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For Teacher Appreciation Week, we're featuring a few of our amazing Teacher Ambassadors, who help the Quizlet team with testing new features, giving great feedback, spreading the word about Quizlet, and sharing creative ideas with other teachers.

Meet Spanish teachers Anna Cuyar from Hillcrest High School in South Carolina, and Ian Munro from Brophy College Prep in Arizona. She's created 196 sets (and counting), and he's been using Quizlet since he was in college — and is happy to share what helped him in school with his students. To view and use their awesome sets, visit their Quizlet profiles: mrscSpanish and imunroBrophy.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Anna: I answered the question, "What does teaching mean to you?" in this way when I was asked this question for the 1985 yearbook: "Teaching means having the potential to change the world, step by step." I still believe this today. I consider myself very fortunate to have been a teacher all of these years. For me, it is the most wonderful job in the world!

Ian: To feel that I had a vocation instead of a job. To come home at the end of the day feeling that I may have had a positive impact in society.

What's a day in your life like?

A: It is always a wonderful day being at Hillcrest High School, a wonderful school, and being with my wonderful students. I use Quizlet on a daily basis for everything: activating strategies, class activities, summarizing strategies, assessments, etc.

I: It is full of energy and learning. I love passing on my passion for another language to my students. Quizlet provides an easy way to organize and review the concepts that we are covering in class.

IMG_5704.JPG Ian's students playing a round of Quizlet Live.

What do your students love most about Quizlet?

A: It helps my students to be successful in the most efficient, personalized way possible!

What's one creative way that you use Quizlet to engage students?

A: Our class tradition of Game Day Friday with Quizlet Live is a wonderful way to end the week on a positive note! It also nicely complements high school football season / pep rally season Fridays!

I: I set the classes up in groups for Quizlet Live and set music to the rounds. Some rounds are worth double points and we normally play to 7. I find that using the William Tell Overture really gets the class pumped up.

What is your pro-tip for other teachers about using Quizlet?

A: Give it a chance and have fun! You will find that the impact that Quizlet has on student achievement is absolutely amazing!

I: Set up small competitions. Students love to try to get on a leaderboard.

What is your favorite Quizlet study set?

I: A set of all the conjugations we went over in the year that a student created for the class to review. I share it every year now!

If you were to write a tagline for Quizlet, what would it be?

A: "Singularly Incredible Quizlet!"

I: "Quizlet: The official sponsor of good grades since 2007."

Quizlet Professional Development at Hillcrest High School.jpg Anna co-leading a teacher training on Quizlet.

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