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Meet the Verified Creator Program: The Next Evolution of Content on Quizlet

Quizlet in Education · Posted by Thompson  September 27, 2017
Verified Creators Program Directory.png

This fall, we are excited to launch a major evolution of the Quizlet platform: the Quizlet Verified Creator Program. With this new program, officially launching today, Quizlet is partnering with educational content creators to provide official, curated study resources for students and teachers.

Over the years, we have seen creators of all kinds — publishers and nonprofits, teachers, tutors and students — find Quizlet to be an indispensible tool for creating engaging digital resources. We’ve also heard from loyal Quizlet users who would love to have official study sets from their textbooks and courses, so they know they’re learning from authoritative study sets that meet their needs for an upcoming unit or test.

There are so many high caliber education content creators out there — from global publishers and education nonprofits, to innovative apps and experienced teachers themselves — who are generating creative content for student benefit on Quizlet. The Verified Creator Program celebrates and promotes those creators and gives them a platform to serve even more students and educators.

Meet our Verified Creators

Our initial set of Verified Creators reflects the diverse range of Quizlet’s student base and subject breadth. They serve learners in the K-12, higher education and professional learning spaces, in subjects including vocabulary, STEM, foreign languages, health care and social studies. This initial group of partners includes established education providers like Pearson, Wordly Wise, EverFi and Cornelsen; non-profits with education initiatives like the National Academy of Engineering and the Jane Goodall Institute; test prep providers like Hurst Review and MCAT Self Prep, and even individual teachers. And this is only the beginning.

You can see our full directory of Verified Creators here.

Find Verified Creator study sets

Look for the “Verified” badge next to the username on Quizlet study sets and folders. Some teachers and students will find Quizlet codes within their books this year that will unlock access to the Verified content on Quizlet. Others will discover freely accessible content from Verified Creators as they search for resources on Quizlet.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.02.58 PM.png

If the content you want to see verified on Quizlet isn’t there, or you want to propose a publisher or individual creator that Quizlet should include in our Verified program, let us know! Click here to recommend a Verified Creator for Quizlet.


Elijah_P_66  plus

First comment and high five.




By the way like this program idea.


Yeh... nice idea. this will allow more learning, at good quality!

mcatselfprep  teacher

Super excited to be a part of this new program! :)


What‽ That's awesome! Finding trustworthy sets has been a big issue for me so 👍👍


This is cool! Nice idea quizlet!


Great idea, quizlet!


Wow! Nice idea! Now i don't have to worry about some seven yeaar old making up bogus!


Good idea!

Gaster_17  plus

(19th comment)Sounds really cool! Except that Glencoe (the kind of textbooks we use) isn't on Quizlet... ;-;

mrkelly  teacher

So... what does it take to get a teacher vetted to be a certified creator?


Nice! I think this will work really well in the classroom!


There are so many people there!!! They are so amazing!!! :D ^_^


This is awesome! Quick question guys... Is it possible to change the theme to name the teams on Quizlet live?


How much will those sets cost?




Niceeeeeeeee, will there a verified creator programs for study for standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc.)?


Yeah! nice Idea


Will you be adding Barron's 1100 Words anytime soon? :)


Great idea! Where do we find out if our classes have verified sets? BTW, I love that the comments are back!


Wow, what a resource:-)


Thank you so much! This will eliminate so much searching for good, quality sets. Thank you Quizlet!


Yeah! Thank You! I'm the 160th high five!

sfonseka  plus

wow, so the comments are back and I am yet to see one that holds depth

sfonseka  plus

So I'll do it myself. Thank you Quizlet for all the you do. Thank you for bringing us this incredible new opportunity and thank you for helping us to learn and study. All that you do has brought me numerous A+s and I am at the top of all of my classes thanks to you. Thank you so much.


Thank youuuuuu. I've been using Quizlet for some years now and I love it. I started with a free account and then I have turned to a plus member because I decided you really deserved my money.


Thank you so much


yesyesyesyes boiiiii you have exceeded my expectations


Very cool. Super excited!


This is gonna be so good


I'm so excited.


Are those sets going to cost money!?!


I like this.


Inspiring! Thanks!


Great. I hope there will be a filter for certification.

MrsRThompson  teacher

How exciting!! Thanks Quizlet.


McGraw-Hill, is that textbook company going to partner with quizlet?


Thank you.


This is a Creative and Innovative step. Best Wishes

Hauersperger  teacher

You're making an excellent resource even better! Thank you!

mcsluijs  teacher

I think it's great but what is this going to cost? I find it frustrating that I can't access the Quizlet extra/plus because my school system will not pay for it. We don't have the $. And I am not going to pay out of pocket either...


My last comment, lol, well at least i will be using good stuff not trash.


Love that! I looked at a few of the Verified users: 1. It would be even more helpful if they added pictures/visuals. 2. Is there an easier way to find the verified ones? I ended up having to go back to this post and click versus searching. Thanks!

mastan  teacher

Perfect, but how Can i register the publisher i work for? I filed in the form and keep on waiting, but dont even know how long should I? Can anyone help Please ?