We've had a separate header for when you're studying on Quizlet for nearly a year now. Last week, we gave it a design refresh and added several new features. Here's what we added.

Read the entire set title

The old version of the header cut off most of the set title. See this example:


Now the set title is on its own line so that you can always read the whole title.


It's also easier to get back to the set, since you can click anywhere on that section of the header.

Stars are easier to use

Using stars to study a sub-set of terms is a really powerful feature. But the switcher to choose between all terms and starred terms got lost in the old header: starsold

So in this design, we made it more prominent, right next to the set title:


Log in to save progress

Previously, there was no way to know if you were logged in or not while studying. And you couldn't even log in from the study modes header.


Now you can log in while you're studying and your progress on that set will be carried over to your account.

If you're logged in you'll see your profile pic and username in the top right.


Feedback from the study modes

See a bug? Have a suggestion? Tell us! Now you can give feedback right from the study modes.


Just hover on your username and select "Feedback" from the dropdown.

Let us know what you think

If you have any comments on the design or think we could improve it further, please let us know!


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    Awesome Quizlet! I *love* it! (Also, can't resist it: Fourth Comment!)

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    Quizlet is AWESOME for studying. Keep going Sophia!

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    Nice could you make it so that if you create a set you can decide how many levels space race goes up to?

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    Thank you!

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    This is gonna help make studying easier

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    Yes!!! Quizlet is smmookkinn! Just like my profile picture

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    Thanks quizlet! My Grade is rising in language arts from a C+ to a B+! No joke

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    Cool! Great improvments so far!

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    Awesome! \(^v^)/

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    yeah who cares abount new header

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    What is going on with Quizlet?

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    Awesome! Keep Improving Quizlet!!! You are helping me with general tests and Final Exams!!!! Just took my History Final... So easy! Thanks Quizlet! 😊

    I ❤️ Quizlet!!!

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  35. AnimationAddict

    Thank you Quizlet

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    55th. Quizlet is smart and simple.

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    The changes look great! I love Quizlet!!!

    Thank you for helping me earn A's.

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    Awesome job Quizlet! The new header makes it easier to navigate

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    Great job (yet again) Quizlet!


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    Ben_boy, that was a very rude thing to say. Quizlet works very hard to help you get good grades. And out of all things that's what you say?

    Com'on man!

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    Awesome upgrades! What do you guys do, stay up all night waiting for a new post?

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    So that's why it changed. Please change it back.

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    WAY TO GO QUIZLET!!!!!!! THIS IS VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! *clinging our glasses full of (you know what) in celebration* VERY HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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    Go Quizlet! It's amazing how great it is! Keep going!

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    wow thats great.

    Now can you at least START on the class folders you promised MONTHS ago?



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    this site is so cool I wish there was minecraft on here never played it, but I really want to.

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    Haters Gonna Hate.

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    Congrats people, you can count

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    for those who keep saying what number comment they are

  53. tmerry

    -Hi, I like how u guys r all trying to make this cite better, but there r so many updates that I can't keep up. Most of the time, ur guy's cite is amazing, but there is soooo much new, that it's now loading slower and when I type into the 'create a set', it goes super slow and I have to wait a bit to put in the definition. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this cite and I use it like everyday, I couldn't do without it, but I'd love it even more if there weren't so many updates.
    -Love u quizlet, and I'm sry if I'm being a bit picky, but keep up great work and help MANY people, which I know u all will do!
    -I know I have posted this another update comment thing... But I was really hoping another message, from maybe a staff member, to tell me if something's wrong, or if it is just a bug in my ipad (which I am using) or something. It's even lagging when I type now! Idk what is going on, but I won't post one more time, so I could hopefully respond to anyone who may respond back.

  54. LoveTacosForever

    21 hrs behind and I'm still not at least 10th!?

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    I mean at least not 30th.

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    Everyone who works at Quizlet, keep up the good work! You're doing a great job!

    (BTW, I am the 136th person to high-five)

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    Good Job Quizlet

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    works wonders!!

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    I like it. It would be better if you could change the brightness of the toolbar. Good Job Quizlet!

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    I love love love love love the modern look! (It kinda looks like the IOS 7 update although I don't have an iPhone)
    Just one suggestion...
    Maybe you guys could make like.... a page (?) of what classes you admin in because its kind of annoying to check every single class to see if your admin. Thanks, just keep the suggestion in mind!

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    cool thxs

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    I went to Test and then I saw that and I was like Is that new??????????????????
    And it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it just looks weird and gets confusing @sophiabk

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    thanks ! :)

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    make it so that we can see if we repeated a term when creating a set

  76. Karis256

    I really like the new header!

  77. Parishorse

    Love the new header! It makes things a bit easier.

    SUGGESTION: Place "Speller" before "Learn" in the header. I feel like "Speller" is easier because it tells you the answer, whereas with "Learn" you are stuck with whatever is in your head, and sometimes that is nothing, because you are just learning (haha, get it?) the new words.

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    i love quizlet

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    I love quizlet

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    I believe that Quizlet is one of the best learning aids in the world probably! (I used to use Anki, but Anki is very bad at "Cloud-sharing" function.) Once I stick on using Quizlet, I also share with my students this useful application right away.

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    Not bad, not bad!

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    Also I think that you could add a little bar or something that would take you right back to your class, instead of pressing the Quizlet logo, which leads you back to your studied sets. I know that you can just press backspace, but I think it would be helpfull, if you could access ALL of your classes while you were studying! Just a thought...

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    Thanks ya'll! Quizlet's great - I use it for nearly ALL of my schoolwork!

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  90. TorixBear

    Are there any plans to be able to search for individual cards within your own sets (like Brainscape), or to be able to move individual cards to other sets, please? Great tool - I have just finished importing my Brainscape cards, but I miss these features…..



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    Good update, Quizlet.

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    It so great thank you guys, it is very helpful.

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    it is nice to see your happy face amd yh brighton innit yh boi bruv sick

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