We’re looking for Quizlet Android users to beta test Create Set! If you’re interested, please write into Feedback.

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Improvements to Folders, Profiles and Classes
We just launched a bunch of small tweaks that should make folders, profiles and classes on Quizlet a lot more useful for students and teachers. Most of these updates were requests from Quizlet users. We always want to hear more from our users about how we can improve Quizlet, so keep the suggestions…


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Search on Quizlet is not serving 100% of our data right now, but will be fully operational soon. Sorry about that!

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We just upgraded the set page with a cleaner design! More to come!

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We've improved image and audio loading on the iOS app... make sure to update yours!

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We suffered from several hours of downtime this morning, caused by a bad database transition. Everything is 100% back to normal. Our deepest apologies to everyone who couldn't study while we were down.

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New Relic's team visits Quizlet to watch Andrew give a walk through of how New Relic Insights can help Quizlet. (blog.newrelic.com)

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We’re working on a bug fix update for our iOS app! In the meantime, if you’re having trouble in Cards or Scatter please log out and back into the app and it should work normally.

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We've just launched voice recording, so you can record your own voice on Quizlet!

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Our Kindle Fire App is Here
The official Quizlet app is now live in the Kindle App Store. This means all Kindle Fire users can now use Quizlet from their tablets - everywhere they go! Just log in to sync all of your existing Quizlet content. From the app you can study any set in Cards, Learn, and Match. Also search over 35+ mi…


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Inside Quizlet's incredible feedback center
Today we'd like to share Quizlet's secret weapon: our custom-built feedback center. When I started Quizlet, one of the first things I built was a small admin tool to receive and respond to feedback messages from users. I spent a lot of time talking directly to our early users, by email and sometimes…


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Introducing folders and your new home page on Quizlet
You asked for it - and it's here! Welcome to the new Quizlet logged-in home page, which now has folders so you can organize your study sets, and everything you need in one place (including your sets, folders, classes, profile, and settings). We want to make it easier to get around Quizlet and to or…


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Getting ready to release some big improvements...

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We just wrapped up Bug week at Quizlet. We fixed 87 bugs! Can you spot any of the fixes?

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Check out the new updates to the set page! Better flashcards on their own page, Star terms that need work, Track your progress, and a new High Scores page. Let us know what you think!

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Just pushed a bunch of improvements to the new set page! You can now high five sets, see the top 10 high scores, and track your progress in the modes.

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The new set page team powering up at 7AM for the big launch today. Crazy.

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We've just updated List view on our new set page (still in preview) and made it easier to star groups of terms! Let us know what you think.

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Introducing our new Flashcards mode
If you've been using Quizlet's full page Cards mode, today you'll notice a change – the option to choose between Flip and Flow. Several months ago we launched a brand new Cards mode that introduced many improvements. You could study the entire set using one keystroke (pressing your down arrow key)…


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We've just added in-line editing to the new set page preview!

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