Happy Halloween from the Quizlet team! Looks like Karoun is the office Scatter Champion...

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The new set page team powering up at 7AM for the big launch today. Crazy.

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At the MIT career fair with Arun!

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Welcome to Quizlet, Amalia!
Amalia Nelson has joined the Quizlet team as our new Admin and Ops Manager! Amalia has a background in arts education, with a degree in Studio Art from Scripps College and recent work experience at the Museum of Children's Arts (MOCHA) in Oakland. A native of the Bay Area, Amalia went to Albany H…

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Arun Arrives at Quizlet
We are pleased to welcome yet another full-time developer to the Quizlet team--Arun Saigal! Arun grew up in Burlington, MA, went to Phillips Academy in Andover for high school, and just graduated from MIT in 2013. Arun has deep experience in EdTech on both web and Android platforms, including sign…

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Hacknight: Better Mandarin Support in Quizlet
There’s no way around it - Chinese Mandarin is hard to study on Quizlet. Mandarin doesn’t fit into the normal “Term” - “Definition” model that Quizlet's six study modes are based on. This is because learning a word in Mandarin requires learning the character (Hanzi), the pronunciation (through a ro…

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We made the below video to explain how Quizlet works behind the scenes.

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Ankush: Android Intern Extraordinaire
This blog post is a belated welcome and general shout-out to our indispensable Android intern, Ankush Gupta. Ankush started building the Quizlet Android app as an intern here in January and returned this summer to help get it out the door. Ankush hails from Louisville, Kentucky, where he attended D…

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Quizlet's office swings are up and running: for those who are curious, here's the inside story of how we set them up.

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Don't try this at home

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Welcoming Vinny to Quizlet
Vinny Chakradhar is the newest addition to our star-studded intern line-up at Quizlet. Vinny is a programmer and math whiz, exploring Quizlet's data and analytics so that we can make Quizlet an even more powerful educational tool. Not to mention, he's currently undefeated on the Quizlet ping pong t…

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Max is back
Maxwell E Haubenstock, intern extraordinaire, is back at Quizlet. Max just graduated from Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and he will be attending MIT this fall. A versatile member of this summer's intern crew, Max contributes to Quizlet code and works on a number of business and marketing…

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Robert joins Quizlet!
The Quizlet team continues to grow, as we now welcome Robert Deaton! Robert was the 91st (!!) Quizlet user, starting back in 2006 when he was a student at Caesar Rodney High School in Dover, Delaware. Robert is a remarkably accomplished engineer. While a student the University of Delaware, Rober…

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All team dinner! Thompson being goofy

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Welcome to Quizlet, Karoun!
We are super excited to welcome another stellar member to our Quizlet team--Karoun Kasraie! Karoun hails from Ventura, CA, where he went to El Camino High School. He just graduated this May from UC-Berkeley, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Music. Outside of the classroom, Karoun…

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Welcome to Quizlet, Zack!
We'd like to welcome our first summer intern of 2013, Zack Mayeda, who started last week! Zack is a rising senior at the University of California-Berkeley and a native of Encinitas, CA. He started coding when he was in high school at San Dieguito Academy. In addition to his experience as a devel…

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Quizlet H.R. meeting at Six Flags after a classroom visit in Novato, CA.

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Welcome to Quizlet, Shane!
Hailing from the Sunshine State, Shane Mooney comes to Quizlet with a deep passion for education, technology and entrepreneurship---he founded his first ed-tech company while in college and is excited to be part of the impact Quizlet is having in education. We asked Shane a few questions to help in…

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A team from Pixar is at the quizlet office for a ping pong tournament. We're up 2-0

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We beat 21 other teams to win the education hackathon at Facebook today. Super proud of our team.

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