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New! Play Quizlet Live #alonetogether with Individuals mode

TeachersNews · Posted by  April 2, 2020


In the past month, students all over the globe have moved from classrooms to bedrooms, living rooms and anywhere else they can find a place to learn. In the process, the ways students learn have also changed dramatically — and while screen time is up, many of the engaging ways students have interacted with each other have all but disappeared.

Introducing Quizlet Live with a twist — individuals instead of teams. Our team has been hard at work over the past few weeks to make it easy for you to continue to play Quizlet Live with your students when they can’t be physically together. Like many parts of life that have changed during the past few weeks, this new type of Quizlet Live gameplay lets us be alone, together.

Here’s how it works

Create, search for or find your favorite set. Once on the set page, select Quizlet Live (it's free to play!). This works best when all students are connected to each other through Zoom, Google meeting or whatever video conferencing or online classroom technology you use, but you can also play without having your class connected (think sending out the join info through Remind).

After creating a game, select Individuals mode when prompted... Like before, students can join by QR code (encourage them to download the app!) or by entering the 6-digit code on And we're also going to be adding a way to quickly share a link that you could send out to your students who might be playing without seeing your screen

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 1.52.46 PM.png

Unlike Teams mode within Quizlet Live, students will play as individuals and won’t necessarily need to collaborate and communicate with each other — but they still will be rewarded for accuracy over speed. One wrong answer will still send a student back to the start!

At the end of the game, review questions that students missed to reinforce knowledge and recall.

Ready to get play? Individuals mode in Quizlet Live is available today for free for all teachers. To play, you’ll need at least two student players and six terms within a set to get started, but from there, you can make your sets as big as you like and compete with up to 40 students.

We can’t wait to hear and see (tag us #quizletalonetogether on Twitter or Instagram) what you think and how you’re playing Quizlet Live with your students — no matter where you (and they) are.



Hi! My class is STILL loving quizlet live....eventhough we're apart. Can you add a feature? Can you show the competition board (the progress of each team) on EVERYONE'S screens? As a teacher, I can see it, but the students can't and we miss that level of competition. LOVE the new individual mode! Jocelyn :)

dalcesl  teacher

I have also played Quizlet Live in teams while my students are learning from home. It was lots of fun, and I agree with Jocelyn's comment that showing the competition board on the students' screens would be a great change to make!


This seems a lot of fun!!! I would love to play this!


Havent done this yet remotely, but sounds like a great way to review terms for the AP Test. I agree the students need to be able to see the competition board.


I'll try it out

DMurphy33  teacher

I wonder if they could still play as teams if they were meeting in a Zoom Breakout Room?


It seems like it would work in teams if students are together in a Zoom breakout room. It'll take them longer to get the answer but that's ok, as all teams will be in the same boat.

srtasanchez  teacher

I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for all that you do, Quizlet team!

lori_sam  plus

This is a game changer for us! Our class is meeting over Zoom, and we use Quizlet Live for review games but also choose fun sets like Star Wars Trivia for lunchtime play. Everyone will love the individuals mode! I can't wait to see how this will play out.


This is awesome! We did play Live in a Zoom (I shared my screen for their progress.) It was hard for them to try to collaborate, so this feature will be awesome! I am excited to try it! I use both Kahoot! and Quizlet because they are both awesome in their own way, and it brings variety to lessons! Thanks, Quizlet team!


I played Quizlet Live with my class remotely via Zoom the other day and I have another session with them this afternoon. They still love it. It takes a little longer, but Quizlet should take advantage of this situation and create a screen where we can all see our teammates screen. We continue to love your program and THANK YOU for helping us help our students,


This is great, thanks -- I'll try it soon. Also, have you considered adding a competition that is about sorting items? Sorting things by category is a valuable skill - it helps builds understanding of concepts. I hope you will try something along those lines soon!

jfiloramo  teacher

This is awesome! Thanks!

mrsellisson  teacher

We use Google Meet. When we play Quizlet, I flip my screen, and the students can all see the leaderboard.


LOVE this!! Kahoot; not better.

susanhallscience  teacher

Awesome! Thank you for creating this so my students can play their favorite game!


I played the demo & liked it - but I was playing by myself and need my students to be able to do this as well. We are not able to Zoom or Google meet, and I can't control when students are online. So, making it playable whenever they want throughout the day (or within a set time period) would be great. I also like someone's suggestion of a feature/game that using sorting!


Thank you for doing this! I'm not able to try it today...already met with all my classes...but they would love this! Is it free for today...but then only able to be used after today for a cost?


Thank you so much for creating this individual approach! My students LOVE Quizlet Live and we play it once a week with all of our unit words for Anne Frank. We have continued to utilize it to study for the past two weeks in our Distance Learning groups but obviously couldn't play Quizlet Live.... things will change Week 3! Thank you


I can't wait to try this. We have Zoom conference sessions already scheduled per department. I combine my class periods of the same level and we could use this for general review before an assessment. They love playing in class and this would be fantastic! Thanks!!!!!!


My students and I love Quizlet Live.! This was the reason that I purchased the teacher portion. Last year I signed up for the trial period and my students went crazy over it! My students played this game last week using Google Meets. I'm sire they would love to play it individually as well. I think it would be a good idea to keep this feature when we return to the classroom. Looking forward to using this version,

madamehea  teacher

I had planned to do this with my students after Spring break.. not on Zoom or meet, but just set up a time and a link for us to play. This is an awesome tweak to it. We play ALL THE TIME in class and my kids love it! Too bad we won’t be together to give our candy to the winners!


Looking forward to trying this with my International Students learning English after Spring Break! Thank you!

mrando  teacher

Even before this, I played a silent version of the game where kids CAN'T talk. It's a whole different dimension. It slows them down and they have to actually be more careful. So, don't worry, it works great over ZOOM. I was going to do break out rooms but seems like a lot of wasted time putting kids into the same rooms as their teammates.

panchito1962  teacher

It really sounds good. I will have my first meeting with my students with Zoom tomorrow (4/3) and after seeing this, of course, I'm going to modify my lesson. They love Quizlet Live! Thanks for helping us with this update!


Thanks for listening to us. PERFECT!

senorashea  teacher

My kids have been playing as teams from home, but they can't call out to each other, they have to wait if they don't have it for their teammate to answer. We've played almost every school day, and luckily I've had at least a third of my class join for at least a few rounds each day, but I usually keep games going for 30 min to an hour. I'll have to try this new individual one. The disadvantage of the group one is if someone leaves the group in the middle of a game, they leave their teammates in the lurch as everyone has a fraction of the correct answers, and the last time we played I had two groups of 4 playing and each group had someone bail, so no one could win. I'm looking forward to trying individual, and I'll have to see if the kids prefer it the new way or with teams as we've been playing. Thanks for the update.

sandrinewhite  teacher

Love this new option. However, it is hard to get students online at the same time. So, making it playable whenever they want throughout the day (or within a set time period) would be so wonderful!

DavidSears  teacher

I have not read all of the comments, so I apologize if this has already been said... My students LOVE playing Quizlet Live on eLearning days. Even former students ask about it and often join in when they can. The 1st solution to the Join Code issue a couple years ago was to share a Google Sheet with all my students (Read Only, so I was the only one who could edit. I'd name it something dorky like "eLearning Quizlet Live Battle Royale", & have sections for Instructions, Join Codes, Announcements, Results (w/ table that listed Quizlet topics, Links, Prizes, winners, etc.). My CURRENT SOLUTION is to use a computer with a large monitor with 3-4 separate windows sized so you can see each one. I'll name them A-D for this description. Window A has the Google sheet displayed, B. Quizlet Live screen (they can see Join Codes & even QR Code to scan w/ phone app!) , C. Canvas Conference, Zoom, or Hangouts w/ screen-sharing turned on (entire screen shared). D. optional other screen.


OMG so cooooool!!


yes! my class LOVES quizlet live :)


cant wait to try this!


Will try it tomorrow with my students. Great idea!!!


Great news! I’ll check it out tomorrow morning with my students.


We played Quizlet live on zoom last week. I shared my screen to students so they could see their teams’ progresses. However, it was difficult for the teams to collaborate. I tried to use breakout room but it was difficult to create different rooms and move students to the assigned room in such a short time. Students were patient to wait for me to move them to breakout room. My internet was SUPER slow at the time. I lost connection at the end. I had to send my students a remind message to cancel the game. Thank you Quizlet to design the individual mode. I believe my students are going to love it because playing Quizlet live would make their lives more fun.

Julie_Smigiel  teacher

I love this! I would also love it if there was a way they could play individually at different times of the day in a 24 hour period. Maybe they could be timed for speed and accuracy to get through a set. There could be a leader board and leaders would be bumped every time someone in the game makes it through the set at a faster speed with more accuracy. My students are rotating through during a 24 hour period. I think they would love it if we could play it like that.


Thanks! We’re going to bring playing this in all my Zoom classes tomorrow!

llawrenc  teacher

Thanks for this new resource option. I will be trying this next week using Zoom. I can't wait to use it with my students.

Lcarey-urban  teacher

Thank you so much for making it easier to teach and motivate our students during this difficult time!


Same as some other comments.. Show the leaderboard too! Maybe flash it up in between questions? Thanks for the changes!


Thank you soo much!


Thank you my students were missing this!

JCookDoane  teacher

I think I second what most are saying in that we would love to have Quizlet Live available for students to complete within a certain time frame. Kahoot, allows you to do that, but it's a lot easier here to create vocab sets.


I agree with the last two teachers who commented on having the competition board available for students to see as they play!! maybe even the sound as well? I sign in on another device to play with my students and when I join in I can't see nor hear it and it takes away from the excitement even though it is still a great tool for reviewing and reaching out and being together through the distance!! Thank you for all you do. Is there a way to change from individual to GROUPS or vice-versa in the same game without having to sign in with a different code? Sometimes the students like to play in groups but they also like to see how they do on their own. :-)


What a great idea! Like others we still manage to play it last week but without the board it is harder, though some may have given up quicker if they had. Overall pupils were still very positive and the individual function should help further. I believe one of my students was screaming at his screen...


This look like so much fun. I am stuck at home but use quizlet to study for tests. I will definitely try this. Thank you!

MrsKatyHarris  teacher

Definitely making a way for them to play asynchronously would be great. Or maybe there is a way to play the any of your games live, like matching? In Desmos, there are games where the software matches random players together to play. Then when their round is done, the software makes a new match and a new round starts. This style may not be too hard to code?


This looks FUN!!!


Thak you QUizlet! You rock

TalKid3397  plus

I hope that students can create their own Quizlet Live games, which would make it a whole lot better, since many other students and I also love Quizlet Live, but we have to wait for a teacher to give us a game code. I hope this is one of Quizlet's future innovations, since it would improve the experience tremendously not just for me, but for other students as well.


Oh, I had no idea about this new feature and can't wait to do this with my friends and classmates. Thank you quizlet team!


We have been adding an extra element of challenge to our Quizlet Live before all this started - not sitting together! We play in 'quiet' mode - some small speaking across the room (usually 'not me' or hurry up' and a variety of exclamations) then we play in silent mode - no talking aloud. The tension is audible!! I haven't tried it on Zoom yet, but it might be a good way to adapt to the new remote teaching!


Very nice


thank you Quizlet

tzaikou_eleni  teacher

WE LOVED IT! I organised a quizlet challenge with many schools form Greece and we had a blast!

Richard_MacLeish  teacher

Another great feature might be a way to change sets without having to get a new code.... having to share a new code out to kids while all apart is a large challenge... sharing the status board (teacher view) would be great.


Absolutely love this ❤❤ Thank you Quizlet!!

kpeterson66  teacher

My students were so excited to play from home. One Mom emailed me saying that it was the first time in weeks that she had heard her daughter laughing and talking to so many of her friends and that it was the best medicine! My kids were all with me on FaceTime as we did It was wonderful. Thank you for this. A true and much needed gift right now!


One thing that my class has done as well is Kahoot with the teacher screen sharing on Zoom, you could probably do that with Quizlet Live Individuals too! Or do teams and put them in Breakout Rooms.

redinkteacher  teacher

We have Quizlet Live every Thursday for review in my class, and I have missed it. We played it together over Zoom this morning--it was great! I shared my screen so they could see the leaderboard. My end was a little slow because my internet is not of good quality. Thanks, Quizlet, for your great produce!


Can't wait to try this. I'm so glad I read the comment above about flipping your screen so the students can see it. Perhaps this could be included in the directions above for others.


Thanks Quizlet! I agree with the suggestion of showing the Leaderboard on the students' screens. My school will not allow us to do videoconferencing with our whole class at this time, so I do not have the option to share my screen.


I just tried a game and see that the students can see who is winning. It is displayed differently than the teacher screen, but allows for that competition the students love. Thank you so much Quizlet! I have been looking for a way to build classroom community at this time and this is perfect!


I'm in an asychronous environment and would love to use quizlet live. It'd be awesome if you could create something that would allow for the competition to be completed at the student's pace. Kahoot has something like this with it's Challenge mode, so that's what I've been using.


My students love Quizlet live. We use Google Meet and have done Quizizz and Kahoot, so I thought I would look into seeing if we could play Quizlet. We meet on Thursday..My students will be so happy. Thank you.


It's great news for me and my students. Would love to play Quizlet live remotely. I'll definitely give it a try. Thank you so much for being responsive to student and teacher needs.

scott_hilliard  teacher

It would be great if students could see the competition board, maybe use nicknames instead of actual/known names to still protect privacy?


Mu students love playing Kahoots. I am gong to use Quizlet more next year. So many children do not have access to the Internet in their community. T am trying to think of a method to use a game on their phones. In that case, when away from home they could play a game alone.

MrsSamuels  teacher

I'm look forward to trying the new mode! I have been missing quizlet live!


Would be great for students to be able to play at different times but still be part of the same competition, with the winner being announced at the end of the lesson, or something like that. Kind of like on Kahoot.


It’s absolutely awesome. I also did not read all comments. Here’s what I did. I do not do zoom. To solve the problem I have a weekly time setup for each of my classes to go on quizlet live. I send a reminder the day before from google classroom for voluntary participation. Five minutes before the scheduled I post the code on google classroom , we play and to give points I do a screen shot of players, must use real names, which I paste to a word document. I then give extra credit for playing and the winner gets an extra point. Few participants this first time but hopefully better next time. I actually love individually vs teams and had actually asked for that option a while ago. Great job Quizlet for going the extra mile during these difficult times. 😊👍🏼Thank you.

MadameLongshaw  teacher

We aren't doing Zoom lessons and so every week I schedule the time slots (30 minutes) for different year groups and share the link on the Google Classroom. They seem to be enjoying it and so I'll carry on doing it while we're not in school. I would also love for the students to be able to see the progress screen from home as it would make it more motivating and entertaining. In the classroom over the last few years, I have done silent Quizlet Live where they can't talk across the room. They are not sitting in their teams as I tend to shuffle the teams each time to keep it fun. It definitely makes it more tense and less chaotic! We even do a sign language style clap at the end to maintain the calm.


I'm really excited about implementing it for the first time ever. I teach a child development class at a university where my students are collaborating to make cards of developmental milestones. Once we are finished making we'll be doing quizlet live for sure.

Emma_Roberts10123  plus

I just tried it out with my friend... something to note. If the Term is too long, then the words eventually get cut off by the answers.


O.M.G. This is the best idea you created. I really feel happy with this way!! thanks so much, I can't wait for applying to my students, They love Quizlet!!


I´ve just tried, it´s so cool!


Thak you QUizlet!


I've played Quizlet live team mode in Zoom breakout rooms it compels them to really collaborate and works well once they get the hang of it. Bit boring for the teacher, but you can pop in to the break out rooms.


I would love to try this with my class! Looks super fun and like it has a lotta competition. 😁😎


I'm excited about this and trying it tomorrow through Canvas since we can't use Google Meet or Zoom for an entire class. I also like the ideas of sharing the competition board - the kids love it - and the suggestion for competitive sorting. Thank you!


seems like it might be fun can't wait to try it out


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the link back in Quizlet live. It was so much easier for the younger students to join during a Google Meet if I just put the link in the chatbox.


It's great & a lot fun ..


I have been using Quizet for about two months. The student love playing especially when I do math. They love to challenge each other. I love that they're learning and having fun at the same time.

Lubecki  teacher

During this pandemic, my adult ESL students have been playing a lot of Quizlet Live on Zoom as individual players. But then they really needed more speaking time. So I organized them into breakout rooms, once I saw what the teams were, and they LOVED it! (Once they got that they had to work together.) Then I decided to make teams with numbers, and then that became their breakout room number, making it faster to assign rooms. I like the fact that they students keeps saying the vocabulary words so they can learn to speak them.

daascott  teacher

It would be really cool to be able to differentiate the game by assigning a more advanced set of words for the students who keep winning every time, or so that the whole class can play each other even though I might have taught different lists of words to different small groups.

maggiecummings  plus

It would be great if students could do quizlet lives like the ones with PLUS because not all my teachers have quizlet live.


omg the best


You're welcome!


this is great


It is not showing available to me. I am a teacher and it is not offering it to me.


Cool,but I always losing.