extremely useful tool for me, and I'm sure for others as well! I wish you luck in all your future endeavors, and again 'Thank you!'

  67. Samoil

    Stick to MIT. I NEVER WOULD DROP OUT :mad:

  68. Samoil

    Can you make a Mr. Monopoly emoticon? Please?

  69. Latin...Latin...and...more Latin

    Congratz man. Good luck with you future. Your website....ROCKS

  70. :D

    You are the next Bill Gates leaving Harvard to pursue his dream of creating a computer company.

  71. narwhal101

    no, leaving a better IT college than harvard--this is MIT.
    You're a genius. How's chinese coming along for Quizlet?

  72. Katerina

    This is an awesome site. I've just started using it recently but I'm already seeing results, thanks. Aside from saving on the time of cutting paper or the money of buying endless also must save a fair amount of trees too :)

  73. Potom


    As regards to what you were saying at the end of your message about learning languages, I would like to suggest one improvement; you could create a program which tells you when you have to study words you have already learnt.
    Indeed, the more you know a word for a long time, the less you need to study it, because it is kind of settled in your brain. On the contrary, when you know a word for a few time, you need to repeat and repeat it again until it gets settled in your brain. So, maybe you could imagine a program which would tell you which words you have to study again, depending on your results when your testing your knowledge and on the lenght of time between when you entered them into Quizlet and now.

    Well, I hope it was clear, because I'm not a native English-speaker, as you can see. But maybe I could have said that in French? ;-)

    Cheers and Good Luck!

    PS: what I like the most in Quizlet, it is that it's on the internet, so I can have access to my flashcards from every computer, and not only from my home.

  74. Fedora

    I loooove this site! My biology teacher told me about, and my friends and I have been using it ever since. Definitely helps keep my grades up =) Thank you!

  75. Shannon

    I really think you should stay in school. Quizlet is a great place and its doing really well and I think it can wait a couple years until you finish school.

  76. i think he knows what he is risking, but has decided Quizlet WILL be successful, good job Andrew

  77. Lou Sangdahl

    You should finish school but...
    Selfishly, I'm glad to hear this as I'm a high school special education teacher and a parent who is a HUGE fan of Quizlet!!!
    I'll be looking forward to what's next for Quizlet!

  78. Anvith

    I am very happy that you are thinking of making Quizlet even better, I love it and it has helped me a lot

    Thanks for what you do :D

  79. Daniel

    Glad to see that Quizlet will be getting your full attention! Quizlet has been a lifesaver for me after decided to charge $12 a month (something I can't afford). Turns out that Quizlet in many ways is a better learning tool. Thanks again. :)

  80. Biscuits

    Are you planning on making money through Quizlet now? I mean this is a great website, but if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't had given up college....

  81. Mr.McAwesome

    I agree...Quizlet only needs so much work done...personally, I would have finished with MIT and made something of myself at such an opportunity.

  82. Loyepyles

    Thank you for creating Quizlet, I had an idea for something similar when I was in high school, but I do not have the computer expertise that you obviously do. So thank you very much for helping me through nursing school!

  83. je007

    Amazing work! This has helped me SO MUCH in studying Spanish!

  84. thumpaholden

    I'm amused by the confidence some people have shown in judging his decision to be stupid or sensible. How can we possibly know? How can HE know? I have to acknowledge that judging the tradeoff between being persistent (or pigheaded) and flexible (or flighty) is difficult. The future is very maleable and everyone's situation is unique. Remember: we're only seeing a tiny window into his situation. Anyway, it's HIS business. All I know is that I wish him the very best (cos this site has done TONNES of great stuff for me) and encourage him to always be honest with himself.

  85. HarryPotterRocks

    that rules, but you should go finish your degree.


  86. victoryaukiwi

    Wow Andrew. It's great that you're now devoting yourself a lot more fully to Quizlet. Leaving MIT seems to be a bit extreme of a sacrifice to me though. Thanks for everything. Your awesome.

  87. BOB

    Congrats. Quizlet rocks.

  88. Alex

    I went from wasting my potential and recieving mulitple D's and F's to getting honor roll the very next semester i found this website. I couldn't have asked for something better. Can't wait to see how you improve it.

  89. Jana

    Andrew, first off, CONGRATS! i find it so awesome that you are chasing your dream. that's what life is all about. i think more people should do that, including myself. i did have a suggestion though! it would be so sweet if you added a feature that when you were "learning" the flashcards, you could check the ones you got wrong and just go back to those certain ones later. that way i could focus on the ones i sucked on. but it's just a suggestion! Quizlet is awesome and it's helping me so much in Grad school. Best of luck :)

  90. SOOO xcited

    same here Alex i was a FAIL at school and i hated it more than anything but now i am actually getting all As and a few Bs THANK YOU QUIZLET I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HEART AND SO DO MY PARENTS <3

  91. !

    Education is important! DON"T LEAVE! YOu will regret it!

  92. supercool

    hey this realy works even thought i have to be on education thank u

  93. April4692

    Currently a college freshman, and have been using this site since the beginning of high school. It's really been coming along well, and the updates and new features have really made it even easier for me to study and commit to memory terms I'd have a harder time managing otherwise.

    However, if this site will expand further, my primary concern is whether or not the site will stay free. I would be discouraged to use the site if I had to pay for it, and I would go back to index flash cards.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  94. Paula

    Hey dude, thanks for Quizlet. Add more games to it k? K thanks. <3 You guys are the best.


    Thanks for taking quizlet to the next level. I really enjoy studdying online here. But seriously!!! Why so soon? Why not after you finish at MIT???? Thanks again, MORE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mabey more options on the test setting?? Thanks again.

  96. Jay

    Just want to say THANK YOU. It must have been a hard decision. I think we all should definitely show respect for your decision.

  97. Anonymous

    Stay in school, make this open source and everyone can work on it :)

  98. roseagle

    We love Quizlet and use it for lots of subjects. I do hope that the new venture will be the same, non-distracting, relatively ad-free pages. Nothibg would turn me off faster than lots of ads mucking up the page.

    I also hope that it will continue to be a public resource, free of charge. If it isn't we probably won't use it.

    Thanks for Quizlet and good luck!

  99. kir

    Go back to MIT the site can hold off a few years!

  100. kewlbro

    Congrats but.. you know how many kids would do so much to get into MIT? Unless you plan on making more profit on quizlet than getting a job in the field of computer science, i dont see why you would leave!

  101. Admiral Fidelia

    I know this is really your choice, but I really think you should finish up your years at MIT. You are beyond lucky to go there (I personally didn't apply, but many of my friends did and are heartbroken that they weren't accepted). You are obviously very smart, and you were given the opportunity to study at an amazing school. Before you make your official decision, maybe think about what you are leaving...

    Quizlet is great, by the way. :)

  102. nnylfnayr

    Best of luck to you and the rest of the team! Glad to hear you'll be returning to MIT eventually, hopefully I'll run in to you in a few years! Go beavers!

  103. Sarah

    Hey Andrew, I'm still getting an error message every time I make a set saying that "There was an error connecting to this webpage. Please refresh and try again," and that it's unable to connect to Quizlet. However, when I click "OK," the set appears. Any idea of why this is happening?

  104. Zheng

    Good Luck, Man.

  105. don't leave MIT! DON"T be stupid! School is important!

  106. ctyonahl

    "Stay in school, make this open source and everyone can work on it"

    Well, there is an API...

  107. SOOO xcited

    y was the site down (by the way the pic of andrew snoring was funny)

  108. Eleanor

    If you want to make Quizlet a major force, you must plan on making it your professional I right? I mean you are leaving MIT for it. Does this mean you will be trying to make more money from it/making Quizlet Plus such a greater force that regular quizlet will be nearly ineffective, forcing users to either abandon it or upgrade? OR are you planning on forgetting free Quizlet altogether? Please fill us in on your plans for Quizlet financially - not the personals, but for the site and it's users.

  109. SOOO xcited

    i agree w/ eleanor whats gonna happen with us its not like ur gonna go work as a publix bagger uv already proved ur smarter than that u gotta make money somehow if theres gonna be a fee i wanna know about it

  110. AC

    Thanks for the update- congrats on your decision! As a high school sophomore, i use quizlet all the time and all my friends do too. Our school actually advises it to us as a good site to study with!

    Great job, and thanks again,

  111. Arummmanis

    Hi Andrew,

    I just want to say Quizlet has helped a lot in saving my time making flashcard for teaching Chinese. My students spend a lot of revision time on it and I gotta to say that they owe it to you for their increasing vocab test results. Bu using this website, I can generate vocab test as often as I wanted to because it is so easy and it only take me 5 minutes to do it. Yaaaay!

    Thank you so much.

  112. Path2boards

    I love quizlet. i moved here from another FC program. But , and I know this is unsolicited advice, should you leave MIT? Couldnt' you work on Quizlet during the summers and breaks? A degree in computer science is something that you would have even IF quizlet doesn't work out. I just hope that you don't regret it... Good luck in all of your endeavors though!

  113. Tom

    Thank you very much for Quizlet. Without it, I would not be going into the field of Nuclear Chemistry. Best of luck to both you, your interns, and friends

  114. James

    Quizlet is august. I use quizlet to help me study for the SAT basic word list words. It is very helpful.

  115. Anon

    Christ, people. He's not throwing his life away. He's already got a successful website, and even if for some reason it stopped being successful, he could either go back to MIT or do something else with his technical/business skills. Do you all think Mark Zuckerberg threw his life away by dropping out of Harvard?

  116. Gabrielle

    love your thought of making quizlet better!! I can't imagine my life without quizlet!!! Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Lori Guidos

    Congrats Andrew!

    I agree with your decision.

    Found my self in a similar position a few years ago.

    I look forward to using quizlet as it grows!


    Lori Guidos

  118. Ryan J

    Best of luck! And keep up the good work, man!

  119. can you PLEASE tell us why you kept going down a few says ago

  120. Bob

    I love Quizlet because it is very cool. It also helps me do. Thank you so much for having this. I think I so much better on Tests

  121. Bob

    That is good.

  122. wendeli

    Grats on your success, wonder what Mrs.Selvin thinks about all this...

  123. sherry

    I am an older student and quizlet has helped me so much. My daughter is in college and now she is using it also. When finals come around I know I have everything on quizlet and no searching for note cards.

  124. char

    I love your product, and I owe my good grades to quizlet. Go follow your dreams, you helped me to follow mine!

  125. i

    Wish you all the best! Thanks a lot for Quizlet.

  126. Ryan

    I wish you all the best. You have created something great and very meaningful to my studies. I look forward to supporting you in the future and hope you continue to be passionate about

  127. Liam

    Best of luck. Huge props to you man

  128. me

    Good Luck! Wish you all the best!

  129. Joel

    Congrats, my grade has a big group for everyone in it! We all help each other through quizlet and it is an amazing tool!

  130. person

    you left the MIT the college I wish I could get in to it someday . I hope i was a good idea leaving

  131. anon

    I would definitely use Google Moderator (or an easy equivalent that doesn't require google sign in) to get some great crowdsourced ideas - I've already seen so many suggestions by people who've just commented on this post, I'm sure all the people you've helped will give you ideas for improvements as fast as you can apply them.

    Also, I'm ridiculously excited for when this becomes a mainstream tool for use in schools - worldwide. While this was shown to me by a teacher willing to embrace new things, after moving schools I'm aware that not all schools are. Good luck.

  132. ben2727

    wow you must really like your site

  133. good luck!

  134. beckarabbit

    Quizlet: Best site EVER!

  135. nate 2727

    no more mit. yeah!

  136. qwerty4snax


  137. AWESOME man keep it up!! this website is the bomb SOOO HELPFUL!!

  138. Josh Smith

    Best wishes on your increased commitment and I look forward to experiencing new features and upgrades to come. I am a student in the Cincinnati area and was introduced to Quizlet a few quarters ago. Also, I tutor for biology and psychology in a grant funded program called Supplemental Instruction. Through this group tutoring program, I introduce Quizlet to approximately 40 students each quarter and all who use it love it's simple interface and usability.
    The best feature about Quizlet is that it provides instant corrective feedback. This is the "Holy Grail" of education. If it were possible, all teachers would love to be able to sit next to each student and correct missteps. Of course keeping track of the score is a close second best feature, since performance unmeasured is less meaningful. Although I believe that the largest problem with U.S. education is a cultural one, it wont hurt to sharpen the tools of the trade.

  139. zaknownperson

    i hope that you can make this site a great one for learning

    this site is almost as good as shepherd software

    no insult intended

  140. aduffle

    i love this site. updating it to be more eyecatching would be nice. GOOD LUCK WITH WHAT EVER U DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  141. bglowiak

    good luck!!!

  142. Tree

    I have been using Quizlet for over two years now and it never fails me. I'd like to thank you for creating such a helpful site that has helped (and continues to) millions of students. I don't know if it's worth leaving MIT, but if you're that dedicated, then I hope you continue to update this site and make it even more helpful to all those students.

  143. another MIT-er

    Best of luck! Really inspirational, that you've managed to do all of this. I'd recommend trying to recruit people to make an MCATs section - I'm sure that would be very popular. =)

  144. irishninja515

    Quizlet is probably the reason I've survived and PASSED my required year of college Latin. Thank you for your dedication to this site!
    I love Quizlet the way it is right now in its simplicity... there's too much to get distracted with while studying, and the simple way this is set up helps me focus SO MUCH. Thank you and cannot wait to see what is next for Quizlet!

  145. Angela

    "...All that you do,
    Do with your might;
    Things done by halves
    Are not done right."

    One thing is clear: very few people replying to this post have any idea of the suffering that is incurred in attaining the Brass Rat. Also clear is that even fewer understand that if you are leaving MIT in good standing, this is probably the road that the university wishes for you to pursue. MIT doesn't exist for the sole purpose of handing out diplomas to undergrads - it exists firstly to educate its students so that they might revolutionize technology. Your brass ring has arrived early, and I'm glad that you are reaching for it! (The Brass Rat can be garnered later. I'm honestly not sure how you managed to do anything outside of p-sets during your time at MIT, much less simultaneously developing a company.)

    As a non-traditional student returning to school to pursue a medical career (while also learning Spanish)...I can't begin to tell you what a godsend this site has been for me. Outside of school, Quizlet was the way that I learned all of my medical Spanish in record time, enabling me to gain experience as a Volunteer Interpreter between doctors and patients at a local clinic. This site has also been incredible for the kids (ESL to quasi-ESL) who I tutor at an after-school program where I volunteer, as the games I have been able to create on it have changed the way that these children view learning, now realizing that it can be a fun endeavor. I use Quizlet for so many projects, and am always shocked at the numerous capabilities of the site.

    And as a former VP in corporate finance...I can't begin to tell you how much I'd like to be in your next round of VC financing. More important than any wealth that you achieve via Quizlet (your first endeavor) will be the far more valuable and once-in-a-lifetime experience you will gain by pursuing this route (vs. staying at MIT), although it sounds like you have already learned a crucial lesson that many CEO's never learn: you can't know it all or do it all! (Great job keeping perspective, incidentally.) There will be ups and downs in the future, for sure, but I can't wait to see what it holds for you, Quizlet, and the many other companies that you will likely create in your lifetime.

    (#143 poster is spot-on. Also, it would be amazing if things could be grouped into med student exams/nursing/etc.)

  146. Love it! ?

    This site is really really really really extremely!!!!!!!!!!! helpful!

    Becasue of this web site my grades going up!

    This websites is most important site then facebook, myspace and any other famous sites!

    Thank you ! Thank you!!!!

  147. Kat

    This site is awesome!!! It can help you with everything!!! I study on here every night!!!!!! = B

  148. Quiz lover!

    I love your creation, its helped me out so much. I don't loose my flashcards anymore, i am able to quiz my self at a quicker pace, and sometimes someone already has the flashcards for me! Great idea/invention its saved many!

  149. Andrew

    Angela -- thanks for your note. The things you said about MIT are definitely right.

  150. Sahana


    Thanks so much for the effort of putting Quizlet together. This really, really helps me with tests and quizzes because these days, all my teacher puts on the tests and quizzes are vocabulary. My sister said she used this site for her school when she was in middle school and she told me that it really helped and so I tried it. It's far better than what she said it was because I'm getting really good grades now. I also realized most of my classmates are using Quizlet, and I did not know you did this just to help you study for your school when you were in high school. If you had not thought of this site, where would I be?

    I have a suggestion for Quizlet. I accidentally added myself to a group and I want to get out of it because I have no idea what its talking about. I cannot find a way to exclude myself from the group. If you have the capability to fix that, please do.

  151. Harrison

    I found this website in 2006 when I was in sixth grade. Quizlet has helped me so much for the past 5 years and I would just like to say Thank You! I hope Quizlet leads you to success because I know it has certainly helped me!

  152. Jordan

    I'm a TeachForAmerica alumnus and can tell you from experience; the more you are able to create interesting, entertaining, and to be honest, addictive methods (games) which will encourage learners to delve into the material they are trying to learn the more successful you will be. You are right in saying that Quizlet in its current form cannot solve all of the problems currently facing K-12 education, but the time is rapidly approaching, indeed we should have reached it long ago, where teachers need only play a minor role in the education of an adolescent. Computer sofware through gaming in one form or another has the potential to completely revolutionize education. If designed correctly, the teacher may not even need to be present for most instruction. If you were to exploit this fact, you could shake the entire world. I can tell you from my time in the Bronx, millions of children are anxiously awaiting the endless possibilities of such an effective education.

  153. The Benevolent Guava

    Quizlet has saved my life many times. I am eternally grateful.

  154. heather

    I really like this website because it really helps me to memorize the meanings and spellings of vocabulary of tests I have in classes. I know that a lot of my teachers are finding this website and putting flashcards of vocab on our tests. I hope more and more people learn about this website and I hope that more people create their own accounts (its free!) because then they can make their own flashcards to study from and believe me, it really helps! it is really fun and easy! my favorite part is that the website generates tests that have random multiple choice options, I never knew that it had that kind of technology! thanks QUIZLET for everything!

  155. Anonymous

    No! Don't leave MIT! It's so hard to get into and you are blowing off a great opportunity! You have a team working on Quizlet already, let them get to work. Once you finish your education you can apply the skills you learned to Quizlet! Don't be a college dropout! Please reconsider.

  156. Miaow

    Wow, this is a great site and I'd be lost without it. I think you're right that it has some major potential, but DON'T LEAVE MIT FOR IT!!! Don't ever sacrifice your education for anything! If it has potential now, it'll have potential when you finish school.

  157. Mida

    Wow,congrats!Though are you sure you thought this through?You might regret it later on.
    Whatever happens,you have our support

  158. Claire R.

    That is really dumb to leave MIT just so you can work on quizlet. I mean this site is really useful for me and my friends and everyone. But you shouldn't risk your academics for quizlet. I mean you can work on quizlet in your free time over the summer or something. It's great as it is I mean I don't know how much better it can get

  159. Some Person

    Quizlet is awesome and I think it's really great to know that you would give up your academics for all of us studiers, but I sort of agree with Claire R., Miaow, Anonymous, etc. I am a little slow at getting my comments out on things, but I really think you should finish your studies!!! BUT thank you so so so so so so much for creating Quizlet, it has gotten me a lot of A's I would have never ever gotten if I had not made virtual flashcards! It is awesome as is! My teachers use it, my friends use it, I use it!!!!! THANK YOU, BUT DONT LEAVE MIT!!!!!!

  160. Abe

    Great going, brother!! Big congratz!! What kind of car do you drive?

  161. Mark Zuckerberg

    Congrats dude

  162. Kristi


  163. Gabe Kearns


  164. dude


  165. Carlos

    Good for you! I can see the great potential of you becoming the next Zuckerberg. You deserve it. Just do not forget about us, the poor, when you get there. All the best

  166. Mike

    Good luck!

  167. Niele

    Thank you! I love quizlet. Hope you can go back to school eventually.
    Good Luck!

  168. Dan

    Thank you for Quizlet...i love it so much and it helps me with my studying a lot! good luck!!!!

  169. Dan

    BTW...MAKE AN IPHONE APP!!!!!!!!! please

  170. erin

    that really makes sense, if you feel confident making it without a further education..
    your job would be running the company anyway, MIT wasnt really necessary anymore.

    aannnd now you can use this time to make me an iphone app!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. lolz

    hahha i love how all these people are procrastinating on studying by commenting...(-;

  172. Olaf

    Keep your head high!

  173. Mpat

    PLEASE don't start charging for this site!!!! As a teacher, this is a great resource and my students will really try to learn their vocab in order to play the games....but with all the current cuts in education funding, there's no way we would be able to use this site if there were costs involved. As a teacher, I am now in my third year of no raises and none are in site for the future. I don't mind paying for the "extras" like adding images, but PLEASE don't make us pay for the basics!!!!!

  174. This website got my a 5 on my AP tests, amazing!!!

  175. Borat

    I Like! Itza very nice!

  176. jazmyn

    keep up andrew!!!

  177. nerdyyyyyyyyy

    good luck!

  178. SplicedSpam

    Thank you.

  179. Megan

    whats your number?

  180. Christos

    yeah dude. whats ur #

  181. Ali

    High school? awesome.
    my parents went to MIT. you just need a degree there and bragging rights are all yours.
    Thanks for doing this! way easier than email...

  182. Ali again

    oh yeah, please keep a free version, we use this for school and i'm only like a decade old.

  183. breAkopendAsky

    i like pie

  184. Personally i think u shoulda stayed

  185. But watever floats your boat bro

  186. SOOO xcited

    @C: dont be mean if he thinks its a good idea then he should go for it. who knows it might be a bigger deal later and he could end up like bill gates and his great great great great great great great grandchildren wont have to work unless he buys a country

  187. SOOO xcited

    he could afford to buy mexico canada AND brazil

  188. SOOO xcited


  189. ME


  190. Trk

    Great site, good luck with your decision.

  191. Grace

    I'm really glad quizlet is going to be even better and it has helped me alot. I just hope it wont start to cost because I wouldn't be able to pay for it. It's a great learning tool and I hope it will continue to be available to me

  192. SOOO xcited

    yup hes gonna end up like bill gate

  193. Annieee

    I think you should finish school. This isn't all you can get out of life. You can achieve so much more - You have the potential.
    But thanks for Quizlet, it's helped a lot.

  194. I love this website. It has made my life so much easier with school and everything. Thanks for making studying fun:)

    OH!! And good luck with everything, you'll do great with this website;)

  195. Anonymous

    You made the right choice. Your work with Quizlet is impacting millions of people. With taking this project full time and making quizlet a more effective study tool, you are going to revolutionize education. In some ways, you already are but you can do even better.

    I hope this program continues to be free like the Khan Academy.

  196. Anonymous

    Maybe you should hire experts in certain fields (ie. biology) to help you create flashcard sets so we don't necessarly have to make them ourselves. Also, a billion people speak Hindi and I can't find any (decent) places to learn the language. I hope Hindi is one of your priorities. It's a tough language to learn and there needs to be better tools to

  197. Edgar

    discovered this recently, great job man! This is awesome!

  198. Mary Claire

    I found Quizlet for my AP Euro History class, it was incredibly helpful and I loved how useful it was and I got a 5 on the test! I tried it for my Spanish vocabulary and it worked miracles. It has helped me immensely and I have done excedingly well on my tests. So thank you! I assume that since you attended MIT you are an intelligent person, so I will not tell you to stay there, but I do think it would be wise to finish your education. Best of luck with whatever you decide!

  199. welton


  200. Sue

    Hey great idea! I've been helping the whole grade prepare for their quizzes, tests, and finals through quizlet. Thank you! And I wish you the best of luck!

  201. Zach Clement

    Hey dude, I just wanted to thank you for all the time you have put into Quizlet. It has helped me tremendously, as I have been taking many crucial tests my senior year. My only request is allowing 4 sides instead of two. This would allow for the better memorization of more complex functions. Lastly, good luck, and I look forward to seeing you achieve greatness with Quizlet and with finishing your schooling.

  202. Naomi

    Hey, I must say I'm really impressed by your decision. It's pretty brave, in my eyes. Good luck with all the work. I'm leaving behind the subjects Quizlet has helped me with most to study just Literature, so it will be interesting to see what use I can put Quizlet to then.

  203. itsme

    Great job with Quizlet! Its already really great and I cant wait to see what other things you come up with. I am so thankful that you made such as great site, I could never have gotten through finals with out it

  204. itsme

    But i really think that you should stay in school. When you finish then come back

  205. Veronica

    Good luck...normally I would say stay in school...but some people get along fine without college (cough...cough...Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) ...good luck! ...I'm going to MIT next year..and I plan on using Quizlet while i'm there

  206. GuessWho?..You!

    Well i dont think that is a great idea, leaving MIT? mmmm idk, but whatever its still a great place to pick up words.

  207. Stephanie

    I think you have an amazing website that works wonders, and it may be beneficial to spend more time on solely that. Having said that, I think that MIT is an amazing place that will end up helping you in the long run. Do what you think is right, but know that school might be more important, and delaying progress might not really make that much of a difference.
    My message- stay in school!
    Good luck with everything.

  208. James

    The fact that you made it into MIT and studied there for so long shows your intelligence and hard work; the fact that you've left early shows it much more. Congratulations on everything!

  209. SOOO xcited

    im soo jealous of you i strongly dislike school and studying tat is why i use this site, to make studying better, i say go for it people who take risks end up getting rich as the bill gates

  210. JLM, Austin, TX

    Andrew ---

    You have developed an incredible application and business. Congratulations.

    Life is not about destinations, it is about the journey. It is constrained by time, space, energy and opportunity.

    You have all those attributes in spades, so fret not but make a commitment to yourself to do justice to BOTH the business opportunity and your own education.

    You have been provided an extraordinary opportunity --- to apply what you have learned directly and through your education. They are irrevocably intertwined and you have done a very, very good job with both of them.

    Just the same as you have been at MIT and kept your business flourishing, you must now focus on your business while not allowing all those brain cells to atrophy. Keep a hand in the education business as you grow your business.

    You have already proven that you can do this by your current successes.

    Life experience and education are force multipliers --- the combination is much greater than the individual parts.

    Make a firm commitment to get back to MIT at your earliest opportunity even if you go back for a single semester and then go back to work. Don't stop working on that degree.

    Good luck. Godspeed and best wishes.


  211. A. No Nemos

    i've been using Quizlet on and off since 2006, and I just wanted to say thank you. It's really the place where I think technology might have trumped pen and paper, as I still am all for cursive writing and rubber erasers but dislike real life index cards. Anyways, I admire your determination in making a decision, and hope you will pursue what you chose to the farthest!

  212. Andrew

    Good luck man! You have the same name as me (lol)!
    You have no idea how much I learned here.

  213. Badarudheen K.T.

    Great work! Good luck with your endeavors!
    Sincerely wish that you'll meet the success you envisioned for Quizlet.

  214. SOOO xcited

    @JLM, Austin, TX: thats deep man deep... it made me think and wonder will i ever be as smart as u and then i stopped thinking cause my math teacher was yelling at me... will i ever get there? maybe ill just keep trying

  215. Sarah

    Quizlet: Helping me pass college, one test at a time.

  216. Eric

    Hooray! Good luck on your journey to make quizlet an even better studying site!

  217. Emma


  218. Umme

    Many people have already made the argument telling you not to leave MIT, but I'm sure you're not listening to them, since you've made the decision to leave anyway, and I'm not going to admit that I'm happy about this decision to leave, since I believe school is the most important thing, but you've made your life and you know what you're doing.

    You've really made my life better and made it easier for me to pass classes I'd be failing otherwise, and I'm immensely grateful for it. Thank you so much.

    Continuing your education isn't just about going to college and getting a degree. It's about learning from the world around you and letting every experience teach you a lesson. And you're not putting a stop to your education, you're just taking your life in a more informal direction. I'm sure you've learned from us as much as we've learned from you and your site, and I'm sure your education will continue to flourish as your users continue to upload flashcards that are meant to educate everyone.

    Best of luck!

  219. Casey (Girl)


  220. Gavin

    Great work on Quizlet. I think one of the best ways to monetize this site is to build supporting iPhone and Android apps that integrate with it. The best I've seen so far is Flashcards Deluxe on the iPhone. I use this app daily. It works and it's useful, but it's got some pretty serious usability issues. I'm hoping you (or someone!) can produce something better.

    Keep up the great work! And good luck!

    (Oh... and one last comment on your comment system. Replace it with Disqus. This takes almost no effort. You'll get more useful information and commenters can track replies.)

  221. Will

    Hey Andrew! Long time no see. I'm really amazed at what you have here.. and it's even more amazing that all this started in high school. I wish you the best of luck in your Quizlet career, old pal!

  222. Yeah its me

    yeah man GOOD LUCK!!! I use quizlet every day for school and its so helpful. thanks for everything you've done man...PEACE!!

  223. Anonymous

    I like your face

  224. starbucksgirl_101


  225. chelsea

    yes, good idea, now you can focus on making it better, b/c right now has the option where u can make 3 categories to a flashcard, so i can make my drug flascards as trade, generic, and classification ALL IN ONE CARD. YOU SHOULD DO THIS TOO! B/C i love quizlet, i just can't use it to study stuff like my drugs........

  226. Sunday

    it 's quite fun and help to improve english for learn it by yourself, thank you

  227. Mr. Buss

    I am glad to hear that Quizlet is going to be getting more attention. As a teacher your site was great 5 years ago. The activities, however, are a little old.

    The thing I STILL love about Quizlet is the ability to manipulate the questions and answers with the export function. I can create many activities in other programs and systems by manipulating my Quizlet data by putting in the different delimiters through your export function. I also use the flash embed function quite often as well. Quizlet is an integral part of my work flow.

    I would really love it if you could work out some sort of integration with Moodle.

    Good Luck!

  228. Hawk

    Good Job

  229. abt79


  230. Anonymous

    i think u should stay at MIT

  231. elijoy

    Dear Andrew,
    I am a student and my spanish teacher uses Quizlet links to help my class with Moodle quizzes, so I agree that it would be great if you could connect the two somehow. I also appreciate the fact that you left MIT to help other people progress in their studies. Thank you.

  232. i agree with # 230

  233. =/

    stay. at. school.
    always good to have a backup plan. just do it man.

  234. Mr. Awesomeness

    I think you should have a backup plan just in case. =^O

  235. Girl who cares

    Dear Andrew,
    Oh my gosh, I absolutely love quizlet, but I think you should stay finish school first! MIT, that's amazing, I do not think you should leave that for quizlet, just keep this on the side for now. It already is amazing, MIT could give you more. I think you are making to much of a sacrifice here.
    Girl who cares

  236. Dan Blake

    Hey man good luck, hope you have a backup plan though, just i case. Honestly, staying at MIT and finishing there is better for you I think, but this is your life decision, im sure you put a lot of thought into it before you made this decision.

    Best of luck!

    Dan Blake

  237. Dan Blake

    To add to my previous comment, i think it would be a good addition for vocabulary declension chart flashcards. As a Latin student that would be very useful to me.
    Thank you for being so dedicated to us users!

  238. K.M.

    I am in medical school and studying for my boards and I just wanted to thank you for making this. I wish I had discovered it earlier in my medical school career. I now have most of my class using it and have spread the word to nu undergrad. best of luck!

  239. Cris

    Thanks so much, science this tool has come up it has help my grade a whole lettter and helping my class for exams

  240. Jessi

    It would also be cool to have an Iphone app so you can study your flashcards on the go! just a suggestion. This site is literally saving my butt on the GRE!

  241. Christo Turner

    Yes, please add an iPhone app. Otherwise, Quizlet is great - helps me with studying for finals!

  242. David


    Congratulations on your decision. I stumbled upon Quizlet two months ago and it was what I had been looking for during the past 5 years. I trust that it will only improve as the years go by; I'm excited to be part of the ride. You'll do great!

  243. summmahh

    243 comment...woo hoo

  244. Lore

    Andrew - Best of luck! Love your site. Thanks for your dedication. Maybe MIT will allow you to finish remotely, even if one class at a time? Worth a shot, right?!

  245. anonymous

    i love your website SOOOOOOOO much!
    it helps a bunch.
    thank youuu!! (:

  246. yankee fan!! what what

    he's sorta hott..just sayinn:)

  247. Samii

    Make Quizlet more fun!

  248. Samii

    Im in school right now. Me and my classmate think that Quizlet should have way more games and less boring stuff.. We like Quizlet but we just wanna have more fun on it.. It would help a bunch if u guys made like 2 or 3 more games to help us learn words, math, ect.
    Thank you!

  249. Arya

    Congratulations! Hope things works out. Your web site is very handy.

  250. Grace

    OH MY GOD I just want to say THANKS SO MUCH for making quizlet i don't know how I would have made it through high school without this website

  251. Andrew

    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I will definitely take these in consideration when updating the site.


    Please let me know your thoughts by adding more comments or by sending me a personal email:

  252. Jack

    Hey man, thanks for this site.

    It has helped my study habits and my grades.

    Best of luck to you.

  253. Katherine

    I go to an all girls school with an extremely rigorous environment and I can guarantee you that at least 80% of our student body uses quizlet for studying. Thanks so much for this awesome tool! I'm actually using a set right now to study for finals. (:

  254. isabella

    congrats! dude this is exciting nice keep up the good work

  255. isabella

    hey tiberius thts my cusion ur tlkin 2 watch the language please thanks

  256. bad girl

    tiberious u shouldnt really say tht b/cause u can get reported

    and even i knew this peace dude

  257. im new

    I've heard a lot about quizlet and I know a lot of people that use it so I have made one too!
    It's nice that you're putting in so much effort into this site! I know a great many that are grateful. Have a nice future with quizlet!

  258. alex

    Thank you for Quizlet! I think Quizlet should either incorporate some of Salman Khan's ideas from the Khan Academy to make interactive learning part of work and not just homework or join forces to reinvent education altogether. Please, Please at least have a look at Salman Khan's TED talk at


    I love Quizlet for the same reason the creator does, it helps me in school and it is also fun to create new sets and then have my friends try them and beat my score. If it wasn't for Quizlet, then I wouldn't have the good scores that I have know and I give a big thumbs up to the creator!!

    Mark Pollard (MPOLLARD)

  260. griff1010

    I would not throw away MIT to go full time. The website is in full swing with what you mentioned as a full staff. Finishing MIT would probably benefit the website. That being said, well done.. this site is a wonderful study tool.

  261. sarah g.

    hey Andrew!
    thanks so much for everything you've already done for us! Quizlet is, to be honest, pretty darn cool and such an amazing study site. personally I think that you should go ahead and finish out your time at MIT, considering the great opportunity and honor it is to be at such a school! (in any case congrats on being there!) I think your site, obviously doing very well, can go a few years on your co-workers' shoulders while you learn all you can at school; then you can apply that which you learned to even better enhance your site. whatever you choose, though, I know we'll all be supporting you. Thanks again!

  262. smart guy

    shudda stayed at mit

  263. Mercedes

    That's awesome! Keep up the good...naw, great work!

  264. defitathe

    Ladylike Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

  265. SLT-A77


  266. Planar

    As I look back at these posts, I truly realize how much you've sacrificed for this site. Thanks for helping me and millions of others with studying and receiving good grades.

  267. shonit1

    Thanks for this amazing website

  268. fmmmlee


  269. Lovely_Fawn

    Hey You designed Quizlet To help you study French. I use quizlet to Study French. Thanks so much. Merci!

  270. ds409

    Andrew, thanks for creating Quizlet. I'm really grateful that you gave up such a big sacrifice of going to MIT for making Quizlet even better - Thanks for your sacrifice to make our studying lives better! :)

  271. tsae9671

    This site has helped me study for all my recertification exams as an emergency room nurse. I stumbled upon this site while looking for study flash cards. Thank You!!! I have turned my teenage grandchildren onto your site. One of my grandchildren is also looking at MIT. Do go back or finish your degree another way. It is harder as life gets more complicated. Good Luck.

  272. hablaespanol

    There's one thing I'm dearly missing about Quizlet (and the reason for me using Anki, which is not exactly user-friendly and fun...) is spaced repetition e.g. following the Leitner system ( If it had that, I'd pay for it.

  273. barnett50cal

    Had I found this site four years ago, my transcript would be just that much happier.
    Thankfully, I found it now; it'll help a ton in college. Thanks much for embracing simplicity with ingenuity.

  274. Appelgator

    That picture is EXACTLY what I pictured the Quizlet offices looking like. Bunch of computers, brick walls, cheesy website poster and a bunch of geeks sitting on the floor playing cards. Only letdown is that I see a Gatorade, but not a Monster or a Cheetos in sight.

  275. Appelgator

    Or are those flashcards? Ha, that's even better.

  276. pdanielli

    everyone follow me on instagrm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @DJ_PDIZZLE


  277. DJHonore

    Hey, good for you Andrew

  278. DJHonore

    Best of luck to you and the team

  279. Forefront

    HI Andrew -

    You must follow your heart. So you made the right decision.

    I do think that teachers need to have the OPTION to have a gradebook. Perhaps you could make that one of the benefits of the TEACHER membership. Right now I am paying another website mostly for this feature. But I would gladly drop my membership if I thought I could do this with Quizlet because you have so many other features that I love.

    Here is what else I love -
    1. Automatic quizzes
    2. Audio
    3. Being able to load Word documents. However, this is not as smooth as I would like it. I still have to clean things up (delete spaces) once I have imported the information. Perhaps your people can work out the bugs. But I do love this feature.

    Once students have had the opportunity to practice using Quizlet, I want to give them a test and see what they remember so I would like to create my own quizzes with picture/video prompts, fill-in, multiple-choice questions.

    I hope this is help

  280. saraithegeek

    The two biggest desires I have for quizlet:
    -iPad app w/ full screen flash cards
    -Ability to have multiple correct answers, I use learn mode primarily and I use quizlet to study for my medical laboratory science classes so it isn't vocabulary in the same sense as the app is really designed for. There are often multiple terms for the same thing and I can't always remember which one I arbitrarily picked for the card. Would be nice if I could enter both as being right.

    As an aside, it would be nice if there was a key shortcut for "override, I was right". I go through my cards pretty quick and use my keyboard mostly in learn mode so it really breaks my concentration to have to use the mouse to click the override. Maybe such a thing already exists.

  281. YaknFish

    Congratulations on the success of Quizlet. I'm in my fourth year of college, working on a BAS in Business. Quizlet has been a tremendous help. Thank you so much.

  282. rhall2739

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay :)

  283. tiffanymdurst

    cool join my class

  284. P1teresa


  285. P1teresa


  286. BradenPichel13

    go crimson

  287. AgentDolly

    Woohoo! AWESOME XD

  288. blueskies09

    Quizlet is awesome! It's great to know such a great site!

  289. bluedomke

    U R 2 GOOD 2 B 4 GOTTEN

  290. OnlyBlue


  291. mlcbooknut

    Please keep this a free tool to use. it has helped me and so many, a lot of kids who usally fall through the cracks are now getting an education that is so easy to study that they can do it anywhere on the go. and the ones who usally dont study and say they do cant get out of studying because teachers know now if they really did or not. thank you so much for quizlet and good luck!

  292. Fumiii

    quizmarklet Page Unavailable

  293. Reynaldo_Lutz-Cruz5

    This might be a few years late, but, WHY DID YOU LEAVE MIT?!?!?!?!?!?!??! THAT IS MY DREAM COLLEGE!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?

  294. pallasan

    How are you doing so far ?

  295. Hackster509

    This probably won't happen, but in case you feel like this site is so good that maybe you can charge the site for a few bucks,
    This site helped me learn a lot more subjects WAAAYY easier.

    Keep improving!

  296. Tim_Park11

    I don't know if you will ever read this Andrew, or anyone who is associated with the Quizlet team for that matter, but I just wanted to thank you guys for such an awesome study tool that I can literally access anywhere at anytime with all of the built in features/games/different language options.

    I love how you are not limited to use this program and website with not just one subject such as Spanish vocabulary, but really with any subject; it is so versatile. I can say without a doubt that throughout high school and even now in college, Quizlet has helped me tremendously with schoolwork.

    Again, thank you!

  297. Melanie_Gomez1

    I'm in my first semester of college and I haven't gotten anything lower an a 95% in all the exams and tests I've taken so far. Quizlet has changed my life! Thank you so much, Andrew!

  298. Lorrie_Fraley TEACHER

    I loved reading the posts from students to you. This accomplishment is what all teachers want to achieve in their lifetime...helping each student learn. I can't imagine that you will make any decision that will negatively overshadow that accomplishment.

    I hope you have as much MORE success as you have given to others and I hope you have FUN, too!

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