We had a great time visiting Profe Wesely's Spanish classes at Edna Brewer Middle School this week!

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We're now ranked as the #48 largest website in the U.S. according to Quantcast. Boom!

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We experienced downtime today that prevented users from editing or saving their sets. Everyone should now be able to continue working and save their sets now. We deeply apologize for the disruption and stress this caused.

Please let us know if anything is still not working or if you have any questions.

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The new version of Create Set is here. Let us know what you think and if you run into any problems!

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All sets that were created on Android should now be restored in the app when you refresh and new sets you create will function normally. An update to the app will be available in the Google Play Store within the next 2 hours that will fix the issue with some sets not being viewable on the Android app.

We're very sorry about this and appreciate your patience!

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We're fixing an issue on Android with sets not showing up after being published. All data is being saved locally and when we resolve this issue your sets will appear again. We will be pushing out an update as soon as possible. While we fix this issue, please use the mobile web site at quizlet.com from your device to create new study sets. We're very sorry about this.

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Help beta test new Quizlet features on iOS!
Over the last few months we’ve rebuilt some fundamental parts of the app. Now we’re looking for dedicated iOS users to help test the new version before we launch to the public! Updates include: A new version of create set that makes creating and editing sets easier to use A new way to navigate the…


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Quizlet’s Mobile API: How to sync data to millions of students
Building a system where users can collaborate on creating and editing content from any device, both online and offline, is hard. It’s so hard that most apps in the wild try to avoid dealing with issues around collaborative content creation by making simplifying assumptions to avoid dealing with thes…

Engineering & News

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UPDATE: Image uploading is now fixed. Let us know if you're still having problems. - We're working on fixing the image upload bug right now. Very sorry to everyone who hasn't been able to upload images, and thanks for your patience.

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iOS users – please update your apps! We've fixed a few bugs in the new stars version.

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We experienced an issue with newly created sets not loading correctly and term counts not updating after edits today. This has been resolved now and everything should show up correctly. But please let us know if you're still having any problems.

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Stars for Android is here!
Starring terms lets you focus on a subset of the terms. With this powerful feature now available on Android, you can study your starred terms everywhere you go! How to star terms Star the terms you want to focus on from the set page, Flashcards, or at the end of Learn mode by tapping the star icon n…


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Bug Day at Quizlet
Every 6 weeks, the Quizlet team spends 24 hours concentrating solely on making the current Quizlet experience better across web, iOS and Android for millions of students and teachers. Here's the highlights of what we fixed this time. Better Embeds Clearer instructions for embedding You can only embe…


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New Study Mode Buttons
On Friday, we launched a redesign of the study mode buttons to make them more prominent and easier to find. The titles easier to read and they're sectioned out into "Study" and "Play" to make it clearer that Scatter and Space Race are games. Colors for the study modes Each study…


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We're looking for iOS users to beta test some major internal improvements to the app. Please write into Feedback if you want to help.

UPDATE: Our beta testing spots are now full - thanks to everyone who wrote in!

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Introducing Create Set for Android
We’re excited to announce that create set for Android is finally here! Now all Quizlet Android users can create new sets and edit existing sets anywhere. Building a strong foundation to save and sync your data on mobile was a team effort and a lot of work along with building an interface that is e…


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Set Page Improvements
We made improvements to the set page to make two really powerful features, your progress and stars, much more prominent, and therefore more useful for Quizlet users. Along the way we made some design updates to make this page simpler. New study mode buttons We redesigned the modes buttons from circl…


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Bug Day at Quizlet
With the pressure of shipping big projects always on, finding time to fix the small things that go wrong on Quizlet sometimes falls through the cracks. But making sure that the Quizlet experience is as good as it can be for all our users is hugely important. So for 24 hours last week, the entire eng…

News & Quizlet HQ

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New header for study modes
We've had a separate header for when you're studying on Quizlet for nearly a year now. Last week, we gave it a design refresh and added several new features. Here's what we added. Read the entire set title The old version of the header cut off most of the set title. See this example: Now the set t…


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We’re looking for Quizlet Android users to beta test Create Set! If you’re interested, please write into Feedback.

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