Who wants a t-shirt?

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We are at the startup career fair at MIT

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Wired magazine is in our office, currently interviewing Anand!

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The quizlet team is settling in for our first company retreat.

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Setting up some brand new machines for January interns

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Final in-office Starcraft game of 2012

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The first ever baby in a Quizlet onesie

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Closing down the office after an awesome week.

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Introducing Thompson Paine
Please join us in welcoming Thompson Paine who has joined Quizlet as Director of Business Operations. A former English teacher in China, he has a deep background in education, technology, and business. Previously he worked on the iTunes team at Apple and at the U.S. Department of State. He is a gra…

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Nominate Quizlet for Best Education Startup!
Hey Quizlet Users!Quizlet users are passionate about how much Quizlet helps them learn everyday. Tell the world by nominating us for Best Education Startup 2012 for the Crunchies! We think it's a great way to show off all the learning you have been doing on Quizlet and how many dedicated users we…

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A Summer Inside Quizlet
Stephen Morrison was an intern at Quizlet for the summer. He is now a Freshman at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I spent the past 2+ months as an intern at Quizlet. As a previous Quizlet user and fan, it was great having an insider's view of the team and how such a useful product is built. The…

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My Summer Working at Quizlet
Max Haubenstock was an intern at Quizlet this summer. He is now a Senior at Pine Crest School in Florida. Basically what we do at Quizlet My time at Quizlet has come and gone. I worked hard, made a lot of improvements to the site, and I helped create a lot of new features and improvements that I th…

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David Chanin is joining Quizlet!
We're pleased to announce that David Chanin has joined the Quizlet Team as a Software Engineer. David will be working across the complete technical stack on Quizlet. He joins us from Stanford University, where he recently graduated with a masters degree in Electrical Engineering. While at Stanford,…

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Ryan Gordon is joining Quizlet
We're pleased to announce that Ryan Gordon has joined the Quizlet team as a Software Engineer. Ryan will be focusing on Quizlet's backend and infrastructure, making sure the site stays fast and secure for our millions of users. He spent 5 years on the MyBB team where he led development for over 2 y…

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Jake Heiser is joining Quizlet
Yesterday marked Jake's first day on the Software Engineering team at Quizlet. Jake will be working on the Quizlet mobile experience. He previously built Quiz Me!, one of the top Quizlet-powered iPhone apps. He is a rising freshman at Hinsdale Central.

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Max Haubenstock is joining Quizlet
Today we're happy to announce that Max Haubenstock is joining the Software Engineering team at Quizlet. A Florida native, Max built a webOS app, Study Buddy, while still a sophomore in high school. He previously worked at ordr.in and is a rising senior at Pine Crest School.

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Introducing Quizlet's Marketing & Support Evangelist
We're very happy to announce that Sophia Bender-Koning has joined the Quizlet team as our Marketing & Support Evangelist. In this role she'll be working with the Quizlet team to turn feedback into new features and help spread the word about Quizlet to students and teachers around the world. Soph…

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Quizlet's New Design Director
We're pleased to announce that the talented Anand Sharma has joined the Quizlet team as Design Director. He joins us from Los Angeles where he previously ran his own design agency, Dragon Interactive, and worked on projects like theory11. He also has previous startup experience and is someone Andre…

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Quizlet's new office
The Quizlet team recently moved into a new office in San Francisco. Check it out! Our "lobby" complete with yellow couch and huge Quizlet banner. The two screens show real-time Quizlet usage stats from all over the world and help us visualize Quizlet traffic. A full-length view of the office. (Not…

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Leaving MIT to make Quizlet even better
Today I'm announcing that I'm leaving MIT to go full time on Quizlet. I started Quizlet in 2005 to help myself with my high school french class. Since then, Quizlet has become one of the largest education sites in the world. We recently passed 5 million sets and 150 million terms and definitions. O…

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