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For Teacher Appreciation Week, we're featuring a few of Quizlet's stellar Teacher Ambassadors. Nominate an amazing, Quizlet-savvy teacher like Wayne to win free upgrades for their entire school's faculty and a visit from Quizlet's founder, Andrew Sutherland! Learn more about our Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway here.

Meet Wayne Aguiar, a professor at Bridgeport University who teaches Medical Laboratory and Health Sciences. He's been using Quizlet for about one year, after his students told him they liked it for studying and his sons recommended it. To view and use Wayne's sets, visit his Quizlet profile.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I fell in love with teaching after my first lecture. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and seeing in the students' eyes a spark of enthusiasm that teaching can bring to a subject. It's a great feeling to see your classes have an impact.

What do your students love most about Quizlet?

Quizlet Live is very popular, but they also like the idea of individual study. The memory match game is fun and also the Learn tool features — we use a lot of visuals and that helps to review them.

What's one creative way that you use Quizlet to engage students?

I like the option of assigning my own teams in Quizlet Live and playing a best out of three round — first team that gets two wins is given bragging rights. I also give stars or stickers to any team that wins and they keep track on a scorecard. Once a student collects 10 stars on their individual card, they can turn them in for prizes (dollar store stuff like pens, stylus laser pointers, etc.). I also do a memory match competition: each member of the team must complete Match, and if someone finishes early they can assist someone else. The first team to finish gets a star. This also requires individual play and mixes things up a bit.

What is your pro-tip for other teachers about using Quizlet?

Each week I add a new Quizlet set, but also review the previous weeks' sets. After 3 weeks, I consolidate them into one larger set to keep reviewing concepts.

What is your favorite Quizlet study set?

I like my hematology study sets because it makes students identify images.

If you were to write a tagline for Quizlet, what would it be?

"Engage them, excite them and the enthusiasm for learning will follow."