Introducing Quizlet Go: Ad-Free Studying & Premium Themes
Every day, millions of students turn to Quizlet to make studying more effective and engaging. Today we’re introducing a new subscription product for students that makes it a little easier to study without distractions, and a little easier to have fun while you study. Meet Quizlet Go, launching toda…


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Would you like to try out early versions of a BRAND NEW FEATURE? You'll be helping us build the feature by identifying problems and sharing ideas for improvements. Click here to sign up. Thanks for your help!

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We're looking for users who'd like to try out early versions (on Web, iPhone and Android) of a brand new feature. You'll be helping us build the feature by identifying problems and sharing ideas for improvements. If you'd like to participate, click here to sign up. Thanks for your help!

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Quizlet events at ISTE
Quizlet is headed to ISTE this year and we want to meet you! If you're attending the conference or live in the San Antonio area, check out and register for our events below: Teacher Appreciation Happy Hour Tuesday, June 27 — 6-8pm Barriba Cantina, San Antonio River Walk Join members of the Quizlet…

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We are launching our latest study mode, the new Learn, on web (for laptops and desktops) soon. We're looking for beta users who can test out an early version, help us identify problems and provide feedback.

Click here to sign up to be a beta tester.

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Speedy New Ways to Create Sets on iOS and Android
Quizlet is a fantastic learning site — and not just because we have fun classroom games or sweet learning algorithms. Quizlet is made great because you, the students and teachers who use Quizlet, have been feeding interesting and useful content into the site for over ten years now. And we don’t want…


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Introducing Learn on Android
We’re thrilled to announce that the new Learn is now available on Android! Learn is the perfect way to study when you’re just starting out with new material. It seamlessly moves you through flashcards to more challenging question types like true/false and multiple choice, and adapts as you progress…


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Apakah anda bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia? I'm looking for Indonesian-speaking users to beta test the Indonesian version of Quizlet. If you're interested, please send your QUIZLET USERNAME to . Thanks in advance to everyone who applies, but only those selected will be contacted.

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Author Arlie Russell Hochschild Visits Quizlet
Quizlet was honored to host Arlie Russell Hochschild, the author of Strangers in Their Own Land, for a talk and conversation with the Quizlet team earlier this month. Hochschild is a professor of sociology at UC-Berkeley and self-identifies as a liberal. While Hochschild is a natural at adapting t…

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Introducing the new Quizlet Learn
Today at SXSWedu we’re unveiling the new Quizlet Learn. Create a study set and tell us when you need to know the material, and Quizlet Learn will kickstart your studying with an adaptive plan that charts your progress, helps you stay motivated with encouraging checkpoints, and keeps you on track wi…

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Help us design new features and get a free Quizlet t-shirt!

Sign up for a short feedback session here.

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Celebrating 10 Years of
Ten years ago today, when I was a high school junior, I published a website called It launched with little fanfare, but the small group of friends I had as beta-testers liked it enough that they began telling their friends. Quizlet started spreading, slowly but surely. Between 2005 and…

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To all our Korean-speaking users - 안녕하세요! You can now select Korean from the language menu at the bottom of most pages or by going to your Settings page and scrolling down to the Language section. Have fun studying in Hangul!

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Quizlet insights: Teachers say technology makes learning more fun, students say it helps them learn
You can’t enter a classroom today without seeing Chromebooks, tablets, SMART Boards and other technology; when students leave class, they can instantly get online with phones and WiFi. Inside school walls and at home during homework time, technology is more pervasive than ever — but is it accomplish…

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What do you wish Quizlet can help you learn? Take 5 mins to share your thoughts and help us make Quizlet better.

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Do you create sets on Quizlet?

Be the first to try out our brand new design and features to turbocharge your set creation on the Quizlet mobile app! Sign up here.

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We're live! Ask Andrew anything on his Reddit AMA. He'll be answering for the next few hours.

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Want to try out a new learning feature on Quizlet for iOS devices? Sign up here.

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Quizlet is studying abroad (and we’ve learned some new languages along the way)
Hello, hallo, hola, 你好! Students, teachers, and learners from all over the globe use Quizlet on a daily basis, but until now, however, they’ve been using Quizlet in English only. To reflect the global nature of our user base we’re excited to bring Quizlet to students and teachers who live in a dif…

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Quizlet teams up with VotePlz to help you register to vote
Today we are proud to announce that Quizlet is partnering with VotePlz, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is helping people register to vote. Voting is an important American right, and we want to help as many people as possible exercise that right, regardless of their affiliation. If you…


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