It's one of those days when I release a bunch of cool stuff!

But before I blow you away, let me remind you that I'm still soliciting donations for the Quizlet Queries for Quid school supply program. We need your help to make it actually happen! The vocabulary cartoon book proposal is about to expire, so your donations can't wait. Thank you!

I made a video of most of it so you don't have to look at the boring text below.

Here they are, in order of awesomeness (highest to lowest):

  1. dictionary lookup feature! - on the Create Set and Edit Set pages, you can now click the little question.gif icon to define the term you just typed in. It will pop up a list of definitions, you choose one, and then click Use Selected Definition, and watch as the definition is filled in for you! If you already have a definition filled in, it will add the definition after a comma.
  2. You can now disable the live discusison feature on your sets and groups if you like. Group administrators can go to the bottom of their group pages and uncheck the "Enable live discussion" box under "Admin Settings."
  3. I added a new Frequently Asked Questions page. Post a comment if you think I've missed something.
  4. The symbols box is now available in Private Messages.
  5. Other small bugfixes. (obligatory last item)

Let me know if you like it in the comments!


  1. laxboy

    congrats nice work

  2. Neil Kelty


    The dictionary thing could be one of the most useful features in a while! Great idea.

  3. Micah

    thanks for the dictionary definition add andrew! couldn't remember how "bilk" was defined so i actually got to use the feature on it's first day ! =]

  4. ribymi

    SWEET nice job Andrew!!!!!!!!

  5. Andrew

    Thanks everyone.

    I forgot to mention - Quizlet's 2nd birthday is in eight days! Yay!

  6. Grant

    Great work Andrew!

    Are the forums still coming?

  7. Andrew

    Grant, I'll say yes, but in a distant future.

  8. Grant

    Are you coding them yourself or planning on using a host? If you are coding them yourself, that's amazing...

    And also, some features that might be useful:

    1)On some groups with lots of members, it is a pain to scroll down to the bottom for the admin settings. Maybe a minimize button would help?

    2)When you edit a set on the "learn" setting, it flips the def and the term.

    3)More group options/interaction. The community aspect has a ton of potential.

  9. Andrew

    Grant - I'm sort of coding them myself - I'm building on top of BBPress, but customizing it a lot and making it integrate with Quizlet really slickly. I've mostly built it, I just need to build out the moderation features. I definitely won't be hosting them elsewhere.

    Thanks for the other stuff - I'll check those out.

  10. Grant

    I wasn't talking about hosting them on another site, I was talking about forum software like IBP.

    Coding a forum is amazing. Good job!

    And an ex. of a "community" aspect could be a simple text box below the chat box (editable by creator/mods), the description/group title are the only customizable things that allow for communication other than PM's/sets. It would be great to have a way of mass communicating with group members to organize study sessions/etc.

  11. Grant

    Oops! BBPress is a forum software! xD

    Still, creating a skin and "integrating" it with Quizlet is really good!

  12. Dave

    you = pimp

  13. jessica


  14. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    the enabling of the live discussion boxes is really cool and the dictionary thing is awesome too!
    still love quizlet and use it every day.
    thank you.
    o, and the symbols in private messages will help a lot with spanish thnks again!

  15. lojo

    A automatic spell check would be great to have on the create set page. But it must work in other languages that we study also such as Spanish. I can't tell you how many times I spelled something wrong and found out when i used learn and got the wrong answer

  16. woojoo

    Phew finally you fixed those errors that I nagged you about ;-)

  17. Grant

    Spell check on websites isn't required... get Mozilla Firefox... about 10x better than IE...

    And it has spell check. But not in other languages.

  18. Grant

    Actually, it looks like the script in the set page doesn't support Firefox's spell check. :(

  19. Magee

    spell check would be great, i type fast and make a lot of mistakes

  20. Xatu


  21. Ja'Lisa

    man i cant find nothing not even the vocabulary will someone help me

  22. ribymi

    yeah spell check would be GREAT

  23. Margaret

    Do you think you could make the link to view PMs a little more obvious? Like, maybe you could create a button that is a little larger and stands out. I know that when I first joined I had a hard time finding out how to check this and completely overlooked the link! Thanks for what you've added!!

  24. Andrew

    Regarding spell check: By default, Firefox doesn't enable spell check on regular input boxes...It only enables spell check on text boxes like the one for this comment.

    But...Because I like you guys so much I've just done some research and figured out how to bypass that restriction. So now spell check will work in Firefox by default on the Create Set page :).

    <span class='small_text'>For the programmers among you, all you need to do is set the DOM <code>spellcheck</code> property to true, e.g. <code>$('some-input').spellcheck = true</code></span>

    If you don't have Firefox, I highly recommend it. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's like a better version of Internet Explorer. Not only does it do spell check, but it's more secure, reliable, and customizable. Get it here: <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    google_ad_client = "pub-3482570618048850";
    google_ad_output = "textlink";
    google_ad_format = "ref_text";
    google_cpa_choice = "CAAQzcLH7QEaCBVcCwmT2PieKLGsuIEBMAA";
    <script type="text/javascript" src="">

  25. Julia

    Great new features, but I still can't get subscripts, even when I try in prefs.

  26. Grant

    And let there be spell check! Great job Andrew!

    BTW: Do you know where I could go to find a tutorial for advanced html/web design?

    Oh, I was thinking, would it be possible to integrate a calendar program into the group page? This is more new feature idea than small tweak...

    But anyway, it would be interesting if you could set a "calendar" for upcoming tests on the group page, with links to sets that you should study for said tests.

    Something similar to Mozilla Sunbird perhaps? Except online and viewable by the entire group while editable by the administration of the group...

    This is just an idea that I had pertaining to the site that I made earlier with Weebly...

    It would probably be easier just to construct a website with Weebly than to implement that though...

    Just an idea.

  27. Andrew

    Calendar - possible but not high on the priority list. Maybe if Quizlet becomes more all-purpose (works beyond vocabulary)

    Julia - ask and ye shall receive. Check the preferences page; it now has super and subscripts. Mileage may vary though - I know Mac/Firefox has trouble with some of the sub/superscripts. I just <a href="" rel="nofollow">filed a bug</a> with Firefox.

  28. Ann

    Thanks for giving us the option of turning off discussion. Now I'll KNOW my students are working on their Sets during lab time!

  29. Julia


  30. lojo

    spell check for firefox

  31. Andrew

    lojo - yup. That's good for general use if you want spell check to work on all websites in regular input fields. I just used a special piece of code that would force the browser to use spellcheck even when you don't have that preference turned on.

  32. Carter Smith

    Has the online thingy next to your name in a group always been there? I just noticed it...

    Not the email notification, but the thing to the left of your name.

  33. neverendingpi

    Grant, firefox is not as good because it is not compatible with all webisites - IE is

  34. Andrew

    Carter Smith - I added it recently. Look at the next blog post...I talk about it there.

    Neverendingpi - the number of websites that firefox doesn't work for is tiny. I haven't come across one in years, honestly. Just on Quizlet Firefox is 20% of all users, and that number is higher on a lot of other websites. It makes no business sense these days to block out more than 1/5 of users because of their browser.

  35. lojo

    with this firefox extension you can switch a page to view in IE within your firefox tab. This is extremely useful sometimes, all you do is click the icon on status bar.

  36. Patrck


  37. whats firefox:?:

  38. missyc

    Awsom job Quizlet!!!!

  39. Jean-Paul

    J'ai en France et J'ai un petit peut (sorry)
    I are in France and I are a small bit confuse. I exchange student at America for half and a year. America where I learn Quizlet. I want use Quizlet at France where I are now. Help?

  40. Jean-Paul

    I are sorry about mistakes of grammar. I only are in America half of year. I vacation in America now and remember.

  41. Jean-Paul

    Andrew help now me? Andrew French speak? I fluent speak French.

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  49. qwiebe_100

    How come the discussion option is no longer available?

  50. devikanaik

    Does spell check when creating a set work on chrome?

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