Quizlet's homepage for logged-in users just got a major overhaul to make it more personalized, easy to use, and visually appealing.

As a reminder, signing up for an account is free and lets you create your own sets and track your progress on Quizlet.

Recent Activity

The main screen now displays the last 5 sets you either studied or created. Simply click on one of the cards to be taken directly to that page.

Better yet, you can jump right back into your last study mode. In the example above, clicking on "U.S. State Capitals" takes you to the study set but clicking on "Continue Scatter" takes you straight to Scatter for U.S. State Capitals.

To view all sets you have created or studied, click on "See past sets" in the bottom righthand corner to go to your Dashboard.

Group Activity

Directly below the main screen is the Group Activity section. This displays all of your Groups, as well as the most recently studied sets within each group.

Random Missed Terms

Now personalized! Previously the Random Term was, well, random! We pulled a random term from anywhere on Quizlet. Now the Random Term comes from sets you have already studied.

Questions? Ideas on how to make Quizlet even better? Write to us at Feedback.


  1. Iceydude168

    Yeah, I love the new interface!

    Keep it up, Quizlet!

  2. ctyonahl

    Nice improvements.

  3. Tmazing A+ Machine


    and i love it


  4. SNACK

    I also agree with Tmazing A+ Machine... When R u gonna make multiplayer???

  5. Iceydude168

    Has Quizlet said anything about making multiplayer?

  6. Iceydude168


    A more feasible idea is generating Crossword puzzles.

  7. Andrea

    cool keep up good work

  8. me

    I love the new homepage look!

  9. jock

    Being able to delete combo's would have been a more pertinent change!

  10. TheThirdPew

    When you think about it, multiplayer would not really make much sense.

    While I would love to have some sort of competition to help me study, not everyone is going to play online with the words you are trying to learn!

    Only the most popular sets would be played, and they might not be words that you know!

  11. alexpettyferhottie

    The New Quizlet face is sooo epicc!!!!
    It's soo much easier to use now!!!
    Thank you soo much Quizlet!!!!!

  12. alexpettyferhottie

    Yeah, true, very true!

  13. Phil Freo

    Multiplayer is definitely happening, but stay tuned for a couple weeks for more info.

  14. Justin_13


  15. bob

    "not everyone is going to play online with the words you are trying to learn"

    good point @thethirdpew

  16. Puffy

    I love quizlet! All the new things! Love it! Keep it up!

  17. me.

    THIS IS AMAZING! and multiplayer would be REALLY COOL (especially around finals time, when tons of people would be on)

  18. Panda

    Multiplayer would be cool.

  19. Boop

    woah... i was surprised

    my mind has been blown

  20. Andrew123

    They should have more stats on home page like total people online throughout the whole day not just right now

  21. Andrew123

    Go multiplayer!!!!!

  22. Andrew123

    Dose anyone ever play free rice it would be cool if quizlet and free rice compined

  23. goku9

    Go Quizlet!!!!!!!

  24. 15FerreE

    Love the new look. very slick and edgy. keep up! maybe work for a multiplayer game?
    thank you! keep it up!

  25. asdasdasdasd

    I dont really like it . but COOL (:

  26. Iceydude168

    How would multiplayer work?

  27. pcloset

    we need multiplayer! maybe in the next 2 weeks? pleeaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeee?

  28. Beep Baap Boop


  29. Anoymous

    I kind of liked the old homepage better but this new one is cool too!

  30. MemVerseFanatic

    Nice new look! I only have one question - where's the place where you can find a random set? I can't find it.

  31. Michelle

    I love this! Everything is so much more organized and stuff. Keep up all the hard work Quizlet!!!

  32. Andrew123

    Soon there will be 9 million sets total!!!!!!!!

  33. ACC Girl

    @bob and thethirdpew multiplayer would make sense if u have friends that are learning the same thing as you. when your friends are on they can play with you, but when they aren't you would just play by yourself. Yeah I know some random person would probably not play with the flashcards they don't need to know. yall should get some friends that are learning the same thing to play online with yall. thats what i would do.

    I love this new homepage.

  34. Andrew123

    You should be able to add friends within quizlet. Then multiplayer would make sense then you could ask them if the would like to play.

  35. Joe Joe

    Awesome dude! It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool ya know...I like it a lot man...

  36. CinnamonRolls17

    I love the new homepage! Thanks Quizlet!

  37. Beautyqueen626

    The new homepage is awesome, and multiplayer would be SOOOOO cool. You should also add more games like a crossword puzzle or other stuff.

  38. Rachel

    I am not a fan of the new homepage, the old one was much more straightforward and easy to use.

  39. Thinking

    I think the Quizlet team should focus on multiplayer games & new fun games to learn with.

  40. Andrew123

    The log in home page is nice but could have more things on it and other information

  41. Andrew123

    There should be multiplayer

  42. Andrew123

    Leader boards for the whole site would be cool like the people with the most sets made. Most terms entered. Most study sessions. Most test and learn anwsers. Ect.

  43. Andrew123

    Another cool idea would be to make the homepage customizable

  44. Samantha Moore

    i wish i could make my homepage customizable !



  46. Pillbuggyandfriends

    I think that when it said "new message" it was a whole lot easier to navigate groups

  47. Andrew123

    It is good but could be improved

  48. Andrew123

    It would be amazing to be able to customize your homepage

  49. Eric45

    This idea rocks! Why not make it even better?

  50. m bison

    their making a multiplayer? thats so awsome

  51. superslugger2

    great... please add multiplayer

  52. elindheim

    It's so great!

  53. Rachel D

    Love it!! i love the set up and its fun to study for tests now!

  54. xl9000

    great start but I think you should keep improving the dashboard and add multiplayer

  55. Jpuglies

    i think you should add multiplayer

  56. evan

    i think you should have a thingy here so you can sorta like peoples comments on this and order it on the most liked but also have it so you can dislike kinda like youtube

  57. evan

    i also think you should have a scoreboard on the homepage that shows who has the best space race the best scatter and the best scatter and learn in general and for various subjects also you should have it so you can compare with your friends

  58. Patrick

    I like the new random missed term. It was a good surprise for me

  59. quizlet user

    love the homepage

  60. Andrew123

    There is a total of 9 million sets that is amazing

  61. Andrew123

    9 million total sets

  62. Andrew123

    i believe the scoreboard would be a lot of fun

  63. starbucksgirl_101

    Love it love it!!!!! <3 BTW PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASE check out my Spanish set and tell me what you think PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Purplish7

    Cool. I'm new so i don't know what it looked earlyer

  65. ranam98

    @Jplugies: What would we use it for ? :3

  66. MultiplyQuizlet

    If you agree that we should have multiplayer after waiting for over a year, PLEASE contact BobSagat or join our group multiplyQuizlet. TOGETHER we have joined the wonderful world of Quizlet. TOGETHER, we can get multiplayer.


  67. earth8847

    I like the old one better.

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