We just launched a new and improved search! Check it out and let us know your feedback.

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The launch of the Quizlet Android Beta is imminent. Sign up here.

UPDATE: It's up!

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Join the Quizlet Android Beta!
At Quizlet, feedback from our users informs our product design process everyday. Millions of students and teachers write into our website, overflowing with ideas about how to make Quizlet better. We visit local schools on a regular basis to hear directly from our users (read about it here or here).…


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The Best Thing to Happen to Flashcards Since Flashcards
Quizlet is more than just flashcards, but flashcards is a feature that helps our users in their studying journey. So we wanted to have the best flashcards ever. We're pleased to introduce our new, improved version of flashcards on Quizlet. Flashcards 2.0 is amazing to look at and even better to stu…


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We've just made unfavoriting easier! You can remove a set from your favorites directly from "Your Sets" page.

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The new header on top of all the modes should make it easier to focus on studying and switch between modes.

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Visiting a Quizlet Power School
We're lucky to have Quizlet-loving teachers like Charlotte Cassidy, a computer teacher at San Ramon Valley Christian Academy in Danville, CA (a private K-8 school in the East Bay), who invited the Quizlet team to visit her school. When we heard how much they all used and loved Quizlet, there was no…


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Minor tweak: when you change your profile pic on Facebook, changes are now propagated to Quizlet within 15 seconds. So your images are always up-to-date.

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We're looking to see our latest Flashcards mode in action! Do any SF Bay Area Quizlet users want to show us how they use it?

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We just updated our new cards preview! Give it a try! We think it's even easier to use than the previous preview

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How to learn a language from your news feed (and win a Facebook hackathon)
This week at HackEd 2.0, the Quizlet team built an app to teach you new words by translating a word from a friend's status to unlock your phone. Try it out! We think this app can have a huge impact on the daily lives of all those millions of students who use Facebook everyday. And even better, we w…

Engineering & News

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If each language had a little icon, and things like French and German had the flags of France and Germany, what should Spanish be?

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Late night audio hack at Quizlet HQ - testing out new pronunciation technology

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Everything I know about design I learned playing Starcraft
Photoshop and Starcraft may seem worlds apart, but skills like using keyboard shortcuts effectively, picking the right strategies, and working with teammates are essential for both. Is your APM high enough? Iterate at the speed of thought APM (actions per minute) is a key metric for Starcraft playe…

Engineering & News

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Designing the new cards

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Happy Monday morning everyone! We're working on some design improvements to the new Flashcards based on your feedback.

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If you received an erroneous sign up confirmation from Quizlet, don't worry! No accounts were compromised. We pushed some bad code and it sent a lot of emails by accident. Sorry for the confusion!

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Preview Quizlet's new version of Flashcards!
Quizlet's new study mode is flashcards as you've never seen them before. Check it out and tell us what you think! Test drive our new mode Here's the new version of flashcards on Quizlet Compare it with the old one to give us your feedback. Or go to any Quizlet set and click on the flashcards previ…


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Would you say that the Quizlet website is: very slow, sort of slow, kind of fast, pretty fast, or very fast? Honest answers+details are helpful.

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The Big (and Small) Picture: Our New Responsive Design for Quizlet
One Quizlet for All Screens Another day, another strangely shaped Android device. Rather than give into the chaos, we decided to fix it. We want to provide every Quizlet user with the same beautifully simple user experience no matter what screen size or device. And so, we built one super-responsiv…


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