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Line breaks now supported, faster page times

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Line breaks! We listened to your feedback, and recently pushed a new feature that allows you to enter line breaks in your flashcards by pressing "enter" when typing a definition. This is useful when you want to make a long definition a little more organized.

Speed! We also made some changes to the code that significantly increases the page load time on every page of Quizlet. Enjoy the speed!


  1. sweet

    i do flash cards 24-7 and sweet 1st post

  2. Juliaswims

    second post. YES!!!!

  3. rmiki

    3rd post

  4. Stephen

    Thanks, Speed is always good :) and line breaks are very helpful

  5. Michelle

    I love speed! Thanks a lot!!!

  6. Jack

    I try to make my definitions short so you can type them in in the "Learn" tool, but speed is good =)

  7. Shannon

    Great! Thank you.
    The next improvment should be options to sort our cards in abc order, order created, longest to shortest, etc.

  8. Stephen

    @shannon are you talking about in the list on the set page?

  9. Andrew J. Leer

    YES! THANK YOU! FINALLY! YOU LISTENED! *kisses your feet* eech! toe jams!

  10. Emma

    Is there any way you can take a set and break it up into smaller chunks, like the opposite of a combo page?

  11. arcaneamoeba

    I thought that Quizlet plus would keep you from giving us free users updates, but you have definitely proved me wrong.
    Bravo. Keep up the good work!

  12. Lou

    o.O ohhhh 12th post! Yay!

    Thanks quizlet for my great grades.

  13. jotaito

    EMMA (above),

    Yes! Call them COMBO #1, COMBO #2, COMBO #3, etc. until you get the whole set entered. Then if you have broken them up into groups of ten (and ordered them somehow; perhaps alphabetically) you can study them in smaller chunks.

  14. Maria

    I don't really like the line breaks because I can't just hit 'enter' to enter my next difinition; I have to press 'tab.' Is there any way to turn off the line breaks or something to help?

  15. Too

    hi, thank you so much for the new features! the line breaks are great, but do they affect the grading? is it possible to insert line breaks when typing in your answer? and would an answer get marked wrong if it didn't have a line break when it was supposed to, even if the wording was correct?

    and i can really tell about the loading speed of each page- it makes my studying SO much easier! thank you! :D

  16. tyler


  17. spark

    -these things!

  18. no one


  19. SNCD

    thanks i love you!!!

  20. Phil

    @Too - no, it does not affect grading - you never need to type line breaks in your answers.

  21. cutepuppy101

    Thank you soooooooooooooooo much! Before you created this feature, I would have to organize definitions using semicolons. This makes my flashcards more organized! Thanks. :mrgreen:
    i <3 quizlet

  22. coolo

    this is sick

  23. nanabear

    Any chance we can get a feature that allows us to cut and past from other places in bulk... Like if I have a document with a lot of terms then I could just copy them and paste and they'll be in order and stuff?

  24. Too

    cool, thanks phil!

  25. Tom


    Would also love to be able to re-organize the flash cards!

  26. Stephen

    @tom just wondering, why would you like to reorganize flashcards? because you can just shuffle them in familiarize and they are shuffled in the games and learn.

    I have thought of the same thing before but it does not seem necessary. Just wondering what your thinking behind it was.

  27. Mme Thomas

    Hi Phil,

    It's Joanne. I noticed voice scatter and voice space race do NOT work on Firefox but DO work on Safari.

  28. Phil Freo

    @mmethomas Typically it's because the Java plugins work better in some browser than others on certain computers. For me, it actually works in Firefox -- but it does not work in Safari. Not much we can do to fix that on our end right now :/

  29. Panther

    THANK YOU!!!

  30. @Developers

    Please can you work on making an auto-save feature like on google docs. i.e. If you typing a flash cards and your computer dies you dont loose all of them.

  31. Pirate21

    Very useful feature - thanks!

  32. Andrew J. Leer

    Eh, any chance you can justify them left now?

  33. the guy in the van

    i say u make this kinda like facebook

    facebook is really popular right so this may get more popular like that

    u could make private chats and 1v.1 games and u could have a profile page that only people in ur group can look at

    u can have a status and people could comment on ur life

    all of this is based around studying of course

  34. artistnatural

    Duh where are all the cool features listed?
    Oh I suppose everyone knows if you enclose a word in ( ) it displays but quizlet does not read the contents. A nice way to add a comment or even prioritize an answer

  35. lebaronrogue

    Line breaks are a nice feature that have been around a while, so why can't they be used with the import feature? Text editing large sets is cumbersome on the quizlet page, so it should be possible to use some assignments of <tab>, <;>, <:>, etc to encode line breaks in the files to import. what say you, dear quizleteers?

  36. mir_mir100

    Pls support line break in imports - just as lebaronrouge explains.

  37. tcroots78

    Another vote for line breaks on imports...very necessary with large decks!

  38. Awesomeboys2

    helps a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. ykim770

    Was this patched? Pressing the enter key closes the edit function for the flashcards.

  40. Soumaya_Mauthoor

    Any update on line breaks on imports?

  41. Obirin_ELP TEACHER

    Also looking for line breaks on import, please!

  42. geelsi234

    Also looking for line breaks on import, Any Work around ?

  43. pacingpoet

    Line breaks cannot be entered at present. Will this feature ever be brought back? Please advise.

  44. oxzenia PLUS

    Also looking for line break when importing...

  45. ShaneHixson PLUS

    You must scroll down past the cards in the set and hit the "Add or Removes Terms" button. When you do this you can scroll back up and edit your cards just as you would a Google Doc or Word Doc. When you are done with your edit you may click the "Done" button on the white ribbon that is frozen to the top of your browser.

    Clicking the edit button within the card only allows you to create new text or delete text.

    Hope this helps...

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