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A note from the CEO: Quizlet's commitment to fighting racism

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To our Quizlet community:

The events of the past few weeks, and in particular the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor fill me with deep sadness. The pervasive racism, prejudice, and inequality that exist in our society have once again been exposed. However, in this darkness, I also see a light of hope. Hope that these events can be the spark that ignites a lasting movement that ultimately ends a centuries-long legacy of oppression in our country.

We at Quizlet stand for equality and respect. When we are silent, we fail ourselves and our fellow humans. It is all of our responsibility to create positive change. We believe that at the core of that movement is education - the opportunity to help everyone learn about the long-standing roots of racism and the many paths forward to combating it in every form.

Below is the note I shared with our internal Quizlet team recently, and we wanted to share our efforts with all of you in our community too. Additionally, and while we still have much to do to ensure equal representation, we’ll continue to share our annual Diversity & Inclusion Report to hold ourselves accountable and continue to create necessary change in the world.

With regards,

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