Hey all- I just recorded a quick video that I'd like you watch:

[video no longer available]

We care very much about the Quizlet community, and want to make sure it can grow in the most constructive and safest way possible. I want to assure you we are working on a number of very cool things that I'm excited about showing you in the coming weeks. I have the next 3 weeks of January scheduled completely to work on Quizlet stuff--If everything works out, we're going to be collaborating on some cutting-edge technology being developed at MIT that certainly hasn't been seen on any of the other flashcard sites :)

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.


    Oh well! Enjoy the three weeks of non-stop Quizlet coding :)

  2. Cameron

    Finally an end to relentless forums, not all should have been removed but at least it'll put an end to the vast majority of spamming

  3. Michael

    Why arent there any forums? Do you think he might be updating forum stuff?

  4. Ellen

    Private messages are gone too...




    this is fair i want to talk but if you want to take away a little thing that people love to use for messaging but yo no wat YOU DAWN HASA LIKE TONY SAID YOU A HASA THATS A PIG THAT DONT FLY STRAIGHT

  7. WHAT!!!!!!!!?

    HOW COULD U!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    THE FORUMS?????
    THE PM??????????
    THAT IS NOT FUN!!!!!!!!


  9. jonasbrothersfan8

    it stinks that there won't be any forums, but people say SSSOOO many inappropiate and mean things to some people. so i can deal with it for awhile. but andrew, are you going to disable them forever? or make them different later. plz someone answer. but why did you take away the private messages?

  10. anonymous

    who cares about the forums. this site was made to study and learn not to socialize. thats what myspace and mocospace is for.

  11. This site is meant for studying, I dont see why everyone is crying about the forums and messaging being gone. who gives a crap.. study maybe you'll get better grades. if you want to socalize get a myspace or facebook. they have tons of sites meant for socalizing, use them instead. I love this site for studying. Ive looked at some of the forums on here and alot of them are ridiculous. Get over it and GROW UP!

  12. LoloJean

    In response to WHAT!!!!!!!!?: The site isn't supposed to be "fun"!!!

    It's supposed to be for studying!

  13. tamweh

    Will the forums and pm ever return?

  14. katie_steven

    The forums were a big thing in my group we used the for on-going homework questions and study tips and, yes, some un-school-related things, like stories we wrote and poems we wrote. And we used the Private Messages to ask questions to people who were not on at the time. Our group did use the live discution to talk with one another on un-school-related items, because none of use are allowed on myspace, or facebook, our parents don't allow us too. So I hope these items will come back soon.

  15. Gardensnail1

    Yeah, perhaps the private forums should have been kept...
    And PMs gone too? Honestly...

    Andrew, the public forums needed to be done away with, but this is ridiculous. The group forums actually had a good use. So did PMs.

    Please, Andrew, fix this injustice.
    I had much planned, and my group was using ot to communicate about our group rules...

    Quizlet has just become quite lame.

  16. Marc

    Hey Andrew, I just wanted to send some "feedback".

    My group depended on this, and wanted this to be something different, nothing that is like school, boring, helpless.
    The Forums really put alot of fun into it, we got to talk about school issues, elcetives, clubs, and it put alot of fun into our learning.
    PMs enabled us to message e/o when some were offline, because not many people are on at times, and it's hard to communicate to them of what we have when we use a discussion...because they're offline.

    I thought Quizlet was supposed to be fun? Something different, away from school.

    I guess I should've thinked twice.
    Just like GardenSnail Said: Quizlet has just become quite lame.

  17. Goochi


  18. Allison

    messaging gone???
    okay this website sucks now.....

  19. urpwnd

    best idea ever to get rid of the forums and private messaging that the little kids all use to spam and chat. This site is for studying, not for socializing. if you want to create a zillion "groups" for people that do nothing but want to chat and be annoying, go do it on myspace. that site is already the cesspool of the internet, a few more annoying kids won't hurt.

  20. Supervisor

    I am really mad that the P.M. is gone...
    Just now I wanted to message a person... Waaah!
    Well, that's okay.

    Just make sure that the next update (patch, heheh) is better and has some sort of instant messenger along with it.

    Looking forward for the awesomeness.

  21. katie_steven

    Yes many members of my group are looking for a new site because this site has become boring and like many other study sites. Many members have already stopped using the site and it has been only bearly a day.

  22. jlk

    the messaging system is down!

  23. I had to create a new account cause I wasn't 13 and now i can't get in touch with my quizlet friends bec. no pms! I still like quizlet but we need pms!

  24. i understand getting rid of the forums, but the pm's? they help if you have to ask someone a question about school and aren't in a group with them

  25. vince

    I can really care less about the forums... I'm just looking forward to the iPhone app that should be release in a month or two.. hopefully sooner rather than later!

  26. Anonymous

    so many people are going to delete their accounts, cuz the only reason they used quizlet was for the forums. unlike most people, i use quizlet for what it was intended for.

  27. The Mrs.

    Thanks for keeping Quizlet about learning!
    As a high school teacher with several groups for my students, if messaging does come back, I'd love to see a feature to communicate to all of my group members at once (as a group administrator).
    Keep up the awesome work!

  28. excuse me, i suggest that u put back private messages. by this i mean, DO IT. thanks

  29. i am sorry for that outburst. i am just oh so terribly sad to see the pm's go bye bye. please please place them back

  30. Anonymous

    Oh grow up! You want to PM someone, log onto your yahoo IM account. You can communicate with them there and they'll receive their messages when they log on.

    This site is for learning.

  31. Michael

    Andrew wouldn't have a reason to disable the forums and PMs if he wasn't doing something to it. He <em>obvouisly</em> must be adding new features to everything on Quizlet. If we just wait the 3 weeks we will have an even better Quizlet.

  32. Gardensnail1

    To all supporting the removal of communication features:

    Yes, perhaps the removal of the public forums was needed, but maybe some groups were actually using their private forums and PMs as a means for communicating clear, concise, intelligent thoughts, and not as a spam machine. Perhaps people don't use myspace and facebook for a reason that has been cited- it is a cesspool. Perhaps people do not want to make alternate account on a much more riskier- both in terms of Real life and to their computers- environment? I dunno. Just think about the full extent of what you are saying. I'm not saying that the removal of the public forums wasn't warranted, just that maybe removing PMs and Group Forums was a bit overstepping it?
    Michael, maybe you are right. Maybe he has just pulled them down for a revamp. I will withhold my judgments and will remain a user of Quizlet. But it has been made a whole lot harder to communicate things in the group.

    Happy Studying,


  33. Trey

    WTF andrew I used to love quizlet but now it sucks way to go A-hole

  34. bssportskid22

    i agree with the decision to quit forums, but the PMs were used for studying.

  35. cmh0114

    I don't know whether the removal of the forums was justified, as I never used them, and I rarely used PM's, but it will be really irritating to try and communicate between group members. I have to say this to all the people complaining about how "now this site SUCKS!!!" and "WTF A-Hole!!!!" Get a grip. If the forums are down for 3 weeks, study by yourself. Do it the old-fashioned way if you have to - write them out by hand. If you're not willing to let go of something temporarily in order for it to become even better later on, you don't deserve to have it in the first place. Just shut up and let Andrew work his magic. Maybe he'll get it done sooner if he doesn't have to listen to all the morons complaining and actually has a reason to believe that people use his site for studying and not just for the forums. If I built an amazing site like this and got this many complaints when forums went down, I'd screw the site and just put up a forum in place of the site. Thankfully, Andrew's not like me, and he'll actually keep the site running. So just be patient and let him focus.

  36. bdvd

    stop complaining everyone. He said he would put them back when they could be implemented in a way to enhance group discussion and not fuel useless chatting

  37. emilyy152

    The lack of maturity here is mind-blowing...do you really think begging Andrew to bring back the PMs and the forums is going to change anything? Also, let's stop exaggerating; the only people who are going to delete their accounts (if any at all) are the ones who aren't using Quizlet for its original purpose. I, for one, am glad all of that useless garbage is gone. Anyways, I highly doubt Quizlet is your only available means of "asking questions" to your friends. Just shut it and go play on MySpace.

  38. Haaheo4eva

    it sorta sucks that the public forums r gone cuz i would use that weneva my friends didnt knoe how 2 do something and we pretty much all needed help... i got some pretty good answers from that. but seriously.... the PMs?? how am i eva gonna communicate with my friends wen they rnt on quizlet?? im not gonna b able 2 get help wit homework til the PMs get back.........

  39. Ya the PM's should be put back on! i dont really care about the forums tho!

  40. k.h.

    nobody needs PMs or forums. and myspace is not a cesspool its a freaking messaging, communicating website. if you don't like myspace then you people from "groups" can all just go make a gmail and chat on there.just study on quizlet and chat on other websites. god you big babies.

  41. allisond-dizzle

    ya just go on myspace if you want to msg people or get AIM chill out there are other ways to msg.

  42. The forums and the private messages are gone!!!! i miss them! you should put them back!!!!


    and your going to loose all your people that are on your site, me and all my friends are leaving unless the PM'S ARE FIXED!!


  45. irsmart

    I'd like to let you know that my group also uses the forum to post documents/ideas/websites. This was a wonderful feature. I never used the public forums, though, so I don't mind if those get turned off. The group forums are what really matters.

    Also, private messages were vital to contacting everybody in my group. Since I don't have their email addresses, they can't ask me for help and I can't help them. The PM system was stripped down, so I don't see how it can get more "study-related" than it was before. I'd like to see that feature re-implemented first.

    Also, on the bright side, I am excited to see what is coming next on Quizlet!

  46. Swazi

    PUT THE PRIVATE MESSAGES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Y WOULD U TAKE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PUT THE FORUMS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Y WOULD U TAKE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. batrisha

    this is not fair will our priate messages be removed? we

  48. Elliot Vinzon

    The forums was the next thing i ALWAYS checked after doing my SETS you Pls put the Forums back on that was the only way to comunicate to the other people I would LIKE TO KNOW and i WAS not SPAMing

  49. Drewvt

    It was inevitable, the forums were in such a bad state that they distracted from Quizlet's original and primary purpose. They definitely needed a radical revamp. I was wondering when, not if, they'd get around to trying to fix that...

  50. allisond-dizzle

    besides im pretty sure one person wont effect him very much everyone here needs to figure out what yahoo or hotmail is for. You guys who say they need it back are probably the spammers.

  51. Michael

    Thank you Gardennail-

    I <em>did</em> use the public forums a lot, and I miss them, but all of you who are saying "Quizlet is lame," and "this stinks," need to get a grip. Read:

    1)Tamweh got an email from Andrew that said he was: "TEMPORARILY DISSABELING THE FORUMS AND PMS!" (that was pasted directly from the email.)

    2) It <em>is</em> a learning site, first and foremost. The private forums, how useful or unuseful for you it may be, is just a feature that Andrew thought would be helpful. The public is just for fun, unless you need help from other people.

    3) If Andrew is going to be using all new features and technology from <strong>MIT</strong>, it gotta be good. If you read whats on the first item above, he is <strong>temporarily</strong> disabling the forums. if you put 1 and 1 together, obviously he is making <strong>better</strong> forums and PMs.

    4) With new technology from MIT, this site will be wayy better. Who knows, we might have friend lists, have Instant Messaging between any two people, and more. Just think of the possibilities, especially if it will take him <em>3 weeks</em> to complete the rennovation.

  52. lynise

    hi monya

  53. BLAIR


  54. jeffrey, and andrew is pwned

    You know, you suck, because there were some very very good forums that people created, and you know, THEY ACTUALLY ROCKED! and also, about the 13 thing. you are such a loser, because i cant study my sets and i lost everything and now because of messages and 13, i cant use my old account so i would have a lot of good things to look forward to, but now when you came and did this, YOU ACT LIKE YOURE DRUNK!

  55. GecoJuggler

    Wow, that's really awesome.

    Keep up the good work man.

  56. Sekonda / IamSimonWhite


    Nice work! Hope the iPhone App comes out soon, maybe free (Hint Hint).

    Quizlet has definitely improved my Vocab learning for my French.

    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  57. Admiral_Cobra

    Im so Hood im 13 so u can eat it im so cool and ur not

  58. Asher

    He must be nervous about it, he is blinking a lot.
    @Andrew: Calm down, it is your site and as long as it helps people get their work done in an easy manner people will come.

    Good luck

  59. Kate

    Guys, really! Don't blame Andrew! I think everybody who has seen what the Forums have turned into knew this would happen eventually. So everybody stop complaining and get back to what Quizlet was originally for: EDUCATION! Quizlet has helped me and so many other people get better grades, and I think the Forums were getting WAY out of hand. I'm kinda happy that Andrew took the Forums out, although I did want the private messages to stay. I liked the Forums, but I hope he works on them and fixes them to be so that people can't write inappropriate nonsense on them. Thank you Andrew, for bringing some control back to Quizlet. I agree with Asher: It's your site, and without it I'd still be using the same old flashcards. You're doing a great job. Thanks!!

  60. patelni

    I do believe in Andrew's policies that Quizlet should be solely for learning and not for socializing. However. I think that the private messages should still be allowed. The forums were getting a little bit out of hand and I an glad that they are gone for a while, but the private messages were important. But I still can't wait for the iPod touch app to come out so that I can take Quizlet with me. Thanks for reading!

  61. patelni

    Oh and great job with the site Andrew. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

  62. The ANGRY GIRL nxt door!


  63. Goochi

    Okay for the people that are just being good samaritans by saying "oh, get a grip". You guys are freaking pathetic, because you guys know deep inside that you guys want the PM and Forums back too. Maybe it actually aplies to you: GET A GRIP.

  64. alex gomez


  65. alex gomex

    nerdy nacho

  66. emilyy152

    A 'Quizlet Mobile' website would be amazing. See, I don't have an iPhone. I have a Sidekick. I'm not able to use Quizlet with the weird way that the site loads on my phone. I know this idea has been suggested before, and I'm all for it!

  67. sngsldr

    Quizlet is amazing. I would just like more games so I could learn more. Its better than playing science simulations at school. I learn something!

  68. Joey T.W.L

    Ah, well! I don't use the forums much anyway..... sry for the people who do!!! lol

  69. Tim

    Ha i love that you have a poster for the movie 21 behind you. when i first saw that movie i thought to my self "hey that reminds me of the guy who created quizlet, i bet he could do the same thing"

  70. irsmart

    I love Quizlet, but it is not the same without the social features. Maybe, if you don't want to have Quizlet be a social networking site, have it heavily integrated with Facebook/Myspace. (I don't know if that is possible, but I might as well suggest it).

    Thanks Andrew/Quizlet!

  71. zac

    i want my private message thing back now!

  72. zac

    did you guys no that Maranda Cosgrove is on quizlet or Quizlet address is kick@b

  73. Westie

    Why don't you create a pretty decent API for either external websites to use? A PHP based API would be cool, as at the moment I have to download all of the page (because sometimes, it's easier to have it around with you on a private IRC bot), and currently sift through all the HTML, which is more of a chore than a cheer, basically. :(

    But oh well, the private message feature shouldn't of went, because that had its uses. For us users who don't use Facebook (or any social networking platform, self coded blog platform FTW) though, it'll prove a bit tedious to contact group mates in private, wouldn't it? Well, it'd be nice to see the API though. :)

  74. Westie

    (cont. from above)

    Oh well, I also forgot to add that even though that the forums may not seem a very productive place to be, if you had the right topics, then actually in a weird way, it could be a great place to discuss about stuff that I don't know at the moment, Lol.



  76. how could you!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

  77. fullhouseisback!

    Goochi: Okay for the people that are just being good samaritans by saying

  78. goochi

    sucks balls. hahahhahaha

  79. STUPID


  80. wow

    Why would you get rid of private messages? This is jank!

  81. !flapjacklover:)

    OMG kids it's just a study thing, to STUDY AND GET SMART AT SPANISH not PM. If u don't have a life and sit in frount of da comp all day im sure u can PM/IM watev on a chat room thingy or "socialize" on face book:p

  82. cocogirl100

    wht the crap man!?!?!?! PMing is my only way to talk to my friends!!!! i dont have an e-mail! and i like PMing ALOT! so please un-disable it please i beg you!

  83. move it girl

    i dont care if someones 13, some kids might want to study on quizlet to you no???? i mean come on!!!!!! wht the freak, OMG PUT PMing BACK ON QUIZLET NNNNOOOWWWWW!!!!!
    *rips hair out*

  84. Anonymous


  85. stupid little kids, if you don't have an email or facebook,myspace,etc. go make one.
    thats where i spend MY time. not on these fake as* websites with little forum things and crappy messenging shiet.

  86. Swazi

    wow this is so retarded. hutch this is tyler.

  87. Swazi

    and by the way mr. anonymous im not stupid. u are just retarded.

  88. ahhhhhh

  89. Grant

    Nice mac poster. :)

  90. :[

    This sucks..

  91. zac

    i meant her address

  92. zac

    who plays halo on the computer

  93. boucheza


  94. boucheza

    maranda remember this user ha ha ha how are you doing

  95. boucheza

    i meant user name

  96. boucheza

    write back Maranda Cosgrove i think your the coolest

  97. gmail

    Sweet! This rocks! :mrgreen:

  98. boucheza

    i no know it rocks

  99. LoloJean

    now people are using this as a forum :|

  100. boucheza

    what does forum meane

  101. Alisha

    Yeah what does forum means?

  102. Would reeeallly like an iPhone app :D

    Good luck.

  103. mad

    pm was big for me because my friend doesn't have an email and that was the only way we could talk in private except in scool

  104. Zem

    Great to hear that an iPhone app is on the way, I've been thinking recently about how nice it would be to have one.

  105. Victoria Custer

    iPhone app? wow i need that. like now.

    And I need a way to communicate with my group. Without PMS or private forums, how can i do that?

  106. matthew

    I love that forums are down but PMs were awesome, in a studying way.

  107. Not to happy about the 13 year old restriction. My seventh grader was using Quizlet to study Vocabulary. Guess in 2 months he'll be mature enough. Right.

  108. Elliot Vinzon

    enable forum

  109. sammie

    learnin with these games is great!!!!

  110. Ashleigh

    what's a forum?

  111. boucheza


  112. Chokie Chan


  113. Anonymous

    I think the Forums are fine to leave down, but not the group forums or PMs. They were helpful, and now I feel this website has gone down hill. Please put them back up soon.
    Also, next time WARN people before all of a sudden the private messages are gone.


    I want forums!!!!

  115. ur mom

    Honestly i love you guys!!!!!!

  116. Westie

    As the first part of my massive text seems to have been deleted (look at post #75), then I suppose I should say this:

    Decent PHP API kthx.

  117. Ashleigh

    THE PM'S CAN STAY GONE, NO ONE CARES ABOUT THOSE..but the forums, were..awesome. and quizlet isnt the same without them.

    yeah, whatever.

    p.s. you look like you already have YET ANOTHER spammer already. "ur mom". good luck with that.


    I am very upset!!!!!!
    i loved the forums and private messaging!!!!
    i dont have a facebook so i won't be able to use the new face book things!!!!

    My whole grade is very angry because now we can't contact each other and our teacher. We use this website for quizlet and we are dissatified by the choice to take away private messaging and forums!!! PLEASE PUT THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. kGarrett12

    This website used to be fun because it combines studying with talking to your friends. It is also a way to communicate to your friends and make new ones.Quizlet may not be a site for communication but it is a lot safer than Myspace or Facebook.If this many people want to have the website changed back then you can just have an option in your preferences to set on or off the private messages. Then people who want to get work done will not be interrupted and those who want to talk to their friends , free of online predators then they should be allowed to chat.I think that the Private messages should be put back on.Some people may abuse the website, but then they should be banned.I don't know if that is possible but I do know that something must be changed. kGarrett12

  120. members of quizlet

    Please put the private messages back on. I don't know what the forums are but I will never know now. if the messages are not put back on some users feel trapped.

  121. aubz


    this is a really bad idea quizlet, everyone i have talk t hates it,theres alot of sets bout this.

    and ppl are blammin davis murray?

    idk who it is.
    but ya...BAD IDEA!!
    other ppl said that there not guna go on ever again!

  122. S

    Ok, this site if for studying. People need to get over their little tantrums about not being able to socialize. Yes, sometimes group communication is useful - that is what email if for. If you don't like it, tough. There are a ton of sites out there just for socializing. I'd really rather have my study material stored than someone's dumb gossip session. Get a grip!

  123. Alli

    hey if your kid is using this and they are "underage" why don't you sign up and let them use it. do you use your brain at all?

  124. boucheza

    are we going to get are message thing back or not becuase iam getting angry

  125. cheese

    I had lots of questions and I learned French from the forums. Stop being so gay and give them back!!!

  126. boucheza

    who is happy that you get to have 4 days out of school iam happy ha ha ha who the 13 year old 7th grader??

  127. boucheza

    who is happy that you get to have 4 days out of school iam happy who the 13 year old 7th grader??

  128. boucheza

    Anonymous thanks for saying the stuff about the 7th grader because you know who the 7th grader is its me i hoop your not mad at me because i think your a good friend have a nice day and i know who you are butt you all ready no.

    from Zman

  129. cartoon88

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah mugres ninas

  130. Miranda

    I totally understand why Andrew is doing this. Whenever I come on here I do it to study not to Instant Message. Infact I hardly use the messaging part. If I want to talk to someone I have email, my phone, texting, or heck I can go talk to them in person. Quizlet is called quizlet because its for quizzing/studying if it were for talking it would be called talklet.

  131. ILuvFlagstaff


  132. Meagan

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is So Cool HAHAHAHA SO WATS UP PEOPLE&gt;???????

  133. birukiyya

    aww man i liked the messaging it was useful for teachers too... like when teachers want to encourage and remind us when test or quizes are coming up . yah :D

  134. the messaging wouldn't hurt though!,allows u to chillax or have a break in between studies, without logging on to messanger etc. all in one solution. no problemo.

  135. Nosf

    looking foward to the Mit revamp , those guys are good as we know at being friends with Casino's lol :) this site rox.

  136. Nosf

    The chat on this site is also safe unlike My Space and the rest also more fun, so keep it alive.

  137. austin L

    I love this web site I go here to study all the time. A Watkins Glen student. 7 grade

  138. Miss America

    I have a study group and I used the forums for what the homework was so...... now I can't do that....... that is very annoying

  139. cheese

    I have an idea! Just use this as a forum!

  140. wow

    dude u screwed up big time u are making peps leave not making more come here

  141. hawaiian gurl

    wow u people want the forums back that much yeah??

    a kamehameha schools student :mrgreen:

  142. randomazn

    Y? ummm. when are the forums and PM messaging coming back? cuz i kinda use some of my fellow quizlet bddies to edit my work for school and courses and stuff...and we're not willing to contact each other any other way...so seriously, when are the forums and PM options coming back? QUICK! yeesh. catch ya later (maybe) people!

  143. an angry quizlet user

    most of you people are really gay. Use facebook to talk to your friends and quizlet for what it was made for, LEARNING.

    an angry quizlet user

  144. kailina

    ok so thats great i guess. but i like the way it is now, and now i can't check what my friend has 2 tell me!! and i'm sure its important!!!

  145. well some of us arent allowed to have a facebook or dont want 1 so we used quizlet. guess not anymore...

  146. qbscarlie

    well, thats fine...
    i liked the forums and stuff, but they were getting used more for spamming than actual studying purposes
    i cant wait to see the fB application!

  147. asdfghjkl;


  148. justified

    good going ..
    so far so good ..

  149. malyssalynn96


  150. upset

    o_O. geez. i think that was kinda an extreme measure

  151. new game

    I saw on spellic.com that one of the games is a version a Mahjong but you match the two vocabulary words. This would be a great game to add to study vocabulary.

  152. Michael Huang, the user of Nasuko

    It's really true that we are talking about studying and group working in this website, not chatting like if we are in MySpace and Facebook. I agree with Andrew.

  153. i loved the private messages!

    hey i dont appreciate yall taking away the private messaging! ah how dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really enjoyed sending messages to friends!!!!! please please pretty please put them back on there!!!!!!! please please please!!!!!!!!!! :)

  154. hello!!!!! another angry and disappointed user!

    ummm for your info most of us really were talking about studies on quizlet!!!!!!! we have other things like facebook and PHONES to talk to our friends about other things!!!!!!!!!!

  155. read this MR. !!!!!!

    um yeah this is causing a lot of problems!!!!!! i lot of people are mad about this and if you want people to continue to use quizlet then i would suggest putting everything back the way it was! i am a very easy person to get along with and this really made me mad!!!! i agree with the person on the comment before me!!!! and also i agree with michelle who, even though she went to extreme measures, got the point across plain and simple!!! so put every thing back the way it was and i will be absolutely happy again!!!!!!! i am very serious about canceling my account!!!!! I'm not trying to be a "hater" or whatever you want to call it, but this is really a not so smart idea!!!!!!!!

  156. PAYBACK TIME :)

    well you know what?????? you can have it your way.... no private messaging which i used for STUDYING and occasionally SAYING HELLO TO MY BUDDIES but you have gone to extreme measures! and so you win!!!!! but you know what? i would be absolutely glad to start a chat with some friends right here in front of your FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WHOEVER WATCHES THIS LOVELY VIDEO THAT ANDREW MADE AND DECIDES THAT THEY DONT APPRECIATE THIS NEW "IDEA" THEN I SAY JUST START CHATTING WITH YOUR FRIENDS IN FRONT OF THIS DUDE'S FACE!!!!!!!!! I WILL GLADLY BE THE FIRST ONE TO START!!!!!!!!!!


  157. i love the guys comment on #162!

    lol "payback time :)" you hit the nail on the head!!!!! i think that is a great idea!!!!!! haha and you have also inspired me to write in CAPS!!!!!! GOOD IDEA AND HERE GOES!!!!! EVERYONE WRITE IN CAPS!!!!!!!


  158. Anonymous

    what's the big deal that forums and P.M.s are gone?This site is for STUDYING!!!your not supposed to play on this website!!!!!I REPEAT,STUDYING!!!!

  159. Jack'sback

    It's depressing to see so many immature, screaming comments here. Quizlet is what it is, a place to study &amp; have fun. But the immature comments here &amp; in the Forums are not fun, they're degrading. There's a difference between fun and immature viciousness.

  160. Rori

    im sorry that i was sooooo obscenely (word i learned while using quizlet) rude in the past. but it just brings me to tears knowing that it just won't be the quizlet it used to be. o who am i kidding I STILL HATE YOU!!!

  161. Andrew, this is fine. Quizlet is made for studying, there is no reason to turn this site into another MySpace, I use Quizlet so I can study not chat all day long. Don't worry Andrew after all you created Quizlet to help people, so believe in your choice, your judgment, and GO!

  162. matthew

    instead of deleting them alltogether, delete the pointless ones

  163. person in the galaxy

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  164. me!

    i agree with Number 170...i think it was matthew? it was a bit xtreme, y don't u get someone to just go thru them and delet pointless ones? or limit entries to 2 consecutive ones (right after another)for forums and p.ms to limit at least da amount of spamming???

  165. party pooper

    Hey, You just want your site listed as educational. You shouldn't take away the pm feature. Also you might wanna check your code genius &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; lots of white space to the right.

  166. boucheza


  167. boucheza

    iam in 7th grade too

  168. boucheza

    when i got on it was all not there so its not me and stop blaming every one.

  169. boucheza

    if your mad just say it

  170. i hate you
    quizlet is destroying veiwers

  171. youseeallthis?

    this is what happens when you take away private messages

  172. boucheza

    yea quizlet i hate you to

  173. boucheza

    every one hates you quizlet you stink in the world i hoop you know that

  174. langarts

    Plz give bac our forums n pms!! (private messages)

  175. Tyler

    who ever wants private messages and forums and forums back say "I"

    ps. R u retarded or something. Cmon use ur brain a little

  176. Suzanne

    Well Sorry so many people are upset by this, but I like it! Or at least, I like the attempt to make it more for its true purpose, studying, rather than socializing. I do think the PMs were helpful - I was able to ask some people questions regarding certain things that had to directly do with what I was studying at the time. But, I understand and completely accept it as the right choice!

    Another thing to consider would be all the random quizzes that are made not for studying but... random fun. Those annoy me! If people want to play around they can go to myspace.

  177. gabe

    the forums and pm'ing are very important for communication on this site. i'm trying to tell someone to make his sets editable so i can fix them, but there's no way to easily make contact with him on the site anymore

  178. Alexis

    what happened to Private Messages????
    Its a good safe way to ask questions that u want to keep between yourself and the recipient.
    its very important

  179. Nathan

    Hey there, I'm a big fan of the site. I was just wondering if you know when the iphone/itouch version will be complete. I can't wait!


  180. Shane

    I was wondering what happened to to private messages. I thought is was Firefox. I totally agree about erasing the forums though, they were all filled with unschool related stuff.

  181. Drewvt

    If you want to make corrections to a set you can't edit, the obvious workaround would be to recreate the set with "reuse these terms" (it's an export function), then you can make as many changes as you like.

    Yes, that will mean a duplicate set, but Quizlet has thousands of virtually identical sets already, so it's not like it matters.

  182. boucheza

    hi there guys how are you doing i think we will get are message thing back at the end of the school year so i hoop you guys have a good day from zman and be my friend bye the 7th grader from Memorial Middle school.

  183. boucheza

    Anoymous is pissed at me what i said a long time ago thats why she is not writing back at us but she is mostly mad at me!! so dont think she does not like us

  184. boucheza

    high SCHOOL and Where i live South portland AND MAINE MAINE MAINE MAINE number one 1111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  185. boucheza

    whats up

  186. blair

    i want pms BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  187. boucheza

    what are pms

  188. boucheza

    i finaly got my sciece test done yes!!

  189. Kyle

    Honestly, I'm fine without private messages or the forum. With the way everyone is reacting in the above comments, I understand why they had to be shut down. I use this site for studying; nothing more, nothing less. Is that not what this awesome site is purposed for?

    If you're really desperate to contact your school friends, get their emails. Stop acting childish about this decision. I'm sure some smarter way to connect with users will be implemented in the future. Until then, let's get studying.

  190. boucheza

    yea i dont mind to about no messasge thing because i have you guys to talk to and we get to get to talk together you guys are my friends. I meane every one see you guys later have a good day please write back bye

  191. kGarrett12

    I agree with#162 you can just chat in your individual group pages. Or you can just use this page to chat with others. It may not be anything close to PM's but it might work.

  192. kGarrett12


  193. Paige

    okkayy, i think we should have private messages.
    it really dumb that everyone can read what you have you say.

  194. i want pms back

    we need pms back i need them alot And why do you have to be thirteen

  195. i want pms back

    ii agree with kGArrett12 no quizlet on january 25

  196. YourDest1ny

    These kids are whining about socializing. Wow.....I thought this was a study site not Myspace or Facebook. Boycotting is stupid. In fact, i'm using it right now. I'm getting ready for a test tomorrow.

  197. Amanda

    I believe that it is stupid to boycott because of no private messages. Andrew is really doing EVERYONE a FAVOR! The whole reason to use the site is to get better grades in school. I'm sorry, but messaging people is not going to help anyone get better grades in school. If you want social hour, then go to myspace or facebook. Leave the learning sites to those who really car about their education and want to learn. Thanks Andrew for all the hard work that you put into this site!

  198. unknown

    How do you use the private message? Oh, and all of this makes sense. Quizlet is the best!

  199. dzhou

    You abused it, so you can't complain. If you had taken a good look at the current state of the forums, you would realize that Andrew had a perfectly valid reason for suspending the forums. I suspect the same applies with private messaging.

    Those of you who keep complaining and throwing insults, stop. You're doing nothing more than aggravating the situation. You're not three any longer, so screaming and yelling is not going to get you results.

    Also, those of you who are just as vindictive towards the complainers are a bit out of hand. Yes, Quizlet is made for studying, but don't be malicious when you post it.

    Hats off to you Andrew. I'll wait for you renovate the site. Do you by chance have the private messages and forum posts stashed away somewhere?

  200. Pirate_Yoho

    For all of you complaining that your parents don't let you use MySpace or Facebook:

    Quizlet was not meant to be a loophole in your parents' rules. This is a studying site, not a socializing one. It's a GOOD thing that Andrew rids the site of anything that distracts from studying. That's why there aren't flashy ads on the studying pages.

    I do make "fun" sets that I can share with my friends, and we discuss in those. Isn't that fair enough? The forums were being abused, so Andrew took them down. Can't say I blame him.

  201. boucheza

    guys stop talking about the pm,the message thing, just let it go and have fun studying and getting good grades like come on now its not the end of the world so get it together. have a good day

  202. boucheza



    this is outragous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dumb!!!!!!!

  204. why? i dont think that would shut the site down...

  205. David

    Stop complaining! If you want to chat go on a social network site like Facebook or MySpace or MyYearbook. Quizlet was made to help people study, not for you to vent.

  206. Lissa

    Did you take off the symbols too? I need them for superscript and subscript for Chemistry and for some reason they won't come up.

  207. leb

    you say "umm" a lot...

  208. St

    Don't bother about the bad and stupid comments!
    My students and I really want to thank you for all the work you're doing! My school and our students do not have much money : I really cannot tell how valuable your free site is for us!

    Merci mille fois!

  209. boucheza

    anoymouse your back i you where mad at me well thanks for coming to type to us andiam sorry what i said and gave you address to every i should not said anything and you have the best show.Have a good day.

    From your freind zman

  210. boucheza

    i meant every one and iam

  211. boucheza


  212. boucheza

    does any one play halo on the computer i have not got a answer yet because i play a lot on the computer and you want to know one of my favorite map is infinity because you guys play cop and robbers thats why i like the map. And my other one is blood gulch. And i like slayer thats fun to. So speek up if you do and guese what my character is its starts with m? and its in the united states!!!

  213. oso

    Thank you for your hard work on this site. And thanks to any help from others at MIT

    The comments above just show that the forums should go.

    You could consider PM's as an option. Meaning I could turn it off if I didn't want any

    Another option messages from and to group leader to their group could be allowed. Group leader could pass on messages with merit. i.e. they had to admin/moderate comments for their membership.

  214. carolann

    OK... WTF Andrew? Just delete the pointless forums. This site will lose people because the cant chat! This site is so jank. PEOPLE: if you think this website is messed up, type yeah in your next message.

  215. OcatviusB

    I was just about to begin using the PM feature a lot and than you took it away.
    Also, I never used the forums, but I had been wanting to check them out for a while, and they were taken away.
    By the way, to all of the people who are leaving because he took away some toys, count your blessings because you can still chat inside sets. If you want to have a forum or a private message, either go to myspace or facebook, or learn other people's emails.

  216. sami_dog

    That makes sense.
    I still don't like not having pms and fourms though.

  217. boucheza

    you guys speeking about the fire fox my fire fox is erased and not working i think Quizlet did about yours is on you computer.Like i said about Quizlet it sucks sucks sucks sukcs sucks sucks !!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from zman

  218. kelsey

    we dont have private messaging ne more either.....;/ OMG!!!

  219. you suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! :!:

  220. tribe2

    why do you have to turn it off its asome.

  221. Anonymous

    The only thing I don't like is that the PMs are gone...

  222. David

    u know what??? gud for u! u have the courage to tell ppl to stop and wen they dont listen u take away their privileges...and besides...the forums got insanely distracting while you were trying to study for a quiz/test...thanks for getting rid of that distraction! ;)

  223. boucheza

    lets just talk about good stuff and like we are doing lets chat. Like this how are you guys doing.

  224. boucheza

    anoymous are you still mad at me becuase what i said about you if you are just say. bye

    From zman

  225. boucheza


  226. anonymous

    we want private messaging back!!!

  227. anonymous

    this is not fun anymore

  228. boucheza

    yea we meane it or you will die and and peaple will come after you who ever got ritofit so GIVE THE DAMN THING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the private message

  229. boucheza

    from a 13 year old

  230. langarts

    can we get our PM's and lik Forums bac? mi groups r lik so FURIOUS cuz all our forums r lik delted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    also, can u lik giv us a chance to lik attach photos to lik our messages?!?!?!

    from a very angry quizlet member,

  231. portera3

    u ugly

  232. amy

    when is the i phone app coming?

  233. kayla anna serena marie jennifer jessica angela cooke

    sup guys?? :i like quizlet it is really helpful

    dont i have a longg name

    thats not it after angela its

    michelle julia emily elizabeth kaelynn jane rochelle ashley alexia mollie krissy taylor

    and ur all prob yahh right there is no one with 18 middle names, but
    my mom wanted 2, anna marie, my uncle said that serena should be it, my aunts WERE (as in dead) jennifer and jessica (car crash =(-) angela was going to be my twins name she died when the doctor took her out, some disease, my grandmas are michelle and elizabteh, my godmother is julia, my dad voted kaelynn jane my older sister rochelle ashley alexia cried that her name had to be in my middle name, and my older sister triplets are mollie krissy and taylor, and my rents had to be fair... and they couldn't pick, so it all got thrown in an a weird order and i have to suffer on standardized tests

  234. kayla anna serena marie jennifer jessica angela michelle julia

    well guys i added the name to my name
    and i forgot to explain that my mom is emily so that got in their
    and marandola is the last name of my crush jakkob. his full name almost shames mine

    jakkob john joseph jack james josh jeremy marandola
    i call him jjjjj and 5j and j5

  235. amy

    hey, i juust thought, how cool would it be if quizlet had pictures

  236. ok guys, the only reason that andrew would take away personal messages and forums is if he was updating them. no need to freak out about it. just be patient and we will have a much better quizlet soon.

  237. boucheza


  238. boucheza

    if you are rite anonymous i will give you a dollar or$ 100$ dollars so i hope you rite.

    have a good day.

  239. Matt

    We can just talk to each other on the comments

  240. ElijahLovejoy

    oh he is updating. when i was messing around i typed in the "n" word and it said i couldn't say it. so it's getting cleaned. :)

  241. Treeface40

    I can't wait to download the iPhone app to my iPhone :D

  242. seriously get the private messages back

  243. boucheza

    i get a dollar lol buddy

  244. boucheza

    i thought you said andrew will get it back and i get 100$ lol come on just kitting Anonymous we can just talk to people

  245. boucheza

    we have friends talking to us its no big deal

  246. boucheza

    oh yea my character on halo is maine power write guys who play halo you guys should of got it. have a good day. see you on the computer halo players

  247. lol

    Wow. I myself have never used the forum feature, but after skimming through the comments made here, I think I understand why someone would want it removed.

  248. Catherine

    Come on Andrew!!!!!!! i never really used the forums, but PM's, GONE!!!!!!!!!!! i like to use the chat box, but what if i want to send something to just 1 friend for her to read. i dont want to put it on Group Discussion if it is private. And, if you want to make it a better study place, why are doing the whole facebook thing??? i need my PM's again. when are they coming back???

  249. Will

    Wow. Maybe 100 users were being weird. There are still 300,000 other users that haven't done anything wrong. If Andrew has the technology to make an "iPhone Application," then he should have the technology to SUSPEND USERS!!!

  250. Will

    It seems also that the forums were not as popular as one may have hoped, but they are a fun, interactive way to express your opinion.

  251. boucheza


  252. boucheza

    ???????????????? crickets are jourmping LOL ^^^^

  253. me

    this quizley sucks

  254. kGarrett12

    Andrew, In the Help and features Section you have a paragraph called"What you can do with a free Quizlet Account.In That Paragraph it directly states that you can send and Receive Private Messages.YOU LIED TO US!!!!!!

  255. peaceout

    I love this site my teachers even suggested it! this helps me alot

  256. boucheza

    if you dont give us any thing back Andrew I will snipe you and find you or get a shot gun BANG YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!

  257. dumbb

    wow u guys are like 5 and need to grow up seroiusly its pathetic this site isnt even good for information

  258. Kaleb Hilton

    will please give back privet messages and the other stuff that you took away please if people spam you can delete their names please I will give you what you want

  259. Kaleb Hilton

    andrew how was your trip

  260. Kaleb Hilton

    was your trip :) or( or :cry

  261. PERSON

    I think that was a great idea to get rid of the fourms!The pms not a good idea.Another thing is you should get rid of the flashcard sharing on facebook and myspace.Those sites get people into trouble.if that was gone people might not join.Also TAKE THE AGE RESTRICTION AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. ??

    maine power does

  263. boucheza

    sally what did i say to defend you? well dumbb being a loser. or did you just say hey to be kind i dont know?????? LOL lol lol LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. OMG its jus you

    he is hot

  265. Emma

    Are you guys going to keep the iPhone application free? cause that would be awesome! lol

    I think you should keep both the forum and pming but just change it up in a way that makes it more educational. good job on having the idea of it NOT being a social networking site, in a way. :]

  266. Rooster

    I'm glad you're getting rid of those. they are really distracting

  267. purplepanda531

    HOW COULD YOU?????!!!!!!!! why did u take away the forums and the private messages!!!! that was the stuff that made the site fun!! now it is some boring old site which really stinks!! are they gonna be gone forever?! i know your next step! pretty soon, you're gonna take away the group discussions! if u do, then i won't come on to this site anymore, cause there is nothing special to it! Hmmmpppphhh!!!!!!!!!! &gt;:(

  268. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiwwwwwww

    Andrew you rock this is the greatest site of all time, and you are the smartest guy i know, GOOD JOB AND KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

  269. Em

    While i love Quizlet as much as the next user and think it's great, I'm not happy with certain changes put in place by the administrators and creators of this site.

    I'm concerned for the well-being of the general Quizlet community and my class because the forums and PM's are gone.

    They were very valuable ways of communicating for us and now that they're gone we can't make important announcements or comments that last.

    For example, if a test date is changed or the type of information needed to study for said test is changed, how will we let the affected know? If we message on one of the sets or on the general chat box, the message is likely to go away or be deleted.
    BUT if we had forums, we could post a new forum and there would be no problem.
    Or if we needed to study for a test and the notes simply could not be formatted into flash-card form, we can't post them on the general chat because, the message may disappear or be deleted.
    Again, forums and private messages are a necessary and beneficial to the student community as a whole.


  270. chubbo

    i'm new at this site, what forums are you guys talking about?

  271. Rasengan

    omg I need help Andrew!!! How do you make your own group??????????????????But Andrew keep up the good work

  272. Actually I would like to see more studying games, like spelling, since I am taking Anatomy I and my spelling sucks. I do not mind the forums, since I am more interested in learning and studying. In addition I would secure the comments, since anyone can put a name and it would reduce the amount of nonsence replys you get.

  273. ramonawi

    I had contacts here for Learning as well as very valuable language learning links and tipps in the forum, provided by the members of the group. The contacts are now gone - I have no adress or else from them and I haven't saved the information of the forum elsewere. This is very sad. I'm disappointed. This really hurt the wrong people without warning.


    We use this website for school and my friends that r 12 can't use it!!!!!
    And my friends that don't have emails can't use it cause you have to go to your email to activate your user name!!!!!
    Messaging and Forums were some of the great advantages of having an account!!!
    There r a lot of angry quizleters out there who really want the old quizlet back. :cry:

  275. Confused &amp; Advice Giver

    I'm confused on why you took away the private messages. That was my way of talking to my classmates. I will make a suggestion though, if you add something that has to do with what school you go to i think that would be a good idea. But you have to bring back private messaging if you use my idea.

  276. nothing

    I LOVE YOUR SITE! I just got started and i already got good test grades!

  277. hungry

    hi everyone :) i like pie

  278. Shall Shall

    I love quizel but Quizlet should have spelling check and we should be able to change the backround on r dash boared and more games :)

  279. Drewvt

    Private message users, there is nothing stopping you (even now) from exchanging email addresses, or any other means of identification and communication, by using the message window of any given set that you are jointly using. If you're on the same set, surely you can start a chat?

    Anyway, it seems bizarre to me that if you really want to stay in contact with someone, you neglect to ask their email, or at least something with which the other person may be identified outside Quizlet.

  280. boucheza

    they have a new chat site on quizlet guys

  281. Twinkie

    I was not here to see the effects of the forums, but this does seem a little too much...

  282. awesomeDunn


  283. Jayce_Fortney

    hello every one

  284. instinctcarolyn

    dang. these comments are outdated af. 2009?!

  285. mandarin_wolf_

    Hi. I'm from 2016

  286. ashleymanzanet

    still dont know how to do it

  287. estherroos

    this said, when i searched it on google, that it would show me how to send a message to another member, but it hasn't :(

  288. AshleyDuck5677

    Holla I'm from 2017

  289. Mehwish_Alam

    How I can message a member on quizlet. Please let me know thanks

  290. TonyEstrada10

    Take off learn it's a waste of time

  291. Valynsa_Pierre

    How can we message members from our classes ?! it was there before wha happened

  292. kpapps123

    2018 here. Dont understand why we're not able to message users on quizlet yet. From reading, I gather that this feature was existent in the past but as of today is not. PLEASE make it available. Although once you guys probably do, I won't be needing it anymore. Nonetheless it could be useful in the future.

  293. dap3300


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