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New! Meet the Quizlet Learning Assistant

Quizlet in EducationQuizlet HQ · Posted by  September 11, 2020

Nothing about this school year is what we expected to be. Resilience and self-confidence are more important than ever to just... make it through the week. But as any student knows, you also need structure and support to make meaningful progress towards your goals. More than ever, we need learning tools to help us stay on track.

Quizlet believes that with guidance and tenacity, every student can become unstoppable.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the Quizlet Learning Assistant.

The Learning Assistant is designed to make every study session more streamlined and efficient. Building on study insights from millions of students, learning science principles and machine learning technology, the Learning Assistant creates study experiences that adapt to each learner for better recall and deeper understanding.

As a brand new part of Quizlet Plus, you can get access to the Learning Assistant for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month.

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We created the Learning Assistant because Quizlet is a company driven by learning science. We’re obsessed with finding the best ways to help you study and learn more effectively, and we’re driven to deliver the best study experience possible for our users. We take inspiration from you, our students, to build online study tools that adapt and get smarter as you use them. We wanted to make a smart, AI-powered guide that provides seamless guidance, but also gives you the insights you need to make your own study decisions.


What is the Learning Assistant?

With the Quizlet Learning Assistant, you unlock study experiences that adapt to you, shortcuts that save you time, and features that promote better memory recall and deeper understanding. The three core features that are part of Learning Assistant are personalized study paths, smart grading and cross-mode Progress.

Study paths provide personalized recommendations based on your study goals and how well you know each set. When you enter Learn, the Learning Assistant will ask you a few quick questions about your goals and what you know. Then, it adjusts the path to the challenge level that’s right for you. For example, if you know a set pretty well, the Learning Assistant will skip you ahead to more challenging question types to save you time and ensure you keep progressing towards your goal.

Smart grading offers new ways to challenge yourself in Learn mode and Write mode. When you turn on smart grading, the Learning Assistant uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the meaning of your answer. Now you can quiz yourself on the concepts, rather than worrying about the exact words or definitions in your set. Smart grading works for any terms or definitions with more than three words. It’s currently available for sets in English and we’re working to bring smart grading to other languages soon. You can try smart grading in Learn mode on your computer or in the mobile app and in Write mode on your computer.

Progress helps you look at your study history across study modes, so that you can use your time more wisely. With a dashboard that lets you view your sets by recency, classes or folders, you can see how many terms you’ve mastered and how many you’re still learning. When you click on a group of terms like “Not studied”, you can start a targeted study session in Learn mode, focusing only where you need it. You can also check your Progress on each set page to watch your wins stack up.


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How it works

The Learning Assistant uses a machine learning model of the forgetting curve to sequence questions. That curve is based on study insights from millions of students and how they study and progress through content and reflects research-backed learning-science strategies.

The types of questions the Learning Assistant asks depend on your progress so far, so that you see more written questions once you’ve started to get terms and definitions right a few times. Written questions provide stronger memory retrieval practice, which has been shown to produce better learning outcomes.

Not only that, but written questions become more effective and less cumbersome because the Learning Assistant uses cutting edge Natural Language Processing to interpret your answers. This lets you use Quizlet for more conceptual learning and understanding, not just vocabulary and memorization.

Lastly, with short diagnostic quizzes and moments to check in on your goals, you set yourself up for better study sessions, since you log the metacognitive benefits of thinking about where you stand and where you want to go. And yes, these principles are also backed up by learning science research! Learn more about how Quizlet uses research in its product design.


Looking to the future

The Learning Assistant adds support, guidance and intelligence to the study process in the way that a great tutor would. This means that as we develop it further, we’ll continue to add in new ways for the Learning Assistant to get to know you and your needs.

It also means we’ll build new study progressions that take into account the latest learning science research to ensure you build a solid foundation of knowledge. And beyond that, it means we’ll find new ways to provide you with reliable explanations to help you really understand the concepts behind the questions. With these investments, you’ll see a difference in the speed, ease, and effectiveness of your study sessions, because those sessions are tailored to you and they provide rich context.

We can’t wait to keep investing in the Quizlet Learning Assistant in the coming months and years. Please share your thoughts with us along the way. We exist to support you, whether you’re preparing for a large standardized test or just trying to keep up in your classes. No matter what you’re studying on Quizlet, you’ll have the remote learning tools you need to be unstoppable.

Try it out

Start a free trial of Quizlet Plus to start studying with your own personal Learning Assistant. For this back-to-school time only, we’re offering an extended 14-day free trial so you can see how you like it, and so you can discover how seamless studying can be.

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way to go Quizlet for making learning easier


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How do I add our school so I can create a class for my Honors Chemistry class? Our school is not in the list of schools in the drop down box, so it will not let me complete the process of setting up a class. Thank you! Mrs. Waters


Hi, Nitin. I am trying to find a person to contact at Quizlet regarding features that it used to have that are no longer available, as well as find out more about school accounts. Who can I contact? Thanks, Annie