A lot of people have been asking for printable flashcards on Quizlet. There's the print mode that makes a nice list, but it really isn't good for offline studying. The new flashcard print mode makes simple and beautiful flashcards. They come five to a page.

Tell me what you think of this new feature. Any printing issues? Extra blank pages being created? More options? I'm looking forward to the suggestions.

Also, along with the new feature I made a few small navigation improvements and fixed some bugs. Example, the all sets page displays more data and is easier to navigate.

Happy Studying!


  1. jeff

    how do you print them?

  2. Andrew

    Click the "Print this webpage" link...

    If you're having trouble, could you explain your problem in more detail?

  3. Nik

    Ah, I know I'm beating a dead horse (wow, I feel western), but I really think you should put the link to the set on the printout, especially the printout of a list, or at least allow it as an option. My thinking goes like this: I print out a list of the verbs for my Spanish class. I make a copy of it and give it to a friend. They say something like, "Hey! This looks cool! I want to try." Right there, some kind of link to the set would be helpful. And, if you aren't already a member, this link should redirect you to a page that explains how great Quizlet is, and give you a chance to join. And once you join - which you know people will - it brings you back to the set page for some fun learnin'.

  4. is it possible to somehow print them out on 4x6 notecards from here

  5. JohnW

    This is just the coolest site ever!

    Definitely put your url and the list name on the printout.

    I still believe I will learn best from real, physical 3x5 cards. I would be willing to pay you a small fee ($0.01+ per card?) if I could download from your site a pdf which would print onto 3x5 cards. I would pay if it were perfectly formatted that is. It would have to somehow handle printing on both sides - maybe by having two files. I print the first file on a stack of cards. Then I turn them around, feed them back into the printer, and print the second file.

    Way cool!

  6. Brandon

    print size options would be awesome, I really like my 3x5's on nice card stock so I can't cheat or see through.

  7. Megan_Ruben

    for some reason the pdf will not export to my computer, and the flashcards will not print no matter what format i choose

  8. WillAndrews9

    This doesn't work. I have a mac and there is no option to print. Really disappointed

  9. moviesismygame


  10. henry121001

    How do you print That would be extremely useful

  11. coolmexican14


  12. coolmexican14

    hallowen passed did

  13. simmonsb46

    I am using a Windows 7 pc and I do not see the print option. How can I print physical flash cards from this site?

  14. JacksonVance30

    Sorry moviesismygame, no
    And maybe in 100 years, Andrew will look, and say, remember this day, a century ago

  15. Rae_Maloney

    Any update for a mac yet?

  16. Daisyenglund

    how do i print these

  17. Marty_B6

    I am confused by Andrew's statement above. Andrew, you say that, "There's the print mode that makes a nice list, but it really isn't good for offline studying." Then you say, "The new flashcard print mode makes simple and beautiful flashcards." So I am thinking that it is possible to make flash cards that can be used offline. Please advise. Thanks

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