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Meet Checkpoint: the newest member of the Quizlet Live family

Quizlet HQ · Posted by Meredith  November 15, 2021
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Since we launched Quizlet Live in 2016, millions of teachers have used our in-class game to engage students with competition and collaboration. Today we're excited to welcome a new member to the Quizlet Live family — Checkpoint. We can't wait for you and your students to try it.


What is Checkpoint?

Checkpoint is an interactive activity designed to help you keep a pulse on what your students know. As a new member of the Quizlet Live family, Checkpoint offers an alternative to competitive game play, enabling you to choose the questions and terms students should be quizzed on, and providing rich feedback to help inform future lesson plans.

When should I use it?

Imagine this: you pose a question to your class. Your question is met with the all-too-familiar sound of absolute silence. You stare into a sea of glassy eyes and blank faces after spending the last 30-minutes pouring everything you’ve got into teaching a key concept. Your deepest wish is to peek into these students’ brains to make sure they’re following you, but also pump up the energy and inspire learning. THIS is the moment Checkpoint was built for!

Here is how Language Department Chair, Latin and Ancient Greek Instructor, Academic Technology Coordinator + Quizlet power user, Maureen Lamb uses Checkpoint:

"With Checkpoint, teachers can easily take the pulse of the room and find out what students understand and what they need to work on through this quick, formative assessment. Use it as an exit ticket to see what students understood, an entrance check to see what students understand, and a fun way to review multiple choice questions quickly and easily!"

Tell me more about the fun!

Checkpoint is a lower stakes game with fun music, engaging animations and timed questions. It is not a pop quiz, so there isn’t a breakdown by individual students. Similar to Quizlet Live - which you’ll now see referred to as Live Classic -- the Checkpoint leaderboard is based on accuracy, not speed. In that way, we hope it’s an activity that students of all levels and abilities can get excited about participating in.

How does Checkpoint relate to Quizlet Live?

We love Quizlet Live so much that we wanted to make the Live family bigger. The only difference is you’ll now see two options when you click Live on the set page: Live Classic and Checkpoint. It’s up to you to choose the engaging, in-class activity that’s best for you and your students.

How much does Checkpoint cost?

Like Live Classic, Checkpoint is free to use. All teachers on Quizlet will be able to use Checkpoint. For teachers who subscribe to Quizlet Plus for teachers, they’ll be able to use sets they’ve created with custom multiple choice options in Checkpoint, too, bringing a new level of customization to the activity.

We are thrilled to welcome Checkpoint to the Quizlet Live family. The easiest way to see what Checkpoint is all about is to go to Quizlet Live and play a round of Checkpoint today. We can’t wait to hear what you and your students think!

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Can’t wait to use this with my students!!!!


I need it

Tabitha_Shorter  teacher

Wow!! So cool when can we start using this!!



ripongrammar  teacher

The Checkpoint link didn't let my class join it just me?

cwood125  teacher

Tried checkpoint today...seemed to have a few issues.... Could not launch as a teacher from Chrome (but Safari worked). Found it weird that you have to check the terms you wanted to include individually. No way to adjust timer/countdown clock. For students..... hard that you can't enlarge images. Students must be in landscape on a tablet or you cannot see the choices. Etc...


I also can't launch it from Chrome apparently..

MrEvansBGS  teacher

I also wasn't able to launch it from Chrome, which is a shame because this would allow me to stop importing all my quizzes into Microsoft Forms to gather detailed data on student progress.

khanhtrinh02  teacher

Can you make an option for selecting more questions instead of only 12 questions? I'm really appreciated for that

SarahPLePage  teacher

I’m trying to work out how to use it. I can start Quizlet Checkpoint no problem, but at the end, I can’t seem to do anything, and there doesn’t seem to be any record of the activity anywhere. My students don’t necessarily join from a class, so is that the reason it isn’t actually as useful to me? I like it, but I can’t seem to use it the way it’s meant to be used. Hardly any of my students actually join the class, so I just host Quizlet Live games with them for fun, although that is really time consuming as we wait for everyone to join and then get into teams, so this seemed like a great alternative.


checkpoint has a bug, I think. It will highlight the right answer, but we cant even click it. it doesnt let us. it seems to be more frequenly happening.


oh and it says, give this one a try later.


I like cheese

adelewyers  teacher

I used it in class today, and had a few issues with students being unable to select an answer because it was already highlighted - but it also did not produce a result. Two of my students were also kicked out early. The biggest issue though is that the results disappeared and I can't seem to get them back, so I probably won't use it much.

Doug_Cooke77  teacher

I've tried to instigate a round of 'checkpoint' a couple of times now in class and a couple of trials outside of class but each time it has not loaded correctly. I get to the point whereby I've shared the join code and the students are all typing that out and adding their names (basically the same procedure as starting up regular Quizlet Live) but none of the names appear in what I'm going to call the 'waiting lounge board' that is visible to the teacher and on their phones/devices it says "waiting for round to start" or something like that, but no matter how many people seem to 'join' it's impossible to then actually click on "create game" and start it. Seems to be some sort of bug / glitch...?

stracaby  teacher

We had a new problem using Checkpoint last week. For some of the questions, the students weren't able to select an answer, the program selected an answer for them. Often it selected the correct answer, but then when we saw the results, it would say that no one got the correct answer. It didn't do this for every question in the set, but would just randomly do it. Most of the time it did it for all the students, but there were a few times when it would just do it for one or two students. I had three classes do Checkpoint using two different sets, and it happened each time. This is the first time I've encountered this problem using Checkpoint. The other times we used it the kids liked it, but it's pretty frustrating to play it this way. Hopefully this is a bug that can be worked out.


No funciona. No sé cómo usarlo. Quedará con Quizlet live!

sandraedelgado  teacher

I can start Quizlet Checkpoint but now Quizlet Live is broken. If I try to start a classic Quizlet live session it lets me get to the point right before where it is supposed to show the QR code. It does not show the QR code. Can you add features but leave the Quizlet Live Classic still available ?


A great asset! However, the time is always 20 s. I'd like to make it shorten, can I?


I played this today with a general ed class. It is fun, but a few suggestions. 1- customize time (30 s - 90 s should suffice) 2- a report at the end of who participated (for accountability) Otherwise I really love the new addition for informal assessment purposes! Keep up the good work, Quizlet!


looks cool


Hi All, I would love the ability to custize the timer lengther for a checkpoint. I see a number of comments regarding the same topic. Thanks!

Kathy_Naughton  teacher

I was excited for the Quizlet version of Kahoot and was disappointed that students kept getting kicked out...I started with 23 students and ended up with 10 that were able to respond. Frustrating! I also agree with the time--for a checkpoint, 20 seconds is long...


Checkpoint 321234567890pp

Victoria_Kieft  teacher

I tried to use this with my students. because I love the idea. I did have a couple of issues. The timer for the questions is too short. Is there a way to change the time for the questions? Also, if you put a picture in , they students are not able to click on it and have it open on the ipad. Will that be fixed.


How does this work?

tweber3  teacher

I would also like a way to change the timer for my students. It goes too fast for solving math problems.

sjsorohan  teacher

Haven't been able to use recently as pupils are all being kicked out before I can start. Also agree with above comments - adjustable times, and a way to record scores would make this much more valuable as a tool in class.

nacenterprise  teacher

Loads of posts complaining you can't launch Checkpoint from Chrome. I queried this via email over a year ago and the issue is still not resolved. Not one response from admin to anyone raising the issue above. "Shan't be long now! The game will begin soon." Except it won't.

Suzanne_Bediz  teacher

Please add the ability to change the length of the timer.

enib  teacher

Please make it possible to adjust the time between questions in Checkpoint.

climing83  teacher

Please make it possible to make a list of the results of the students and order on Checkpoint.


we can do it together to make the kids win

Kimberly_Klasnic  teacher

Can we use Checkpoint without the typing part? I have younger students who cannot type fast enough. Help!!!! They love the first part of Checkpoint.