On Friday, we launched a redesign of the study mode buttons to make them more prominent and easier to find.


The titles easier to read and they're sectioned out into "Study" and "Play" to make it clearer that Scatter and Space Race are games.

Colors for the study modes

Each study mode now has its own color, which you'll also see highlighted when you're in that mode.


Improved responsive design

All the same study data is available in these new buttons but they use screen space better. As the screen gets smaller, the tools section goes underneath the modes in one line.


And then at phone-sized screens, the study modes stack on top of each other and the section labels drop off.


This means using the set page on any device will be a better experience.

Better set tools

It's also easier to add a set to a class or a folder (as well as finding the share and print buttons) since they're at the top of the page now:


New to Quizlet? Welcome!

If you're new to Quizlet, you'll be welcomed by a new friendly mascot -- the Quizlet astronaut -- to help you get your bearings.


Stay tuned for some more helpful astronauts to come elsewhere on Quizlet...


  1. tbird04

    Hello Quizlet,

    Thank you for the improvements.

    I am trying to set up a test and I need a PRINT OUT version.
    However the font size is so large that only 3 to 4 questions fit on a page.
    Could you provide better instruction about how or where to format the test page.

    Also, our school would like to contribute a Thai language test bank for the sciences in quizlet. Please provide any suggestion about how to get started with recordings.

    Thank you, Deborah Cooper
    EP Strisuksa Mueng, Roi-Et, Thailand

  2. NinjaKirby

    Wow, only one post so far? Geez, Anyway, Quizlet, thanks for the amazing new design, i remember how the design was years ago and it has improved so very much! Thank you for this wonderful study site!

  3. cmendonc2

    3rd! Nice new design!

  4. EsterHsu TEACHER

    4th, love the new design!!! <3 :)

  5. EsterHsu TEACHER

    4th, love the new design!!! <3 :)

  6. NatanO TEACHER

    Great new design. Thank you.

  7. duigu_gabi

    Is this up date available for mobile version? Cheers

  8. toshiaizawa TEACHER


  9. rolando34


  10. Ganzonglin


  11. loveapple

    10th best ever! thanks quizlet!

  12. marshmallowdragon


  13. kappa7

    awesome!!! love the update! (esp. the color!!!)

  14. captain-sparkly1-0

    15 th

  15. Acts16_31

    It looks very nice. I noticed it and I love it. Thank you for all you do!

  16. pikachu168

    How come this news came later than the update?

  17. Aske1993

    Great job! :D thank you!

  18. BarcudCoch

    Nice job! One small request. In the old format (I'm a MacBook user, if that makes a difference), when you hovered the mouse over "add to folder" or "add to class" it would pull down a menu of current folders/classes. This was a great feature, as I could tell without clicking whether I'd already added it to a folder or still needed to do so. Could you add it back to the new format? Cheers!

  19. hefewilhelm

    41 third best ever #swag

  20. katerussell2

    love it!

  21. pts2030

    I like the new layout. But where can I check those who studied my set?

  22. ocwatkins PLUS

    @tbird04 Can you write in to our Feedback Center (http://quizlet.com/feedback) about this? Thanks!

  23. Bandmom76

    Thanks, how can I send an email to class? The new items are great!

  24. Maxseptillion77

    I love this design, if they could only do this cool refreshing design to all of Quizlet, or maybe some kind of switch button from classic (the current) to the new (the design I'm suggesting)! :)

  25. amalianc STAFF

    @pts2030 -- you can see who has studied your set by clicking into the "Info" tab, which is right under the study mode buttons.

  26. amalianc STAFF

    @Bandmom76 -- If you add a set to your class, the members of your class will receive an email notification that this set has been added. If that doesn't answer your question, please write in to us at quizlet.com/feedback - thanks!

  27. Pattogerman TEACHER

    New design looks great! Thank you!

  28. collinabbott75

    New design looks great but try generating a test to print. The size of the font is so huge that only 3 to 4 questions fit on a page. How can I change this or is it a bug? The problem is not browser specific.

  29. katz-

    Where is the button to "start over" in the speller mode? :(

  30. MiyoHime

    Wow! I like this desings! They r cool!

  31. hancyren

    luv the new one! 喜欢新版的!Me gusta la nueva.

  32. Agne_Cicenaite

    I simply love the improvements - simplicity definetely helps to use this learning tool more efficient.

  33. Musyasha

    Thanks! Nice design.

  34. SraMartinsensei TEACHER

    It looks great. Thank you!

  35. Word_Smart

    It looks great with the design but the site would look more smooth and connected if the vocab words below and the rest of the site had the same layout.

  36. imamormon12

    That's awesome! It's nice to have something new once and a while. :) But I've been reading the comments above me and there seems to be a problem with it... ? Oh, well! It looks cool! :)

  37. Ririko-Sapphire

    I like the new setup. Thanks! :D

  38. calebwhitaker

    40th! This new update looks amazing, so much better than the old version.

  39. aeropostaleguy


  40. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    Hi guys!
    Honestly I'm getting tired of those unnecessary changes. It just takes too much of both your time (that could be used to create new fabulous games for the benefit of all users) and users' time that they need to adjust to the layout changes. Please stop this and start creating new awesome game modes. Cheers!

  41. MemVerseFanatic

    I dislike the new buttons. They are very unprofessionally designed

  42. amy_ama212

    Looks nice :)

  43. amy_ama212


  44. BrandonGallego

    Great new design... LOVE IT

  45. VocaloidFan5678

    Awesome design! Looks Amazing!

  46. iChinese

    Love the new design! One thing though: it'd be great if you could put the list of users who have studied your set back on the "homepage" of that set.

  47. bluedomke

    I have not been on Quizlet all summer!
    So I decided to go on it.
    I'm going to use Quizlet this school year because I liked it so much last year.

    Love the new design

  48. bluedomke


  49. pikachu168

    Also, I don't see the the Quizlet astronaut in ANY of the sets I use/see

  50. benwoodman101

    All is see are boxes where the icons are supposed to be...

  51. cam_swimmer_gossett

    I love the new design! It has greatly improved over the past few years!

  52. jessicapb

    i like the color for test

  53. Katie_D4

    love the design!

  54. marines531


  55. alicentmn

    This is really good

  56. marines531


  57. abeni888

    Awesome new format!!!! Very sharp and professional!!

  58. Dennis_Flynn

    The new design is great. It would be nice to be able to see all of the student test scores when they check their answers. I'd love it if the program created a spreadsheet of the answers sortable by date, time, username.

  59. aguadilla_laboriken

    Why not add the prefixes, roots/r/cf, & suffixes?

  60. aguadilla_laboriken

    Is there anywhere where we can ask a question and get the answer?

  61. LayanE5150

    Thank you Quizlet! This thing is so useful.

  62. MaryReynolds

    cool design very easy on the eyes for me

  63. SapphireSky7

    Join Harry potter Fans United and joint the Harry Potter community!

  64. giraffe333

    I love harry potter but not as much as I love percy jackson!

  65. giraffe333

    oh cool design by the way :D

  66. am0110

    this will be very helpful, thanks Quizlet

  67. am0110


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