Yes! If you’re reading this, you’re on Quizlet and seeing that things are looking a little… different around here. The new Quizlet offers a complete visual redesign including a modern logo; bright, fresh colors; and a new mobile user interface. We’ve redesigned our apps from the bottom up, making it easier, faster, and more fun to study what you want to study, in the way that’s most effective for you.

What was the inspiration behind the changes? Ten years ago, Quizlet launched as a desktop-only learning tool, and as we’ve grown, we’ve added iOS and Android apps, as well as support for mobile web. Over time, we accumulated different (and sometimes inconsistent) styles. And, we felt like our design and colors were a little tired, and didn’t represent the lively and engaging nature of Quizlet. The opportunity to start this school year with a clean slate and make a beautiful, consistent experience no matter what platform you’re on, was too big to pass up. So, without further ado, we're excited to share with you:

Our new logo and app icon

We wanted our new main color and logo to be approachable and distinctive. Our new "Q" feels more modern and readable, and we hope that you enjoy our new app icon on your homescreen as much as we do.

Quizlet logo and app icon copy.jpg

Our iOS and Android apps

If you haven't already downloaded our apps, today is a great day to do that — they're all new (and also the easiest way to study on the go, or when you don't have Internet access). Download our iOS app here, and our Android app here.

Group 5 - white.png

Our updated homepage

Our new homepage highlights the amazing range of subjects people are studying on Quizlet, everything from foreign language vocabulary to organic chemistry to movie trivia.

New Quizlet Homepage.png

What's up next

We’ve already made some big changes to our desktop site, and more are coming are over the next few weeks (including some requested updates to Quizlet Live). The same beautiful user interface our mobile apps have will be added to our website in the coming months. When we’re done, no matter what platform you’re studying on, you’ll have a consistent experience on our service. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see.





As a reminder, while we've made a lot of design improvements, we haven't changed anything about your content. When you sign in, all of your classes, folders, and study sets will be right where you left them — they’ll just look a lot better than the last time you saw them (and a lot better than Quizlet did when I first started working on it ten years ago).

We're excited for another year of studying and learning together, and as always, we welcome your feedback. I, and the rest of the Quizlet team, can’t wait to hear what you think!


  1. Karuth


  2. I_M_3rd

    Love it

  3. Time_Space


  4. Karina_Abraham


  5. Karina_Abraham

    This is an interesting change but I love it!

  6. Lee_Mike


  7. R-iana PLUS

    Fourth! :) Love the new design.

  8. sanna_lutsoja

    I upgraded my account just a moment ago (only because of audio recording) and what a bummer, it doesn't work on Safari. It should have been mentioned clearly "only flash and Crome". Hope you guys fix it as soon as possible. Little inconvenient to dig out Chrome only to use Quizlet in this browser.

    Otherwise, thumbs up!

  9. van_nguyen126

    10 comment i did not know until i see it like more better than good i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my hand hurt.

  10. fast2furious345

    it awesome i love it <3

  11. Sameister

    Way to go!!!!

  12. maclaritas

    Great job! New design looks much better than the previous one. By the way, do you think you would be able to add some other improvements that allow us to modify texts, I mean it would be really cool to have blue bold text.

  13. KristineLu

    14th comment: I love the new look for quizlet

  14. FuzzyPotatoes7


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  17. Gregory_Heers

    I general dislike changes, and quite frankly I like the old Quizlet a lot better.

  18. Callie_Woolwine

    Awesome love it!

  19. Michelle_D90630

    Lookin' good

  20. Black-panther101

    I guess it's okay

  21. ocwatkins

    @sanna_lutsoja Very sorry for the trouble! Voice Recording should definitely work in Safari. Can you send an e-mail to support@quizlet.com so we can help out?

  22. vinh457

    I don't know, if anything, I preferred the old style, but that's just because I been on Quizlet so long

  23. vinh457

    I don't know, if anything, I preferred the old style, but that's just because I been on Quizlet so long

  24. jessica_patterson5 GO

    Love it! Just wondering though, how are you going towards making long term learning available on the android app? I have been using the tool for a few months now, and I love it! But it would be great if I could access it through the app instead of having to log in through my phones browser :-)

  25. anarchystbr

    I welcome the redesign but make the text in the flashcards black again, please.

  26. MemVerseFanatic

    Love the new design Quizlet!!!

  27. andrewke3


  28. anudeep_n

    How do I get the old quizlet look back. Please give us an option to go back

  29. Mormon2000

    This is my first time on this website. I find it very useful to study vocabulary words. Thank you Quizlet team. I owe you one!

  30. pikachu168

    Easter Egg: Press "X" in the flashcard section

  31. noble-obodum

    At first it surprised me! What a dramatic overhaul! But it looks great! Thanks for all you guys do!

  32. lisachem6

    surely, it's been a headache to learn long terms in Android APP. i guess there must be a way to zoom in the contexts in long terms even though it's gonna be realized by rolling up and down the screen.

  33. CAP518

    The new design kinda caught me off guard. Took me a second to realize that they redesigned the site. Looks great though

  34. study_hard33

    Will there be new updates for people with Quiz Let Plus? Perhaps allowing us to use pictures in both the question and answer ? Makes it easier when studying mechanisms in Biochemistry etc.

    As well I noticed a lag in the Long Term Learning in the iOS app for Quizlet - I was wondering if that could be fixed as well ! :)

  35. crimson_moon

    SIDE NOTE - 39th Comment!

    Cool! This one is MUCH . . . MUCH . . . BETTER!


  36. Prosef6

    This is just gorgious. Both the website and the app -- well done! Loving the upgrade.

  37. thistle99

    Would have been good for long time users to get a little heads-up of redesign, especially when the first time it hits you is clicking to upgrade your subscription - hang on, is this right?
    Adroid app would be handy, although most of my students do use Apple.
    Enjoying new Quizlet live feature.
    Quizlet remains my #1 e-learning application in the classroom, and I use quite a few.

  38. Teaching_Geek

    I like it. It really makes quizlet look consistant across all devices. The simple UI makes it easier to focus on studying too. Just discovered it today when my iPad updated :)

  39. et_happy

    yay is this 3.0 or 2.0 or more?

  40. shooter_master

    Cool update!

  41. shooter_master

    I like the update!

  42. zf2016

    Looks Great!!

  43. Wooah

    I really like the way you made quizlet look like but i kind of like the last one better.

  44. epictortoise2323

    NICE! This is AMAZING!


    Sweet!! I love cool updates!! :D And new colors... new color schemes are like the best thing ever since sliced bread. xD

  46. nabilaz

    I don't like the new design. Anyone agree?

  47. Fun-Study-LOL

    Love the change feels a lot cooler ! ! ! :)

  48. Kezz_

    New design is great! Feels way less 'dull' than the last design.

  49. ChowderFan2

    I like the new design. At first I was wondering what happened

  50. shotgunlord21

    Love the new look! Looking forward to using the updated Quizlet this upcoming school year!

  51. sarahlp6409 PLUS

    Please give us the ability to go back to the old Quizlet.

  52. OscarAyress

    Quizlet has lost its elegance. I will miss the old Quizlet.

  53. Zak_Pataky PLUS

    I'm not a fan of this change, at all. It looks too bland.

  54. inhaarmonic

    Thank y'all for working so hard to update & renew Quizlet! I know some people may say they don't like it, but personally an improvement like this is for the better!

  55. BurtonBraam

    nice! i like it

  56. Wizards321

    really cool!

  57. ncs3149

    I like the design, but what I don't like is that it takes forever to load larger sets from iPad! :( Could you please see to this problem, Quizlet? Thank you!

  58. TigerdingoDeatheater

    How cone I didn't get the beta for this?
    I am usually a beta tester.

  59. paulyu

    Really cool new look! Awesome!

  60. Rubyshine

    So cool!

  61. Rubyshine

    I see how the font's changed also too. Can't wait to go look at it on my phone!

  62. htimmo

    122nd high five!
    #Jesus Loves You!!!
    John 3:16

  63. htimmo

    i like the new quizlet, except i liked the QUIZLET word better for the first version. for the next version, can you make our profile pictures bigger? other than that quizlet rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!

  64. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    This is so cool!!!!

  65. Soul--


  66. tlsc-Japanese

    One of few Educational sites I actually pay out of my own money!

  67. misterneros

    looks so modern :o

  68. amylincb TEACHER

    Love the new look! :)

  69. revirth


  70. Irishfeet123

    bummer, I liked the old look better :P but glad for you guys getting this update out!

  71. sqq100

    ugh what is this?! That modern look header though...but I'll admit, it looks more professional...don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well, congrats Quizlet developers!

  72. Stephen_Rashford GO


  73. koabal85

    I'm glad there are new changes coming, and I'm very glad and reassured to see a fresh flow of thoughts and design from the team! Things are definitely a lot better than they were even when I first joined 6 years ago!

    I still wish we could change the background grey to a darker color or choose from color palettes. The bright colours are inviting but they can be stressful on the eyes when studying!

  74. msyklo TEACHER

    I like this new design and it's good to see Quizlet trying its to make this wonderful learning tool compatible with different devices and platforms. Thumbs up to everyone in Quizlet!

  75. scoreperfect PLUS

    Hmmm....no new keyboard shortcuts for the desktop model (which I've been requesting for years) - the mobile iPhone app STILL doesn't mirror the Setting's choices of the desktop model and is WOEFULLY lacking with only "Start with" and "audio/no audio". Bad, very disappointing. And no new background choice of color - another request I've made for years. Oh.... but there's a "new logo" - yipee - ok, that's nice for the graphic designer who did it and got paid for it (or didn't get paid for it) but how does that help me learn German? A new logo on a jar of peanut butter doesn't make the peanut butter taste better.
    Bottom line: mostly a cosmetic update, and a lackluster one at that (until we get choices of background to replace the dismal and depressive, "non-descript bland gray' 2 1/2 stars of 5

  76. KatieMorison

    Sorry I don't like the font. It's harsh and not very nice to look at.

  77. quizlette345484

    These changes concern essentially the esthetics of the site. More important difficulties are not resolved. For example, the impossibility on a "teaching" account to use the "Long Time learning" or the possibility of putting an image on every face of card..

  78. thfk2135

    어 새로운 버전이다

  79. Wooah

    how long did it take you to change all this?

  80. Christian_Carter7

    Thumbs up ;)

  81. Riana_Boyd


  82. AdT-

    this is Awesome thank you

  83. Emily_Ustick

    HELLOOOO! It`s me! Emily! the girl with glasses is back and im in high school!

  84. carolina_panthers_88


  85. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    Oh dear, a change again. I liked the old design much more, including logo. Current color is one of my least favourite. do not like the sneak peek into new website flashcard mode:( There are so many other features you could add. Constant changhes just create confusion.... IMHO

  86. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    also agree with quizlette345484

  87. onelonegypsy PLUS

    Since it has been changed I am having a lot of trouble with the long term learning which is what I paid for. The delays, no writing only audio, freezing so I have to start again. Ok, so its consistent with apps across the board and it is a little tidier but it has caused problems with SRS and we still do not have text choices. I do not need a new logo but I do need to study so I have to ask ....... What was the point?

  88. sfonseka PLUS

    I love this new design
    We all thing that is fine
    This is Quizlet's best day.

  89. sfonseka PLUS

    This is a bit confusing though. Now that I've gotten into it, I'm getting confused. I kind of want to delete my rhyme.

  90. lyba-azam

    Cool miss old ways though thanks anyway

  91. cm_sg

    Looks very nice, guys! Thanks so much for all your hard work! I love Quizlet!

  92. malvikakm

    I love the new design! it's really visually appealing and easy to use now! THANKS QUIZLET!

  93. aleesha_joy PLUS

    I agree with most others that the updates aren't really useful. I rely on quizlet HEAVILY. Use them in ALL of my college classes. But, why are you guys not listening to us?

    We need to be able to use photos in BOTH term and definition sections.

    We need to have a better way to organize our sets. Perhaps adding subfolders or "tabs" might be an easy update.

    Kinda weird you would make a big deal about the "update" when you didn't really change much :-/

  94. Sr_Houston TEACHER

    Oops! Well, this is a surprise. As a teacher, I will work with whatever you have because of Quizlet's funcionality. But, in my opinion, none of the aesthetic changes were for the better. I feel very "bland" looking at my 82 Spanish vocab sets. This would have been a good place to do a "beta" test with teachers and students. (Sigh). Yuk.

  95. Arianna701

    Cool! What a surprise! Quizlet is amazing and a great study tool. Whatever the improvements are, I know they will be great!

  96. ClavdiaMinor TEACHER

    Change is inevitable and I do like the new fonts within the text boxes. The new "modern" logo and icon, however, just feel corporate, stripped-down, and bland and... very much in keeping with current trends in Academia. I kind of liked the fact that Quizlet stood out from the pack for having a more aesthetically pleasing banner/logo/icon, so I'm a little disappointed with the new look, but not surprised. You can't please everyone. And, yes, I am one of the dinosaurs who liked the old Apple skeuomorphic design, so you all can feel free to write me off for that (just to be clear, I'm laughing at myself and inviting you to laugh with me, not being defensive).

    Glad to see the new Quizlet live out now too, as my daughter beta tested it at her school. However, for college classrooms where we can't easily move people around into groups it would be nice to have a setting where students could play as individuals and not just as groups so that drills could be run even more quickly and easily.

  97. uncookedbeef

    God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good

  98. suersme2

    Can you implement the ability to split sets?

  99. Rose2001114

    I think this one is more beautiful.

  100. skazanowska

    I'll miss the old logo :( the rest looks nice

  101. Thea_Johnson77

    I'm new to Quizlet and I like what I see so far. Can't wait to see how my students respond to it. Thanks for doing this work

  102. marcusthirdy

    The new design is wonderful but the android app doesn't respond to any change in settings when accessing the flashcards. Hope you will fix this. I really love both the android app and the website. Finally found the website I am looking for.

  103. am0110

    Wow this is so cool! I will like Quizlet even more after this, thanks!
    Well I'm going to go explore some of this new stuff now!

  104. Lu_Rob

    I think the update looks great! I look forward to using Quizlet during my next year at school!

  105. Lu_Rob

    Thanks, Quizlet!

  106. ncs3149

    Do you like to debate on current event questions? Then request to join the Quizlet debate team class and join us for weekly themed debates that are sure to change your opinions on everything!

  107. slacker247

    Cool!... New Quizlet. Perfect timing

  108. nobodyinparticular2

    Personally, I prefered the old version. This isn't my favorite font.

  109. autisticus

    really great.

  110. sungjaelee

    I love the new design because it's Quizlet! :D

  111. abbybeauty

    love it

  112. Hackster509

    Love the new design, 'specially the logo. :)

  113. Hackster509

    Just a small request, though might have a big effect, but can you guys make it so that there can be MULTIPLE answers to a flashcard?

    Sometimes frustrating having to guess between more that two flashcards and get the right one.


  114. soccerguy243

    love the new website and excited for the next changes.... they look great. Haven't used the updated app yet but the screenshots above look great.

    @hackster509.... i put several answers on my flashcards. I just use a new line and use a hyphen bullet for each line.

  115. craigjac2020

    so basically u just made Quizlet look more like the new Google

  116. VINH_NGUYEN2858

    look greAT

  117. dev0526

    Lit lit 💯

  118. rmatchi1977 PLUS

    Loving the new look and feel of Quizlet.

  119. radioactiveion

    Fells so lively

  120. Aria_Lenalie

    I like it. New changes are always nice.

  121. craigjac2020

    is it just me or does the neq Q logo look like Apple's quicktime player?

  122. lucysheppard

    psalm 3
    lord, how many are my foes!
    how many rise up against me
    many are saying of me, "god will not deliver him"
    but you, Lord, are a shield around me
    my glory, the one who lifts me high
    i lie down and sleep,
    i wake again, because the Lord sustains me
    I will not fear though tend of thousands assail me on every side
    Arise, Lord!
    Deliver me, my god!!
    strike my enemies on the jaw; break the teeth of the wicked.
    For from the Lord comes deliverance, may your blessing be on your people.

    Jesus loves you, whether you know it or not :)

  123. guillemettelc1988

    I love this new update! It feels very modern and I can't get over how ascetically pleasing this is. This the update I've been waiting for. Great job Quizlet!

  124. Daniel11183

    like the interface but i miss the tone of blue :/ can I customize the color somehow?

  125. Fewchan

    The new design looks AWESOME !!!

  126. abiddlebug

    Looks good...

  127. SpyroKing

    hi five #265

  128. SteveOpp

    Nice Work!

  129. poptart106

    hey, the font is different!!! WHOAAAAAA!!!!

  130. swimmersck

    I love the new design; great job on it!!!

  131. wenti

    Love it!!

  132. TigerdingoDeatheater

    This is good, but I wish that the colours in the app weren't so.. bright.
    I liked it much better before - these colours seem to distract my brain while studying.

  133. emland99

    I liked the old Quizlet better, but that is probably because I've used it for so long. I liked the old "Q" better. It was more distinctively Quizlet. This is a little more generic. I do love the new font in Learn, and the color of blue isn't so blinding anymore. In the next few weeks, I think I'll be able to honestly say, I love it!

  134. Yash1218


  135. Yash1218


  136. fast2furious345

    i like the new one its awesome :)

  137. jurassicparklover04

    I <3 soooooooo much

  138. Kovi78


  139. Dragonpanther

    Huh. Cool changes. I like it.

  140. Dragonpanther

    293rd high five!

  141. SabreYT

    Nice, cool new change to the layout, in my opinion.

  142. uncookedbeef

    In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul.

    Psalm 138:3

  143. ShiKaisa PLUS

    Disturbing colours... they give me a headache after some time... 刺眼睛死啦。

  144. LRGonzales

    This is oddly the first time I've been one of those people who get grumpy over a logo change. I guess it's just the way you handled the heights between the capital and lowercase letters. It looks like the Q, i, l, & t got squashed down to fit inside a candy bar wrapper, sadly removing some of the approachability.

  145. kebarton19

    I don't think the font looks professional.

  146. pravalika123

    I like the old version better, but that's probably because I'm used to it. It looks really nice!

  147. sorryfortakinguproom

    original looks nicer to me.

  148. Just_A_Regular_Ninja

    It looks so much better!

  149. Moonlight311

    ^that was a fail. ignore it lol
    what i meant to say was HELLLLLOOOOOO PEOOPPPPLLLLEEEE anyways yeah.

  150. wenti

    I change my mind. I like the old one better. Not too bright....
    Well, thanks!

  151. Studying_is_easy PLUS

    This is like how google changed their logo. Don't worry people will adapt to the change. Just takes some time getting use to :P!

  152. LearningStar

    I like the changes!

  153. slacker247

    Loki though,.... I like the old design better.... Loki

  154. Levi_Huddleston PLUS

    Like the changes. It would be nice to have more benefits for those people that upgraded. It would also be nice if we could add sets to classes from our phone. also if there could be some text editing tools. like bolding and highlighting. Keep up the good work!

  155. abiddlebug

    *Bold Text*

  156. JuanCarlosRedBird

    I haven't tried it out, but i'm sure that its great

  157. uchiha_kasuchi

    i don't have any way to upgrade to premium . So sad

  158. Max2040

    To be honest I am quite disappointed with Quizlet. There are problems that, if fixed, can really help its users. But instead of fixing those, the Quizlet team is more interested in making cosmetic changes that, as an end user, don't help me in any way.
    Here are just a few examples that Quizlet could have fixed to improve our experience instead of making these useless cosmetic changes:
    1. When I am studying for long term learning, I cannot even see the name of the deck that I am studying. If I see any error in a slide and I need to edit it, I have to search all my decks which is really time consuming to find out the slide with the error. If you just showed the name of the deck that the card belongs to, things would be so much easier.
    2. The Android app still lacks the online learning feature. On iOS you've added to ability to add picture and change profile pic but Android app is so neglected.
    3. You can't still format texts except making them bold.

  159. Max2040

    For #2 I meant Android app doesn't have the ability for long term learning (not online learning).

  160. next224 PLUS


  161. Sherlock_Holmes725


  162. JuanCarlosRedBird

    Okay, now I've tried it out. Everything that you need for studying Quizlet is the same. The logo is different, and the print is different, which is annoying. I think that this change is nothing but a new look, really. Again, I'm a desktop user, so there might be changes in the app that I don't know about. Or maybe there's just changes that i haven't seen yet.

  163. Jrhee7

    I really liked the old logo a bit more, but this is still great! Quizlet has always been my main studying tool, and you guys have helped me so much this past year, so thank you! ☺

  164. am0110

    I like the font. The logo is.... modern. I guess. Still about the same.

    Keep going though guys!

  165. carolina_panthers_88


  166. bby_lxon

    (last comment so far...) I love the new quizlet! It's better. :)

  167. bby_lxon

    hello people!

  168. Hop101

    New design is OK.
    Some Keyboard short cuts don't work on iOS version.
    You cannot use "<-"/"->" keys in Flashcard Mode on iOS.
    Poor information of learning status on mobile apps

    Please improve the fundamental functions next.

  169. DanQuiz

    I still don't see implemented what I suggested years ago: drag-select subset for study. I think the selection of <i>contiguous</i> items takes up quite a bit of people's initial study of a set. Poking at one star at a time is unnecessarily tedious.

  170. AgentDolly

    this update is trash


  171. Michelle_Dufort TEACHER

    I like consistency. All of our students have ipads and we use Safari as our main search engine. I look forward to seeing an improvement on that end.

    On another note, last year, I noticed that even though I upgraded my account in order to get the stats on my students, if they used the ap on their ipads, I was unable to see their results in my account. I had to ask them to log on through the web for their results to show up. I hoped you worked on that issue too.

  172. Michelle_Dufort TEACHER

    By the way, I love Quizlet live and my students too.

  173. generalkrabs


  174. mikidoodlejr

    Who needs a class

  175. mikidoodlejr


  176. Makuly9

    love it!

  177. SarthakMohanty


  178. xiufang201005

    so cool , love it so much than the previous one :)

  179. cthompsons

    I don't like the new app, and it will take some time to adjust to the new set up. I dislike change, but a heads up about this would be nice.

    Could you guys make Galaxy, the game available on the computer, available on phones and iPads?? Thanks!

  180. Pandagirl2111

    Wish you could still go back to the old space race. Other wise I like the new version!!

  181. Andrew_Zimmerman45


  182. Andrew_Zimmerman45

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    Join my class!

    Free admin if you act smart and you are trusted by me.

    First 50 people will be admin automatically.

    Come join!

  183. Herobrine9007

    I like big bucks in the buck

  184. FlyingZambonis

    The new stuff is pretty cool. It looks better than the previous one.

  185. Jenna__W

    I love this new design so so so much! It's nice, clean, and makes me happier to study for some odd reason :)
    Thank you again, Quizlet!

  186. Pekka_Playz

    who playz


  187. Pekka_Playz

    join TheMikiDoodlezGroup!
    link: https://quizlet.com/join/aU2yzU3Fb

  188. rlsalazar

    Thank you for your leadership in education-you're an invaluable resource for me and my students-Gracias:)

  189. AnuragTarmaster

    I like the colors and the font, and the consistency is nice (although I'm not sure how it was inconsistent before). I do not like the new app logo however. The old one better, perhaps adding the new Q would suffice. The rounded corners and white bottom look more like a step backward...and the yellow in the app is a bit stressful to the eyes. Overall, not too bad though.

  190. Jolly_Shah

    can you give the choice of making bigger and darker fonts?

  191. kishore17


  192. doggie10


  193. tigerlilly11

    nice but i like the old one better.....:(

  194. tigerlilly11

    the first time i saw it i thought i was on the wrong website.....well thats that :(

  195. WillyZai2002

    Join my class: https://quizlet.com/join/Be8XkNGdQ

  196. noble_atoms

    Love it!!!

  197. S200319837

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but now that I've made a few sets with the new Quizlet, I love it. The new logo threw me off, but I'm growing to like that, too.

  198. S200319837

    I especially like the new font. The old font was tiring to look at, especially after long hours of studying.

  199. Ballerz00


  200. HKearby


  201. gsneor PLUS

    its amazing
    and i just bought plus is so boss

  202. Emily_Ustick

    Happy windy wednsday everyone from the world

  203. labrador36

    the new quizlet is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see whats next.

  204. soccerguy243

    Found a bug. I'm using chrome Version 53.0.2785.89 m on my laptop running latest windows 10. When reviewing flash cards I sometimes have to press T to see full text. That page isn't displaying correctly. The controls on the right side are jumbled... i don't think that's how you wanted it to look. Try it out.

  205. abeni888

    I love it! Side note, though: I'm using Safari and sometimes I have to reload the page or start a new tab because it shows an error page when I try to leave a set or go to the home page. Otherwise, I think the new design is really cool! Great job, Quizlet!

  206. jenineconrad

    I love using Quizlet. The original study mode layout is superior. It should be an option.

    I like the new look and it seems much faster. I do not like the functionality of the study interface. The left side bar, which use to be on the right, is way too big. It's huge. It crowds the study content which is totally distracting. It is in the way. Also, the images should be on the right of the card after the explanation. The images seem out of place now. The tool bar on the right, the one that contains the zoom option, doesn't work.

    The flash card functionality is awkward. The text size varies on each card depending on the layout. It seems to be okay as long as the text is in sentence form. If there is a vertical list, the text is really tiny. In some cases, the text is centered on the definition side of the flash card. When that is the case, the text is almost too small to read. I will see if I can upload an image so you can see what I'm talking about.

    Thank you.

  207. jenineconrad

    I love the idea of Quizlet but some of the new changes lack functionality. I disabled the audio, but every time I click directly on text, the audio is activated and reads everything on the card. That is really annoying. That is not a desirable feature.

    Please offer Quizlet Original as an option. The layout was so much better. The text size on the flash cards needs to be consistent, and by that I mean bigger. And the text color should be black.

    These changes took affect last night while I was studying. What a nightmare. I've been struggling with the new design since. I am really disappointed.

    Thank you.

  208. hctang

    This is lit fam

  209. hctang

    This is lit fam

  210. OaklandGent

    I also prefer the original Quizlet design. In the new design, some of the fonts are much smaller than they used to be. This is especially problematic for the special character buttons where I can't easily tell the difference between è and é because the accent is so small. You also switched the order of information on the answer screen when something is incorrect. It uses to be "Prompt / You Said / Correct". Now, it's "Prompt / Correct / You Said". Just learning a new order is hard, and it's even harder when the new order is less logical than the old order. The new green text for correct answers is much harder to see against the white background. And there's sooooo much white space now. I have to do a lot more scrolling compared to the old design.

    I love Quizlet. I understand the desire to update designed, and I want it to succeed. But please, don't move forward with designs that make it harder to learn...or at the very least give us the option to stick with the old design.

  211. aliona_gor

    What a disaster this new site is now! All my embedded flashcards are now screwed up. I'll have to change the size of each individual flashcard now so that the students can have the access to the advanced options. Plus it's more time-consuming now to access the options tool, and you need to close the tab with options once you chose your new option. Most of my students didn't like the new font at all. But the worst thing is that I will have to rerecord my demo-videos on how to use the quizlet, since the interface has changed. This is one of the cases when the new version is not better than the old one. I am so disappointed!

  212. aliona_gor

    And the embedded flashcard are now huge, if you want the students to have the access the advanced options. Is there an option to go back to the old version?

  213. elijoy

    I'm disappointed that now apparently punctuation and spaces count while parenthesis still don't? I'd like it if Quizlet would bring back the (very old) option of being able to ignore them manually. It just makes it easier to learn when there are certain things that are less important (punctuation) for me when learning the actual words is concerned.

  214. yellowjaye4

    I actually like the new design; it's more modern and colorful. :)

  215. labrador36

    why the heck are there no more comment sections on posts I super miss it oh and GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Dimitra_Tsiganou

    I like the new design too.... but in my mobile phone, I have a problem with the fonts in the new interface. Some of the folder names are in greek and when there is an accented letter, that letter is replaced by an ugly x (only in folder names, not in the cards). I guess I'm missing the font style the new quizlet use - any idea how can I fix this?
    Anyway... I'm a great fan of quizlet, this little thing won't make me stop using it! You' re doing a great job and always making it better! Thank you :)

  217. Mar-Vell


  218. Mar-Vell

    I like the changes!

  219. huntkene


  220. huntkene

    who is labrador36
    cause i don't like donald trump he is racist

  221. Proverbs_2_6

    I love the new Quizlet, because it's running faster, looks neater, and is altogether better than the original. 601st High Five!

    P.S Let's not talk about Politics here. (Note: This is under no circumstances directed to any ONE person in particular.)

  222. Proverbs_2_6

    To Labrador 36 (and huntkene): I think you just proved why there are no comments anymore

  223. MaDe-Of-StArS GO

    really cute design guys!!!

    (Im kinda glad the comment section is gone
    it was pretty distracting and not many people were taking it seriously ;) )

    you guys are the best and Im sure your working hard to improve Quizlet even more every day!

    Thank you for all you do!

    Me ;)

  224. dulcechem

    The new design is TERRIBLE. It looks disgusting. Please provide an option to allow users to go back to the old style. It looks so ugly I logged in just to comment how ugly the new design is.

  225. giman95

    The text and layout of the new update is very poor o my laptop. Text runs togther and the text is too small to read. I hope this isn't the way everyone else sees the website

  226. giman95

    PLease ignore grammar and spelling errors. It is hard to see while I type because of the update.

  227. domjay14

    Dulchechem, if you don't like it, don't use it. Hmph.

  228. domjay14

    Hey! What do you know! 99,195 comment!

  229. kornermattis

    Nice app on android.
    soooooooooooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. nursebiker

    BRING BACK FLOW!!!!! Seriously, that was the best option and I really miss it.

  231. Fausto_Juarez

    it nice

  232. leighgraz PLUS

    Please keep the option to use the old layout with the ability to drag and drop photos. The old layout is by far superior. The new layout has way too much white space, is too bulky, and takes longer to load. I'm overall really disappointed in the new layout.

  233. bggrscntbchoosrs

    I'm sorry Quizlet- but the new you has a lot of bugs (or still has old bugs). I feel like functionality was sacrificed and functionality is gold. If I use a lot of "/"'s, text runs off the cards into oblivion. If I right click for spell check, sometimes it replaces my word with "Add to dictionary"... literally. Things have been TERRIBLY slow. I used to type through material like the wind- and now it takes forever. I don't like how you can't see as much on one page- especially the tests. I used to love you, but now I don't know. :( disappointed...

  234. jbranum

    Change it back to the old format. Its harder to add a new card in between previously made ones. I'm about to stop using this app.

  235. coralmarieee PLUS

    I REALLY do not like the new format AT ALL.
    It so hard to adjust and move cards around. I honestly hate it.

  236. WTuck123

    I liked the old quizlet better!!!!!
    what happened to the flow feature.
    the bright new colors make it hard to look at.

  237. Zachary_Zehring

    I like this quizlet.

  238. Zachary_Zehring

    The new one is better.

  239. rhys744


  240. JacksonVance30

    This new Quizlet is a green-dotted one, @Zachary_Zenhig thanks to me.....

  241. mmh149

    Is there a way to switch to the old layout?

    The new "learn" method just doesn't do it for me. I learn best by typing what I need to know. Clicking out of multiple choice does NOT cut it for me. There's some typing, but I want nothing but typing.

  242. jess_weistuch

    its awful. i liked how i could do either side of the card and now i can't

  243. tp103

    I think the new Quizlet "design", again @jess_weistuch is right about the "functionality", is amazing. The colors are less "annoying". They fit a more modern style. I HATED the old logo, it was curve-y and dumb. Google also changed theirs realizing the mess of it. The overall design is better. All of your complaints are about the "functionality" and I agree as well. I think the option @mmh149 shouldn't be to switch back from this amazing design. They should flat out fix the small problems. It took them long enough to make this.

  244. Chiamaka_Chukwurah

    I think that new fonts should be allowed, so you can cusromize it.

  245. Wanfayouxin

    Characters too small !!

  246. kristina_lanham250

    what does it mean if when editing my set, the term and the definition is boxed in yellow? does it mean that the term is duplicated?

  247. LinPhil PLUS

    Great Upgrade!

  248. jpsanchez13

    I used to use Quizlet regularly however there was a recent update that cause all my words to combine into a never ending sentence without line breaks. This would be ok if I was only using 1 word for each side of the card, but when I'm using multiple lines & words they are all mashed together making it hard to read since words are cut off randomly and quizlet is deciding where my linebreaks should go. I would much rather the words be smaller so that I could keep the ability to line break when I wanted to ...

  249. tp103

    Hmm.. almost updated, you just need to fix this commenting section which is clearly not redesigned. The buttons have the old styling and the text areas too. Did you really clear out all the old styles? :P

  250. kishaiscool

    I love quizlet it is amazing and helpful. it is a huge blessing Thanks for your investment and hard work God Bless You!!!!

  251. kishaiscool


  252. WolfGirl1204

    I love Quizlet, it helps me get good grades, which is necessary for me since I'm in high school.

  253. nikethraya PLUS

    1 billionst!!!!

  254. Anjali_Nerurkar TEACHER

    So, why when I print flashcards to pdfs are certain flashcards coming out in larger fonts and not matching the others (an NO they are not long words, all words of similar length....I get it when that happens)?

  255. RachelRutledge122

    how do i start a Quizlet Live as a student?

  256. jadewest53


  257. dragonflyjoan

    I can't use chemistry symbols on the app with the new update, which basically renders the app useless to me... Has anyone else found this?

  258. talston326 PLUS

    Why can't I change the font on my flashcards? For some reason, some entries are too small for me to read! I see info on how to use the Font buttons, but I don't see any font buttons anywhere except for Bold, Italic and Underline.

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