1. mistercharlie

    I'd like to be able to either edit or suggest correction for other sets. Some are ambiguous or wrong, and the community should be able to correct them.

  2. even if it's not the most needed feature please make quizlet able to print out real flashcards so my friends and i can study at school before the test when we don't have computer access!

  3. JohnPearson

    Nice Post.

    That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!


  4. sanjai

    Hi Andrew,
    How do I contact you? It will be good to search users and ofcourse you talked about private messages.
    I want multi answers capability. i.e. in japanese あつい(atsui) means hot, thick etc. but the user can also type thick, hot na. so can the site be made to accept the words and doesnt force users to type the exact answer.

  5. Elizabeth

    You should totally repost this post or a post a very similar one for people to vote, it would give you results in a numerical fashion so you could understand easier

  6. you need a way to add pictures and stuff to the sets


  7. Timothy

    This is really frickin old.................................

  8. Zack

    It would be very cool if you set an option for text leeway. This option could include a text box in which you could put words of which you dont want to cause a wrong answer i.e. and, a, but, or etc.


  9. bacon613

    I agree with Zack... great idea

  10. DeanCole


  11. KA1672002

    I love this web site. I can study for my hebrew test.

  12. m17rodavid

    yay first quizlet-blog!

  13. DamaniRD

    i scrolled all the way down here

  14. pijun

    And so it came to be, the force that changed everything.

  15. SpaceCast11

    Last comment ;)

  16. ChristinaKnoph

    It will be nice if we could use the site to create puzzles: word searches, crossword puzzles etc.

  17. sriaks24

    can we have a choice of having the questions in order?

  18. Johngoo123

    Last comment:) for June 2014

  19. doni124

    last comment for October 2014

  20. mathmonster405

    2014 stills here

  21. mr_samosa

    I hope you launch the website soon!

  22. cupcakesrtasty1

    i think it would be nice if Quizlet had a choice of doing puzzles to find words like crossword puzzles or word searches.

  23. cupcakesrtasty1

    i also agree with Zach, ithink we should get a text box on each set and we can enter words we don't want to make our answeres wrong like and, but, or, a, etc.

  24. luluwhatsup

    Love quizlet!!!!!!!

  25. power27

    QUIZLET IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joy__Wells

    253rd High Five!

  27. moviesismygame


  28. superJugsMcbulge

    Jugs Mcbulge says hi

  29. Jacksoneutsler

    256 high five

  30. Jacksoneutsler


  31. Proverbs_2_6

    I'd go with the tips. I often get a question wrong, then get it wrong several more times. This often frustrates me, but I usually get it right after I get a tip. Well, that's my input and 260th high five!

  32. olayRebecca01


  33. weslee_sampel

    excuse me

  34. RyanRoom

    We are they no comment section in the new posts?

  35. bamster77

    Lol this is kinda funny... I went back as far as I could in the posts for Quizlet and decided to post on it XD if any one reads this plz reply to me!!!!

  36. DiagnosisMurder

    I came to see how far it went back too. lol.

  37. DiagnosisMurder

    How much Quizlet has changed from 2007

  38. trey399

    this is cool

  39. trey399


  40. flyboyroland720

    World's best place for studying. Ratified.

  41. samuel_perrin3

    yes we go

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