Hey all --

We just recovered from a couple hours of downtime. It wasn't too fun, for you or for me. The database that was holding each set's words and definitions had been crashing for the past few days, causing daily downtime (ack!). So tonight I decided just repairing it each time wouldn't do, so I converted some of the database architecture to a (hopefully) better and more robust state. I also temporarily disabled the "online now" icons, which were causing some problems. I'm hoping to reinstate those as soon as possible - but right now I want to make sure the site just stays up, you know? :o

We're in the process of hiring a sysadmin, so we should have a lot more expertise on this problem soon. Going down every evening is not acceptable. Sorry to everyone who couldn't use it while the site was down.


  1. james the 3rd


  2. chacko2

    No problem. Thanks for all the things you do to make quizlet better. That makes up for the downtime.

  3. Andrew

    P.S. I added a "Share on Facebook" link to the set page :)

  4. packerfan95

    i am fine with the downtime, thanks for doing your best.

  5. alina virgilyn c. brooks


    i made a 100-term set about china, and i clicked "save." i think this was during the downtime, however, so it didn't save and came back citing an error. i checked the set page again, and it was only able to auto-recover 7 of those 100 terms. is there any way to salvage that set?

    alina virgilyn c. brooks

  6. telletubbies dude

    thats y no ones on

  7. james the 3rd

    i only made 1 set lol i had this for 2 days

  8. myextremlylongname...

    omg for this once and this one time only i was glad it went down cuz on the napping thing it said the freerice.com thing and thats sick!

  9. chacko2

    i would save multiple times just in case

  10. jedi41435

    No problem. Thank you for your hard work, Andrew. And good luck on fixing the server!

  11. ludmilla97

    Please fix it!! We're using it at school and want to do a presentation with it. We're terrified that it will crash right in the middle or even before we get started..

  12. :) Smile!

    No, not another down-time! Andrew, please don't.

  13. Drummer

    here we go again

  14. monkeychef23

    Honestly I don't think we need the online now icons. I really don't think it matters. Anyway, we know how hard you are working andrew and we really appreciate it. Thanks!

  15. :) Smile!

    monkeychef23-online icons are very useful, so you don't message some dude who hasn't been on in a year! lol. tht

  16. Andrew

    (they're back on, btw)

  17. ha_anonymous

    I should've read this before making my new quiz. I guess I'll have to wait until the server's back up before I make my quiz. :\

  18. bssportskid22


  19. peter

    every time before i have a test it crashes
    quizlet is amazing!!

  20. Drummer

    i hate downtime

  21. POTC

    People please be more appreciative! Computers are horrible beasts that crash constantly and are hard to manage. Thank you Andrew for setting aside so much time for other people! :) Quizlet is AMAZING and has saved my life time and time again

  22. bssportskid22

    why cant i stick/unstick my groups threads right now?

  23. puppyluv11

    Thank you for apoligizing and telling us what was wrong. I thought it was my PC!

  24. Pollyanna

    I hope that never happens again:!:

  25. Mrs. Cody

    Down time is something we as humans do as well...sometimes we get "unwell" and crash. This is life. My students and I appreciate the opportunity Quizlet gives us to study together in our school lab. Andrew, you are awesome. Hope Quizlet feels better soon.

  26. AWSESOME!!!!!!!!

    thnx for trying to fix the problems. i had a test during the downtime period, but i took care of it. thnx again

  27. dont_ask72

    Thanks for fixing the downtime problem! I just happened to go on during one of those days (thank god no test then), but it's great that the site is working so we can study again.

  28. Taylor21

    Thanks for trying to make quizlet better!!!

  29. Mrs. Jasonson



    Mrs.Jasonson and the kids from Hupperton Middle

  30. having trouble using the site Sometimes it works and sometimes not ( for about the last 2 weeks??

  31. not sure yet, ask agian later

    i hate how long it takes to load quizlet. takes way to long if you ask me.

  32. anyone else having problems with the show symbols not working when creating a spanish set?

  33. soccer girl


  34. soccer girl

    and i have had prrobs to but about when quizlet is down so have my friends. but we helped each other out and we aced the test so it was k but i wish i didnt have to go down because i get home late when it is not on any way congrats on the progress

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