Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to school! It's exciting to see so many people coming back to Quizlet. 900,000 people a day are using Quizlet right now. Crazy, huh?

This summer we had an ambitious plan to make Quizlet better in many ways:

  1. We launched a brand-new Android app
  2. We updated the iPhone app to add Create Set and iPad compatibility
  3. We revamped our search tool to be much faster
  4. We built a new set page (currently available as a preview)
  5. We launched Google Login.

Of those improvements, most have been successful. A couple haven't: our iPhone app and our search tools.

Search has not been working well for the last few weeks. That includes auto-define, username search, class search and other key aspects of Quizlet. Specifically, there have been issues with new classes and sets not showing up in search, and auto-define has not been working. We know these are features people rely on, and their performance has been below our standards so far. We're doing everything we can right now to make search more stable, so please be patient as we improve it.

On our iOS app, we're proud of the new Create Set experience. But we've also seen a lot of issues with problematic syncing and slow performance. We're working hard to get an update out that will fix those issues.

You may not have even noticed these bugs -- in that case, great! But for those of you who have had issues, we know about them and we're on it! We want Quizlet to be 100% reliable night and day, and we're working around the clock to get there. To everyone who's been sending us email and feedback, we greatly appreciate it! We rely on those messages to inform us on how we're doing and what needs to get better.

Thanks a lot, Andrew


  1. kmg4747

    First comment XD Quizlet rocks! Thank you for making this web site, and the new updates are awesome.

  2. nicolaviola76

    1st high five and comment

  3. nicolaviola76

    Fine 2nd

  4. AlleyCatBird


  5. AlleyCatBird

    But really, my other account deleted itself! I don't know why! I lost ALL my sets! I HAVE TO START ALL OVER! D': Plz someone help me!

  6. asuth STAFF

    @AlleySGCS -- we haven't seen that happen to others recently, but we'd love to help you get that resolved. Could you write into our feedback center -- http://quizlet.com/feedback with as much info as you can provide? Thanks a lot

  7. hockeystar

    7th comment

  8. hockeystar

    is there a filter on what types of questions and answers can be paired together on multiple choice? If there isn't it would be really useful.:)

  9. crimsonbabe

    Thank you so much for this website because it has helped learn the vocabulary I needed to know for my classes. I've told a lot of people about this website.I truly appreciate it.

  10. Alyna_Kaba

    can you combine two quizlet accounts?


  11. quizer333


  12. quizer333

    thanks for the help, you really went mobile and help people far away

  13. laurdiaz13

    My Whole class is useing it!

  14. AbigailBaldwin


  15. Jarrettbarker

    cool and thanks for the site

  16. dtran156


  17. Koitan TEACHER

    With the new design, I don't know how to look for sets! Where do we go to find names of textbooks, chapters, and all that you used to have on the left side of the screen? I am getting lost in Quizlet!

  18. Obey_Deiiah

    Uhm This Design Seems Really COOL

  19. Yensi_Hernandez

    I love it. it helps so much! i can study and have better grades! Thanksss!

  20. Karis256

    I love all the improvements! But when I search for sets lately, I don't seems to get relevant results like I used to. Maybe this will be fixed soon. Thanks, Quizlet! :)

  21. ilovecountrymusic123

    this is a great way to study for every subject in school.

  22. ilovecountrymusic123

    this is a great way to study for every subject in school.

  23. spreadlove2014

    Fresh. This company cares. If you know how to fix this auto-define problem or have any ideas, holler at Quizlet.
    You might get a job!

  24. Gabi_Rod

    I think the new updates are amazing! Especially the new set page, although i am still trying to get used to where everything is. Keep up the AWESOME work Quizlet team! We love you guys :)

  25. willawe

    i like it but i am mad cause i need to use quizlet but i can not even use my studied subjects

  26. gijsgym

    29th Comment! Thank god im still in the top 29 ;) Great website though! Just signed up and i'm already loving it, i can find my other friend's flashcards on here and study them! Thanks, Quizlet!

  27. amber_stovall

    Faster search tool? My search has been temporarly unavailable all day :(

  28. pkroll

    I'm hoping this search bar bug gets fixed soon cause I cant use quizlet for anything at the moment.

  29. sarahkim23

    ugh how awful... I wish the search still worked, I use it all the time... Can't wait for the new upgrades!!!

  30. clarkcam002


  31. Golddog

    i hope this doesnt take long i have homework to do thats due tomorrow. but i thank you guys for doing all you can

  32. Chantieluvs

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for developing the android app. Now I can study on my phone! :D
    Quizlet rocks

  33. Mckala_is_awesome

    I love the new upgrades

  34. luanthanhvo

    so great

  35. Lessi

    I still have lots of commercials omy screenalthughI bought the 5 dollar version. Tat is annoying. I cannot work on this with my students!!

  36. Luke_Chase

    43rd comment lol

  37. Luke_Chase

    43rd comment, 250th highfive lol

  38. chesshero

    Quizlet is very useful for school, thanks Quizlet team!

  39. love_alee123

    this is so awesome i liker that we can practice with our own flash cards :)

  40. roanna_lori

    I am not even using Android or an I Phone! Get this fixed!

  41. wbuchheit

    when will search be working again?? really frustrating!!!

  42. docm77

    I need to search for my class how do I do that?

  43. steelers43


  44. onlywaytosurvive

    Does anyone know when the search will be back on? Mine isn't working at all. Anyone else with this problem?

  45. elizabeth_overman1


  46. elizabeth_overman1

    I tried search A SIMPLE WORD but didn't work -_________- When will it come back??

  47. chadstephen

    Havent been able to search or study anything since i got this, i downloaded this yesterday and thought it would be interesting and helpful. I hope the ppl running this will be able to fix this problem, id like to use the app.

  48. MackenzieEngler

    How do i find a certain set in a class? PLEASE HELP ME!!

  49. sam_salinas

    Hurryyyyyyyyyyyyy upppppp

  50. brehmn

    Really hope quizlet fixes this soon because I need quizlet for studying and if this goes on for a while I'll have to just find another site :/

  51. greinersminers

    When my students search for my sets, they cannot find me. :( frustrated

  52. Mariela_Rodriguez3

    Approximately when do you think these problems will be fixed I need to search for something for homework?

  53. OnlineRXD

    I have 65 accounts on Quizlet haha but this is my real one.

  54. OnlineRXD

    Please fix the search tool on quizlet soon, im trying to join a class and invite ppl to a class im already in but it wont let me

  55. MemVerseFanatic

    OK thanks! I can't wait until it's fixed! :)

  56. sailor_tay12

    I really need search to get back online so I can study for my Mod 6 test I really want to hurry up and get done with A school so I can go home on leave.

  57. mix_1199

    give them the link
    with that they should be able to find it
    hope i helped

  58. mix_1199

    give them the link
    with that they should be able to find it
    hope i helped

  59. anneclark7

    I am a plus member--am supposed to renew in 2 days. Do you think search and auto-define will work by then?

  60. neverboy1

    Quizlet is so amazing, I don't know what I would do without it. Thanks Quizlet!

  61. ohanzlik

    When will the search issues be gone because I have a vocab test tomorrow and I cant study for it without this!!

  62. jsawlani

    I have a test tomorrow and really need to find a set! I hope it starts working soon...

  63. redboo

    Just go on the web and type in Quizlet and what set you are looking for into the search bar and it will pull it up. I am currently studying a set for my English test tomorrow.

  64. kogiraffe

    Great thanks! When I was trying to search something, it couldn't find it and said there was an error. If it did work, it took forever.

  65. Fengqiu_Wu


  66. ymani_wince

    Yes, it is definitely inconvenient that search is disabled. That's pretty much the whole crux of the site. Hopefully this can be resolved before my first Poli Sci test.

  67. Miss_Kelsey

    hiya the search thingy majigger isnt workin for me

  68. Annareef

    I NEED quizlet for homework this weekend please help!!!!! :/

  69. juliaa97

    How much longer will this take?

  70. christina1020

    AAAAH search isn't operating and i need it within the next ten minutes to study!!!!!!!! any tips?

  71. christina1020

    I have FOUR tests to study for that I need to study within the next ten minutes!!!!!!!!! please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. redboo

    It worked for me to type in the thing I needed to study in google search with the name quizlet beside it. It pulled up various pages with the sets and took me directly to the one I wanted without an error

  73. AliApril

    almost done quizlet? I have a major Spanish test tomorrow

  74. jasmine_fleuricot

    i need quizlet rigth now for a project due tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    # frustrated

  75. FringsBlue

    Thank you so much for making this site!

  76. kedir_hawiya_bedaso

    Thank you !

  77. One-Winged-Angel

    Hoo yeah! Finally an app for android!

  78. One-Winged-Angel

    Hoo yeah! Finally an app for android!

  79. rammi82

    when is search gonna work??

  80. shawn1123

    i got a 502 gateway problem when i clicked french in the browse buttin then language what does that mean?

  81. oklahoma00

    It's been 2 days when will it be back up and running?

  82. michaeldixon

    this website is completely epic i love it ive told everyone oof my friends about it thanx alot u guys

  83. haleighalyn

    um.. yeah. go quizlet! (:

  84. captainkyle456

    cool i can go on my ipad now

  85. Asiablue

    is the search mode still not working?

  86. hac13


  87. TwistyTieYT


  88. TwistyTieYT


  89. QuizyBoy2002

    I personally think that Quizlet is awesome! Got account today.

  90. lisamariecv

    ive never used quizlet but i hear its awsome so im exited :)

  91. maxfoyer

    Make Search Work!

  92. sacha01

    this website is so awsome

  93. insero1

    Thanks for making this awesome website! It's really useful for school. I haven't noticed the search issues, though. It seems fine to me...

  94. sigfrid

    The Android seems excellent, love the fact that it syncs so well with my profile. I'm happy to say I'm now a plus member, money well spent I think.

  95. AgentDolly

    Google login was awesome! I used it.

  96. jdresendiz

    Thank you so much quizlet! we use you guys to take our map quizzes every week and i cannot put into words how helpful it is! plus it saves aton of paper! thanks again!

  97. jdresendiz

    938th high five!!!!!!

  98. Hippodippo

    I love this website! It really helps me to study for all of my vocabulary quizzes!

  99. trbassett

    I love this website it helps me study and stay on track with school witch over all makes me in my oppion a better student

  100. cathypanda

    I love this website! It really helps me to study for all of my vocabulary quizzes!


    actually i love quizlet because it help me with bocab for keyboarding so much it help me

  102. SpaceCast11

    Once again, great work Quizlet team!

  103. Deepraj_Raut

    The android app is great... Great job...Thank you for that..... however I have a few suggestions...
    While I was learning the GRE cards, I dont get a summary or the list of words, so that I can directly jump to a particular word in the list and start from there..
    also, I need the advanced 'speak text' option so that I can just hear the words and not need to hear the meaning of it.
    If you could include these features.. that would be great..

  104. threepointonefourone

    Autodefine and create a class are not working for me. Thank you for the app update!

  105. AbigailBaldwin

    @Quizlet Staff

    I may have written this on another blog post, but just in case you missed it...

    I have the Quizlet iPhone App and for some reason, it won't update my current sets. Every time I try to update the newly added sets that I made on the laptop, my phone goes into a forever load. Then, I try to do something else, but my app freezes... The app worked perfectly and then one random day it started doing this. I've had this problem for a very long time so I don't know why your "bug fixers" are not working! :(

    I hate to complain to you guys, because I am the number one fan of Quizlet! But, it's affecting my studying time, because I can't always be at home on the laptop. Thanks for understanding!

    -rarrr3 :D :D :D

  106. ayvonsilva


  107. Bradshawa352

    Twitter login please!!!!!

  108. diehshay

    this is awesome

  109. caswett

    I haven't used it in so long! Going to help me a lot with Spanish! thanks!(:

  110. LHefferman

    Lots of thanks to Andrew and Sophia for making Quizlet mobile work as well as it can. ^^ the Android app is looking great so far, and the new set page is GORGEOUS!

  111. STUDENTT123

    This is amazing


    Mew lol

  113. Goye2014

    class of 2014!

  114. pujadeb

    Windows app please?

  115. stefen7

    I don't really know how the app works.... wish I did

  116. samevans9793

    Can you stop changing the webpage every three months; the interface is fine the way it is and I enjoy using it right now.

  117. J-MART-1372009


  118. jfapuzzo3

    Best friggin' website ever.

  119. carrotsaretasty

    Thanks Quizlet for working to improve your already amazing website.

  120. jaydenpark5

    i edited my set and it won't get edited even if i save!

  121. lilzoey_101


  122. thomas_climer

    This site is awesome! I am 50 years old and currently attending a Heating & Cooling and Refrigeration School. I have been out of school for over 30 years. Getting back to study was a little hard at first. I came across Quizlet on a google search, and it really helped. I currently have a 3.5 GPA and I owe a lot of it to Quizlet. I have turned on some of my classmates to it, and they love it too! Thanks Quizlet I will be graduating in October as a certified HVAC/R technician!

  123. cintiav6122


  124. aidanmcginn

    Your my hero andrew

  125. arthurv

    this information is not of my interest. goodbye

  126. greatmark13

    thanks for beeng so helpfull for every one here andrew

  127. kildare27


  128. Madison_Arick

    I love quizlet :) The only problem I'm having with it is linking it to my google account :P

  129. sreht


  130. lisazwerk

    *runs to find the new app*

  131. marlana123


  132. pandaluvv


  133. pandaluvv

    im bored

  134. simonson

    Does the app work for Kindle Fire HD? I have one and it would be more convenient for me than getting my family's iPod Touch. Thanks!

  135. marlana123


  136. Walker_Nay

    Thank you so much for quizlet, for over 3 years I have had a hard time studying, but ever since my junior year of highschool I have been receiving higher grades due to quizlet. This program is amazing, it has so many features and helpful tools. I know there are bugs but nothing is ever perfect and through trial and error people get it right. I cant wait to see future updates, bug fixes, and new features, thanks again for this wonderful program!

  137. Lola_H

    Thanks Q-team for all the great updates, I will prob. be utilizing Quizlet more for my own personal sets and study, as the classes I'm in now kinda abandoned Quizlet for Edmodo, making study quite a bit difficult. :( I'm sure this site will help me a ton in college though, keep it up!! ^_^ *hi-5*

  138. dianaliuhk

    Please fix " Auto-define" function asap.Thanks. It's been 3 weeks.

  139. AloraSakurai

    quizlet is awesome. really helps me study. ^-^

  140. zoe1000

    hey guys quizlet is awesome!!! :)

  141. mikef22

    Is there any way I can connect to my sets, or possibly download them without connecting wifi? I use my iPad a lot, and some places I go do not have wifi access. I find using Quizlet extremely helpful and mostly convenient since I go to school fulltime and work long hours. Thanks!!! :)

  142. Madame_Murray

    I am using it for all of my classes and it is great. However, the app does not seem to show up when I check on my student's progress so they have show me in class. This is time consuming. Is this going to be remedied soon? My students love using the app and I want to be able to grade them accurately. Thank you.

  143. ccscbjy

    Please help me!!! My chinese teacher cannot save ANY of the book 4 lessons that she is working on each day! NONE of us can study,and I have a color quiz/test next week!!! HELP ME!!!!!!
    -Dahlia Beckenbach (Age 8)

  144. charr7

    My teacher just turned me on to this sight and I am showing my granddaughter for her studies. Thanks Andrew genius I have to say. Thanks most of all for sharing these days you do not usually get something so good for free. God Speed

  145. ccscbjy

    Thank you so so so much for saving the 1st book 4 lesson that my chinese teacher made just now. I really appreciate how
    you guys responsed to me so so quickly!!!You guys are so great!!!!!!!!!!
    -Dahlia Beckenbach (Age 8)

  146. Studying_Or_Not

    Any update on the search features?

  147. Rhamster

    Love the Android Version!!!! been waiting a long time for it!

  148. clan6

    every thing is great on the update is something that really helps me know what to study.

  149. NoahRhino

    I don't know why but your pages are taking forever to load. Server issue?
    I'm also getting errors. :(

  150. Dinklebird

    166th comment

  151. clan6

    hey jethro1 you know that thing that says add new pick click on it and you'll be able to change your pic

  152. M1039213

    69th high five

  153. Anemeh18

    I cant believe quizlet tookaway group chat. My school literally had to open up new facebooks accounts just so we could discuss homework

    I also experience slow server issues with quizlet and quizlet only. It is probably their issue cause i have the highest internet speed hooked right up to ethernet

  154. jacobdextercoffey

    The app needs to be able to tell scatter scores!

  155. lyd_jordan

    Thank you so much!! I'm especially excited about the android app :)

  156. lmcorkin

    Flickr photos are not showing up on Iphone app. I have iOS7 on Iphone 5 and neither website (flickr nor quizlet) is blocked. pictures display error "photo unavailable at this time" PLEASE HELP!!! Also my personal uploaded pics do show up.

  157. AAMartin

    How do you get to group games on quizlet? Does quizlet still have that? I cant find it:(

  158. raypass GO

    Quizlet helped me to pass the exams. I love it!

  159. raypass GO

    The user experience of quizlet on Mac is much better than Windows. Although I don't use Windows very much, I really hope there could be a great improvement.

  160. londonkristin

    Is this going to work just the same on my phone as it would the computer?

  161. tiffanymdurst

    it should work on your phone and anyone wanna talk

  162. bluedomke


  163. bluedomke

    ANNAT12345 is right, Quizlet is like a non-school thing.

  164. larisaepelman

    is the app good ?

  165. edendle

    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet on ipad
    How do you search your OWN sets in the quizlet o

  166. Exo-Man

    comment 175 and high five 1,100

  167. money_moe

    do u have any idea how long it took me to scroll down to the comment box?

  168. M_Gentry

    The quizlet ios app has come a very long way from when it was first created and we really appreciate the hard work put in to making it even better and making the quizlet experience far greater than expected. Shout out to the Quizlet team! Keep up the great work!

  169. thomas_bilisoly

    Is there any way to search a specific word in a study set, like using CTRL F on a computer???

  170. Emily_Ustick

    who knows if i can by shoes with this i got an 8th grade dance this week on the 13th

  171. DiamondMaster870

    GG! 1,397th HIGH FIVE!!! CONGRATS!!! :)
    Be sure to join my own class for all ya gamers!
    Its called Gaming Q&A, so type it up, its location data is Hartford City, IN! ;)
    I always add more sets commonly, so be sure to check back often when ya join! ;)

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