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Last week, we added new functionality to Learn Mode to make it smarter. Not only will Learn Mode tell you you're wrong, but now it'll often tell you why. Along the way, we gave the UI a fresh coat of paint and fixed a few nagging bugs! Here's what we changed:

Confusion Alerts

When you're trying to think of an answer in Learn Mode, often you mis-remember and enter another word from the same set and get the question wrong. Now, whenever you do this, we'll remind you with a Confusion Alert and tell you what that word you mis-remembered actually means.


The word cansada was in this set too. But it means tired not to introduce. In addition to telling me I'm wrong, the confusion alert helps reinforce that. We hope this will be helpful in de-confusing your studying!

Intelligent Quizlet Tips

When learning a new language, the small details feel random and hard to memorize. But in most cases, there are actually rules - you just may not know about them yet!

And so we've wired up our smarter Learn Mode to know the rules of French and Spanish genders. If you enter a French or Spanish word's gender incorrectly now, we'll mark your answer wrong (since it's an important detail to get right). But we'll also show you an intelligent Quizlet Tip that tells you the general rule too.

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Learning that words that end in consonants are often masculine will help you more in the long run than just memorizing the gender of every individual word you encounter. Now you'll remember that Loup is masculine but also Poisson, Lapin, and Mouton (among many others).

Right now the Quizlet Tip functionality is only available for French and Spanish genders. But it's possible we'll add more rules and languages in the future.

Updated UI Design

Learn mode is the oldest study mode on Quizlet and it was in need of a fresh coat of paint. All the UI elements should be basically the same but they should all look a bit spiffier.


The refresh should also look a little better on small screens and embeds where we give the content more space on your screen.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.22.15 AM.png

Fixed existing bugs

Along the way, we fixed some nagging bugs. In the old version, it was hard to connect the word to its definition on the final screen if the definition had an image in it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.15.53 AM.png

Now in the new version, we connect the term and the definition by the arrow and the image appears underneath - allowing you to make a strong connection between the term and its definition or translation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 8.54.19 AM.png

Try it out now

Try out the Intelligent Quizlet Tips with French Animals or Spanish Animals. Or test the Confusion Alerts with Spanish Question Words, 100 SAT Words, or any set you want.

And please let us know if you have any feedback - positive or negative - or if you have more ideas on how we could make Learn Mode even smarter for you.


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    Nice! Knowing why you go wrong always helps.

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    Thanks, I find Learn Mode very helpful.

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    WOW!!! Thanks Quizlet

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    Great Design but the old was better

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    I need it for my window phone!
    I can't have it :/

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    I think the post was good think you.

  10. pieface108

    I think improving on Quizlet is fantastic. I must say, I don't notice a very noticeable difference aside from the obvious slight layout change (the modernization is lovely); the only thing that was evident particularly was the "ACTUALLY, it means...". However, fabulous! Woo! swerve on swerve on swerve! Don't forget to let the goats out before your shower this evening, suegra! (That means 'mother-in-law', which I know because of QUIZLETTTTTT <333).

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    12th comment! What a great improvement!

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    I noticed the change as soon as I got onto Quizlet this morning (especially the "actually, it means..." part). I. Love. It.
    Great job guys!

  14. Patti_Summers1 PLUS

    Excellent design tweaks! I think the best learning is in self-revision, so the "heads up" about why a student missed an item on a self-quiz is a promising improvement.

    While you're tweaking, I'd love a change where my teacher accounts can require students to finish the "Learn" mode before moving on to the "flashcard" mode. I think the physical typing of the text slows down the processing, and makes students retain better than starting out with flipping the flashcards.

  15. Rachzinka

    17TH !! YIPPY!

  16. oscar_meanwell

    V.good UI. However sorry to see the edit button go in the learn mode...

  17. zoeleighhopkins TEACHER

    I still really would like to see Rich Text as an option because we use colour coded text to teach pronominals in our polysynthetic language. Our language (Mohawk) has over 40 pronouns, the colour-coding is a really helpful way to distinguish that part of the word.

  18. suwidrig

    I like it much, for example: I have to learn english: I write "petrol" instead of "petroleum". So it gives me the tipp: confusing alert! petrol is Benzin. Thank you ^^

  19. a_cmarsh2000

    great... quizlet is #1 for revision:) get in there:):)
    better than bananas **minion alert**

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    Yes... finally! Tips telling me what I did wrong... I feel like Quizlet has hit a stage at which it cannot get better :) Keep up the good work Quizlet Team!

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    liking it a lot!!!
    another well job done by Quizlet

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    thanks! this update should come in handy

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    Thank You! That's Great!

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    Bravo, great to see Learn Mode being enhanced.

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    works great!
    keep up with the great work!

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH QUIZLET!! This helps so much. Normally I don't like change but this.. I LOVE IT

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    Thank you so much!

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    Thanks so much guys

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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    this was actually really helpful in discerning dar una caminata and pasear. Thanks Quizlet!

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    It looks a lot nicer, spiffed up this way! If I had to choose between "I mistyped!" and "Override: I was right" buttons, however, I would go with "Override." That way if you define the word correctly, but not word for word, you will still be marked right.

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    always great to know that u are improving

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    This does help me to study better

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD MORE TO THE INTELLIGENT QUIZLET TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~a happy student who loves quizlet, and now loves it even more! :D :) :D ☺ ♪♫♪

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    Awesome. These are good additions. Thank you!

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    Quizlet genius strikes again. Thank you Quizlet!!

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    This really helps! 감사합니다!

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    Really cool. Can't wait to try it out!

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    Thx Guys This Helps Alot

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    this is cool

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    Great modernization and improvement.

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    Nice improvement!
    As a teacher, I sometimes assign a Quizlet set for my students to do at home. In teaching a foreign language it is important that the students type in the foreign language and not English. Could you add a feature to Quizlet that lets the teacher account know if the students are typing in English or the foreign language? This would be a very nice addition. Thank you!!!

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    I LOVE this new upgrade!!! It is so helpful!!!! Thanks!! Great work!!!!! :D

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    I wish there was a new game instead of upgrading learn mode.

    I use the quizlet as well!!

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    I LOVE quizlet! Thank you SO much!

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    Thank you so much! I love the new version of "Learn"!

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    Quizlet could be 110 percent better if it could be on windows phone.

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    This product keeps getting better and better.

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    Good job improving it. Thank you very much.

  65. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    We're all still waiting for the possibility to accept alternative correct answers! and a new game , like memory game. And pls, colours would be so helpful to remember gender of nouns, I've been writing to you about it since like forever. I hope one day you'll grant my/our wishes:)!

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    hay! Vn điểm danh :)

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    Great CSS styling Quizlet! Looks a lot nicer than the old one. I was wondering when you would update it :)

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    Awesome!! Thanks guys. Especially the "confusion" part!! It REALLY HELPS.

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    Guys. You are literally THE BEST. God knows, without your help studying would have been much harder!

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    Way to challenge the process quizlet :) :) 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😄😃😆

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    Its progress like this that makes me glad to a be a plus user. Thanks for your hard work!

  80. Sgene9__

    Although, I don't use Quizlet for Spanish nor French, I see the effort you are putting in. Great work.
    Nonetheless, I have couple ideas that may better be incorporated into Quizlet, they are about the 3-sided cards for Chinese and Japanese.

    1. Android Mobile App needs to support 3-sided cards
    2. As for Japanese, the current format is
    Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana/English - English (Hiragana or Katakana)
    When there is a little vowel in a parenthesis, such as ァas in host family (ホストファミリー), Quizlet
    won't recognize the word as Japanese and won't function as 3-sided cards.
    3. As for Japanese, I think the parenthesis needs to be at the left box for the consistency of Japanese - English

    Besides this, the 3-sided cards is an absolutely great idea.

  81. Gao_Qu PLUS

    Hi Quizlet,

    I absolutely love your program and I'm so glad that I found it! I don't want to sound like a nagger, but is it possible to create folders in a folder please?

    Keep the genius work up!!!!!!!

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    Join Harry Potter Fans United and be a member of the biggest Harry Potter Fan Club on Quizlet yet!

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    epic, love the fixes and new paint job! thanks so much for being awesome!

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    Keep the upgrades coming! I'm new to having a teacher account, but very excited (over 1,400 terms listed for my students and saved 3,800+ pages of photocopying). I love the free App. No ads for my students with the $25 teacher subscription---worth all 2,500 pennies! One learning function I'd suggest is a simple Memory card game. A student could choose a number of terms (12, 16, 24) and face a (timed?) Memory game (flip two matching cards, they disappear). The terms could be randomly selected from the selected set(s) of terms. Quizlet rules, Moodle drools!

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    HI! 203 high five btw ppl ;)
    Just saying quizlet, i love your design but there is a few tweaks i would looovvveee to happen. for some reason when i am learning japanese it says what i wrote is wrong and but then the right answer is exactly the same as i initially wrote! It really annoying because i end up getting it wrong, and its hard to actually study for a test when your always getting the right things wrong! :( hope i didn't confused u guys. but great job anyway love the whole damn thing :)

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    quizlet is amazing. Through it I have learned soooo much!! thanks a lot!!

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    looking goood!

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    the function MISTYPED, very useful on the smatphones, is missing on the web version, sometimes we miss for a letter and there is not a possibility to click in THE MISTYPED button.

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    AMAZING!!!! I love it!

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    The confusion program is very helpful! Thanks!

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    This is a life saver. Thanks so much! I now can learn so much better!

  103. ironlady PLUS

    Another request for colors / rich text. I use color coding for MANY things in teaching and learning various languages.

  104. CCHSMrsL2015

    I would so love it if I could see the time each student logged onto Quizlet and how many flashcards they flipped during their session. (Not for grading purposes, but to see if they are simply logging on but not practicing). I, too, would MUCH prefer that my students would have to complete the LEARN feature once, twice, or three times (a teacher could check an option?) with a certain degree of accuracy (a teacher could be offered check box choices here, too?) before the the "games" were unlocked. It would build in the incentive to "learn" before "play."

    These suggestions would cause me to renew for years to come, but without them, I may need to switch to Membean which does offer this service. You all are the forerunners, surely, your smartypants programmers could give us teachers more options and more evidence of practice to award "credit" for practicing not for tying a grade to it--cross my heart and hope to heaven.
    Thanks Quizlet for the great tool.

  105. Clint_Barton987

    I would love it if I could see when my students are on my class and what they have done and for how long

  106. NHW12345

    That sounds like fun! I really need to upgrade more. Thanks for the idea!

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    this is a awesome web site for kids my daughter loves it

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    Whoo-hoo! Hooray! Yippee!

  109. khkotan

    Hello I am Haldun from
    Turkey and have other funcionality suggestions
    My suggestion is that
    I believe making sentence is essential to better learn a language. The words of the entered sentence will appear randomly and the user will rearrange them to make the correct sentence. Can you please prepare the infrastructure fir that. Examples can be seen on the android market
    Make sebtences
    Sentence master etc.
    Also another ssug.
    User will enter his own text (by typing or copying) and will be able add his words frin the text by long pressing on the word a dictionary with meanings windiw will apoear and user will choose the meaning he wants to add to his words either as text or picture.
    Best wihes and hope to keep in touch am eager to see these novelties added.

  110. nguyen2223

    Hi I am new, very new...Need to learn and see what can help me to write better for my journal, any app can correct vocabulary, grammar, structure of sentences to make it short but more sences and meaning as a journalist do.
    I do like to suggest that the members can write essay, and get help form the software as suggest use the other words to make the sentence better.
    Hope to hear any thing from member soon.

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    I like the confusion alert idea. Thanks!

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    What happened to the options to mark something as correct by ignoring parenthesis? I haven't been on quizlet in awhile so I'm not sure if that feature is still there or not, but it was super useful for putting things to know but not write out in parenthesis.

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    Learn mode is on shuffle. No option to change this? WTF.

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    what I wouldn't give if I could do learn mode IN ORDER… why does it HAVE to be random?

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    You can take it off shuffle mode

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    I don't like the updated version

  125. HeniLuci

    I can't seem to find a way to submit alternative answers, and the Help centre doesn't seem to have it: can anyone help?

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