Hey all--

I just wrapped up development on a new home page for non-logged-in users. The page had had the same exact design since Quizlet launched more than a year ago. The "Top 5" thing had a great run, but everything needs to get retired at some point. The new design presents a lot more dynamic information and cuts down on plain boring text.


In case you're wondering, the new picture is a picture of me having breakfast (!) when I was about 10. I just felt like using it...haha.

On top of these improvements, I've made several bug fixes. Most notably, the ending analysis from the Learn page is back in Internet Explorer after a month-long vacation. I made Space Race wrap text so huge scrolling wouldn't happen as much. I've also been working on a few things that should reduce static file sizes to make Quizlet load a little bit faster. Lastly, I upgraded this blog Wordpress 2.5.

In other news, it's pretty much assured that I'll be going to MIT. They gave me a pretty impressive financial aid package, and it should be a fun place to be. I'll be in Boston Tuesday-Sunday visiting MIT for their Campus Preview Weekend, so if anyone's in Boston and wants to meet up, send me an email (andrew at quizlet).


  1. Travis


    Oh, and keep up the good work.

  2. KK

    Thank you for fixing everything! Oh, and i love the new homepage, its so much eaisier to find everything!

  3. psionic

    Love it!

  4. Philly

    Congrats on the MIT you truly are an intellegent person, and deserve that for free! LOL. Also want to say thanks for this website bc i recently moved to italy and i am able to use this to learn italian very rapidly. But i do mix this website with another, it has a conjugator program. Maybe you should add a conjugator and then your site will be perfect!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    i think its a little flashy.......but otherwise good

  6. psionic

    conjugate stuff at

  7. Neil Kelty

    Looking pretty good there Andrew. I see you changed the "motto" as well.

  8. Nik

    cool, flashy homepage (nothing wrong with that, #5). one thing: the top div's border is broken, on my screen, on account of box.jpg not being wide enough. since it's only 1100px, I'd imagine this happens to a lot of people

  9. Andrew

    Nik -- I actually took care of that problem while I was developing, but forgot to upload the new file. Try now :) It's also probably a cached file.

  10. btanu

    Nice Job Andrew! I love the new Quizlet!

  11. Swazi

    nice job it is so awesome

  12. rox/sox

    quizlet rox my sox off! GO KU!!!!!

  13. cool

  14. ams97

    ball-in :lol:

  15. Nik

    awesome, Andrew, no problems with the borders now!

  16. ryanpristo


  17. Allie

    Hey Andrew,

    sry to bug u but the online button things are still not back on the site. when r they gonna be back?

  18. *your name here*

    ThIS SiTe Is CoOL!!!!!

  19. WUZZUP FOO!!! oidjflkaHAHAHA

    loved the first home page, but the new one is kewl too!! :]

  20. Puella29

    I like the updates a lot. And I like how you could fit the picture of you in with a punch line "Quizlet eats flash cards for breakfast." :lol:

  21. Veronica

    Congrats Andrew on getting into MIT! how exciting :D Hope you've been having lots of fun and drop a wave to Bettina and Justin and Marquise and the others for me yeah?

  22. Bigwig

    Fantastic site - what a brilliant way to learn languages WELL DONE !!!!!!!

  23. person

    hey luv the new homepage, but i also liked the thing where you had brain injection and praying and stuff. great job though!

  24. Wm

    Would be nice to have some of the elements from the not-logged-in page in the logged-in page, such as the new set count, etc.

  25. dab

    jing is really cool. do you know if there is anyway to pull the movie part out to edit?

  26. Luckynumber13(kodi)

    I type in the word Degrees on the create a set, but when I look at the definitions the places where I typed degrees in, It comes up as a *. Whats going on???

  27. ElizaTurner

    Thank you very much. Help me a lot!

  28. JPMF

    Congrats on MIT & the nice aid package!

  29. john

    Congratulations on MIT. You certainly deserve it.

    At what age did you start programming?

  30. anonymous

    its great! what a new and modern look for quizlet (even though it was ALREADY modern, its still awesome :))

  31. stormiesgirl144

    AWESOMMMMEEEE!! congrats on getting in to MIT!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Nancy


    Just saw you on TV and hopped right over to check out your site! My children will love it! Bless you for creating this site! My kids are in Jr. High and elementary school and can use your site for so many years to come!

    Can you develop a way to add times tables to quizlet? This is one thing the kids are having trouble learning and something like this would be a great tool!

    Thanks again!

  33. MyGoodFinds

    Hi Andrew,
    I just saw your in M and J! You are way too cool kiddo :) . I'm going to encourage my daughter to use your site. She's only 6 but never too early to get her started learning fun stuff.

    Congratulations for getting in to MIT. You'll have fun!

  34. paul

    Andrew great job on the web site. You really dont know how helpful this is. thank you

  35. abash

    Hi Andrew,
    I've just started using this site yesterday. So far it has been a big help. It is easy to navigate and is a great program. Congrats to you for making it. Congrats for making it into MIT also. Its a great place.

  36. Luckynumber13

    ¡usted es un genio! ¡La idea entera de este sitio es absolutamente asombrosa!

  37. vizy

    i ahve bio essay thats due tomorrow, its lready 10 over here.

  38. o snap!


  39. carrie underwood


  40. Davio606

    haha hello

  41. nobody


  42. Mikaela

    I love quizlet because it helps u udersand your spelling words a bit better


  43. Roselisalou

    this is Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to all my sissys

    pimpinshorty , paigeygirl

  44. OhYeahImAwesome

    !i likey the front page! its cute xD

  45. idk

    yea the front page is a little "wierd"!!

  46. Andrew

    BTW-the comments left by people disparaging the new design were all from the same person (same IP address). So I've deleted them.

  47. john c

    Thanks for creating this site. It really helps me with spanish and other vocab. I like the new look. When is the new learn feature coming?

  48. Andrew is dumb

    he doesn't liston to what people have to say.

  49. Xatu

    Hey Andrew,
    Love the new design. I was wondering, what kind of HTML program did you use to create the site? I sorta looks like ColdFusion but i don't know.
    Thanks in advance,

  50. lisacullen

    hey andrew i think that picture is sexy of you

  51. eliahmcgough

    andrew youre awsome
    p.syou need to work on your manners
    p.s andrew you are a little wierd

  52. me

    see! finally another person agrees with me about the dumb picture of you eating.

  53. anne

    lol i agree 2

  54. tourmaline

    u guys r dorks. u have no lives.

  55. tourmaline

    just thought u might like to know...

  56. tourmaline

    and wut demo? its the same drab layout fr me...

  57. OhYeahImAwesome

    lol u ppl are harsh
    the pic is adorable its awesome lol

  58. wrestlingdude_11

    Hey this is KEwl

  59. greta

    i like the new design but i do not like the picture

  60. the picture is ugly

  61. rain_drop

    What are you talking about anonymous i love the picture its funny =)

  62. rain_drop

    THANX SO MUCH for creating this web sight im learning spanish a whole lot quicker here than at high school!

  63. rain drop is stupid. a lot of people agree that the picture isn't that great.

  64. i absolutely LOVE the new home page, as well as the rest of this website. its AWESOME. i told all my friends about it, and now we can all quiz each other through the discussions without our parents getting mad about the phone bills. :) thank you sooooo very much!

  65. jojo16

    no me gusta esto

  66. jojo16

    yo quiero ir para puerto rico para ver mi titi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  67. Gabriel Aviles

    yo tambien quiero ir a purto rico para ver a mi familia en Caguas, P.R.

  68. Eres muy estupido/a y tonto/a.

  69. Dezeray

    I looooooooooove Quizlet.com!

  70. Dezeray

    Hi all you quizlet uesers!

  71. Sir diabetes diet

    Sweet site! Please continue the useful entries.

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