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Whenever I meet a teacher who uses Quizlet in the classroom, I ask them where they heard about Quizlet. Almost all of them tell me the same thing: from another teacher.

Some of those teachers are Quizlet Ambassadors, our club of super teachers who love to help spread the word, but most of the recommendations we get are by teachers who simply get value out of using our service and who want to see other teachers succeed in the same way that they have.

To make it easier for teachers to recommend us — and to make it extra easy for teachers new to Quizlet to get up and running very quickly — we've created a new video series. It's called the Quizlet Teacher Guide, and it's a four-part series of short videos to tackle questions we often get from teachers who are just hearing about Quizlet:

  • How do I find existing content in my subject area?
  • How do I make these sets my own?
  • Can I import a list of 1,000 existing terms and definitions? (You bet!)
  • How do all of these study modes work, exactly?
  • How does Quizlet Live work?
  • Is it hard to get all my students signed up? What if they're under 13??

We've covered all that and more in this playlist of videos. They're all short, to the point, and designed for total noobs. If you're a teacher who wants to let other teachers know how they can get started with Quizlet, these videos were designed to be shared. If you've got a reason to recommend us, please share this playlist with a fellow teacher. And follow us on YouTube for more videos!

Finding a Set and Making a Copy

We show you how to seek and find the content you're looking for on Quizlet — and how to copy it and edit it for your own purposes.

Creating a Study Set from Scratch

The best way to get to know Quizlet as a teacher is to hop in and create a set from scratch. You can do that manually or even by uploading a CSV or other list you've written. We show you how easy it is.

How Students Study Using Quizlet

This video shows you all seven of the learning modes in Quizlet — including the much loved Quizlet Live. If you're a teacher who is curious about Quizlet, this short video will show you how it all works.

Getting Your Students Signed Up

Quizlet is free for both teachers and students. We show teachers how to quickly and easily encourage students to sign up. There's even a simple and secure process for kids under 13.