Over the past couple weeks, I've had very sporadic reports that Quizlet was completely failing on some computers. This afternoon I spent an hour on the phone working with a very helpful Quizlet user who was able to help me find the problem.

As I understand it, Quizlet was causing some older computers to freeze as soon as they tried to load the page. They were using Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure what version (this user was using it on Windows ME). This was happening since I introduced Space Race and along with it the shiny new expandable buttons. It was not happening on IE 7, and not the majority of IE 6. But it was causing problems for enough computers to be very annoying!

I started by disabling some of the compression features on Quizlet, but they still crashed the computer. Next I transfered the HTML onto a separate test server and had him reload the page and tell me whether the computer crashed or not. I narrowed it down to an external file, then to the main css file (with 1,800+ lines), then to the bottom half of it, then down to a single rule block, then finally to a single CSS rule: white-space: nowrap. Why that single rule would cause a problem in Internet Explorer is anyone's guess, but it does cause it to crash, and removing it made the site work fine again. This problem has been documented, but it's so obscure that most developers probably don't know about it. This is the kind of bug that's impossible to predict.

So long story short: Welcome back Internet Explorer users! I'm very sorry you couldn't use the site for the last couple weeks.

Last quick message: this is just one more reason to switch to Firefox, which very rarely has problems like this and should always work with Quizlet (and every other site). Its completely capable of replacing Internet Explorer, and I personally recommend it all the time. You'll like it! :)


  1. bdvd

    I use firefox, but great job finding the bug.

  2. hippyman27

    Thats cool. I use internet myself but luckily i had internet 07 so i wansnt affected

  3. :D

    thanks! i know that alot of people at my school that use Quizlet have been having trouble with it, they just didnt know why! but thanks a bunch!!

  4. GO FIREFOX!! :>

  5. Allie

    the previous blog entry thing is like blocked-it won't let me on it

    o, and thanks for putting the on button things back on

  6. Xatu

    Thnx Andrew. I use firefox on my laptop, but i wuz having trouble with my PC. Now i know!

  7. Nothing

    Okay i had trouble. Now its solved thx

  8. Anonymous

    Yea..i use internet a lot on my computer, so I am soo glad you got the bug!! Go INTERNET O7!

  9. anonymity rules!

    firefox is the best

  10. i

    thx for fixing it cause i was having trouble on it thx for finding the bug :mrgreen:

  11. jedi41435

    Thanks, Andrew; your patience with the enormous amounts of files, data and code is amazing! (I'm getting a headache just thinking about it)

    Fortunately, we don't have that problem (IE 7), and I use Firefox Portable from my USB flash drive. Nevertheless, a big thank you to you, good sir.

  12. Davio606

    great job Andrew!!!

  13. dab

    I despise firefox... i wish it didnt exist!
    GO IE7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ?

    wow, dab, you are completely insane

  15. josh

    yea dab, wow

  16. Luckynumber13

    THANKYOU soooooo much, See It froze for me and i couldnt get onto Quizlet for a week and I had a test to study for, It was hard writing three pages full of vocabulary, Thank you

  17. micah

    safari is the way to go!!

  18. Puella29

    Firefox owns all other Internet browsers. Period.
    -It's easier to print with
    -Less problems (like Quizlet problem)
    -Look and features are completely customizable to your tastes
    -It blocks everything and anything that you want it to... and if not, just right-click it and click Adblock Image
    -It has a really cute mascot... www.foxkeh.com (Though that doesn't really matter)
    -I suggest going right to mozilla.com and downloading Firefox to anyone who's still using IE.
    -I'm not being paid to say this junk. I promise. :)

    And back to the topic (sorry I got a little carried away) thanks for fixing the problem. I know some IE fans who were given grief.


  19. Jessie

    Thanks 4 fixing it =]

  20. james the 3rd

    I cant get onto the blog before this one. Something pops up and when i exit out of it or click ok it switches to a page that says it cannot display it. If somebody knows how to fix this or what is wrong please tell me. Also, thanks Andrew for fixing that I didnt have any trouble and have no clue what internet thing I have but it helped alought of other people

  21. lydpw

    good thing i was not on the past few weeks or i might have gotten the bug.

  22. Drummer

    dab u dont know firefox

  23. mysteries

    i found firefox before anyone of you i basicly inventid it whit my uncle

  24. Drummer


  25. mightaswellbeclara

    Thanks for fixing it.

    Is anyone else having trouble, that in the learn mode, it is marking it wrong, even though you checked the four boxes to the right?
    Cuz that is happening to me. Like the only difference will be the case.

    Just wondering.

  26. OhYeahImAwesome

    I use firefox, and it was still giving me some troubles, but now its working perfectly! THANKS!!!!
    (i luv firefox, but firefox wont let me get on YahooLive... :( )

  27. OhYeahImAwesome

    I think it may have been just my old computer and not quizlet tho....

  28. blooberri

    Hey Andrew! Thaks for fixing the prob. You have great timing! SOLS(big tests you cram for) are a week away!I can't see the blog below this one either, like the some other pple that write to you. God Bless you!

    blooberri pi

  29. blooberri

    p.s. they call me blooberri pi, because I like blooberries and the color blue, and i like math.

  30. scootertaylor


  31. Random Anonymous

    I couldn't tell.
    No one in my class had the problem.
    I have IE 7 anyway so it couldn't affect me.

  32. brittney

    hey that is awsome thanks 4 fixing it

  33. SpacedRepetition

    Does Quizlet feature the same kind of spaced repetition algorithms used in products like SuperMemo?

  34. death

    NEVER USE INTERNET!!!!! (only firefox)

  35. SuperCool

    I use Firefox at school, Internet explorer 7 at home, and safari on my iPod touch. Safari tops all browsers.

  36. the pimp

    never have i used firefox and i dont know what it is:}

  37. Savvy10

    before launching a website, you need to test on all versions of all Internet browsers.

  38. babygirl

    woooow! i love james

  39. Drummer

    savvy10s right

  40. moo


  41. Drummer


  42. moo

    and a frikin retard

  43. Don't swear on Quizlet. If you want to swear, go on Myspace

  44. me

    firefox never works 4 me. lol.

  45. Anonymous

    Stfu, anon. I'll swear when I want to swear.

  46. Ann

    Safari Rocks! Firefox wishes it were Safari.

  47. A person

    you idiot death. Internet is firefox just a different name! Like trying to teach a dead dog to play fetch...

  48. Xatu

    Hey Andrew,
    Love the new design. I was wondering, what kind of HTML program did you use to create the site? I sorta looks like ColdFusion but i don’t know.
    Thanks in advance,

  49. bob


  50. hkjekeggjkbkljjhkljhkjktlr

    cv fghjgjhnjdhf

  51. silver_spoon

    I found another problem.
    When I quiz myself, I realise that although I have 20 words, the summary sheet says I have 19.
    So if I get "18/19" it shows 95%. 95% is actually equal to 19/20.
    So I think that there is only a problem in the viewing and not what is stored in the computer.


  52. Deamon

    Good job. I know I've been having trouble with it for a while. Firefox is good too.

  53. tourmaline

    yerp safari is battuh than all u suckas

  54. E3Revolution

    You probably didn't follow the coding standards! Shame on you! Need to get one of those css and html approved things.

  55. Davio606

    how rude E3Revolution

  56. EMILY

    yeah... testing...

  57. xatu

    That's ridiculous!:(

  58. jim32

    good job r-tards

  59. CoolerThanYou...

    wow everyone is so kind and understanding xD

  60. Peter Roberts

    Firefox is the best because every web designer I know of uses it as their own personal browser. This means that bugs in firefox are the first to be fixed. Most designers check their sites in IE7, some in IE6 and virtually none in IE5.
    People who use IE6 annoy people who make websites, because there's always some stupid little bug in IE6 that causes things to look stupid (this is from hard personal experience).

  61. CoolerThanYou...

    agreed. Everyone should change to firefox so i dont have to worry about making sure my site doesn't totally get screwed up when ppl open it in IE. :D

  62. Noctir

    I've been experiencing problems for months now, with words that have been missed not being recycled into the next round and there is a long delay before the next term appears. This happened as recently as last night.

  63. baseballisbeast


  64. baseballisbeast

    oh, and nice job with the bug. i havent had trouble cause i was using IE 7, but i still dont understand how u would catch a bug in the system.......

  65. baseballisbeast

    and why did some1 name themselves after a pokemon? no offense, but, pokemon is a little old......

  66. ya ik

  67. baseballisbeast

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ whoops, 4got i had caps on.

  68. I-Know-HTML

    hmm i was having that bug in IE where during the "learn" part it was freezing for about 10 seconds.. I had a real hard time getting my 30 words done. And, I tried to guess what did you use for youe site because I dont see any flash stuff and the menu is real cool. And do the tests use php scripts?

  69. I-Know-HTML

    this isnt a spam comment!! :D lol

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  77. PC

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  78. Mac

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  79. PC

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  81. Chillin07

    YEA GO FIREOX!!! :]

  82. Anynomous

    Hi thanks for fixing I never actually had any problems with it but thanks anyway.
    Everyone PLEAZE JOIN http://quizlet.com/group/15918/

  83. Pollyanna

    Thanks for fixing the bug:!:

  84. Afnan


  85. jplafor

    thanks for fixing the bug but i don't use internet explorer i use Safari on a mac and it won't let me log in!!!!!!!!

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  89. Maria`
  90. Ashley

    whoa! this site is workin great!thanks alot!
    if i understood the comment before me i
    would agree with it.lol:) great site thanks again
    -ashley yonderfelt

  91. Name:julia

    Comment:awesome!!keep it up!

  92. dfgd

    this website sucks dick

  93. dfgd

    i hate this website

  94. Spencer

    Im a NOOB at the space racer!

  95. tabitha


  96. tabitha

    good jod

  97. STONEY

    i'm a rock:p

  98. j00


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  101. SaraCMS

    JK :)

    NO I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. sexy

    u rite alot

  103. tryecrot

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  104. Anton

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  105. Brian

    One thing I've noticed - with Firefox, the animations switching between cards or the sides of them are choppy. However, they're completely smooth in IE (8 and 9) and Chrome. Granted, with FF, using a faster computer helps, but it doesn't fix the issue (even on a quad-core i5 with Windows 7 and a modern gpu it's still choppy, though much worse on a Pentium 4 with XP).

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