Everything I know about design I learned playing Starcraft
Photoshop and Starcraft may seem worlds apart, but skills like using keyboard shortcuts effectively, picking the right strategies, and working with teammates are essential for both. Is your APM high enough? Iterate at the speed of thought APM (actions per minute) is a key metric for Starcraft playe…

Engineering & News

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Designing the new cards

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Happy Monday morning everyone! We're working on some design improvements to the new Flashcards based on your feedback.

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If you received an erroneous sign up confirmation from Quizlet, don't worry! No accounts were compromised. We pushed some bad code and it sent a lot of emails by accident. Sorry for the confusion!

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Preview Quizlet's new version of Flashcards!
Quizlet's new study mode is flashcards as you've never seen them before. Check it out and tell us what you think! Test drive our new mode Here's the new version of flashcards on Quizlet Compare it with the old one to give us your feedback. Or go to any Quizlet set and click on the flashcards previ…


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Would you say that the Quizlet website is: very slow, sort of slow, kind of fast, pretty fast, or very fast? Honest answers+details are helpful.

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The Big (and Small) Picture: Our New Responsive Design for Quizlet
One Quizlet for All Screens Another day, another strangely shaped Android device. Rather than give into the chaos, we decided to fix it. We want to provide every Quizlet user with the same beautifully simple user experience no matter what screen size or device. And so, we built one super-responsiv…


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Class Discussion and Collaborative Learning on Quizlet
The decision to remove class discussion was definitely a hard one. We apologize for the collateral damage of discussions that had been useful. Here's our reasoning and what we hope to do in the future. Class Discussion We want to build ways for students to communicate that help them learn via that c…


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What are your best Quizlet tips?
Share your Quizlet tips and tricks For years our users have been telling us all the things you love about Quizlet, and of course, the things you'd like to see be even better. Since our users are the true Quizlet experts, we'd like to hear more about how you use Quizlet day to day. We want to lear…


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We're thinking of adding Login with Google (like Login with Facebook). Would you use that?

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The Quizlet app now has full landscape support to make it easier to use on an iPad. Update your app!

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What do you all think of the updated design? The site is now resizable and should work on phones as well!

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Just fixed a bug with uploading animated gifs to sets.

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We're working on upgrading the dashboard section today. Suggestions?

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New iPhone update! Classes, Study Feed, and Profiles are now available in the app!

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Just updated class invites: Now it shows who sent you an invite in the sidebar of Study Feed. You can also see all the email addresses you've sent class invites to!

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Just made the tool for selecting profile images simpler. Also, Facebook users can now customize their icon.

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What feature would you most like to add to the iPhone app?

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Half a million people used the iPhone app today!

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Just launched comments on smaller posts (not just blogs). Hello Quizlet!

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