Today we're launching Facebook on Quizlet. This feature lets you use your Facebook account instead of a Quizlet account to log in to Quizlet. This removes the need to create a Quizlet account with a password and email address and birth day--you just use your Facebook!


If you already have a Quizlet account, you can use both. If you do authorize Facebook with an existing Quizlet account, Facebook features on the site will only show when you are also logged into Facebook (there will be helpful prompts that show you how to do this).

In addition to logging in with Facebook, you can do some special Facebook things within the site:

When you post a new set (that's not private), you have the option to post a link to it on your Facebook page, so that your friends on Facebook can see what you're studying:


You can also see your currently online Facebook friends that are also studying on Quizlet. The My Groups page becomes My Friends and you'll see something like this:


If you've added Facebook to your Quizlet account and want to remove it, you can do that in your preferences page (link at the top-right corner).

This is just the first start on the Facebook project -- giving you the basic features developers Facebook gives you to integrate websites. As we hear suggestions and explore the platform more, we'll add things that make this integration even more useful.

So, what do you guys think? Let us know :)

P.S. I also slowed down Space Race a little and made some bug fixes. Post a comment if you see something amiss. Thanks!


  1. Pearson Smith


  2. John Weidner

    Congratulations! Looks nice.

  3. aaronpk

    Nice. Now maybe you have time to integrate my Moodle export function as an option? You'd get a *lot* of teachers interested in using this site! I know I already have a bunch using my version of the exporter.

    My contact info is at the bottom of the page.

  4. Andrew

    Aaron: nice work. I'll have to think about how best to integrate that, but it's very cool.

  5. nice

    this is sweet but too bad i dontn have an account

  6. :?:

    what is moodle?

  7. Qwerty

    I like this, it's real nice. Now I can see which of my friends on Facebook are on Quizlet at the same time.

  8. sami_dog

    When do we get private messaging back?

  9. bdvd

    whenever i click the facebook button, my browser window starts shrinking

  10. Andrew

    bdvd -- weird. I just did a quick search and it looks like it's happened to just a couple people. Are you using Firefox? What version and on what type of computer?

    sami_dog -- they're gone for the foreseeable future


  11. Confused & Advice Giver

    I'm not confused anymore :) that's a really cool adition now i just wish my mom would let me have a facebook. :) lol hope you could still give my thought some more thinking about talking to people from our own school.

  12. move!it!gal

    i guess thats cool....i dont have a facebook or a myspace i use QUIZLET!!!!!


    when will private messaging and forms come back

  14. Andrew

    Secretspy: not in the foreseeable future.

  15. muffinninja96

    hey andrew why did you take down both private messages and forums? also, for another acount it said that it wouldn't let me go on because I was under 13 and it bugged me because i was going to be 13 in a few weeks. i sent a message but like since PMs are down i guess you didnt get it. i had a group and sets and everything!! (i downloaded the sets) but now my group is all messed up. HELP!!

  16. Zoeye

    well why not?

  17. sarah :)

    Hey Andrew, are you considering reopening the private forums? (just in a group) I am a creator/ manager of a group with over 180 people and it was the easiest way to let everyone in the group know what's going on. If not, I'm sure you have good reason not to. So, please consider it, and if not, thanks anyway! This site is amazing!

  18. irsmart

    What about, instead of a forum, just make a section in the group for "Admin Announcements"? So if group admins have to let their group know anything, they can just post an "announcement" on the group home page. This would keep the environment of quizlet focused on studying, but also allow people to manage groups...

    The facebook feature is great, by the way!

  19. BP

    ipod app???? when does it come out

  20. Hi Andrew
    I'm discovering that in the create set page more or less all links or buttons such as show symbols, or look up other user def or the plus and minus buttons for adding and removing aren't working. They just link to the top of the page. Import into this set and the flip pink also does this. Double clicking on a word to redefine without going into the edit page doesn't seem to be working either. It was all working fine the other day, is this something to do with the Facebook link up? Sometimes when I click on one of the above, I can see in the bottom of the task bar it trying to connect to or something along those lines. I'm using Firefox 3.0

  21. Andrew

    Anonymous -- it may be because you caught the file at the wrong time while Facebook stuff was syncing. Try emptying your cache (search empty firefox cache). If that doesn't do it, that's pretty weird. If you go into Firefox > Tools > Error Console does it say anything?

  22. Jim Frailing

    Hello aaronpk,

    Could you please provide some details on exporting from Quizlet into Moodle. I tried using your exporter, but it creates a .txt file and Moodle needs a .xml file to import to a glossary.

    Is your exporter for creating "quiz" questions in Moodle?



    Nice. Now maybe you have time to integrate my Moodle export function as an option? You

  23. john

    Hi Again Andrew!
    Thanks for your reply and suggestion (not sure why my name didn't appear lol). I tried flushing the cache in Firefox and restarted it and everything is working just fine :-) I'm trying to think of a way to use this new Facebook connection with my students, generally here in Brazil they are addicted to Orkut and getting them to change is difficult. I'll try searching the groups here to see if any teaching groups are suggesting things.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again :-D

  24. drum59

    how do i get a face book

  25. >:-(

    y r we only allowed to have 8 groups now?
    so many of them have been deleted! :mad:

  26. matthew

    drum59: go to

  27. matthew

    when will the iphone app be coming out and will it have an offline mode for ipod touch users?

  28. matthew

    and btw the max groups should be 10

  29. langarts

    Um, hate to be rude Andrew, but why did you delete most of my groups. Especially my favorite one! (Would You Rather _______ or ______?)

    Also, I read somewhere on this website, and I'll go find it again, that one of the main reasons you let us have groups is to talk to people, and fix problems, SO HA!!

  30. langarts

    ok, here it is, i found it . . . . .

  31. langarts

    Groups are useful for...

    * Classmates
    Working together, only one person has to enter data.
    * Staying in touch
    Every group page has its own live discussion box.
    * Fixing mistakes
    Let your group find your mistakes and fix them for you!
    * Email notification
    Choose to get an email every time a set is created for your group.

    P.S. I seriously didn't make this up! I copied it and then pasted it!

  32. bdvd

    I am using Firefox 3.0.6 on a Toshiba with Windows Vista Business

  33. Andrew

    The point of groups is to study -- the chat features exist to help facilitate studying. We'll be releasing better guidelines on this soon.

  34. aniket96

    Does Andrew have a Quizlet account?

  35. langarts

    i think, HEY I KNO U!!!! (aniket96)

  36. aniket96

    Yeah, you know you can only have 8 groups now?

  37. I have an idea

    Because you're such a genius, can you make a site like Facebook or Myspace for all the people who want pms and forums back?

  38. Yeah, but I think it would be a better idea to just put them back on here.

  39. If it's on another sight, there would probably be no forums about learning and academics.

  40. langarts

    Look, I don't care about learning!!!!

  41. That's not good! Learning is important!

  42. Idea Guy

    Just an Idea for when making a set. I think you should be able to put the terms in then click a button called auto fill and it fills in the definition for quick studying. You could do this by the same idea as the question mark in front of the terms but just for all of them automatically.

  43. Michael

    It would be pretty cool if you could make a Quizlet App if you don't have access to the net, you can still study.

  44. Johann

    An application for iGoogle would be very much appreciated

  45. sarah :)

    Hey Andrew-
    I have to say that irsmart's idea (comment #18) is really good. It would be like a Quizlet bulliten board! I know with school everyone is getting swamped (including you) but it might be something to look into! Just putting in my two cents....

  46. mark

    Andrew when will we get pms back?

  47. Annie

    Is there any way to link a Quizlet account to a Facebook Fan Page? Or some sort of badge that I could display on that page to link to our group's sets? I'd love to be able to have our customers be able to access our vocab word lists from our Fan Page on FB!


    Also, a little PR for your website...we love you guys!! :-)

  48. Hi

    Can there be reference tools on Quizlet?
    For Example:
    1) A dictionary tool
    2) Possibly a translator for people who are studying different languages.
    3) Maybe a calculator just in case we're doing math.

    Please Reply Andrew, I'd like to see what you'd say on this matter.

  49. Michelle

    Good idea:!::)

  50. langarts

    Yeah, it is a good idea!

  51. langarts


  52. Hi

    What do you think about the reference tools, Andrew?

  53. coolness... :)

  54. LOLa!

    it didnt work 4 me =(

  55. langarts

    me neither! :cry:

  56. watup

    ho iz andrew?

  57. Drewvt

    I'd like to point out that several privacy concerns have arisen regarding Facebook (if you want to know them in detail, read the privacy article of the Wikipedia entry about Facebook). Even if you don't mind every inch of your online activity being tracked and profiled while on Facebook, you should at least know what you're getting into, IMO.

    In this sense, the old messaging system was actually superior. But I understand why the switch is being made: this way, all the hassles of communication are handed over to a third party that does nothing but. Personally, though, I would have preferred an organization that does not do data gathering or profile-building on its users, and I certainly will not be signing up with Facebook myself (but then, I never had a need for private messaging on Quizlet, to begin with).

  58. Andrew

    Drewvt: thanks for the post and concern. Privacy is definitely an important issue with Facebook, and it can be scary what the implications of all that data being available are.

    I'd like to assure you, however, that we do not store _any_ private data. All of the data pulled from Facebook on our site is done in real-time, or at most cached in memcached for 24 hours. We have no database set up to store facebook data of our users. The only thing we store is a facebook user id as a column in our users database table. We should have an FAQ on this up shortly


  59. watup

    OHHHHH!!! I GET IT SHEESH SORRY ANDREW MADE THIS WEBSITE!!!! OOPS!! hey Andrew you might want to add that your name is Andrew on your profile! hahahahah :-">

  60. Hi

    What do you think about the reference tools? Andrew?

  61. Sexy Beast

    You Quizlet beasts who created this beastly site need to bring back forums and private messages or you will lost some of your beastliness.

  62. patelni

    Hi Andrew. I was wondering if you knew when the Quizlet iPhone/iPod Touch app was going to be finished and available for download. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  63. Someone

    since i cant reach the blog... i have to ask other spanish qiuzlet users how do u make accent marks on the keyboard?? it would be awesome to hear back thanks

  64. Hi

    Raise your hand (Or in this case, reply) if you go to Rutgers Preparatory School!

  65. Hello,

    I am a 7th grade language arts teacher using this site as a review for our state test. It is awesome! I have a question for you. Is there any way to slow down the typing game? (sorry I cannot remember what you call it) I know it will go way too fast for my 7th graders. They currently have their first year of typing. I know they would like this game if it could go slower (if I could set that myself that would be great) or even if the typing part was possible on pause? I have some learning support students, too, who would probably find that they cannot read the description before it reaches the right side of the screen. Sorry I did not know where else to put this question. Also, I saw someone mention Moodle. I have a Moodle account, as well, so if there is a way to use these in combination, let me know. Thanks you very much for your time.

  66. A Former Quizlet USer

    When will the forums come back?

  67. Anonymous

    Why did you put facebook on the site?After all, you took pms away because it isn't for socializing.I myself don't want a facebook but that's my opinion

  68. watup

    um i put a group called the anything language and its gone!!! help me out here andrew! oh and join the french only group! u dnt have to be french though just put what reminds you of french

  69. purdyrox

    this is great, now I can go on facebook AND study at the sae time

  70. savannah (lil mexicana)

    that's sorta cool

  71. savannah (lil mexicana)

    and i sorta agree with number 67

  72. someone

    why did u take of pm's? i liked those!
    i like the facebook thing though

  73. john doe

    Hey can you give more feedback on the release of the ipod app?

  74. ramonawi

    New features are fine, but there is a serious usability issue for ambitious learners that IMHO should be tackled as soon as possible:
    the current restriction to 10 groups is far too limited for anyone seriously learning a foreign language.

    With 454 sets created I just need groups to sort them in some way. I would consider 25 groups as a more reasonable upper limit. Could you consider this, pleeease?

  75. Jorge

    damn, this is really great i really like this website it helps me a lot, i've been getting 10's in all my vocab thanks to this... and i've used this a lot, and i've only seen one little bug, maybe it does not make a difference but still, maybe you want to know

    In the learn mode, after completing a set and then exiting by pressing the "Back to set page" button, if you enter the "learn mode" again, you will see that you are missing some words, those words are the ones that you "overrided, i was right" clicked. I realized that after many tries, maybe this will help making this website even better, CHEERS!

  76. Anonymous

    Thanks 4 saying that savannah (lil mexicana)

  77. Prabhpreet Dua

    Thanks for this feature. I think another feature would help where you can be offline for no distractions on facebook. Thanks, anyway!

  78. patelni

    Hi Andrew. I was wondering if you knew when the Quizlet iPhone/iPod Touch app was going to be finished and available for download. I cannot wait to start using it, especially with final exams coming up. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  79. Josey101

    Hey guys!! whats up? nuttin to much here just hanging out at school being

  80. Erin Claypoole


  81. mathis

    It sounds pretty cool.

  82. When is private messaging coming back?

  83. Vietcongs are back in the area... Take Cover!!! BOOM BLAMBLAMB


  84. G36E4L3FE

    chill with the id

  85. When is private messaging coming back

  86. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

    is it possible to unblock someone once they are blocked?

  87. Drew

    That's a nice feature. I, too, would love it if you can somehow link Quizlet to Moodle.

  88. sissy7

    wow! cool but......

  89. Chipie_Da_Titan

    MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    iLike Facebook 2woo'

  90. ?4U

    on the space races.... it nvr can tel wat im sayn. wat shld i do.

  91. ga

    hey andrew do u like run quizlet or somethin bc everyone seems to no hu u r

  92. Andrew


  93. myfriendizacheezit

    cool this website iz really awesome

  94. myfriendizacheezit

    Hey Andrew are you going to make new smiley faces in the future?

  95. woah!

    wait so how do you connect facebook and quizlet?!?

  96. allie

    i think that it would be really good if you could make it so that you can log in with your facebook account without having to actually go on facebook because at my school facebook is blocked and since my quizlet account is through facebook, i can't use it when i'm at school.

  97. smart guy

    you should also team up with, they are really the same thing) :)

  98. Andrew

    smart guy:Yes, I know that. What I am thinking that someone requests me is checking the spelling.

  99. pizzadelivery

    who wants pizza?????

  100. pizzadelivery

    i am hungry

  101. 1,2,3

    peperoni, please

  102. pizzadelivery


  103. pizzadelivery

    GO QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. pizzadelivery

    i am VERY hungry!

  105. somedudenamedmilan

    :) :O ;) :P :I $):] :} :D :S

  106. NHW12345

    My brother has Facebook. Maybe he can check this out!

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