Hey! We have lots of improvements to announce today! In random order:

We’ve started a donations page to let Quizlet users who appreciate our free service to donate towards future improvements to Quizlet. If you find Quizlet useful, please consider donating $10 or more. Donating will also remove all advertising from your account for 1 year. You also get this cool button on your user page:


Improvements to Space Race:

  • Words move a little bit slower
  • The game now ends when you run out of lives instead of when you miss two words in a row.
  • The last answer before the game ends is now displayed.

Your Facebook friends list is now refreshed at regular intervals.

Users who are 13 but were born in the first few months of 1996 were allowed to sign up but not use the site. This is fixed, and we apologize for this annoying problem.

The accents bar now remembers when you turn it off on the Make Flashcards page.

Applications to groups now send group administrators the message the user included in their application.

We’ve updated our Terms of Service to clarify what is and is not acceptable content on Quizlet. We strongly recommend all Quizlet users take a look at this document.

We’re improving our Frequency Asked Questions section and opening the FAQs up to user suggestions, so that users can now add their own information to an FAQ.

We have a lot of projects we’re making progress on. Here are some of the things we’re focusing on:

  • The Quizlet iPhone app is making slow and steady progress. It will work offline, and sync with your Quizlet account to download all of your sets. It’s going to be worth the wait.
  • Improvements to speed and usefulness of the Search/Content Finding functionality on the site.
  • Continuing to improve the Facebook environment on Quizlet, and making it easier to invite and find your friends on Quizlet.
  • A top-secret project in collaboration with MIT. You’ll hear more in the next month.

And of course, we’re always working on keeping the site speedy and reliable as Quizlet grows. I almost forgot to mention that there are now more than 400,000 registered Quizlet users, who create more than 100,000 flashcards every day. That’s a lot of studying!

And don't forget to follow us on twitter!

Do these things sound good? Your donation will make them happen faster!

Last thing: We’re looking for a summer intern to work on these projects in San Francisco. More information is coming soon. Interested? Email jobs@domainisobvious.com


  1. AM


  2. matthew

    I really cannot wait for the iphone app. It will be AWESOME for my exams that are coming up.
    I just still wish that Andrew would make it so that we can use folders in our dashboard to organize all the sets because otherwise they're all so jumbled.

  3. McGirl

    Hey, sounds like it'll be cool! I only wish that on Spacerace, you could control the speed. Sometimes it's too fast, other times it's too slow and easy. I LOVE Quizlet.

  4. langarts

    not 2 b neggative in all, but Andrew, wen R u goin 2 giv us bac da forums and private messages. i believe we're responsible enough to handle that if u giv us all these other things

    also, kewl! i wish i were old enough to work, and i don't live in San Francisco. :(

  5. Kate (alicia)

    I think it's an excellent idea to have a donation feature. I would donate, but I don't know if my parents would let me, lol.

    The new projects sound great! Now you've got me wondering what in the world the top-secret MIT project is...

    The intern thing sounds cool, too.

    I'm glad you made improvements to Space Race, and that's awesome about the FAQ's and Terms of Service stuff.

    I can't wait for more Quizlet improvements! You're doing a great job already (400,000 users?!), and I'm sure you'll continue to do well. Hope school's going well too! We have to remember that you have a social life too lol.

    I might actually do an article on Quizlet in my school's newspaper - spread the word. :)

    -Kate (alicia)

    PS - I would appreciate it if people would quiet down about the forums already. It's driving me insane. Andrew - if you're giving back the forums, then that's cool. But if you're not planning to, then that's cool too, and I think everyone should just forget it and stop bothering you about it. Quizlet is now as it should be - a study website. Though I liked the forums, Quizlet is just fine without it. With 400,000 users, Andrew, you don't need to worry. :)

  6. Drummer7/Cheese10

    maybe you could make an SSS (student social site)

  7. db1

    I was rejected from Penn and I want to go there so bad. What should I do?

  8. bdvd

    @matthew - you can organize the sets in your dashboard by adding tags

  9. brian

    the 'donations' link should point to http://quizlet.com/donate/

  10. LoloJean

    LOVE the space race improvements!! :)

  11. Michelle

    Great improvment!:)

  12. Jon

    On your last post a guy called ideaguy I though his idea was pretty good with the auto fill.

  13. jedi41435

    Thanks a lot for updating Quizlet and keeping everything running smoothly. I really like the whole "Friend of Quizlet" idea. That will probably help with some funding.

    Good luck with your top-secret project! We'll we waiting with bated breath until you announce it!

  14. Mrs. Lewis

    I am a 6th grade science teacher and I am very disappointed that Quizlet is now limited to people 13 or older. My students improved a lot by Quizlet. Now that they cannot use it, the students and I are very upset. Is there a way you can fix this?

  15. cool

    i cant wait for these updates!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. why only over than 13!!!!!!!!!!

    why is ther only older than 13 ?!?!?!?!?

  17. The Ace

    What happened to the forums? our group was completely destroyed because they were gone...bring them back if u can

  18. LoloJean

    About the 13 rule...you DEFINITELY wouldn't have wanted anyone below 113 on the forums before! it was ridiculous!!

    I saw the new voice thing...can't get it to work lol

  19. McGirl

    Hey, what's Voice Race and Voice Scatter????
    I just finished up my set, and saw them... can someone tell me how it works???

  20. SoccerChick17

    hey, i saw the voice race and voice scatter when i was studying for english. I thought it sounded really fun but i was very bumbed to find out it doesnt work! hope you can repair it soon cause i really want to play! thanks so much for quizlet and really hope that you can fix it........ what are the fourms and private messages?

  21. ramonawi

    Reading and reacting to feedback mails would be another fine new feature... ;) SCNR

    What about setting up the groups limit at least for users who donated?

  22. Neil Kelty

    @Mrs. Lewis:

    I believe it's US Law - children under 13 aren't allowed on the website - try almost any website.

  23. a person

    SoccerChick17, before January, you could send a message that other won't ans can't read off of, hence the private message thing and the forum was really a big thing, one of two reasons i even joined in the first place, and is just a giant place to just take about stuff. hoped this helps.

  24. I Want A Job

    Stupid question but I'm guessing you actually have to be able to work in San Francisco right?

  25. surya

    Man this is really an awesome platform ,I ever come across,to get proficiency in your vocab.I appreciate the work of the whole team of quizlet,they simply rocks B-).And further it has got some recent modification like voicescatter and race,but I am facing some pros in using it.I think its for the improvement of our pronunciation.

  26. the voice thing is kewl!!! like surya said, it helps pronunciation...keep up the good work

  27. An Angry Person

    May I ask why my group was deleted without warning? I spent a good amount of time on that description, and it was the most beautifully random thing I've ever seen. If it was deleted for the length of the description, then you could have at least sent me a warning so I could have saved my epic tale of me and Glen Danzig's head fighting communists and French people on the moon....

  28. ramonawi

    Angry Person, I agree. These arbitrary changes (and it are major one) are pretty annoying if you have made yourself so some extent dependent of Quizlet and trusted the site. Of course making new rules or changing features is ok, it's h i s site, and it's free, but it's not very polite and quite user-unfriendly to change or delete thing without any prior warning. It drives me mad and I'd rather pay for a site and not be subject to someone's capriciousness. That's not how one should treat other people's work, under no circumstances. And there is no one answering your feedback mails - why is the feedback feature there, if there is no one bothering to read it? I stopped recommending others this site some time ago and now I'm even warning others to not invest time and effort instead - mainly because of this troublesome practices which hit users without any chance to prepare for it. If I hadn't put so many effort and times in all my sets, I would have left already.

  29. elized

    yeah thts cool tht that is there

  30. Pirate_Yoho

    For the complaints concerning Feedback mail, I got a reply when I sent a problem in. They might get a lot of messages a day and have to sort through them all, winnowing out the most important.

  31. more_cool_than_u

    u should make like a blog for people with icams, or cameras so that we can see each other as we talk

    also, u should let us organize our sets

    :):D ;) :LOL:

  32. Treeface40

    Not to be saying that you'll lose all of your users, but over the summer, do people still come on?

  33. WHY 13 AND UP??????????

    I am in 6th grade and use quizlet like all the time, now I fell like I souldnt be on here, but 6th graders need quizlet just as much as 7th+ graders (really we are in middle school to don't be old fashioned or anything)

  34. same

    I agree with number 36, it is the same for me!

  35. HI Andrew! Great Job on Quizlet so far. i can't wait to see what your top secret project is. I also am dying to get your Quizlet application for the iPod touch. My dad has been trying to get me to learn these SAT words. I just had one problem. With the voice scatter, sometimes only one of the two parts that I said would turn blue and it would stay there. Then after than, no matter what i try to do, none of the things work anymore until I refresh the page. Let me know what the problem is and please try to get the App out soon. Great Job!!!!

  36. cindy

    PLEASE MAKE THE iPhone app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  37. RJ

    Hi Andrew, thanks a ton for Quizlet. It truly is a big inspiration for me. I was using the Voice Games (the top secret project?) and I noticed that you could not switch between having to say the term and having to say the definition. Having a option to do so would be awesome, as many of my sets have the term in Spanish and the definition in English. Since the Voice Games do not work in languages other than English, I can't use that feature to study my Spanish sets.

    Thanks a ton!

  38. IKe

    I am here not long time but my vocabulary improve more than with other tools. Thanks for Quizlet, it is great!

    Only I tried to get information about deleting Sets, but I don't know who?
    I chosed a Set from another owner, but I couldn't use it in the way it was created. I would like delete it - or I would like delete own Sets I not longer need.
    Is that possible and how?

  39. bman1129

    i really want private messaging but otherwise quizlet is sweeeeet

  40. RJ

    @Ike - If you are owner of a set, you can delete that set by clicking the 'Delete' link underneath the 'Edit' link and beside the 'Export' link on the set's page.

  41. Kevin Westbrooke

    Yo Mr. S,
    Trying out q finally, love it. Am starting a simple website, could I link it to quizlet, or do I just make a mention? What is etiquette??

  42. IKe

    @RJ - thanks, there is the possibility for the own created SETS but I thought on another necessaritiy.

    i.e.: I chosed a SET out of the "Find Flashcards" area and I see, it is not what I wanted to have. How can I give it back from my Dashboard?

  43. TaHhhh

    This website rocks!

  44. A.L

    Hi, thanks for all the work, lots of love for Quizlet!

    However, it seems we cannot search by "Terms" (individual cards) anymore. I found that ability to be incredibly useful, is there a way to do it in the revamped version?


  45. Taryn

    Hey Andrew, this is a great site, but I have one concern--is there a way to allow people to have their original account back that they had when they were 12 once they turn 13? Because I turned 13 recently and I still can't access my original account. :(

  46. sami_dog

    Hey, Andrew when are we going to get private messaging back. I found that tool very useful! :D Also, we should have folders or something on our dashboard, because all of my sets are jumbled! :lol: I made so many! And if I do decided to donate, could I donated like $5.00 instead of $10.00? It would be easier. I also have another concern, some of my groups are getting deleted for no reason. The content is study-related and I nor managers did not delete the group. :wink: I am just tired of rounding up all of the people that were in the group before, to join again:!: And some people get mad at me, because they think that I banned them from the group, but I didn't. Otherwise, quizlet is great for studing and I love it. Thanks Quizlet/Andrew! This is a wonderful website!!!

    sami_dog :D

  47. MJK123


  48. sami_dog


    Whoever was in the group before should join again. Plus, anyone else who wants to join can too.


  49. sami_dog

    the weird smiley face didn't work awww


  50. sami_dog

    There we go...

  51. sami_dog


  52. sami_dog


    join the group please!!!:eek:

  53. sami_dog


  54. sami_dog


  55. mathis

    wow it sounds awesome

  56. Para

    Can't wait for the iPhone app! I hope it comes out before finals season (i.e. early June)! :D

  57. Name

    I know you are busy and all but i was wondering when the iPhone/iPod touch app comes out. Like Para said it would help so much for my finals in a few weeks. If you don't exactly know just if you could give like a status of how far you are.

  58. OctaviusB

    btw I love the Voice things. they really helped studying.

  59. TranchinaEmily

    Congrats on MIT and keep on imporoving quizlet (not saying that it needs improving)
    btw when will ur iphone and itouch app be done? (will you sell it or will it be free?)


  60. alex

    For those who are interested in a Windows/Mac/Linux/Android version of a similar app, here it is: http://wordoholic.com

  61. elized

    pleeze let peps who are under 13 join. i hve friends ho are turning 13 in my grade. please please please. and i cntwait for the mit thing!

  62. patelni

    Hi Andrew. I really cannot wait for the iPhone/iPod touch app! I have exams and it will really come in handy. Could you PLEASE post another article telling us how it is going!
    Great Job!

  63. Name

    I know you are busy and all but i was wondering when the iPhone/iPod touch app comes out. Like patelni said it would help so much for my finals in a few weeks. If you don

  64. Cameron

    Is that the App out now : Touchcards, might be related

  65. BarnyardIncident

    hey check out theis other website, it's a lot like quizlet.
    It has a lot of the same features as quizlet, but it's not as smooth.

  66. Gardensnail1

    For the love of GOd, man!
    Don't go there. It is by no means a study website. YOu ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  67. eugene

    this place sucks

  68. A Hamil

    It would be really really cool if there was a game with a head to head feature--like a tv gameshow. Students could play each other while studying. Great site! I use it with my students a lot.

  69. garrett

    all of yall suick!!!!!

  70. erinnerd2

    Ya about the forums i think they were getting waaay off topic, so don't bring them back :) if you can help it.

  71. Eddie

    Hey Andrew,

    I would also like to request that you bring back the private messaging and forum features (at least the group forum feature!).


  72. THE BOSS

    BLACKBERRY APP PLEASE!!!!!!!! for the new app store

  73. Supernaturaldexter

    Wow I've not been on in ages.
    Miss me? lol

  74. anonymous

    to Mcgirl,you're right, quizlet's spacerace goes to fast

  75. sia

    Still happy that I found another way to learn by list / flash card on my ipod ... I couldn't wait ... sorry!

  76. ....... um

    hi say yes if u think quizlet is a good way to study.


  77. Katie

    i can't wait till i can do quizlet on my iphone!

  78. what about the 'top secret' project that it says we would hear about next month? welll this was posted 2 months ago!!

  79. smart guy

    Number 90:, isn't the secret project the voice race?And also I think andrew should tell us if it isn't voice race.Unfoutunetly, I don't have a microphone on my computer

  80. patelni

    Hi Andrew, I know that school is over and everything, but I still need that app soon, because my dad wants me to do this SAT thing for my sister. If you don't know when it will be done, at least PLEASE post another article letting us know how it's going!


  81. asfd

    the quizlet iPhone app will also be available for itouch too, right ?

  82. Andrew Sutherland's Pet

    Please don't post group link.

  83. molla

    why the 13 and up rule?
    why not 10and up?

  84. tatyblue


  85. jade

    Quizlet is a great site! It has helped me so much, I used to get mostly Cs and B-s on my spanish vocab tests and now i am aceing them!

    My one problem is the 13 and older rule because I'm in 8th grade and half my classmates are 12 and the other 13 so some of them can't use this site at all. I haven't been a member for very long but since there is no forum like ther apparently was earlier it seems like it would be fine to have a 10 yr and older rule.

    My other question is about voice race. I have seen lots of them on sets and have tried them out. They work pretty well so I have no complaints about but for some reason voice race never shows up on my sets. Is it because my sets are for spanish? Or is there a way to solve this?

    Well either way keep on improving this great site!

  86. Renaissance

    Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to post this comment...but I was just curious if there was a way to arrange the words in alphabetical order?

  87. pizzadelivery

    i am HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. somedudenamedmilan

    how do u do all da smileys?

  89. 1,2,3


  90. 1,2,3


  91. bobby

    that is ???????? :)

  92. christanne_middleton

    I would love to donate but the button is not working. This has helped me tremendously in my college career and I want to keep it going - FREE. I'm not looking for a subscription; I would love to just donate to the company for their work. How can we do that?

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