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For Teacher Appreciation Week, we're featuring a few of our amazing Teacher Ambassadors. Nominate an amazing, Quizlet-savvy teacher like Joanie or Doug to win free upgrades for their entire school's faculty and a visit from Quizlet's founder, Andrew Sutherland! Learn more about our Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway here.

Meet two teachers from Missouri: Joanie Grimm is from North St. Francois County Middle School in Desloge, and teaches 7th-8th grade ELA and Reading Advantage. Doug Karsch, from North County High School in Bonne Terre, teaches Science and Business Education. Doug discovered Quizlet on Pinterest, while Joanie learned about our tools while earning her Masters in Education Technology.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Joanie: I became a teacher to inspire and educate the future.

Doug: After 20+ years, I think the better question is, "Why do you stay a teacher?" I stay because every year several students come back to see me, from the first year to the most recent, and they tell me the difference I have made in their life. Some were speaking educationally, others personally. I stay because I can see the growth into adulthood and know that I have made a difference.

What's a day in your life like?

J: I day in my life is super exciting with hormonal and dramatic middle schoolers. Quizlet has allowed for interest and engagement to take ahold of my students.

D: I use Quizlet every day in some capacity. Having five different high school preps, my day runs pretty quick. From personal finance and coding in the morning, to microeconomics and astronomy in the afternoon, my students stretch my knowledge and look for something new each day. Quizlet allows me to do a quick review of content at the beginning of class as a active bell ringer, a brief review of content during instruction, or a review of vocabulary.

What do your students love most about Quizlet?

D: My students love the competition; being the best in class is a draw all it's own. Even my special needs students become interactive at a higher level when they are placed in groups using Quizlet Live. The opportunity to use Match or micro-Match (on the app) offers students one of two options to complete a quick review. Several students like the testing options and try to create quizzes that mimic the general format of a class test.

What's one creative way that you use Quizlet to engage students?

J: I turn Quizlet Live into a competition. Students enjoy me cheering them on like it is a horse race announcement!

D: I have students summarize the information and create their own Quizlet sets. This allows me to see if they are grasping the important content from their reading.

What is your pro-tip for other teachers about using Quizlet?

J: I would tell other teachers that Quizlet Live forces students to work together. Be prepared to instruct communication skills amongst groups.

D: Try developing a lesson that allows students to respond to questions as you teach. This can be done using the Flashcards mode.

What is your favorite Quizlet study set?

J: Cryptid Hunters Setting and Background Information

D: Computer WYSE Terms